The Real Young Master Becomes Popular After Entering the Dating Show With the Movie King
The Real Young Master Becomes Popular After Entering the Dating Show With the Movie King Chapter 11

“Don’t keep talking about peacocks, talk about the art exhibition.”

Lu Zeqing chose to skip the topic of “Is the peacock high or low?”

“Oh.” Chen Mingfei thought for a while, “I don’t have artistic talent, so I can only appreciate it on the surface.”

“Me neither.” Lu Zeqing said, “When we get to the art exhibition, I guess the director won’t let us go together.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Chen Mingfei said.

“Wei Yang used to say that I don’t understand art, so I worked hard to learn it. Facts have proved that I really can’t. But it’s better now, no one cares whether I understand it or not.”

“It’s a pity he wasn’t with Qi Nan.”

Lu Zeqing: “?”

Seeing that Lu Zeqing didn’t understand, Chen Mingfei briefly talked with him.

“Qi Nan studied in the Fine Arts Department of F University abroad. I heard that he is very talented and has won world-class awards.”

“He kept a low profile during his school days. I heard from people in the circle that there were foreign directors who went to F University to cast roles and invited Qi Nan to participate in movies many times, but at that time, Qi Nan had no plans to develop in the entertainment industry and refused. “

“So, he suddenly entered the entertainment circle after returning to China.” Lu Zeqing didn’t want to care about this matter, but felt strange. He has rejected various invitations before, but instead entered the entertainment circle after returning to China.

The students in the art department are more or less arrogant, and it is impossible to give up just like that.

The two chatted and arrived at the entrance of the art exhibition. Chen Mingfei parked the car in the parking lot according to the signs. The other guests also arrived one after another.

There were two security guards in uniform standing at the door, and Lu Zeqing handed over the tickets given by the restaurant last night to the ticket inspector.

The strange thing is that Director Qin didn’t ask them to leave separately.

“Zeqing, look, this is the work of the cutting-edge painter Liang Xu. The color is strong and has a strong sense of oppression.”

Lu Zeqing looked up, and Chen Mingfei pointed to the artist on the right side of the frame to introduce.

“What a young painter.”

“This triangular composition is quite impactful, and the coloring is also bold, very artistic.”

Chen Mingfei raised his eyebrows slightly, “Didn’t you say you can’t appreciate art?”

“I really can’t, I just copied what the textbook says.” Lu Zeqing shrugged his shoulders, “I won’t be able to tell if there are more.”

Chen Mingfei was amused by his confession, and the two walked along the corridor, and two girls wearing work badges walked towards them.

“What should we do? No one answered the phone, nor did wechat.”

“It’s so sudden, where can we find a French interpreter?”

“The manager said that it doesn’t matter whether the salary is three times or five times more, we need to find someone within half an hour.”

“Isn’t it just embarrassing us. He himself forgot to notify in advance last night. Where can we find someone in such a short time?”

Chen Mingfei was chatting with Lu Zeqing, but in the middle of the conversation, suddenly there was no one around him. When he realized, Lu Zeqing had already walked in front of the two staff members.

“Hi, excuse me.”

The girl instantly suppressed the worry between her brows, and put on a professional smile in a second, “Good afternoon, sir. Do you need help?”

“Excuse me, I just heard that you are in a hurry to find a French translator?”

The two girls nodded and looked at each other. There was some anticipation in their eyes, “Yes, sir, do you know someone who is a French translator?”

“Can I do it?” Lu Zeqing said, “I have been a translator before and have relevant experience.”

The two girls looked at each other, a little hesitant.

“Aucun triple salaire n’est requis.”

“Don’t need a triple salary.”

Lu Zeqing spoke with a fluent and pure French accent, and he repeated it in Chinese.

Although the two girls could not understand, they had also been exposed to translators in different languages due to their occupation, so they could hear Lu Zeqing’s pure accent.

“Can you say a few more words?”

“Or introduce yourself?”

“Bien sûr.”


“Je m’appelle Lu Zeqing.”

My name is Lu Zeqing.

“J’ai travaillé comme traducteur sous – titré et interprète. Il n’y a aucun problème dans la communication ou l’écriture quotidienne.”

