Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 15

Chapter 15

What made Zhao Donglin surprised was Dong Jiahui’s temperament and thinking were not at all like those of a country girl who had never seen the world.

She told her nephews that “If you don’t work hard when you are young, you will be sad when you are old”, and she told them to pay attention to safety, not to go to the riverside or deep mountains, and let the big brother take care of his younger brother, etc. It was entirely from the heart.

He can see that she respects knowledge, understands the importance of knowledge, speaks with reason, and acts without condescension. She reminds him of the instructor who worked with him for many years.

Zhao Donglin took a sip of water to hide the smile at the corners of his mouth. He was glad that he had come for a temporary trip to get such a harvest. If he had a good impression of Dong Jiahui before, he had a better understanding of Dong Jiahui’s character and inner world, and he secretly made up his mind.

He is a soldier. Even now, after leaving the army, he still considers himself a soldier.

A soldier is accustomed to planning and then moving. He was accustomed to shooting without missing. When they have a goal, they rush forward towards the goal without any ambiguity. This is the professional quality that a soldier should have.

“Secretary Zhao, I’m sorry to make you look at our joke.”

After solving his nephew’s homework problem, Dong Jiahui turned around and smiled shyly.

“No, you’re quite right.”

Zhao Donglin put down the glass of water in his hand and got up to say goodbye and left. Dong Jiahui sent him to the door and showed him the way to Dong Haotian’s house.

Zhao Donglin rode his bicycle to deliver the report to Dong Haotian’s house. He invited him to his house. Dong Haotian was hospitable and had to keep Zhao Donglin for dinner.

Coincidentally, Dong Haotian’s wife, Zhao Juhua, was also from Shanghe village. Although they are not a production team with Zhao Donglin, they also know each other and have met a lot when they were young.

“Donglin, although I’m several years older than you, we went to school together before.”

I went to school late. I was only in grade one at the age of eight. At that time, our conditions were difficult. There was only one teacher in our school. All the students had mixed classes in a large classroom. After teaching grade one, grade two, and grade three, I remember when Donglin first entered the school. He was only a little bigger than a bean, but he was smart and learned everything faster than the other children in the same grade. The teacher liked him so much that he let him skip two grades, and by the time I graduated from elementary school, Donglin was already in fourth grade. “

Rural girls are not interested in reading anything, Zhao Juhua dropped out of school after graduating from elementary school and began helping the family take care of household chores, laundry, cooking, picking pig food, and picking cow dung with her sisters-in-law. At the age of fifteen, she went to work in the fields to get half a work point.

Speaking of the past, Zhao Juhua has lost her original sadness and pain. In the era of lacking food and clothing, everyone lived like this. Some people are living a better life than her, and some people are worse than her.

“The other day I went back to my mother’s house and heard people mention you, saying that you are the most promising youngster in our village, how old are you, and you have already become the village secretary.”

Zhao Donglin modestly shook his head, “No, I’m not outstanding at all.”

“Why are you not promising? You are a cadre who eats imperial food now. Brother Haotian was still doing chores in the village when he was your age.”

Dong Haotian was also shot when he was lying down. With a bitter smile, he raised his glass and toasted Zhao Donglin. They drank together.

Zhao Juhua ate a mouthful of food, covertly measuring Zhao Donglin at a glance. With a tentative tone, she said, “I heard that Aunt Qiao is looking for a wife for you. Tell me what you like. Your eldest sister and sister-in-law will also help you find it.”

In fact, everyone said that Zhao Donglin was too picky, even Li Wangcai’s daughter. He did not like her. Everyone said that when Zhao Donglin became a secretary, his whole state of mind floated to heaven. He, a divorced man with two oil bottles, was even picky about other people’s unmarried daughters.

Zhao Donglin lowered his eyes and smiled. Since Zhao Juhua mentioned this, he knew the general situation of the matter. He didn’t know the cold words behind them but was lazy to explain to others.

“Since sister-in-law asked, I happen to have something to trouble sister-in-law about.”

Zhao Donglin looked up and smiled at Zhao Juhua. Since he had already made up his mind, a quick solution was needed. He was worried about finding a suitable matchmaker. Zhao Juhua was a ready-made candidate to go talk to the Dong Family.

First of all, she is Dong Haotian’s wife, and he’s Dong Jiahui’s family relatives, and secondly, she is married out from Shanghe village, and always has a little friendship with her.

“What’s the matter? Don’t worry. As long as your sister-in-law can help, we will help.”

“I want to ask my sister-in-law to help me make a match.”

Zhao Juhua’s eyes widened, and her husband, Dong Haotian, looked at each other, and both saw in each other’s eyes an undisguised shock.

She just said that in passing. How come she suddenly got involved in matchmaking?

Zhao Donglin has fallen for someone and wants himself to be a ready-made matchmaker?

In just a few seconds, Zhao Juhua’s mind had already turned several times.

“Matchmaking? You can tell me which girl you like. My sister-in-law will help you go see their family.”

Zhao Donglin smiled as he held his glass of wine, gripping it and pointing his hand vaguely in Dong Haotian’s direction, saying, “Sister-in-law must know her. It’s the one we met in town with Secretary Dong last time.”

Dong Haotian smiled and raised his eyes in surprise, of course, he knew who Zhao Donglin was talking about. He was surprised to learn that Dong’s sister was divorced.

