Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 18

Chapter 18

“Auntie, I happen to have something I want to ask you about. Why don’t we go to that room to talk?”

Zhao Juhua deliberately gave the two protagonists of today’s blind date a chance to interact. This is a customary routine in blind dates, so Chen Guixiang understands. The others here also understand it in their hearts.

“Okay, then I’ll go in with you and have a talk.”

After meeting for ten minutes and talking about some basic information, Chen Guixiang was generally satisfied with Zhao Donglin. Except for the age; he was a bit older than her daughter. All other conditions were good, at least, he was much better than Lu Chengyuan.

She followed Zhao Juhua to the house next door in a kind-hearted manner. Dong Haotian also left the house on the pretext that there was something to deal with in the village, and only Dong Jiahui and Zhao Donglin were left in the hall.

Dong Jiahui looked down at the enamel teacup held in her hand, On the white porcelain bottom, two men and women in military uniforms were painted. At the top of the picture, the five big characters “serving the people” were written in red.

There are several fried bars of barley floating on the dark yellow barley tea, and the others have sunk to the bottom of the cup. Please forgive Dong Jiahui for her inability to cope with this form of a blind date. In addition to feeling embarrassed at the moment, she was feeling awkward.

“Comrade Dong, you should have known about my situation already. I was in the army before and I returned home three months ago. I have two children in my family. My parents are in good health. I have an unmarried sister, and my brother and his family live in the same courtyard.”

“There are four tile-roofed houses at home, and the yard is very large. My mother keeps five chickens and a sow at home. My salary in the village is 56 yuan a month, and I receive additional benefits during the new year’s festival.”

“For the two children in the family, the older one is four years old and the younger one is only eight months old. They are usually taken care of by my mother and my sister.”

From the time Zhao Donglin opened his mouth, Dong Jiahui had been listening. His voice belonged to the type of guy with a low voice. It may be that he has been in the army for a long time, and his voice was calm and powerful, which makes him sound firm, as if he is not talking about his own business, but stating the situation of others.

“Because I had a failed marriage, I deeply understand the importance of mutual trust and understanding between husband and wife. What I am looking for now is not a woman who is preoccupied with life, nor one who will help me take care of my children. I hope I can find a revolutionary partner in life, respect and tolerate each other, and let’s live together in the future.”

These words were not anticipated by Dong Jiahui. She thought it was impossible to have no inner touch. She looked up at Zhao Donglin, who was sitting opposite her. Who knows that Zhao Donglin has been looking at her? As soon as she saw them, they looked right. Dong Jiahui hurriedly looked away and only remembered the sincerity, calm and light anxiety in his eyes.

“I ……” Dong Jiahui opened her mouth and just said a word. She felt her throat tighten. She drank water and moistened her throat and continued to speak.

“Secretary Zhao, I’ve met you twice before, and I’m not going to lie, I have a pretty good impression of you and think you are a very decent person who deserves the respect of others. You should also know my situation. I was driven back by my in-laws. The rumours about me were not very good. To tell the truth, it’s really difficult for a divorced woman in the countryside to find a suitable object. Your conditions are so good. I asked you Aren’t you afraid of others talking about you behind your back? “

Dong Jiahui said all the things in her heart while everything had not started, she laid out all the difficulties. In fact, at the moment of asking, she already knew Zhao Donglin’s answer. A man like Zhao Donglin is definitely a man who “plans and then moves”. If he really cares about his reputation, he can’t ask someone to be a matchmaker.

Don’t say she’s pretentious or anything. In this day and age, she has a registered residence in rural areas, even without qualifications to go to work in the city.

Where can she go and what can she do? It is a few years before the college entrance examination. Can a divorced woman stay in her mother’s house in this era?

Even if Chen Guixiang is a good mother, she would simply provide her with a place to live so that she would not have to live on the streets. In recent months, Chen Guixiang has never given up on the idea of finding her a home, because for Chen Guixiang and the Dong family, the best destination for a woman is to find a good family to marry into. Since she suffered a loss last time, then this time, polish your eyes and look for the best. You can’t let your daughter be wronged again.

This has been the Dong family’s greatest mercy. Many women with unfortunate marriages have no protection from their parents. They can only endure day by day and live a life of a ghost or a life worse than a dog or pig.

The question goes back to the origins again. Who can marry a woman who is divorced and humiliated by her ex-husband’s house, saying that she was incapable of giving birth?

A poor bachelor who can’t afford to marry a wife? Am I a man with a dead wife, a widower with several children? Or a disabled person with inconvenient legs and feet and physical problems?

Zhao Donglin was the best choice within her choice, not to mention that her impression of Zhao Donglin was really good. She was not so noble that she couldn’t like Secretary Zhao.

“Don’t worry about this problem. We won’t mention the past. When you marry me, you will be my wife. I will protect you from any injustice.”

Zhao Donglin’s words fell down with determination, and Dong Jiahui was very satisfied.

“You are a soldier. I believe that whatever you say, you will definitely do it.”

This time, Dong Jiahui did not run away again but gathered the courage to raise her head and bravely met Zhao Donglin’s eyes.

“Thank you, Secretary Zhao, and I won’t beat around the bush anymore. I am willing to marry you.”

Zhao Donglin began to be stunned for a moment, but soon hooked the corners of his mouth and showed a comfortable smile.

“That’s really good. You do not need to call me “Secretary Zhao”, just call me by my name. If you are embarrassed, it is okay to call me “comrade” before we get married.”

Dong Jiahui blushed and nodded. She summoned up a lot of courage to say that just now. If other men were sitting in front of her, they would think that she was thick-skinned, but Dong Jiahui believed that Zhao Donglin was not like that. Now it seems that it was really right to bet on him.

They didn’t speak loudly in the main room. Zhao Juhua, who was in the room, could only listen to something about children, him saying “I will protect you from being wronged” and so on.

“We should go out and see, right? I don’t know how the two of them have talked.”

Chen Guixiang was also anxious, but she seemed to be calmer than Zhao Juhua.

Okay, then let’s go out and see. Jiahui was an introverted person and probably won’t talk.

Zhao Juhua remembered Jiahui’s nature and nodded in agreement, “That’s right, someone still needs to be around to pass the word.”

After the agreement, the two of them tidied up their hair and went out of the room to get to the hall.

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