Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 13

Chapter 13

The event in the town spread quickly between Xiaoling Village and Dayu Village. There were a lot of private discussions and door-to-door inquiries. Some words have changed as they were passed on. Some say that Dong Jiahui couldn’t forget Lu Chengyuan, and she wanted to go back to Lu’s house. She made an appointment with Lu Chengyuan in town and was “caught” by Lu Chengyuan’s new wife. Some say that Lu Chengyuan didn’t want to divorce Dong Jiahui. It was because he was under pressure from his mother, who wanted grandchildren, so he had to divorce his first wife.

The woman he married later was not only not as good-looking as the previous one, but also not as good-natured as the previous one, and Lu Chengyuan was so bitter that he sought out Dong Jiahui to tell him his feelings.

Rural life was boring. In addition to the idle panic of farm work, she loves this kind of fragrant and strange rumors. No matter what the rumors are, Dong Jiahui will always be the one who feels the most pain. Chen Guixiang went to the field in the morning and came back angry. Her gums were inflamed and swollen. Dong Jiahui soaked honeysuckle for her to drink.

Honeysuckle has the effects of clearing heat and detoxification, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, and protects the liver and gallbladder. Dayu village was close to the mountain and water. Many natural herbs grow on the mountain that villagers of Dayu village have grown here for generations. Some herbs are always available at home, especially those for sterilization, hemostasis and anti-inflammatory.

Dong Jiahui ignored how much trouble there was outside. She took a few clothes lists and lived a life without going out of their house again.

At this time in Xiaoling village, Mrs. Lu came back from the field with a terrible expression on her face.

“How can you say these words? Don’t you feel embarrassed? “

Yesterday, Mrs. Lu found out that her son and daughter-in-law had a conflict. Since Li Caifeng came in, there was no peaceful day at home, and she didn’t plan to take care of it. Who knows, when she went to work in the field today, she might have heard other people gossiping about her family. She said that Li Caifeng beat up and scolded Dong Jiahui in the town yesterday, and Jiahui had no power to fight back. She also said that her son called the name of his first wife when he went to bed at night.

“Cuizhen, you are not a proper mother-in-law. Chengyuan clearly likes Jiahui in his heart. You just broke them up. Now Chengyuan can’t get along with his new wife. In his heart, he still thinks of Jiahui. It looks like you’re hurting three people at once.”

“No, for me, Jiahui is good, she’s more diligent and more honest. Now, I’ll suffer in the future.”

After listening to them, Mrs. Lu’s face turned blue and white.

Mrs. Lu is a face-saving person. As the saying goes, “Don’t publicize the ugliness of the family”. No matter how arrogant she is, she never takes the problems of her family out, especially when it comes to her man and son. There have always been only good words, no bad words at all.

Men want their face outside. Nothing can hurt a man’s face. Lu Yougen is still a cadre of the production team. This Li, Caifeng, was simply the enemy of the Lu family. How many faces have been lost since she came in?

“Why did your son dare to do it? Why do I dare not say? I’m not just going to say it, I’m going to say it loud and clear.”

Li Caifeng was not afraid of her mother-in-law; the Lu family was. Their own son was not capable and he still married her. She hasn’t been happy for three months. Although she used some other methods, Li Caifeng was still not satisfied.

The married women in rural areas will also say some dirty things, such as “you look good recently, your family * * let you eat enough” and so on. Li Caifeng is particularly depressed whenever she looks at others’ blushing face of the other little wives’ blushing faces.

She also wants a husband who can make her satisfied, but unfortunately, Lu Chengyuan was a p*ssy.

“I’ve never thought you’re so shameless. You’ve lost the face of our Lu family.”

Li Caifeng glanced at Mrs. Lu. She mocked her with her phoenix eyes. “Oh, your Lu family still has a face? If you think I’m a disgrace, then fine, let Lu Chengyuan divorce me and get your former daughter-in-law back, and see if she’s willing to take care of you.”

Mrs. Lu really regrets and misses the good Dong Jiahui. Everyone really could not stand comparing the two. A comparison before and after the marriage was really too much of a difference.

When Dong Jiahui was there, she didn’t have to do anything. Before dawn in the morning, Dong Jiahui would get up to wash and cook, clean inside the house and outside, and she would go to work in the field at 8 o’clock. Lu Yougen was a cadre of the production team, and the scorer turned a blind eye. Dong Jiahui could come back to cook lunch at noon without deduction of work points.

After dinner, Dong Jiahui would also take the rice bowl. Mrs. Lu went in for a nap or went out for a stroll. Dong Jiahui took the time to do the chores at home. She would continue to work in the afternoon and come back to cook in the evening.

(TN: Was she your slave? I thought she was your daughter-in-law?)

Mrs. Lu was proud of herself. She had a hard life in the old society. Unexpectedly, in the new society, she swept away the old wealth of the landlords, and she lived like a “landlady”.

Since Li Caifeng entered the door, the good old days were no more. Li Caifeng became the landlady, and she became the landlord’s family’s long-time worker.

After marrying her back, she expected her to succeed Lu’s family. Three months later, there was no movement in her belly. She also said that her son had a problem and couldn’t have children in his life. Mrs. Lu looked at what she said and asked her son in a panic. Her son kept a calm face and didn’t say a word, but he was sad. She just felt that she had done evil in this life and the days would get worse and worse.

While she was fighting with Li Caifeng, Lu Chengyuan secretly came to Dayu Village to look for Dong Jiahui.