But then he thought about it. Zhao Donglin was also divorced, and although Dong’s little sister looked like her nature was not bad, she was also young, only in her early twenties. If she hadn’t married to the Lu family’s door early, she wouldn’t be afraid to find someone good at this age.

Men are more understanding of men’s thoughts, Zhao Donglin was married; his ex-wife left him with two children. Even if the Dong family’s little sister really can’t have children, it’s nothing.

If you think about it, these two are really quite compatible.

“Who is this Donglin you’re talking about?”

Zhao Juhua looked at her man with a curious face.

“It’s the Dong family’s little sister, Jiahui.”

Zhao Juhua stared at her own man and turned to see that Zhao Donglin was not joking. It was obvious that he was serious. Zhao Juhua was surprised and happy for Dong Jiahui at the same time.

When Dong Jiahui was kicked out by the Lu family, Zhao Juhua often complained about Jiahui at home. She thought it was a pity that she was treated like this by her mother-in-law’s family when she was young.

“That’s great. A man like Donglin is down-to-earth. If you two are together, you’ll definitely have a prosperous life.”

Zhao Donglin was the village support. He had the strong ability and good character. Before, he was subsidized more than 70 yuan a month in the army. The Zhao family’s conditions are among the best in the village.

“I’ll take care of this. I’ll go find Aunt Guixiang after dinner. She’s been worried about searching for Jiahui’s date.”

Jiahui was also a pitiful person. She was kicked out by the Lu family and she was always being gossiped about by others. What others introduced her to was too shabby. Aunt Guixiang sent a message. If there was no suitable one, it would be better to keep her daughter at home all her life. In the past, others were wronged.

Zhao Donglin picked up a glass of wine, smiled at Zhao Juhua, and said, “Then I will thank my sister-in-law.”

Zhao Donglin ate his meal and went back to work. Zhao Juhua cleaned up the pots and bowls and wiped her hands. She took off her apron and said to her husband, Dong Haotian, “I’m going to my sister-in-law Guixiang’s house to find her. You can watch Maizi at home. “”

Dong Haotian turned his head to look at his youngest son, Maizi, who was lying in bed taking a nap, and nodded, “Okay, you go ahead and say a few more nice things to Donglin.”

“How can you say that? I don’t mean to exaggerate, but with Donglin’s condition, not to mention that he was divorced, he could still pick unmarried girls. If Jiahui missed this, there may be no more. “

Zhao Juhua was very excited about being a matchmaker for the first time, thinking that if this thing really worked out, it would be great to get a thank-you gift. In addition to that, the business of being a matchmaker could be opened.

The Dong family also just finished eating their lunch a while ago. The men took a nap, and the daughters-in-law cleaned up the kitchen table. Chen Guixiang didn’t work and didn’t have the habit of taking a nap. She sat in the hall and put the soles of her shoes.

“Auntie, what are you working on?”

“Oh, Juhua, you’re here for something? Come in and have a cup of herbal tea.”

Zhao Juhua smiled and sat down as instructed, and couldn’t wait to ask, “Auntie, I want to ask you something, has sister Jiahui found someone else?”

As soon as Chen Guixiang heard this, she knew the reason why Zhao Juhua had come here. She stopped her hand, took half of the soles and looked up and asked, “Why? Are you going to introduce someone to Jiahui?”

Zhao Juhua nodded with an arrogant face, “I have a good candidate for you, Aunt, you will be satisfied.”

“Really? Then you tell me about it.”

Zhao Juhua told Zhao Donglin’s personal situation.

“Not that I am boasting, Donglin is really good. He just came back from his previous job a few months ago and became a village party secretary. He is an outstanding cadre trained by the commune.”

“This ……” Chen Guixiang instantly had a feeling of being hit by a pie, “With his good conditions, why would he be willing to marry Jiahui?”

With the poor introduction of other people, Chen Guixiang was angry and vowed not to let her daughter get married if it was not a good one. Zhao Juhua introduced someone outstanding today, and she was worried about gain and loss.

Chen Guixiang was aware of the market. At this time, cadres are popular. No matter what cadres they are, as long as they eat commodity grain, they are iron rice bowls. Moreover, Zhao Donglin became a cadre in the village at a young age, and his future will not be bad. Zhao Juhua also said that he was also a cadre in the army, and Chen Guixiang was more satisfied.

In this era, everyone had a special feeling about soldiers. The image and status of soldiers were very high, which belongs to the kind that was worshipped by everyone.

“Aunt, It’s me. What else do you have doubts about? If you are worried that I haven’t done matchmaking, don’t be. Secretary Zhao is my mother’s neighbor. I dare to come here only when I know the roots and background of him. We are all relatives. I take Jiahui as my sister. I just hope she’ll have a smooth and happy life in the future. I will not harm her.”

Zhao Juhua concealed Zhao Donglin’s interest in Dong Jiahui for fear that Chen Guixiang would have a frivolous and unstable idea of Zhao Donglin.

Chen Guixiang was very excited inside, but she also did not show too much joy. She was afraid that it was too early to be happy.


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    “Aunt, It’s me. What else do you have doubts about? If you are worried that I haven’t done matchmaking, don’t be. Secretary Zhao is a neighbor of my mother’s village. I dare to come here only when I know the roots and background. We are all relatives. I take Jiahui as my sister. I just hope she’ll have a smooth and happy life in the future. I will not harm her.”

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