Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Today, Zhao Donglin went to the town for a meeting. After the meeting, he went back to the village with several village Party secretaries. When he passed the supply and marketing agency, he saw a group of people gathered at the door to see the excitement. At the center of the crowd, there were two women who were pushing and shoving. To be more precise, one of them pushed and shooed the other one unilaterally.

Accompanying Zhao Donglin were several other village Party secretaries, including Xiang Kaiming of Xiaoling Village and also Dong Haotian of Dayu Village.

“Hey, isn’t that Lu Chengyuan and his two wives?”

Hearing the phrase “two wives”, Zhao Donglin turned to Xiang Kaiming, the Secretary of Xiaoling village branch. Xiang Kaiming explained with interest to Zhao Donglin, “You just came back, so you don’t know. That is Lu Chengyuan, the one in white was Lu Chengyuan’s previous wife. She is quite good. She was married for three years and wasn’t able to get pregnant. Because of that, the Lu family drove her out of their house and gave her back to her mother’s family, saying that there are three ways to be unfilial; having no sons is the worst. The other one in blue is Lu Chengyuan’s current wire. It’s said that she’s a powerful one. The Lu family’s top bosses fell into submission.”

It is reasonable to say that men should not talk about this gossip behind their backs, but this fact is too new. It has also made trouble in the street. In addition, Xiang Kaiming is only in his thirties and seventies. Naturally, he is not as calm as those old leading cadres.

Those people surrounding the three wanted to see the excitement. Before they could not understand the relationship between the three characters, now listening to what Xiang Kaiming said, they were instantly enlightened.

“Not bad. He found two wives. The Lu family is lucky.”

“If I remember correctly, it seems that Lu Chengyuan’s father is still the leader of the production team.”

“Yes, he is Lu Yougen’s son.”

“No wonder they wanted to kick out the first wife. Lu Yougen, people from the ancestors are looking forward to the Lu family’s roots.”

“So it’s true, but Lu Chengyuan’s former wife looks better than this one now.”

“The good-looking wife must be the first one. white and clean and gentle. It’s just that the body looks weak, unlike the new one. She looked strong, is certainly a hit, three years to hold two.”

It must be a hit and two in three years.”

“Hey, director Xiang, tell us quickly. How about this new wife? Is she pregnant?”

Xiang Kaiming did not put up any airs leadership. He turned his head and said with a smile, “I have not heard, if she was really pregnant, that Lu’s wife must be banging gongs and drums to let the whole village know.”

The crowd laughed.

The Secretary of Dayu village branch is also surnamed, Dong. Although he is not related by blood to Dong Changgui’s family, he was in the same family five hundred years ago. He could not watch Dong Jiahui stand there and be pointed out. Dong Haotian frowned and walked forward to help her out.

“What’s the matter?”

“Brother Haotian.”

Dong Jiahui turned around and saw Dong Haotian as if she had seen her relatives. Since she accidentally bumped into Li Caifeng, the whole thing went in a strange direction. Her ex-husband, Lu Chengyuan appeared. Li Caifeng immediately pulled her like he robbed his man and refused to let her go. She said she was a fox and seduced men or something. After a while, she was surrounded by a group of people, but there is also a problem with Lu Chengyuan’s brain. He said: “it’s none of Jiahui’s business” and “don’t hit her, she’s weak”. The more he said something, the more Li Caifeng would push her, and the more energetic she was. Dong Jiahui wanted to take a stick to knock on Lu Chengyuan’s head to see if his brain was filled with straw.

Dong Jiahui can’t beat Li Caifeng, her throat was not as high as Li Caifeng’s, and he can’t be a rural shrew rolling all over the floor. In just a few minutes, Li Caifeng has portrayed Dong Jiahui as a fox who seduces men, or the one who catches adultery in bed.

Dong Haotian came to the meeting. When Li Caifeng didn’t pay attention, Dong Jiahui quickly stood behind Dong Haotian and told Dong Haotian about the matter.

“It’s really a coincidence. I knew I would meet them today. I would never go on the street.

Dong Haotian nodded and signaled that he knew and he believed Dong Jiahui’s character very much. When she left Lu’s house, she sought death. It can be seen how much she loves her reputation and cares about the eyes of others. This kind of person will never quarrel with others in the street and make things difficult to prevent others from not knowing.

It was almost as if everyone had forgotten about it, so the whole thing will be talked about for a long time again.

In public opinion, it is the woman who suffers.

“Lu Chengyuan, take your wife back. Stop making a noise in the street.”

Li Caifeng gasped, Lu Chengyuan squinted at Dong Jiahui, Dong Jiahui skimmed his face, Dong Haotian also frowned.

“My family’s business is not your business.”

“Why is it your family’s business? Jiahui is from our Dayu village and from our Dong family. Do you have reason to catch people, scold them and damaging others’ reputations for no reason? Do you want me to take you to the Reform Committee for an explanation before you realize your mistake?”

Li Caifeng naturally did not want to go to the Revolutionary Committee to ask for an explanation, she stared at Dong Jiahui viciously and said with a sneer, “Humph, how do you know that I hit someone for no reason, she must have known that Lu Chengyuan was coming to town today before she came, otherwise how could she have met him so coincidentally!”

Dong Jiahui’s eyes fell to the ground in surprise at Li Caifeng’s words. She was simply amazed at Li Caifeng’s logic.

She frowned and stood out from behind Dong Haotian and said in a loud voice, “Please keep it clean, I don’t know or care who you are, I went to the street to buy something and was bitten by a dog indiscriminately, I am now very worried about my personal safety.”