After seeing Dong Jiahui in the town yesterday, Lu Chengyuan couldn’t let it go. When he first got married, Dong Jiahui was also a girl with bright eyes. He blushed and was shy when he looked at him secretly. Later, because Dong Jiahui had not been pregnant, his mother had more and more opinions about Jiahui, and often pointed out that Jiahui couldn’t have children. She said that the hens in their family could lay eggs, and her daughter-in-law was not as good as a hen.

In this way, the smile on Jiahui’s face became less. She works early till dark every day. Her skin was no longer as white and moist, unlike when she was newly married, and she was getting darker and darker.

The winter had a bone-chilling wind, Jiahui’s face began to suffer from chilblains. She wanted to buy a can of Chilblain Cream but was scolded by her mother for a whole month. She said she didn’t have the ability to have children, but why does she care only for her face very much?

Watching Jiahui endure silently with tears, he was also distressed, but he couldn’t stand up and give birth to a child, which was too heavy for him to bear.

Lu Chengyuan did not dare go to the Dong family home. While wandering on the riverbank opposite the Dong family home, he saw Chuizi at home, who was on vacation playing madly. He beckoned Chuizi to come to his side.

Chuzi: Do you still remember me? I’m your little uncle.”

Lu Chengyuan grabbed a handful of candy out of his coat pocket and stuffed it into Chuizi’s. He said while smiling, “Chuizi, you go home and call your little aunt over, uncle has something to say to her.”

Chuizi naturally remembered this, but he also knew that this uncle’s family was very excessive. They didn’t want their little aunt, so they kicked out their little aunt back home, causing the aunt to be sad and jumped into the river, and made the family unhappy.

He wanted to throw the sugar cubes out, but his eyes turned. He thought there was candy to eat. He could eat it for nothing. So he stuffed the candy into his pocket.

“Okay, just wait here.”

After saying that, Chuizi turned and ran away. He was so smart that he didn’t go home at all. He took a path to another house to play with his little partner and showed off the candy in his pocket.

Lu Chengyuan stood under the willow tree. He looked left and no one came. He looked right and no one came. He thought that Dong Jiahui was angry with him, so she was not willing to come out.

When Chen Guixiang came back from the field, she saw a figure standing behind the tree. The figure was somewhat similar to that of Lu Chengyuan.

She thought that Lu Chengyuan should not dare to come to their village.

Unexpectedly, when Lu Chengyuan heard the footsteps behind him and looked back, he was scared and almost fell into the river. He was a counsellor. He was afraid of his mother at home. After marrying Dong Jiahui, he was also afraid of Chen Guixiang, his mother-in-law. Because of his fear of being hurt, he didn’t like to come to Dong’s house. Therefore, Dong Jiahui didn’t often go back to her mother’s house even if she married someone who lived close.

“Lu Chengyuan! What are you doing in our Dayu Village? Are you looking for death?”

Lu Chengyuan wanted to go but did not dare to go. His feet seemed to be stuck in the soil, his legs were wobbling, and he said hesitantly, “Mom, I want to talk to Jiahui.”

Chen Guixiang smiled and became even more furious, “Mom! Who is your mother? You still have the nerve to look for Jiahui! Do you still feel that you haven’t done enough harm to her? I never thought that you and the Lu family were very thick-skinned. “

She took a grass-chopping sickle in her hand and struck Lu Chengyuan directly, who narrowly avoided it.

“Mom, let’s talk properly. I’m just here to apologize.”

Chen Guixiang’s hand movements did not stop. She continued to wave the sickle in her hand.

“Try calling me mother again, see if I can’t beat you to death! I was blind when I married my daughter into your family. Do you believe that I will go to your door and throw dung so that your Lu family can never lift their heads to be human? “

Lu Chengyuan ran away as he hid, and before he left, he took a look at the closed wooden door of the Dong family.

Chen Guixiang grumbled and went home. Asking around to find out the story, she pulled Chuizi’s ear to beat him.

“Grandma, I did not want to call Aunt for him. I took the candy and ran away.”

“Why do you want his candy? Does our family lose to your mouth or what?”

Chuizi hung his feet on his side, covered his pulled ear with one hand, and defended “Grandma, I did it for nothing. He harmed my little aunt! What’s the matter with me eating a few sweets? “

Chen Guixiang wanted to beat people up again, but once she let go, Chuizi ran away, leaving Chen Guixiang in the courtyard shaking his head and sighing.

Zhao Donglin’s blind date was not smooth. Although he promised Zhang Qiaoer to find a stepmother for his two children, he can’t do anything.

He has been divorced once, and it would be better not to find an inappropriate one to come to their house and stir up a mess at home.

“What exactly do you want to find?”

Zhang Qiaoer was angry and wanted to quit. This couldn’t work. That wasn’t appropriate. She really didn’t understand what her son wanted?

Zhao Donglin somehow remembered Dong Jiahui, whom he had met in town that day.

She was pale and weak, and her frown was pitiful. She was divorced because of her mother-in-law, and she couldn’t have children and he happened to have two children.

He heard that she was good-natured and has excellent sewing skills. Such a woman should be family-oriented and a woman who can put her home in her hands with peace of mind.


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      Anyway – who is being prioritised for being lighter in skin colour? What job is at stake? Being the wife of an impotent coward? If anything the second wife got that job for being on the chubby side, because that was associated with fertility. So hey, at least there’s no body shamming, riiight?

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