Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Zhao Donglin was pestered by his mother nonstop, that he couldn’t anything but accept her mother’s offer to find a wife. After a failed marriage, he had no ripples in his heart, but he admitted that his mother was right. He had to think for his children if he didn’t want to consider for himself. Heidan and Yingbao didn’t have much impression of their mother when they were young. Besides, It’s not easy to build a relationship with someone when the child is old.

“Is it possible that … you wish to be with her for the rest of your life? I am telling you, if you still think about Wang Mei, I’ll jump into the Tongzhou river with my two grandchildren. As long as I’m in this family, she will never be able to step into our house.”

Zhao Donglin couldn’t help it. In order to appease his mother and prove that he didn’t want to make up with Wang Mei, Zhao Donglin began to accept blind dates. He had no opinion on what kind of woman to find. He had only one request. She must be good to Heidan and Yingbao.

Her son had finally let go. Zhang Qiaoer busied herself, and the Zhang family was completely lively.

“Sister Zhang family, let me tell you that this girl is a first-rate! She good-looking, had a good temperament, she’s 19 this year, she went to school, she can do all kinds of work, washing, cooking, raising chickens and her farming skill is good!”

“Don’t listen to her. I know the girl she said, so I am ashamed to say that her looks weren’t good. Her face was as big as a basin, and the meat on her face trembles when she talks, and she eats a lot. This kind of girl can’t be given away for nothing, how much food must be spent to be able to afford to raise her?”

The blind date was introduced by someone who was so exposed that his face suddenly rose like pig liver. He snorted coldly and said, “There’s nothing wrong with Miss Sun except that she is fat. Even if she is fat, she doesn’t look bad. I’ll see how good the blind date you want to introduce.”

“What I’m talking about is naturally good. You all know the little girl of Li Wangcai’s family. She looks good, has a good figure and looks pretty. Since she was 18, the suitor broke the threshold of her family. Sister Zhang, if you like it, the marriage will be successful.”

“Oh? That’s so good. Why didn’t she like anyone and waited to be Donglin’s wife?”

Although this is not pleasant to hear, it makes sense. Zhang Qiaoer looked at it and waited for the matchmaker to explain.

“Before, she was young and proud. She was just cautious. It was inappropriate to pick around. This is not true. Donglin came back and became the village party secretary. Once she went through her house. She had a good impression of Donglin.”

She could not understand the young girl’s thoughts. Zhao Donglin look good, before in the army is a cadre, but now he is still a cadre after he retired from the army. Even if such an excellent man is married twice, even if he has two children, the girl of the Li family is not excited. She fell in love with him when she saw him. She heard that Zhao Donglin began to look for a wife. So she hurriedly asked her mother to find someone to talk to them, She said she would marry an excellent man like Zhao Donglin.

Her mother was not very happy, she was the girl that was asked by a hundred families to be their wives, so many people begged to come to the door. It’s better to choose anyone than a second marriage. Moreover, she has to be a stepmother as soon as she enters the door. Where is it so easy to be a stepmother?

But their daughter was stubborn, she only liked Zhao Donglin. She said that she was not afraid of being old and knew how to love dearly. She also said that Zhao Donglin was a cadre of the brigade. After finding out about him, her family could follow her.

Li Wangcai also valued Zhao Donglin’s ability, just two months after he became the village secretary to the village a few thorns were cleaned up, just two months after he became the village party secretary, which shows that Zhao Donglin is a man with the strong right wrist. If such a person becomes his own son-in-law, his father-in-law’s face should also be stained with light.

Li Wangcai agreed so his wife naturally had no opinion. For big events in the Li family, Li Wangcai was in charge of making the decision.

Zhang Qiaoer was quite satisfied with the daughter of the Li family. She had seen the daughter once. She was really good-looking. She was one of the most beautiful girls in the village.

She has a selfish desire to find a wife who did not lose to Wang Mei, she has to tell Wang Mei that Donglin is not bad without her.

In the evening when Zhao Donglin came back, Zhang Qiaoer told him about the daughter from the Li family. In between her words, she made no secret of her affection for Li’s daughter.

“Mom, can we be more practical? Do you think this kind of girl is suitable for me as my wife? I am more than ten years older than her, I have two children, she is still a little girl. How could she help me take care of Heidan and Yingbao? Yingbao is so small, she still can not walk. There are people at home and abroad to take care of her. Will it be difficult for me to marry her back?”

Zhang Qiaoer was choked by her son’s words, and all the people at the table kept their heads down and didn’t speak, lest they be affected by the fish in the pond.

Zheng Yuefen and her husband Zhao Donghe glanced at each other, if you really find a sister-in-law younger than her, she will not be happy, Zhao Donghe winked at her and told her not to watch the excitement at dinner.

“What’s the matter with Xiaodian? You can learn anything. You haven’t seen her. How do you know what she is like?”

Zhao Donglin put down his chopsticks and did not eat, he did not want to tell his mother that he had seen the girl, looks really good, but the behaviour is really not stable enough, he is considering marriage for the sake of the two children. He only wanted to find a woman with who he can live a good life. Whether she was good-looking or young was not within his consideration.

“Mom, you forgot what I told you before. I want to find someone who can take care of the children. Everything of this was mainly for Heidan and Yingbao. Can you find a stable one? Also, I’m a divorced man. I’m not picky. Don’t be so picky. Just find something similar.”

Zhang Qiaoer wanted to say something back, or you’d better find it yourself, but the words stopped again. She was afraid that her son really didn’t want to find it.

