Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 12

Chapter 12

“What does the Lu family mean? The soul of a deceased person has not yet dispersed![1] The soul of a deceased person has not yet dispersed (idiom)-the influence still lingers on Do you really think that Lu Chengyuan is popular?”

The Dong family were very angry when they heard Dong Jiahui’s statement about what happened in the town this afternoon. Their daughter, Jiahui, was a good girl. It’s the Lu Family’s loss. But now the Lu family’s new wife dares to bully Jiahui. Do they really think Jiahui had no one to rely on in the Dong family?!

“No, I have to go to that Lu family to ask for an explanation tomorrow. I have to ask what they mean. They spray indiscriminately when they catch people in the daytime. Their family’s own sh*t is not clean, but do they also have to inflict it on others?

Do they have to make the trouble even in their sleep and make their daughter follow their embarrassment? No matter how you try to be the bigger person, enough is enough.

Chen Guixiang was really angry. With her current posture, she couldn’t wait to go to the door of Lu’s house and scold them. Dong Changgui smoked a cigarette and didn’t speak. None of their sons and daughters-in-law dares to speak.

“Mom, I didn’t say it to make you angry. I am afraid that this matter will spread out and you were not aware of what happened and made you worry. If I say it to you first, then it’s like I gave you a precautionary shot. “

No need to think about what happened in town this afternoon, it will definitely spread around.

The Dong family has just calmed down for a while, and will soon have to face the people’s gossip. Thinking about this, Dong Jiahui felt sorry for them.

In fact, I really do not care much. We can’t control other people’s mouths. As long as I see that family, I no longer have any relationship with them. It does not matter now and I do not want to have any involvement with them in the future. As long as I see them, I will hide far away. Who lets their whole family be abnormal? I can’t afford to avoid them.”

Dong Jiahui said that she was open-minded, but she had not experienced the life of the original owner. For her, the past has passed. She really has nothing to do with the Lu family, but this is not the case in the ears of the Dong family and others.

“I really can’t swallow this anger.”

After Chen Guixiang said these, tears fell down in her eyes.

The baby that she had given birth to was bullied and kicked out. Her daughter didn’t take it seriously, but as her mother, she couldn’t help but feel heartbroken.

“Mom, it’s really okay. Tomorrow, no matter what other people say, don’t feel bad. People’s lives are very long. These are just small episodes in the middle. Let’s look forward together.”

“That’s right mom, that Lu’s newly married wife also doesn’t look like she was easy to mess with. It doesn’t matter if we make a fuss, but Jiahui’s reputation will be affected if we make trouble. “

Although her sister-in-law has also made money by sewing and mending at home, and even their food at home has improved a lot. But a woman always has to marry someone. You can’t stay at your mother’s house all your life.

Chen Guixiang was not in a good mood. Dong Jiahui cooked dinner with her sister-in-law. Her sister-in-law cooked the lard, porridge and cakes. Dong Jiahui cleaned up the bones she bought and boiled the soup. The white radishes were cut up into pieces and she put them in the soup. The radish was cooked with wine, ginger slices and scallions. The smell of oil residue and bone soup filled the whole yard.

Usually, you couldn’t see the shadows of the children, but today, they were obediently waiting in front of the stove. After Zhou Yindi finished boiling the lard and she picked up the oil residue, the boys didn’t feel it was hot so they directly reached out to eat.

Zhou Yindi smiled and patted the small hand of Chuizi. “I just got it out of the oil pan. It’s still hot. Go out. I will let you eat enough later.”

“Mother, let me have a bite first.”

“Mother, I want some too.”

Chuizi and Junzi were brothers. They loved to eat, so Zhou Yindi had no choice but to take a porcelain jar and give them half a jar and let Huzi take it out and take her sister-in-law to eat with her.

“Be careful, don’t get burned.”

“Guixiang, what are you cooking at home? It smells delicious. “

“Oil residue. I can smell its fragrance.”

In rural areas, families live close to each other. It is common to string each other up. There is a kind of “worship the rice bowl”, which refers to going to people’s houses during dinner.

Chen Guixiang was chopping the tender grass cut from the outside in the yard, mixing it with rice bran and giving it to the chicken at home. When she heard someone coming from the family, she got up with her back thrust in and looked back and said with a smile.

“When Jiahui went to buy the oil, she saw some bones in the meat stall, so she bought a few pounds and came back to make soup, saying that the bones are good for children and they can grow taller.”

“Really? If it can really help you grow taller, I will also come back tomorrow to cook some for my Daniu to eat. He was born in the same year as you, Chuizi. An said he was half a head shorter than Chuizi. “

“That’s because you’re not as tall as Liu Xiuyun. The old man said, “With a short father and a short mother, you can’t have a tall head and body.”

“Well, Jiang Lanying, you’re kidding me, right? You can scold, but you shouldn’t reveal someone’s shortcomings. I don’t like what you’re saying.”

Chen Guixiang laughed as she watched the two of them bickering in her yard. She mixed the rest of the chicken excrement, took a broom, cleaned the chicken coop, and poured the mixed chicken food into the food bowl.

“There is a lot of soup cooked at home today. Later, I will take a bowl and you should take it back to the children. “

“No, no, we just came over to talk for a while.”

“That’s right, that’s not good.”

Even if they had these thoughts in their heart, they were embarrassed to ask directly. After talking about the conversation, they went home respectively. When the Dong family’s dinner was ready, Chen Guixiang still filled two sea bowls of bone soup and radish bones to send to those two.

“Grandma, you gave it to others. What do we eat?”

Looking at their food to be sent to others, the Chuizi were very reluctant. There was meat on the bone. Although there were not many, it could still be considered a sumptuous meal. Her aunt also said that there was bone marrow in the bone, which was more delicious than meat.

“Child, why are you so stingy? If you give it to others, can they not give you something delicious?”

Liu Xiuyun pulled her son’s ears. In fact, she was not happy in her heart. There were many people who would share this pot of soup, but it was not enough for them, and her mother-in-law also used such a large bowl. Since Liu Xiuyun is an adult, she could at least be more sensible than a child. She knows interpersonal communication and can’t be stingy.

Chuizi tilted his ear to let his mother’s hand let go of his ears. He bared his teeth and said, “Mom, don’t pull my ear, I’m just talking.”

Liu Xiuyun grunted and moved her hand away.

“Well Chuizi, don’t be angry. Auntie found you a piece of the largest bone.”

Dong Jiahui handed the bone to Chuizi’s bowl and the boy immediately smiled when he received it.

When Dong Jiahui ate, she soaked the cakes in the broth. Several children followed suit and found that the corn sorghum cakes that they were tired of eating at ordinary times had become a mouthwatering delicacy.

“Auntie, it’s delicious to eat like this. Let’s buy bones and cook soup next time.”

“Yes, as long as you are obedient and you study well, I will make it for you often in the future.”

The children instantly cheered up.

It’s not surprising that things in the town still spread. At that time, there were so many people watching. From one person to ten people, from ten to one hundred people, and Dong Jiahui became a popular person in the commune again.


1 The soul of a deceased person has not yet dispersed (idiom)-the influence still lingers on


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