Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 25

Chapter 25

“Donglin sings really well. The words are clear. as expected from a soldier. “

In the room, Dong Jiahui and Zhou Yindi were listening sideways to the movement outside of the room. The bride has to wait for the groom to pick her up, so Dong Jiahui can only wait in the room even if she was curious.

She felt that weddings in this era were very simple and concise. Before she transmigrated, she once attended her cousin’s wedding. They made the groom suffer. He drank special chilli-balsam pear water. They put tape on his legs and removed the tape. They made him dance, do push-ups, and send 99 red envelopes to the bride’s family and her friend group. They said it was for longevity.

If you look at it this way, although this cousin-in-law, Ding Yan Ding Yan, stood up and embarrassed Zhao Donglin, Zhao Donglin, who had just sung a song, was not very miserable.

“Good! The groom sang so well that we were all mesmerized.”

“He was singing so well that it made everyone want to listen to him again.”

“Come on, guys, don’t stop the groom from picking up the bride, it’s not good to delay the auspicious time.”

“Everyone! Make way for the groom!”

At this time, the young man who accompanied Zhao Donglin to get married took out a bag of fruit candy, grabbed it and sprinkled it into the sky.

“Eat candy, eat candy! Everyone has their share! How much candy you pick up is the amount you can get. “

The candies fell like flowers in the air, and the atmosphere suddenly became lively. A group of people were grabbing the candies on the ground, and another group of people surrounded Zhao Donglin, who came to the door of Dong Jiahui’s room, coaxing the bride to open it.

Zhou Yindi smiled and opened the door, and the sun scattered into the room. It was shining on Dong Jiahui like a searchlight. She was wearing bright red clothes and sitting at the edge of the bed. She looked dignified and beautiful.

Dong Jiahui looked at Zhao Donglin and saw that he was wearing a new military uniform, looking dignified and lively.

“Groom! Hurry up and go in, look how good the bride looks.”

With the crowd’s teasing, Dong Jiahui shyly lowered her head. Her cheeks were blushed with a pinkish color.

Zhao Donglin looked straight at Dong Jiahui. At that moment, the people and scenery around him became an illusory space. There was only Dong Jiahui in his eyes. The woman in front of him was beautiful and elegant, fair-skinned, her black hair coiled behind her head. Her chin gradually grew, her neck elongated, and the bright red lipstick on her lips matched her bright red clothes.

He just stood there in the doorway. It seemed like time had frozen for him. The crowd saw through his reaction. Which person didn’t know that he became stupid when he saw his wife?

“Hurry up and go inside. We don’t want to see it! Keep it in the bridal chamber at night.”

It was not known who pushed Zhao Donglin. He was pushed back inside the room, and the crowd laughed.

Before going out, Chen Guixiang took Dong Jiahui’s hand. Her eyes were red; she was obviously crying.

She looked at her daughter. This was her second time to see her daughter marry. Her mood was more complicated than the first time she had let her daughter marry out. There were countless words in her heart that she wanted to say. Finally, she was only able to say one sentence.

“In the future, live a good life with Dong Lin.”

Dong Jiahui coughed. Her eyes were also red. She recognized Chen Guixiang and Dong Changgui as her parents during her half-year stay in this era.

“Mom, Dad, don’t worry, I’ll make the best of my life.”

No matter what, this is her own life. She will definitely treat it with care, she will treat Zhao Donglin well, and she will not let herself be aggrieved.

Zhao Donglin stood behind Dong Jiahui. Zhao Donglin could feel the feelings of his parents-in-law. He promised. “Mom and Dad, you don’t have to worry, I will treat Jiahui well. I will often accompany Jiahui back to see you two. Mom and Dad don’t worry about us running frequently.”

With these words, Chen Guixiang burst into tears and laughed. The relatives and friends present also joked, “There is no mother-in-law who dislikes her son-in-law. As long as you come back with a chicken in your left hand and a duck in your right hand, your father-in-law and mother-in-law can only welcome you and won’t drive you out.”

“No, I should kill chickens and ducks when they come back.”

With this episode, they married their daughter out, and their worries about their daughter were relieved a lot. They were willing to believe their own judgment that this son-in-law was a good man.

On the tractor, Dong Jiahui was ready to come up by herself, but Zhao Donglin picked her up and put her on the tractor.

“Oh. Oh. Oh, the groom is hugging the bride.”

The children clapped around the tractor. Dong Jiahui bowed her head and smiled. Zhao Donglin also smiled as he sat down. The tractor “burst” into Shanghe village.

