Saving Cannon Fodders with the Villain
Saving Cannon Fodders with the Villain Chapter 15.2

In the last second before losing consciousness, Zheng Wei saw the door of the basement slowly closing.

After who knows how long, Zheng Wei finally woke up. He lay on the dusty floor of the basement, looking at the small amount of light coming through the skylight above, and blinked his eyes.

Where am I now? Zheng Wei thought groggily.

He propped himself up with his hands and slowly sat up. Following his action, he felt pain all over his body.

With the pain came back the memory of last night.

The nightmare, the ghosts, the basement.

Sitting on the floor, Zheng Wei slowly sorted out his mixed thoughts, feeling his head pounding. He slapped his dazed head and let out a sigh.

I shouldn’t have believed in ghosts!

The elders in his family had warned him not to believe in ghosts, as they were the ones who liked to deceive people the most. This sentence was indeed correct, and Zheng Wei clearly remembered that it was those ghosts who had pushed him down.

This is too much, really too much. Zheng Wei thought indignantly, all because he asked a few extra questions? If they didn’t want to come down, they could have just refused. Was it necessary to push me down the stairs?

Muttering to himself, he then stood up while supporting his waist.

There was a row of small windows on the top of the basement, and Zheng Wei looked through them to see that it was already bright outside. He stood at the foot of the stairs and used the small windows above to survey the basement.

Then he looked at everything in front of him, his mouth gaping in surprise.

In front of Zheng Wei was a huge cross, with leather gloves and boots attached to each of its four directions. Next to this life-sized cross were two chains on the wall. On the wall next to the chains was a metal mesh, with various types of torture instruments hanging from it. Whips, handcuffs, stun guns, and some things that Zheng Wei couldn’t name.

In addition to what was hanging on the wall, there was also a large table in the center of the basement that looked like an operating table. Like the cross, it was connected by leather restraints.

Under the table was a black package. Zheng Wei walked over and carefully opened it. Inside the package was a set of rusty surgical tools, scalpels, various types of forceps, needles, and thread for suturing, everything one could need.

It looked like surgical tools, but this basement didn’t seem like it was for saving lives.

Thinking about the possible uses of these things, Zheng Wei couldn’t help but shiver. He took a few steps back and bumped into something.

It was a small iron stove. There was still a metal rod plugged into the stove, and Zheng Wei walked over to pick it up from the long-extinguished charcoal. He discovered that it was a cross-shaped branding iron.

Imagining the use of this branding iron made Zheng Wei feel uneasy, and he quickly threw the iron rod back. This place had obviously not been entered in a long time, and everything was covered in dust and spider webs.

But even so, it couldn’t conceal the ferocity of these torture instruments.

This place was like a torture chamber. Zheng Wei looked at everything in this basement and felt his hair stand on end.

Who would have a torture chamber like this in their home? Zheng Wei walked up to the table and wiped off the dust with his hand. Judging by the thickness of the dust, these things had probably been here for decades.

He looked at the leather restraints connected to the table, although they were old, you could still see signs of use. The signs indicated that these things had been used, not just kept as a collection.

Whose torture chamber was this? Was it related to the tragedy of the Hersman family? Zheng Wei looked at these terrifying torture instruments, carefully organizing the information he had previously obtained, and tried to find an answer.

The Hersman family’s tragic death, the elusive killer, the obvious contrast of the room, and the appearance of ghosts yesterday. Zheng Wei recalled all of this, and a bold guess came to mind.

This guess was so reasonable that it made Zheng Wei shiver.

He suppressed the thought and stopped thinking about it. Zheng Wei had more important things to do now, which was to find the key item to eliminate the evil spirits.

Thinking of the ghosts’ behavior yesterday, Zheng Wei felt that the key item was likely in this basement.

Zheng Wei searched the basement carefully, but there was nothing inside except for the torture instruments. He gritted his teeth and felt his way through all of the torture instruments in the basement, but none of them were what he was looking for.

“Could it not be here?” After searching twice, Zheng Wei began to doubt. Had he been wrong?


While Zheng Wei was searching the basement, he heard footsteps above him.

“Zheng, are you awake?” Martin and the others shouted from the living room.

Zheng Wei was about to call them to come down and take a look together, but as he stepped onto the first stair, he noticed something was off.

The basement stairs were made of wood, and each step was a wide wooden board that was not enclosed. However, the bottom step was completely enclosed, forming a wooden box-like structure.

Zheng Wei squatted down to examine the wooden box carefully and noticed something strange about the seams. He ran his fingernail along the edge and found that the wooden board was loose.

The box-like step was hollow, and the top wooden board could be lifted. Zheng Wei carefully lifted the top board and found a dirty doll and a letter opener inside.

The doll was made of plastic, about 40 or 50 centimeters tall, with blue eyes, golden hair, and a floral dress that looked a bit old.

Zheng Wei picked up the doll and realized that it looked familiar. It was the same doll he had seen in his dream, and the one held by the Hersman sisters in the photo was also the same one.

After examining the doll, Zheng Wei shifted his attention to the letter opener. The letter opener was silver, about the length of an adult’s palm, and the wooden handle was carved in the shape of a cross. It lay quietly at the bottom of the box, with a hint of brown stains on its silver blade.

Zheng Wei’s intuition and experience told him that this letter opener was the key to killing the evil spirit.

Sure enough, as soon as his fingers touched the handle of the letter opener, he received a message from the system in his mind.

[Congratulations to the task performer for obtaining the key item: Blood-stained Letter Opener]

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