Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 32

Chapter 32

Today, in order to entertain her daughter and son-in-law, Chen Guixiang prepared a lot of good dishes. Zhang Qiaoer let Jiahui bring a chicken back to her family. As if they had negotiated beforehand, Chen Guixiang also killed a chicken.

At lunchtime, the son-in-law and uncle sat down at a table, drinking and talking, and Dong Aimin accompanied Zhao Donglin to drink together.

“Come, Donglin, we brothers must drink to our hearts’ content today.”

“Yes, we will not return until we are drunk.”

“This is my son-in-law’s first dinner at his father-in-law’s house. If we didn’t get you drunk, then it would look like your brothers did not entertain you well. “

Zhao Donglin, naturally, did not refuse the wine poured by his uncles, and by the end of the meal, he had really drunk too much.

“You help Donglin sleep in your room. Stay home for dinner tonight and then go back. “

Dong Jiahui’s room was initially a storage room for miscellaneous items, but ever since Dong Jiahui returned from the Lu family, the family cleaned up the room for her to make it her room. Even if she was married again, the room still remained the same. They would only change the room when the family’s several children were old enough to prepare a room for them.

As for the miscellaneous things in the house, a separate wooden house has been built beside their house.

“Let’s wait until Donglin wakes up. Whether he stays after dinner depends on whether he has work in the village in the afternoon.”

The agreement before coming was to eat lunch here and go back. She also forgot to ask him about work.

The drunk Zhao Donglin belongs to the type that does not make a fuss; he would only lie down and fall asleep. After Dong Jiahui took off his shoes and covered him with a quilt, she poured some warm water into the washbasin and wet a towel to wipe his hands and face.

His hands were long and broad, with well-defined bones, and the fingers on his palms were full of thick calluses, highlighting the difficulties of life.

The two of them actually didn’t have much time to talk, and Dong Jiahui didn’t know much about his previous life in the army, but from the calluses on his hands, it must have been very hard.

When the towel was wiped on his face, Zhao Donglin opened his eyes in a daze. He watched Dong Jiahui, who was wiping his face. He reached out to hold her hand.


His drunken voice was deep, with a touch of huskiness. It was like a sigh or a lover’s whisper in her ear.

Dong Jiahui did not pull out the hand he held, but she sat down on the bed, took off the towel with her other hand, and put it into the washbasin.


Not hearing Dong Jiahui’s response, Zhao Donglin called her again.

He rubbed her palm. The air was filled with the faint smell of wine. Dong Jiahui looked at his face carefully.

He was a good-looking man, with sword brows and bright eyes, well-defined and three-dimensional features. But his usual serious and earnest attitude often made people overlook his good looks.

In other words, he is not the type to rely on his face, and even because of his too firm and serious face, it is easy to give people the illusion that strangers can’t approach him.

Her first impression of him was that he was a very good soldier, and her second impression was that he was willing to help others, which made it easy to create a sense of trust.

“You can sleep with me for a while.”

Zhao Donglin said and held up Jiahui’s waist. He wanted her to lie down with him, but Dong Jiahui hurriedly pushed him away.

“Don’t make trouble. It’s in broad daylight. If people saw it, they would misunderstand.

The people from the courtyard come and go. If she really accompanied him and lied down together, even if they didn’t do anything, they would be laughed at.

“What kind of misunderstanding is this? You’re my wife. “

The more Dong Jiahui expressed her objection, the more he insisted on his idea.

In the middle of the pushing and pulling, Chen Guixiang came in with a tea jar. She had made a cup of green tea for Zhao Donglin to quench his thirst and brought it to them on purpose.

When the door was suddenly pushed open, Dong Jiahui got up with a red face, wanting to cover up and part her hair.

Chen Guixiang hooked the corners of his mouth and smiled. Knowing her daughter’s thin skin, she deliberately pretended that she did not see anything.

“Green tea is the remedy for alcohol. You let Donglin drink some to wake him up. He would also be more comfortable.”

After saying that, she handed the tea jar to Dong Jiahui. She pursed her lips and smiled as she went out.

“It’s all your fault. My mother saw it. She thought we were doing something wrong.”

“What’s wrong? It’s normal for couples to do things together.”

“I think that you are drunk. That’s why you’re talking nonsense and are not afraid of embarrassment.”

Although her mouth said so, she still held the teapot and fed him half a jar of green tea.


Zheng Yuefen came back from the field at noon with anger. Recently, in order to get on the winter wheat as soon as possible, the task of the team was very heavy, and the amount of labor was one or two times that of usual. Originally, she was very tired. Then she thought that her new sister-in-law shouldn’t have to suffer. In the future, she just needs to sit in the warehouse as a custodian without facing the wind and sun as she did.

Zheng Yuefen came back in a bad mood, and Zhang Qiaoer and Zhao Meixiang could see it. The mother and daughter were full of doubts as they looked at each other.

