Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Zhao Donglin, who never blinked in the face of all kinds of difficulties, hardships, bloodshed and sacrifices in the army, remained calm and self-contained. At this moment, he was completely confused. He stopped his movement, his chest fluctuated because of heavy breathing, and he was still lingering on the throbbing that he had just felt.

This situation can’t go on. Within the yellow bed curtain, Zhao Donglin and Dong Jiahui, who was underneath him, had their eyes locked together.

“You ……”

He wanted to ask Jiahui what was going on, but he found himself unable to ask.

She looked pale and frightened. Zhao Donglin was afraid that the words he might say might not make her comfortable, but that they might stimulate her instead. As for Dong Jiahui, she was even more shocked than Zhao Donglin. Because she had no memory of the original owner, she really didn’t know what was going on!

She only knew that the original owner was divorced because she couldn’t give birth to a child. After crossing, she frankly accepted the fact that she had become an abandoned woman inexplicably. But now, the original owner was a young virg*n. Could it be that in the years when she married Lu Chengyuan, they just covered themselves with a quilt and chatted?

What kind of sand sculpture plot[1]The sand sculpture plot means a funny plot. It refers to those particularly silly and amusing TV plots that can be found on the Internet. is this? It’s almost blinding my eyes!

Dong Jiahui looked at Zhao Donglin in disbelief, afraid that he would ask what she could not explain.

In a few seconds, Dong Jiahui quickly thought out an excuse to deal with it. The original owner’s marriage with Lu Chengyuan certainly has no name. If Zhao Donglin asks, she will say that Lu Chengyuan can’t do it. Anyway, Zhao Donglin can’t go to Lu Chengyuan to verify the truth.

She had already thought of a reason to respond but found that Zhao Donglin was a person who did not follow the rules. He did not ask any questions, as if calmly accepting the fact. At the same time, he ended this unholy movement. He rolled over and laid down next to Dong Jiahui. She took Dong Jiahui in his arms, patted her shoulder and gave her silent comfort.

Zhao Donglin was naturally not as calm as he appeared outside. He roughly guessed several possibilities, but no matter which one it was, Jiahui was the one who was carrying the pressure from public opinion. This is something that a woman should have to bear.

He couldn’t believe that if Jiahui hadn’t met himself. What kind of life would she have faced as a divorced woman who had an unnecessary allegation? Thinking about it, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

“Go to sleep, don’t think too much about anything. Just sleep.”

Tomorrow is another day, and tonight is destined to be an impressive wedding night.

Dong Jiahui was not sleepy, but Zhao Dong’s words seemed to have some magic or maybe her body was already tired from getting up too early this morning, and when she closed her eyes, there was soon an even breathing sound coming from her.

Zhao Donglin’s gaze shifted from the overhead bed curtain to Jiahui’s face. The person was still the same, but the feeling was not quite the same.

How to say it? This was a surprise and a shock for him.

He was surprised by the thing itself. He also wanted to explore the truth of the matter. As for the other, he did not care so much. After all, at first, he liked Jiahui’s character and temperament. The other conditions were just extras.

A few miles away from the Lu family, Lu Chengyuan looked out the window at the hovering shadows of the trees. He knew that today was Jiahui’s wedding day, but also knew that she had found a very capable man this time.

He wanted to meet her secretly, but he was afraid of getting her into trouble.

If there is a pill of regret in this life, what he regrets most is that he divorced Jiahui because of his own cowardice.

He knew full well that the failure to have children was his own problem. Jiahui was so simple and kind. Even if he had problems, she never blamed himself, and silently took the blame for everyone. While he, who should have been a man of the world, did not dare to speak up and tell the truth.

He let his mother drive Jiahui away and acquiesced to her finding him a new wife. He thought that if he married a new one, he would get better, but the truth is that everything is spiralling out of control.

Now all the regrets he felt were useless. She is a good woman; he is a cowardly and inept man who is unworthy of her. Perhaps letting her go was the right thing to do.

Dong Jiahui has a good night’s sleep. She has always been a big heart. No matter what happens, as long as the sky doesn’t fall down and people are still alive, nothing will affect her sleeping and eating.

The next morning, just after dawn, Zhao Donglin got up. The bed moved, and Dong Jiahui opened her eyes vaguely.

When she woke up, Dong Jiahui’s mind was still a bit confused, but when she saw Zhao Donglin’s broad back and long straight legs, she remembered that she got married to Zhao Donglin yesterday, and today was their first day after the wedding.

Thinking of this, Dong Jiahui hurriedly sat up from bed. Her mother-in-law was no better than her mother’s family, and her mother-in-law was not her own mother. If she was a daughter-in-law and got up later than Zhao Donglin, her mother-in-law would surely not have a good impression of her.