The group of people watching laughed at these words, and outside the crowd, Zhao Donglin, who had been waiting for Dong Haotian, also hooked up the corners of his mouth.

“Who are you calling a dog?”

“I’ll scold whoever answers me.”


Li Caifeng wanted to come forward again. Dong Haotian stepped forward and blocked her movement.

There was someone who was protecting her so, Dong Jiahui became brave. She continued to say, “I can’t bear you until now. Don’t bully people by relying on your strength. I really despise the man next to you. He was too submissive. I don’t look like that type of man at all.”

Li Caifeng’s face looked brilliant. She sneered and turned to look at Lu Chengyuan, and said sarcastically, “You see, don’t worry about it. She also said that you are not a man. Maybe she was now happy to finally leave you to find the next man, I advise you to sleep honestly in the future, do not dream and call ‘Jiahui’ I’m not ashamed of you, I’m ashamed of myself.”

Her words revealed too much information. You can understand the last two sentences were understood by Dong Jiahui. Li Caifeng means that Lu Chengyuan sleeps and dreams about himself at night. Is this the reason why Li Caifeng is angry with himself?

The onlookers also began to whisper when they heard these words.

“Did you hear that? Lu Chengyuan was dreaming at night and shouting his first wife’s name?”

“Tsk, since you like your first wife, why do you want a divorce.”

“Didn’t you say that if you can’t have children? The Lu family wanted Lu Chengyuan to have a baby in order to inherit the family.”

“It’s so noisy. If my man goes to bed at night and yells at other women, I will also be angry.”

“What does it have to do with his ex-wife when he called him? It’s already pitiful that she drove out and got divorced.”

“Eh, Lu Chengyuan has found a new wife. Why didn’t his ex-wife find someone else?”

“Who wants a woman who can’t have children, and which man doesn’t marry a wife to have children.”

Listening to the crowd’s discussion, Zhao Donglin looked through the crowd. Dong Jiahui did look a little weak, at this time her face was red and white, her eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and she looked a little dignified. Obviously, she didn’t expect Li Caifeng to talk about these private things in public.

From her straight back, Zhao Donglin can see that she is actually soft on the outside and hard on the inside. Her standing posture is also full of defensive. She is a person who knows how to protect herself.

After Li Caifeng finished talking, she didn’t care what kind of face Lu Chenguan had, and left after finding a gap in the crowd, while Lu Cheng Yuan, who didn’t follow Li Cai Feng immediately, turned red and looked at Dong Jiahui to say something, but Dong Jiahui turned her head and ignored him.

The crowd dispersed after the two main characters left, Dong Jiahui was physically and mentally exhausted, she smiled at Dong Haotian who helped her and said lightly, “Thank you brother Haotian, I let you see a joke.”

What a bad year, next time I have to read a calendar before going out.

Seeing Lu Chengyuan today, Dong Jiahui felt sorry for the original owner. It’s not worth spending three years of youth on such a man.

Dong Haotian was considerate and afraid of Dong Jiahui’s embarrassment. He didn’t mention what just happened. Instead, he asked, “Have you finished your work? I’ll take you back when you’re done.”

The two can still be considered relatives, and he is more than ten years older than Dong Jiahui, so he is not afraid of gossip.

Dong Jiahui did not refuse, after such a drama, she wasted quite a long time, and she was also tired. She had to walk back to her home and she was afraid of the dark.

“I also have to buy a piece of plate oil on the way.”

“That’s fine, the butcher store is right there, I’ll take you there.”

Dong Haotian’s car is parked a few meters away, and only Xiang Kaiming and Zhao Donglin were left in the village party secretary. After leaving, Xiang Kaiming stayed because he was with Dong Haotian and Lu’s family belonged to Xiaoling Village. He, as the village secretary, won’t look good if he was to go first, as for why Zhao Donglin did not leave, and no one came to pursue the reason.

“This is the village secretary of Xiaoling village, this is the village secretary of Shanghe village.”

Dong Jiahui smiled at both of them. She was surprised that both of them were quite young, especially Zhao Donglin, who looked only about thirty years old, with bright eyes, a tall and handsome figure, unlike a village secretary, he looked more like a soldier.

Zhao Donglai has just returned home from the army.

Dong Jiahui went to the butcher’s shop to buy a piece of suet and a few kilograms of big meat. This kind of meat doesn’t need a meat ticket, you just have to give money.

These days, people are short of oil and water in their stomachs. They like to eat fat meat. The people in the butcher’s shop have picked almost the meat on it, and there is nothing to eat at all.

“You don’t have much meat to buy.”

“Bone soup is rich in calcium. It is good for old people and children.”

When Dong Haotian heard her answer, he felt it was somewhat a little different. Not many people in rural areas know what “calcium” is.

“Really? You know a lot.”

“No, just read some newspapers.”

“I remember you graduated from high school?”

“Well, I have a diploma.”

Dong Haotian smiled at that.

This Dong’s little sister was quite good, literate, speak with reasonable grounds and is very interesting. It is said that now she can earn her own rations by asking people to sew and mend clothes in her mother’s house for a month. Therefore, her brother and sister-in-law have had no opinions in the past few months when she returns to her mother’s house.

Alas, Dong Haotian couldn’t understand why such a good woman was divorced and married Lu Chengyuan.

Dong Jiahui went home and told his family that he met Lu Chengyuan and Li Caifeng in the town.

“What does the Lu family mean? His soul still lingers. Do you really think Lu Chengyuan is submissive?”

Chen Gui’s face looked terrible and even Dong Changgui, who had always been good-tempered, made a straight face.


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