I have worked as a subtitle translator and interpreter, and I have no problem with daily communication or writing.

Before Lu Zeqing could continue, one of the girls smiled happily, “Then I’ll take you to meet the person in charge.”

Chen Mingfei who just came over: “?”

“What happened?”

“It’s nothing. You can enjoy the joy of visiting the exhibition alone.” Lu Zeqing’s voice was full of happiness, and Chen Mingfei was even more confused.

What made Lu Zeqing so happy?

The cameramen paused in place, wondering whether to follow or not, until Qin Yanchuan’s voice came from the earphones did they follow Lu Zeqing.

On the other side, the staff of the live broadcast team followed behind Qi Nan and Zhou Shan, and broadcast the sweetness of the two to the online audience.

“Brother Mingfei, why are you alone?” Qi Nan looked at him in surprise, “Isn’t brother Zeqing with you?”

Chen Mingfei paused, “He has something to do with the staff.”

“Have you encountered any problems? We can also help.” Qi Nan offered.


Chen Mingfei didn’t like Qi Nan very much. He knew that the scumbag was Wei Yang, and he shouldn’t blame Qi Nan, but he couldn’t be friendly to Qi Nan.

He likes Wei Yang, and he was willing to be wronged by Wei Yang in the past, but it doesn’t mean that he’s willing to be wronged by everyone.

“I won’t disturb your date anymore.” Chen Mingfei left this sentence, turned and walked up to the second floor.

“There are not many oil paintings on the first floor, let’s go to the second floor to see?” Qi Nan seemed to be asking Zhou Shan’s opinion, but he was sure that Zhou Shan would accommodate him.


The two followed Chen Mingfei up to the second floor, followed by the live broadcast camera crew.

Chen Mingfei quickened his pace, he didn’t want to start a conversation with Qi Nan. Fortunately, Qi Nan and Zhou Shan stopped after a while. After walking for a while, he ran into Qiao Anran and Zheng Qianfang.

“Ming Fei.” Qiao Anran greeted him, “What about Zeqing? Aren’t you together?”

“Mn, I don’t know what he’s doing either.” Chen Mingfei didn’t know how to explain, and he didn’t know what Lu Zeqing was doing either.

“I just saw a few foreign tourists. I heard from the staff that they picked up a few international groups today.”

After chatting for a while, the three of them came together, Qi Nan and Zhou Shan trailed behind, not far nor near, and they came to the hall dedicated to exhibit oil paintings.

Wei Yang was standing in front of one of the oil paintings, and when he noticed Qi Nan coming in, he was surprised.

“Xiao Qi, why didn’t you say that this exhibition hall has your paintings.”

Qi Nan paused, Wei Yang said with a smile again.

“I didn’t know you painted it until I saw your name. After calculating the time, it seems to be your painting in high school.”

[No way, I’m like a fake fan. I only know that Xiao Qi can draw, not to the extent that his paintings from high school can be exhibited]

[I don’t know what more surprises Xiao Qi has]

[The program team has just dug up a treasure, and our Xiao Qi is the treasure boy!]

Zhou Shan’s eyes fell on the painting, which was the beach under the setting sun. The golden sand and the setting sun reflected each other, and the blue sky and sea water were connected together.

There are the backs of two children on the beach, one is wearing blue clothes and the other is wearing red clothes.

“Is this painting a tourist?”

“Xiao Qi has an older brother, and the painting may be his own older brother.”

The barrage also began to guess who the person in Qi Nan’s painting was. Even if the person was shown in a front view, it was still hard to see, let alone only the back view.

[No. I remember that the eldest son of the Qi family is five or six years older than the Qi Nan, and the height difference should be the most obvious when he was young]

[The child in the painting looks about the same height, it cannot be his brother who is five years older]

The two were guessing. Zhou Shan noticed that several exhibition hall staff had brought in a foreign delegation. He didn’t intend to pay attention to it, but he saw a young man surrounded by foreigners…

“Hey, isn’t that Lu Zeqing? Why did he go to the art exhibition with foreigners?”

The author has something to say:

Qingqing: Making money is the best thing.

*The French language is machine translated.

Pao: Qingqing can do a side job wherever he is ahahah o(≧▽≦)o


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