Zhao Donglin turned around when he heard the movement and saw Dong Jiahui wearing a white round-neck sweatshirt. Her long hair draped over her shoulders, a kind of lazy and casual taste. Her eyes were looking blankly at the quilt. It’s obvious that she was not fully awake yet. Her dazed look looks quite cute.

Zhao Donglin unconsciously hooked the corners of his lips and said with a light smile, “It’s still early, you can lie down more.”

It was only five o’clock. It was just dawn. Zhao Donglin didn’t sleep much last night. He didn’t want to lie down, so when he saw the time, he got up.

Another reason was that when a man who has been used to living alone for a long time suddenly has a warm fragrance in his arms, it is difficult to grasp his mood. It’s better to get up and chop firewood and have it as his warm-up exercise.

Dong Jiahui shook her head and pulled her long hair, which was scattered over her shoulders, into a bun.

“I just passed the door yesterday. I should get up early.”

The first impression must be good. What would happen if she slept and the sun rose three poles high on her first day[2]The sun has risen three poles high, which means it is very late in the morning. and Zhao Donglin was already up? Can she get up later than him?

Dong Jiahui knows that the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law can never be really close. The so-called good is mostly superficial peace.

No mother-in-law doesn’t care about her son, and if Dong Jiahui wants to live well in the Zhao family, she has to pay attention to some small details at all times.

Zhao Donglin, who wanted to let Dong Jiahui sleep a little longer, also did not think much. The care he had for Don Jiahui was purely from his heart. Before he was in the army, he did not really experience marriage and family life, but today, after listening to Dong Jiahu’s words, he immediately understood the mystery.

He remembered that his little wife was a smart woman. In the beginning, her learning theory surprised him.

Zhao Donglin smiled and patted Dong Jiahui’s head, and left the room amidst Dong Jiahui’s blushing heart.

There was a little hot water in the water bottle on the table. Dong Jiahui washed her face, brushed her teeth, put on a silver red coat, combed her hair again, and braided her like the way she had styled her hair before.

This silver red Lenin suit was also owned by Dong Jiahui. It wasn’t as fitted as her wedding dress. Instead, she deliberately did this so that she can add a jacket in winter.\

When she left the room, Dong Jiahui saw that the kitchen was already lit up with kerosene. She walked straight to the kitchen and saw her mother-in-law. Zhang Qiaoer was already making a fire in front of the stove.

“Mom, good morning.”

Dong Jiahui shouted playfully. When Zhang Qiaoer heard the voice and looked up. She saw her daughter-in-law was standing with a smile on her face.

No one does not like to see a smile on someone’s face. Not to mention how happy it is to see such a nice, smiling face when you wake up in the morning. At least Zhang Qiaoer likes it in her heart.

“Why did you get up so early? It’s okay for young ones to sleep a little more. No need to rush to get up early in the future. I am not an unenlightened mother-in-law. “

Last night was their wedding night. For this kind of event, she was still willing to understand her daughter-in-law.

Dong Jiahui understood the meaning of his mother-in-law’s words. Remembering the shocking scene last night, Dong Jiahui felt hot in the face.

Now that she’s up, she can’t just stand around, she has to find some work to do.

There are a lot of chores for people in the village. They have to clean inside and outside the house, do the laundry and cooking, feed the chickens and pigs, chop wood and get some water, fix the vegetable patch, and etc. They should do these before the sun rises.

“Mom, I just passed through the door yesterday, and I don’t know what I should do.”

She is a new wife. She can’t do it by herself as soon as she walks through the door. On the other hand, no matter at home or at work, “those who can do more work”, she can’t help but continue to do it after she has done it once. If she works hard to do all the housework, won’t she still bear the hardships in the future?

Dong Jiahui understands it in her heart. Her former friends often say she is “pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger”. She looked silly. In fact, she was clear in her heart. Even if she took the initiative to give way sometimes, it was not because she was stupid, but she didn’t want to worry about unnecessary problems,

Dong Jiahui took the initiative to ask her mother-in-law to arrange work for her. Zhang Qiao’er was still quite satisfied. As a mother-in-law, she has never been the kind of person who likes to impose her status as their mother-in-law. Whether it was Wang Mei or Zheng Yuefen, they all relied on self-awareness.

“There’s nothing to do at home. You wash your clothes with Donglin and forget it today. From tomorrow on, Heidan and Yingbao’s clothes will also be given to you. Look at other things first. You’ve just married. Don’t hurry. We’ll talk about it in two days.”

The Zhao family’s clothes were always washed separately. She used to wash them, and when the two daughters grew up, they took turns washing them, and then the sons started their own families, so they washed their own clothes in their own houses.

After listening to Zhang Qiaoer’s arrangement, Dong Jiahui answered in a crisp voice.

“Okay, mom, then I’ll go wash the clothes first.”

