Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 19

Chapter 19

“Auntie, I have already agreed with Comrade Dong. When I go back today, I’ll look for a suitable day and go to your house to talk about marriage.”

Chen Guixiang and Zhao Juhua, who had been worried that the two wouldn’t be able to talk, were stunned by Zhao Donglin’s words as soon as they came out of the room.

“You guys… have come to an agreement?”

Chen Guixiang’s mood was a bit complicated. According to the reasoning, she should be happy. She has been looking forward to her divorced daughter finding a husband to her liking. This Zhao Donglin should be good. He has work and a good temperament. Compared to the Lu family, they were like heaven and earth. But when she thought of how their development was too fast, she became a bit overwhelmed. She felt that a part of her heart was empty, but Chen Guixiang quickly adjusted her mind. It’s a good thing that her daughter found someone. Who cares if the relationship between the two develops quickly or slowly at this point? Even if the wedding is held tomorrow, she should marry off her daughter with a smile.

On the way home, Chen Guixiang drank too much wine, walking lightly and heavily, Dong Jiahui followed her, Chen Guixiang suddenly stopped walking when Dong Jiahui did not pay attention, her nose hit Chen Guixiang’s back.

“Mom, why did you suddenly stop in the middle of the road?”

Dong Jiahui covered her nose. There were tears in Chen Guixiang’s eyes. She looked at her daughter’s appearance with white skin and wavy eyes. Her eyes didn’t look fierce when she stared at someone; it was more like her eyes were seducing. No wonder that Secretary Zhao fancied her.

She sighed, and the slightest reluctance at the bottom of her heart was dispelled. Anyway, her daughter was married for the second time. Looking at Secretary Zhao, in the eyes of other people, she can be regarded as a social climber. People who eat public meals these days were very popular, not to mention that Secretary Zhao was more than ten years older than her daughter. Even in her twenties, some people rushed to the door to be his children’s stepmother.

“I thought you were too thin-skinned and too shy to talk to others. I didn’t expect you to answer to him yourself.”

Dong Jiahui has just come back. I’m afraid Chen Guixiang was unhappy because today’s blind date wasn’t good.

She went over and put her arm around Chen Guixiang, explaining in a pretty voice, “Mom, didn’t I listen to you? You said that Secretary Zhao’s conditions were good. After passing this village, it’s hard to come across such a good store[1] If you miss this opportunity, it will be difficult to find another one.. He took the initiative to ask me. Is it possible for me to act pretentious and tell him that I don’t like it? What if because of that, he won’t look for me anymore? When that moment comes, you will say that I am to blame for it.”

Chen Guixiang’s lips curled. Anyway, she found out that her daughter, who doesn’t like to speak, who was like a gourd with a sawn mouth, was actually a machine gun that kept making a “ra ta ta” noise when you really talk to her.

“I am afraid that you haven’t shown much of your dignity since you have agreed to him quickly. Which girl goes on a blind date and doesn’t examine first before agreeing? You are good! I and your sister Juhua just went out for a while, and you agreed to do it yourself. That’s really something. “

This is the contradiction of being a mother. If she can’t find a suitable object, she will feel anxious. She wanted to pack up her daughter and send her out. But when she finds the right one, she hopes that her daughter can be more reserved. She must let the man show his sincerity.

How could Dong Jiahui not know what Chen Guixiang was thinking about? She took Chen Guixiang’s arm and said with a puff of laughter, “Mom, don’t worry, Secretary Zhao came from the army. He has his own principles for doing things, and he will do what he promised.”

Zhao Donglin’s upright facial features and firm eyes are very reliable from the aspect of the face.

Chen Guixiang couldn’t help but curl her lips again. The eight characters haven’t been written off yet, and her daughter was full of words about Secretary Zhao. How can she rest assured with this silly girl? She must meet a good man with such sincerity.

In the evening, Zhao Donglin told his family about the marriage at dinner. The whole family was surprised that their chopsticks fell off the table. Who would have thought that Zhao Donglin quietly found a wife himself? He was not in a hurry to find a wife before.

“The Dong family of Dayu Village? The little daughter of the Dong Changfu family? “

Although it was not in the same village, everyone in a commune has relatives and knows each other more or less. When Zhao Donglin told them about the daughter of the Dong family in Dayu village, Zhang Qiaoer first thought of Dong Xiaojuan, the daughter of Dong Changfu’s family.

Dong Changfu and Dong Changgui were close brothers. Dong Xiaojuan is Dong Jiahui’s own cousin. She was twenty this year, one year younger than Dong Jiahui, because her parents spoiled her, from the age of seventeen or eighteen, everyone said that they had been looking left and right, but that there was no suitable man yet. That’s why she had no object in her twenties.

Zhang Qiaoer had never met Dong Xiaojuan before. Thinking that her son’s judgment should not be bad, she would find a reason to go to Dayu Village to see what the girl looks like. She wanted to see what made her son, who was like wood, take the initiative to mention the matter of marriage.