The tractor was headed to Shanghe Village. The people who went with her were Jiahui’s uncle from the father side, her uncle on her mother’s side, her older brother Dong Aihua, and her sister-in-law Zhou Yindi.

“Are you cold?”

After the departure, Zhao Donglin noticed that Jiahui was wearing fewer clothes. He secretly shook Jia Hui’s hand and whispered a question in her ear.

The weather turned cold in November. If you were only wearing a jacket, it was certainly not enough. Zhao Donglin was afraid that she would be frozen.

“It’s not cold, I’ve added clothes inside.”

Zhao Donglin felt Jiahui’s hand temperature. She was not cold and not hot, proving that Jiahui was indeed not lying. She was really afraid of the cold.

“Tell me if you’re cold, I’ll take off my jacket and give it to you.”

Dong Jiahui nodded. This is what she likes about Zhao Donglin. He was quite observant and also quite good at taking care of people.

There are many differences between men. Some men are very caring, and some men see nothing but themselves. Zhao Donglin obviously belongs to the category of “very caring”.

The tractor drove all the way into the Shanghe village. This is Dong Jiahui’s first time coming here. She looked at the scenery on the road, thinking that if nothing unexpected happened, they would live on this land for a long, long time. Her mood was also a little excited.

At the entrance of the village, seeing that the team who was assigned to pick up the bride came back, the people waiting at the entrance of the village quickly lit up the firecrackers, and the team drove all the way to the Zhao’s house amidst the crackling sound of firecrackers.

“Here it comes, the bride is here!”

No matter which village, the children were the most joyful when they saw a big wedding. Such a happy event means they can eat candies and also delicious mat noodles.

A group of relatives and neighbors have already waited outside the courtyard door, everyone was curious about what the bride looked like.

It is said that the woman who can make Zhao Donglin move his heart and marry home is still a divorced woman. There is always something outstanding.

After the tractor stopped, Zhao Donglin went down first, then turned around and helped Dong Jiahui down. Everyone finally saw the true face of the bride.

How to say it: Good-looking is good-looking. It’s just that she looks too thin and weak.

“This is Dong Lin’s new wife?”

“She is also too thin. Isn’t her waist just two feet? “

“Good-looking is good-looking, but her look does not look like it would be a blessing.”

“This look… It is no wonder she was divorced. How did the big noble family agree to marry this wife into their family?”

“Hey, Donglin likes her. How can a mother argue with her son? “

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, what can a person with a delicate appearance do? I am afraid that she can’t even work in the field.”

Dong Jiahui’s looks are really not in line with the mainstream aesthetics of this era of rural areas. This is a glorious era of labor. No matter if you’re a man or a woman, having a strong physique can create value.

Zhang Qiaoer and Zhao Changgui heard the news, so they came out of the main room. They were followed by many people behind them, including Zhao Caixia, Zhao Meixiang’s sister-in-law and uncle-in-law, whom Dong Jiahui had seen before, and others she had never seen. Her eyes stayed on the little girl held in Zhao Meixiang’s arms.

The little girl was just about a year old. She looks smaller than Tianniu. She had a small and compact face. Her eyes were big and bright as she was looking at the lively scene outside the house. Dong Jiahui guessed that this little girl should be Zhao Donglin’s daughter, Yingbao.

Dong Jiahui was fond of good and lovely girls. She often plays with the Dong Family’s Tianniu. Seeing Yingbao, whose personality and age was not far from Tianniyu, Dong Jiahui’s gaze also became soft.

The sudden change of expression of Dong Jiahui in just a few seconds didn’t escape Zhang Qiaoer’s eyes. She nodded in satisfaction, thinking that this new wife was really child-loving and had a soft temperament. This made her unafraid that she would not be good for her grandchildren.

It’s different between marrying a wife and marrying out a daughter. When Dong Jiahui left home, Chen Guixiang’s eyes were red, and when Zhang Qiaoer married a wife, there was a smile on her face.

“Dad, Mom.”

After approaching, Dong Jiahui followed Zhao Donglin. She called her father-in-law and mother-in-law. Zhang Qiao’er smiled and took Jiahui’s hand. They went together inside the house. The Dong family who came over to send off the bride was also warmly greeted by the Zhao family.

The group entered the hall. The two newlyweds read the declaration together under the portrait of Mao Zedong, and then she gave her father-in-law and mother-in-law a tea toast. Zhang Qiao’er and Zhao Manzhu handed over a red envelope.