Dong Jiahui went back to the house and took out her and Zhao Donglin’s dirty clothes and put them in a basin and soaked them in water. In addition to the clothes, there was also the dirty bed sheet.

Washing the bed sheets is really a thing that no one else can think about. Who could have thought it was like that last night?

Dong Jiahui washed half the laundry, and Zhao Meixiang came out with Yingbao in her arms.

“Good morning, sister-in-law.”

“Good morning.”

Zhao Meixiang dressed Yingbao in the same set that Dong Jiahui took out yesterday. This action moved Dong Jiahui’s heart.

“The clothes are just right. The sleeves are longer, so you can just roll it up.”

And the soft yellow color was very good for Yingbao’s skin. It’s as lovely as a little yellow duck.

“Yingbao is so cute. She looks beautiful in everything.”

“No, we can’t find a second beautiful little girl like Yingbao in our village.”

Not to mention that Wang Mei’s face value is still very high. Yingbao was born more beautiful than other people’s children. In addition, after Wang Mei left, Zhang Qiaoer kept her granddaughter in a blocked atmosphere. One egg a day, rice paste and white flour steamed bread. After feeding, Yingbao looks white, soft and tender. Her small face is round. Unlike other people’s children.

This time, Yingbao was holding a small round cookie in her hand. Eating it in small bites like a squirrel, and looking at Dong Jiahui with her two curious eyes.

Dong Jiahui had finished washing clothes. When she saw the sheets she hung, Meixiang obviously misunderstood, and her face turned red.

The Zhao family appeared in the courtyard one after another. Zhao Changgui came back with a bundle of firewood. It turned out that he had gone to the mountain to collect branches. He was followed by the early riser, Heidan.

Zheng Yuefen was the last to get up. She carried Shitou into the kitchen. After seeing Dong Jiahui, she hesitated and called her “sister-in-law”. She was four years older than Dong Jiahui, but Dong Jiahui married Zhao Donglin. Dong Jiahui was naturally her eldest sister-in-law, even if Dong Jiahui was younger than her.

“Shitou played too crazy last night. He peed in bed at night. I changed his clothes. I didn’t sleep well in the middle of the night.”

Her babbling also indirectly explained why she got up late.

In fact, it’s nothing to say. Zhang Qiaoer always makes breakfast for the Zhao family. First, people feel light when they are old. Second, Zhang Qiaoer doesn’t trust others to cook for fear that others will waste food. The last point is that grandchildren are more important. Just take good care of their children.

“Hurry up and clean up, wait for the meal later.”

Zhang Qiao’er cooked rice porridge this morning. She also baked cornmeal cakes, steamed a few groundnuts, and took the leftover ingredients from yesterday’s cooking and stir-fried two small dishes.

The Zhao family usually does not have such a hearty breakfast, or at least no special stir-fry, but just cuts two pickles and drinks the porridge.

When the family sat down at the table, Dong Jiahui took Yingbao from Mei Xiang’s arms and fed Yingbao one spoonful at a time with Yingbao’s special spoon.

A mouthful of rice porridge with a mouthful of small dishes, Yingbao ate very cooperatively.

Zhao Donglin looked at Jiahui like this. His heart was very happy. The corners of his mouth were raised. While for the others, although they were eating, their eyes moved to observe. In particular, Zhang Qiaoer saw the new wife taking care of Yingbao so well that her heart was at ease.

“Sister-in-law, Yingbao, quite likes you. Look at how good she eats when you feed her.”

On the other side, Heidan lowered his head to drink porridge. He even refused to lift up his head. In the morning, Zhang Qiaoer asked Heidan to call Jiahui, but he was still unwilling to open his mouth. Zhang Qiaoer reached out to knock him down, but Jiahui stopped him.

“Mom, it’s okay, the child is still young, let’s take our time. If we force him all of a sudden, his heart will be more unhappy. “

Since she came to be a stepmother, Dong Jiahui has long had this awareness. Heidan is just a four-year-old child, which can’t cause any substantive harm to her. Instead, Dong Jiahui loves Heidan very much when he looks silent.

“This kid, I don’t know who said something to him. He has quite an opinion about you.”

It’s okay, I had no contact with him before. He isn’t familiar with me. It is normal for him to dislike me now. As long as I treat him well, I believe he will recognize me in the future. “

Zhang Qiaoer smiled and nodded. She did not say anything, but her heart was satisfied.

“It’s good if you think so. People’s hearts are soft. As long as you are really good to them, they will recognize you as a mother.”

Dong Jiahui smiled and nodded, “Right. That’s why I’m not in a hurry. Let’s take our time, there’s still a long time.”

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1 The sand sculpture plot means a funny plot. It refers to those particularly silly and amusing TV plots that can be found on the Internet.
2 The sun has risen three poles high, which means it is very late in the morning.


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