Who knows what happened when Zhang Qiaoer had just made plans in her heart, and Zhao Donglin denied her guess?

“No, it’s the daughter of Uncle Changgui’s family.”


The chopsticks weren’t dropped this time, Zhang Qiaoer directly slapped the chopsticks on the dining table.

“Changgui’s family? I am telling you, I do not agree! There is only one daughter in Changgui’s family, and what more! She got divorced a year ago and their affair made a lot of noise in the commune! If you really want to marry her, I am telling you that our whole family will be the subject of discussion by other people! You don’t think it’s embarrassing? Well, I think it’s embarrassing!”

When Zhang Qiaoer said that, the rest of the Zhao family looked at Zhao Donglin and thought that Zhang Qiaoer had made a mistake. How could his son (brother) find a divorced woman? Who knows that Zhao Donglin not only didn’t refute but also nodded and admitted it?

Zheng Yuefen and her husband, Zhao Donghe, glanced at each other. Since they are husband and wife, they can probably guess each other’s thoughts. They were shocked, but their shock was different.

“You say you, so many girls do not want you to want a divorced second-hand. Your brain is in the water or by the door plate, pinching?”

“Tell me. There are so many unmarried girls, but you want you to get divorced, second-hand goods? Are you out of your mind or is your head trapped by the door?”

Zhao Donglin had known that his mother’s reaction would not be small, which is why he didn’t talk to his mother in advance. If he had said it earlier, he wouldn’t have had a blind date with Jiahui at all, and his mother would have sabotaged it.

“Mom, it’s wrong of you to say that. It’s reasonable to say that I’m also a divorced man. Isn’t it good to find a divorced wife? There’s not much difference between us. No one should be disliked. How come it’s fine with you that I am divorced? But when a woman is divorced, she becomes a second-hand? “

Zhang Qiaoer strained her neck and grunted, “What? Why are you still lecturing me about others? Can men be the same as women? Men could marry three wives and four concubines decades ago, don’t you know why she was divorced? What’s the point of marrying a woman who can’t have children? Why hasn’t she found anyone since she was divorced for half a year? It’s because others have a clearer mind than you Chu, you won’t do such thankless things. You are in a hurry to be willing to do good things. You are still a party member and a village party secretary. When people hear of it, they will laugh it off with their front teeth showing! “

The more Zhang Qiaoer talked, the angrier she became, Zhao Donglin also put down the chopsticks in his hand. His expression was serious as he looked at his mother with a straight face, and took out the momentum of long-term conversation with the instructor in the army.

For him, as long as he decides, he must do it. There are no mountains that can’t be turned over and no opponents that can’t be defeated.

“Mom, your idea is wrong. First of all, our great leader, Chairman M, said that men and women are equal. So you can’t say that men are different from women. Secondly, I didn’t marry her to have children. I already have Heidan and Yingbao. I will just take care of them both in the future. I don’t need more children. “

In this era, there is no family planning, and there are more than a dozen families with a large population. Although the living conditions are difficult and many families are still struggling with food and clothing, the common understanding is that “more people, you will have more power”.

When the child is born, it’s OK to have food, clothes and clothes. When parents don’t have time to take care of the child, they become the responsibility of the older sibling. In the village, half of the older children can often be seen holding or carrying a smaller child. This is the so-called “poor children take charge of the family early”.

From the bottom of his heart, Zhao Donglin does not want his own children to be the same. He joined the army as a soldier in his teens, and because of his diligence, he was fortunate enough to become a key training target for the army leadership and received higher education in the army.

He has read military works, but he has not read famous works at home and abroad. His more than ten-year military career has made him a man with iron willpower and perfect thinking logic. He believed that the weakness of human nature was inevitable. It was difficult to meet a stepmother who regards her stepson and stepdaughter as her own, in this world, especially when she has her own child.

People will selectively treat others well. There was no doubt that, when they make a choice between their children and other people’s children, they will choose to be close to their own children. It’s easy to say that they will not hold a bowl at water level[2] be impartial.

He has a crush on Dong Jiahui and doesn’t care if she has been divorced. He has a crush on this person. It’s enough to believe that she will be good to Heidan and Yingbao. As for her inability to have children, he doesn’t treat it as a shortcoming at all.

“Mom, just listen to me once. I’m looking for Jiahui for the good of our family. Before, I listened to you and found Wang Mei. What’s the result?”

The result was that he divorced Wang Mei. She was trying to find a way to return to the city she longed for. She said she didn’t care about her two children. Did he say anything? He didn’t say anything and didn’t want to mention it again.

Zhang Qiaoer was arrogant. She let out her anger when she heard her son’s words. This matter was a thorn in her heart. It was where she felt sorry for her son. In the beginning, Wang Mei was really attracted to being with her son, Donglin, and she was the one who picked her.

notlucia: I really feel bad for Jiahui. No one should be treated like that.


1 If you miss this opportunity, it will be difficult to find another one.
2 be impartial


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