Mao Zedong, also known as Chairman Mao, was a Chinese communist revolutionary who was the founding father of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), which he ruled as the chairman of the Chinese Communist Party from the establishment of the PRC in 1949 until he died in 1976. Maoism is a Marxist–Leninist ideology that encompasses his theories, military strategies, and political policies.

“This is Heidan, this is Yingbao. From now on, you and Donglin will be a married couple. Heidan and Yingbao will be your children. I have no other requirements for you. You just need to take care of these two children well. “

Heidan had been following behind Zhao Caixia, but this time Zhang Qiaoer pulled Heidan to the front. Heidan was tall, dark and thin. He may have understood something, or someone may have mentioned something to him. At that moment, he lowered his head and refused to look at Dong Jiahui.

A child without a mother’s love was always heartbreaking to see, and even though she didn’t give birth to these two children, Dong Jiahui had long been preparing to be their mother.

“Heidan, this is your mom, hurry up and call her mom.”

Zhang Qiaoer pushed her grandson’s back, but Heidan wouldn’t even lift his head.

“Hey, this child. Didn’t I tell you yesterday how to call her? Why can’t you?”

This time, relatives and neighbors were watching, and whispering among themselves. Dong Jiahui doesn’t have to think about it to know what they were saying.

“Mom, it’s okay to not let him call me Mom. Today, many people came here, so maybe Heidan was embarrassed. We have a long day ahead. As long as I am good to Heidan and Yingbao, they will certainly be willing to call me mom. “

These words were said to appease Zhang Qiaoer’s heart.

“You’re right. As long as you’re good to them, they will recognize you as a mother.”

After seeing her parents and offering tea, Zhao Donglin took her back to her room. Her sister-in-law, Zhou Yindi, and several relatives of the Zhao family followed her.

The new house was repainted before marriage. The white walls, a complete set of willow colored furniture, a brand-new washbasin, spittoon, and a pair of red mandarin duck water bottles on the table. The most noticeable thing was the sewing machine under the windowsill.

The bed is covered with big red sheets with happy words printed on the red quilt cover, as well as the pattern of hundreds of children and thousands of grandchildren. Jujubes, peanuts, longans, lotus seeds, etc. are also placed on the sheets, implying “Give birth to a son early”.

“This room is well decorated.”

“The furniture is new, right?”

“They are afraid that the new wife will be unhappy, so these are all newly replaced.”

“That sewing machine was provided by the woman?”

“Yes, I heard that this new wife can make clothes, and earn money by helping people to make clothes when she was in her mother’s house.”

“Really? I really can’t see it.”

Dong Jiahui sat with a smile on her face. Except for those who talked to her, others whispered whatever words she could not hear.

Soon it was time to eat. The Zhao family has many relatives. Eighteen tables were set up in the first round. There was no other way. There was really no spare table. Even if there was, the Zhao family was so big that it had been placed outside the door. There was no place to add a few more tables.

On the other hand, the kitchen can only cook so many dishes at a time.

Of course, the Zhao family’s relatives and neighbors must add up to more than eighteen tables. They eat quickly in the countryside. Except that everyone is hungry and panicked, and it is always difficult to eat well occasionally, the other is that after the first round is finished, the second round or even the third round is followed.

The Dong family sent the bride to the Zhao family and left the Zhao family after the meal. After Zhou Yindi returned, she said to Chen Guixiang in detail what they saw in the Zhao family.

“It looks very good, and the cleaning up is very neat. We also saw the two children of Donglin. The small one is OK. She can’t recognize her birth mother. The older one is four years old. He was beginning to become sensible. He didn’t want to speak when he saw Jiahui. They must have to be familiar with it first. It’s estimated that it will take some trouble.”

Chen Guixiang was satisfied with the general situation. As for the two children, she originally did not expect her daughter to be treated as their own mother once she married.

“My biggest worry is finally over. Their future lives depend on them.”

When her daughter came back from Lu’s house, she felt that the whole sky had collapsed. Later, her daughter wanted to die, and she also wanted to go with her daughter, but that’s the way it was. She survived the most difficult period, that is “The mountains and rivers have no way to doubt[1]This is a series of well-known sayings. The beauty of it is not only good at describing difficult scenes and the skill of confrontation but also in “waiting for idle language to become … Continue reading, and the willows are dark and the flowers are in another village.[2]At one’s darkest hour, a glimmer of hope was in another village

Donglin is a good man. Chen Guixiang believes that her daughter will not suffer if she marries him. As for living with her mother-in-law and being a stepmother to her two children, how is that hardship compared to what she experienced in the Lu family before?

Women are born with a hard life, and if they can meet a loving husband in their lifetime, it’s God who cared for them.