At night Zheng Yuefen and Zhao Donghe were lying in bed, Zheng Yuefen patted Zhao Donghe’s arm and said, “What do you think your brother will do if he really gets married?”

Zhao Donghe was asked a puzzled face, “What will he do?”

“If he will marry a woman back, she will also have to give birth to children, right? Now, he has Heidan and Yingbao, she will give birth to the child, Then our family has only one child, Shitou.”

“The person was not her yet. Why do you have to worry about it?”

“Why do I worry about it? You have nothing on your mind all day. You said your brother came back and became the Secretary of the brigade. He must be popular in the future. Why don’t you let your brother give you a job and know how to work every day.”

“You don’t know my brother. He has been in the army for a long time and pays attention to discipline. He hates those who abuse power for personal gain. Besides, he just became the Secretary of the brigade. He can’t find jobs for his brother as soon as he comes up. So many eyes are staring at him.”

“Oh, I didn’t expect you to be stupid. You know how to think.”

“That’s right. I’m stupid. I can still find you. I’m stupid and you didn’t notice.”

Zheng Yuefen reached out and twisted off his waist, spat and scolded: “It’s just your mouth is poor, and you don’t know how to speak at the critical moment, so you use me.”

Zhao Donghe laughed and rolled over to Zheng Yuefen, his hands were not honest in the quilt.

“That’s, don’t you like this tune, is it possible that you still want me to find someone else to talk to others?”

Zheng Yuefen gasped, when she heard this, she slapped Zhao Donghe at his back, while gasping and while pretending to be fierce, “If you dare I will break your legs.”

Zhao Donghe went in and out, he was dripping sweat, gasping for breath and said, “That won’t do, this leg has to stay to serve you, how can you enjoy the rest of your life if you break it.”

Zheng Yuefen blushed, only to feel sweet in her heart.

She is satisfied with this point of Zhao Donghe, who usually looks very honest and serious, unlike other men, who like to talk bad things, but in private he had a different look.

“Let’s go for it, it is not possible to catch up with my brother soon, we also must give birth to a guerrilla band.”

The wooden bed creaked and creaked. Shitou, who was sleeping at the end of the bed, didn’t feel anything, but Zhao Donglin, who was lying on the bed and was separated by two houses, heard something.

He sighed and looked at Heidan who was sleeping soundly next to him, he covered him with the blanket and also closed his eyes and forced himself to sleep.

The day the family ran out of needles and thread, Dong Jiahui had to go to town to buy more and asked her mother if there was anything she wanted to bring home.

“There is nothing, why don’t you buy some oil, there’s no more lard at home.”

Chen Guixiang took the meat ticket and money and gave it to Dong Jiahui, who only received the meat ticket but not the money.

“I have money here.”

Her tailoring business has been going on for more than three months, in addition to food, she was also able to collect some money, this era, the money put on the body was useless. It’s also right to buy some meat for the family and come back for a tooth sacrifice.

“Keep your money for yourself. In the future, find a good family and take it as your dowry. When you have money, you don’t panic and can stand in your mother-in-law’s house.”

“Mom, I know, I will keep the money, then I’m leaving.”

Dong Jiahui walked to town on her own. Their family had a bicycle, but she did not ride it anyway, the town is not far from their how, but it was a few miles away. It would take 20 to 30 minutes of walking to get there. She had counted it as an exercise.

She was wearing white floral short sleeves, black pants, black shoes. She has a braid on her head. She has eaten well in recent months. Unlike the time when she crossed, she gained a little weight, and her skin became whiter because she didn’t work on the field in her mother’s house. Even her hands became more delicate than before.

The air was very good in this era. While walking, Dong Jiahui was enjoying the scenery in the countryside. She didn’t have a watch, so she didn’t have the time.

When she arrived in the town, she went straight to a supply and marketing agency.

“Comrade, give me all these colors of thread, I want three rolls of each.”

The sales clerk lovingly took the colors Dong Jiahui pointed out from the counter and gave them to her.

After buying what she needed, Dong Jiahui strolled around the supply house and was intrigued by the variety of items in this era.

As she was leaving, she bought some candy that didn’t require any ticket for her nieces and nephews at home. When she had loaded them up, she collided with a woman when she turned back.

“Hey, who are you? Are your eyes closed when you walk?”

Dong Jiahui really did not look behind her when she turned around, so she was a little embarrassed when he heard the words, and hurriedly apologized, “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention, are you okay?”

Dong Jiahui bumped into Li Caifeng. Lu Chengyuan’s new wife.

Dong Jiahui didn’t know anything about Li Caifeng and aside from that, she doesn’t remember Lu Chengyuan.

Li Caifeng hasn’t seen Dong Jiahui. So it’s reasonable to say that it’s nothing when two people don’t know each other when they meet. After a few apologies, the matter will be over. But today, Lu Chengyuan went to the street with Li Caifeng. When he finished shopping, he saw his ex-wife and his new wife standing together. His face turned pale and became blue. One was thin, and the other was strong. The other one was bowing her head and apologising while the other looked cold. At first glance, it can be said that Li Caifeng bullied Dong Jiahui.

“What’s wrong, Caifeng, I’ve divorced Jiahui, what’s the matter? Let’s go home and don’t make a scene here.”

Li Caifeng suddenly turned around and stared at Dong Jiahui with wide eyes, looking at Dong Jiahui viciously.

“Well, so you are Dong Jiahui!”

Dong Jiahui was simply baffled. She was going on shopping, but when she turned around, she met her ex-husband and his ex-husband’s new wife.

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