Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Chen Guixiang was very excited when she heard what Zhao Juhua said, but after all, she was an adult who had eaten rice for decades. In addition to that, she had previously experienced empty joy, and today, even though her heart was happy again, she did not show the emotions too frankly.

Chen Guixiang first carefully asked Zhao Donglin’s personal situation, Zhao Juhua said without concealment. For example, Zhao Donglin was smart since he was a child. He became a company commander in the army for more than ten years. The army leaders liked him and arranged work for him after his retirement.

For Zhao Donglin’s previous marriage, Zhao Juhua blamed the mistake on Wang Mei, saying that she was not willing to live in the countryside. In the beginning, she married Zhao Donglin for a different purpose.

“Auntie, don’t worry, since I dare to come today, it is impossible for me to introduce a bad person to Sister Jiahui, this Zhao family was indeed a first-class family. There was never any news that Aunt Qiao, Donglin’s mother, was abusing her daughter-in-law.

She was very good to her previous daughter-in-law, Wang Mei. Some people in the village said that the Zhao family was too good for Wang Mei, which is why Wang Mei’s heart became greedy. She was not satisfied with what she got.

Chen Guixiang was in deep thought. Zhao Juhua was still very trustworthy in Chen Guixiang’s eyes. The living conditions of the man she came to introduce in person will never be bad. He was a village party secretary at a young age, and she sets a good example for the entire commune.

Come to think of it, those who despised their daughter’s divorce would introduce her to some ugly person or trash people. She had to show them that her own daughter was also wanted.

“Then what was his intention?”

“Of course it’s a marriage with Jiahui as his partner. As long as you agree, Aunt, we’ll make arrangements later.”

Chen Guixiang thought for a moment. Anyway, it’s better to meet them. It’s said that the young people in the city have begun to fall in love freely and are looking for like-minded revolutionary partners. They don’t pay attention to this in the countryside. It’s still the same old blind date marriage. Chen Guixiang was also willing to catch up with fashion this time. Whether they can let their daughter like it or not, the Lu family’s mistakes before must not be repeated.

“I promise to meet you here. I’ll have to ask Jiahui again.”

With Chen Guixiang’s words, Zhao Juhua was relieved. Who doesn’t know that most of the things in this family were decided by Aunt Guixiang?

“Okay, I’ll go back first, I won’t delay your talk with Jiahui. If Jiahui has replied, tell me as soon as possible, let’s arrange things earlier. “

The two of them were laughing and joking, Chen Guixiang sent Zhao Juhua outside the courtyard door, and then turned around and went into Dong Jiahui’s room.

Dong Jiahui had just fallen asleep, but she sleeps lightly. A little sound can wake her up. Chen Guixiang and Zhao Juhua’s voices were at first not loud, then the more excited they were, the louder they became. They didn’t care about lowering their voices. Just when Chen Guixiang sent Zhao Juhua out the door with a louder voice, Dong Jiahui was directly woken up.

“Hui, it was just your sister-in-law Juhua who came over and said something. You really got lucky this time.”

Chen Guixiang sat down at the bedside and took Dong Jiahui’s hand. She told Dong Jiahui what Zhao Juhua had just said. Dong Jiahui was still in a dazed state. As soon as Chen Guixiang said it, her spirit was instantly energized.

“The secretary of Shanghe Village?”

Isn’t that Zhao Donglin? She just met with him this morning, and he also helped herself to move the water chestnut.

Wait, Secretary Zhao said he came to Dayu village to bring materials to brother Haotian on the way. Sister Juhua is brother Haotian’s wife. So, Secretary Zhao went to Dong Haotian’s house to send materials, and then sister Juhua came to her house as a matchmaker?

“Mom? It can’t be that sister-in-law Juhua made the match herself, right?”

Chen Guixiang froze. She was puzzled and asked, “What? Your sister-in-law said that as long as our family agrees, she will arrange this as soon as possible.”

Dong Jiahui’s heart was a little twisted. Her mother did not know about her acquaintance with Secretary Zhao. If it was really a stranger, forget it. The most taboo thing is to run into an acquaintance on a blind date.

“Mom, you’d better go back to sister-in-law Juhua.”

Chen Guixiang’s face instantly changed. She hadn’t thought beforehand that her daughter would disagree with this option.

“Why? Do you not like the person you might get married to, or do you dislike that he had a first wife and had children? I am telling you, Secretary Zhao has good conditions. Do you think your sister Juhua would harm you? “

If it is not a good object, Chen Guixiang has long refused.

Dong Jiahui had no choice but to tell Chen Guixiang what happened before. Chen Guixiang listened to it and felt that the matter was originally three points, and now it was seven points.

“Silly girl, since people know you and he’s willing to help you move things, he must like you. Your sister Juhua went to our family as a matchmaker, which was not such a coincidence. Even if he didn’t mention it, he must be happy. Otherwise, how could your sister Juhua give me a guarantee that she could arrange it as soon as our family agrees? “

After listening to Chen Guixiang’s analysis, Dong Jiahui really thinks it’s reasonable, but she can’t cross this barrier because she’s confused about dating acquaintances.

In this era, as long as there is nothing to say after the blind date, the marriage is basically settled. Dong Jiahui is a modern person at heart, preferring to go with the flow of feelings, but she also knows that from the moment she was dressed as the original owner, some things were bound to be inevitable. A divorced woman is still a closed and backward village in the 1970s. Remarriage is her only way out. Do not look at what Chen Guixiang said. She said that if she doesn’t fit someone, she can stay at their home all her life, but even if Chen Guixiang said so, at the same time, she has not given up the intention of finding her next home!

Either Zhao Donglin or Wang Donglin, Li Donglin or whatever Donglin is,

To be honest, she has a good impression of Zhao Donglin. With the original owner’s condition, it is the best choice among the range of options to find Zhao Donglin. Compared with several 70s men she had met before, Zhao Donglin was simply an immortal.

First of all, he is not bad-looking. His facial features are three-dimensional, angular, and tall. Secondly, he is a civil servant who eats national food. It is needless to say how good the work of civil servants is. Even in the 21st century, tens of millions of people took the national examination every year, and millions of famous people grabbed the canoe.

In addition to his working conditions, Zhao Donglin’s character was also a major highlight. He is polite, helpful, and his words are not humble but like a jade spring breeze. In Dong Jiahui’s view, such people will certainly go further in their work as long as they do not commit problems in principle in their future work, and will not always be just a village branch secretary.

In summary, Dong Jiahui was satisfied with Zhao Donglin; it’s just that she couldn’t afford to go on a blind date. She’s not a person who relies on the outer self, she was more focused on a person’s inner self.

Chen Guixiang saw her daughter frowning and not talking. She didn’t say anything good or bad. She knew her daughter as her mother. She knew that her daughter should have agreed in her heart.

“Then I’ll go and talk to your sister-in-law Juhua. I will let her make an appointment for us to meet. No matter if it works or not, he helped you before, so it’s appropriate to say thank you. “

After Chen Guixiang finished talking, she smiled and got up. She was paying special attention to this blind date in her heart.

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    Chen Guixiang saw her daughter frowning and not talking. She didn’t say anything good or bad. She knew her daughter as her mother. She knew that her daughter should have agreed in her heart.

    “Then I’ll go and talk to your sister-in-law Juhua. I will let her make an appointment for us to meet. No matter if it works or not, he helped you before, so it’s appropriate to say thank you. “

    Chen Guixiang saw her daughter frowning and not talking. She didn’t say good or bad. She knew her daughter was the mother. She knew that her daughter agreed in her heart.

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