In the afternoon, after the banquet, everyone left one after another, only those close enough people who stayed for dinner.

When Zhao Meixiang arrived with Yingbao in her arms. Dong Jiahui took out the clothes she had made for her children, Yingbao’s, Heidan’s, and even Shitou’s. She took it out from the wooden box that had been sent over.

Yingbao’s clothes were small yellow jackets, which she made according to the size of Tianniu, so they can be worn when the weather gets colder.

“Sister-in-law, your hands are so skilful. This little duck was so beautifully embroidered and the colors were well-chosen, it matched Yingbao’s face so well. “

Zhao Meixiang took the small garment and compared it to her niece. Most women, by nature, have no resistance to cute things. She liked the new garment her new sister-in-law made for the child.

Mom, look, my sister-in-law made clothes for Yingbao and them. Don’t you think her hands were skilful?”

Compared to her sister-in-law, her own skill of only sewing buttons was not worth mentioning at all.

In the evening, after dinner, Zhang Qiaoer smiled and said to the two newcomers,

“You guys have been busy all day, hurry back to the house and rest. Tonight, Heidan will sleep with his uncle, and Meixiang will be with Yingbao. The two children do not need you to be busy. “

Why? Wasn’t it because today was their wedding night?

Dong Jiahui understands the meaning of this sentence. Her entire face was dyed in red. Zhao Donglin was behaving as usual, calm and relaxed.

It was late at night, and the two of them were slightly embarrassed by the candlelight.

Dong Jiahui has already washed up. She had changed into another dress. She originally coiled her hair down to do a twist braid, which gives another kind of charm.

It is said that the more you look at the beauty under the lamp, the more beautiful she looks. The candlelight plated Dong Jiahui with a golden halo.

The red candle on the wedding night burned all night. Zhao Donglin put down the bed curtain and said to Dong Jiahui, “It’s late, let’s rest.”

Dong Jiahui nodded with an enunciation. As an adult, she understood what would happen today.

For her, this body was married before, but for herself, she had only been in love before and had no further development, so her heart was uneasy at this time.

She lay down alone, but when Zhao Donglin lay down beside her. She immediately felt burning masculine energy, and she accidentally touched his arm. As if she had been burned, Dong Jiahui slightly pulled away.

Zhao Donglin, a soldier, knows her every move like the back of his hand. He is not an acute person, sometimes even cold, but from the first moment he saw Dong Jiahui, it was as if she had grown in his heart, fitting all the perceptions of women in his heart: soft, beautiful, and completely stimulating his inner desire to protect.

He thought back to the way she looked in her big red wedding dress during the day and couldn’t help but feel a reaction in his heart. God knows how much he wanted to hold her in his arms after seeing her during the day.

He closed his eyes, the tip of his nose lingered on her scent, like a vine wrapped around his heart, and a tingling sensation was born.

Dong Jiahui only felt his hands tightening around her waist, Zhao Donglin had already propped up his arms and was looking down on her from above.

The candlelight passed through the bed curtain. Although it was not as bright as day, it was enough to see each other’s expressions. Dong Jiahui turned her head uneasily and avoided Zhao Donglin’s burning eyes.

His eyes carried obvious aggression. Dong Jiahui bit her lips uneasily. She did not know that this action by Zhao Donglin was tantamount to a dry log falling over the bar, burning up the fire deep inside him completely.

Zhao Donglin cupped her chin and forced her to look at him. Dong Jiahui closed her eyes and a delicate kiss fell on her lips. The action was so tender, so gentle, so careful.

Dong Jiahui felt as if she was a sweet and greasy candy cube, and he was the little boy holding the candy. The two of them followed their inner feelings, they were frank and honest. They interlocked their fingers, and naturally entered the final play.


With a painful cry, they were stunned at the same time.

Dong Jiahui, regardless of her sweating body, floated 10000 question marks in her heart.

She did not inherit all the memories of the original owner after she was dressed as the original owner, and her memories of the original owner’s previous marriage were all gone.

There is this kind of trauma sequelae. People will selectively forget some things when in extreme pain. The opportunity for her to pass through is the original owner’s thinking. She has also considered that maybe it is because the previous marriage was too painful, so the original owner’s brain deleted all that memory.

As Dong Jiahui’s heart was overwhelmed, Zhao Donglin couldn’t describe his mood. He didn’t know how to react.


1 This is a series of well-known sayings. The beauty of it is not only good at describing difficult scenes and the skill of confrontation but also in “waiting for idle language to become magnificent”.
2 At one’s darkest hour, a glimmer of hope was in another village


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