“What’s wrong with her? Why did she come back with such a grumpy face? “

“I don’t know. Did she have a quarrel with the second brother? “

Anyway, they quarreled with each other from time to time. They would soon make up again. It was a standard quarrel at the head of the bed and at the end of the bed.

At lunch, the mother and daughter finally understood why Zheng Yuefen was in a bad mood.

“Mom, I heard that you went to find the captain, and you let him arrange a light job for your sister-in-law. In the future, sister-in-law doesn’t have to go to the field and has become the custodian of our team?”

As soon as Zheng Yuefen’s words were spoken, the whole family focused on Zhang Qiaoer. She did it. She didn’t mention it to anyone at home, including Dong Jiahui, the other party.

Zhang Qiaoer was slightly shocked when her second daughter-in-law knew about it. She did not expect her to know so quickly. She wanted to wait for the eldest daughter-in-law to return from her mother’s house before she told them.

“Yes, what of it?”

Zhang Qiaoer directly admitted this. Not to mention that she did not think there was anything wrong with this. Even if there really was something wrong with the way her second daughter-in-law directly asked her out or with her questioning tone, she was already very upset about it.

And when Zheng Yuefen heard her mother-in-law frankly admit it, her heart full of aggression went straight to her brain.

“Mom, how can you be like this? Not to mention that the marriage of the elder brother was just a second marriage, but was also organized as if it was the first marriage. I didn’t say anything when her betrothal gifts were more than mine. Mom, since she entered our family, you have become too biased. Whatever she did was right and made you satisfied. I’ve been married to the Zhou family and gave birth to Shitou, but you never said a good word about me. I haven’t seen you worry about me working in the field. We are both your daughters-in-law, but you are too biased! “

After Zheng Yuefen said that, she finally started to cry. Everyone at the table, except Shitou, was in disbelief.

Zhao Donghe was anxious, while Zhao Meixiang turned her head to look at her mother.

Zhao Manzhu took out his old cigarette stick from his pocket. Zhang Qiaoer, the subject of the topic, was not anxious. She had a calm face and stared at Zheng Yuefen.

“Why are you talking nonsense? Hurry up and apologize to Mom! “

Zhao Donghe slapped the table and shouted because his voice was too loud. He did not frighten Zheng Yuefen, but rather Shitou, who got scared.

“Why am I talking nonsense? What I said is not right? We are both daughters-in-law. Why should the new sister-in-law that entered the family be happy while I have to fight to the death! “

Zhao Donghe, seeing that his wife refused to reflect but also became more and more outrageous, raised his hand and wanted to hit her.

“Okay, all of you, stop it.”

After a sentence, Zhang Qiaoer first looked at her son, Zhao Donghe, and said, “Donghe, how many times have I told you, no matter how much your wife owes a lesson, you, as a man, shouldn’t raise your hand and hit a woman.”

Zhao Donghe glanced at Zheng Yuefen and didn’t continue to do it.

Then Zhang Qiaoer looked at Zheng Yuefen again. She was never satisfied or dissatisfied with her daughter-in-law. To say Zheng Yuefen was bad was not right since she didn’t make any substantive mistakes. Saying Zheng Yuefen was good would be completely against her heart.

She once felt that she didn’t have any luck in finding daughters-in-law. Whether it was Wang Mei or Zheng Yuefen, there was always something unspeakable to say.

“Second daughter-in-law, you have to feel your conscience when you speak. You married into our family for so many years. How many times did I ask you cook to breakfast? How much work have you done around the house? How many times have I asked you to work in the field? How many wives in the village didn’t work in the field? “

When Zhang Qiaoer first threw out a series of questions, Zheng Yuefen still did not think about how to reply to those questions, and immediately, Zhang Qiaoer had a follow-up word.

“People can’t just think about taking advantage. Why can’t our family stand up in the village? Why do you think people respected our family? Do you still don’t know? With your big brother’s salary, he can match your one-year salary with his one-month salary. He has never been selfish with our family. Your big brother handed over his salary to me. You can enjoy what I buy for food and use for food. For example, Yingbao, after six months of weaning, I get her food every day. There will always be one for Shitou. Do you think you can support Shitou with a few hours a day of work points? “

“If Jiahui enters the door of my Zhao family, then she will be our Zhao family’s daughter-in-law. She is really weak and can’t do laborious work, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t do anything. We gave her the task of cooking for our family at least, and she has to take care of two children. If she becomes the custodian, then what’s the matter? She can relax. Can we not allow her to relax? Why are you jealous that she’s comfortable? “

For what Zhang Qiaoer said, Zheng Yuefen only half-listened to it. She admit that her big brother’s monthly salary was also enjoyed by her family of three, but she was not concerned about this, but her mother-in-law’s attitude. She was obviously better than her new sister-in-law.

“I also go to work and also take care of the children, although not much cooking, I also do the work at home. Mom, you can’t just look at how others work hard and refuse to look at how I also work hard.”

Wasn’t it just cooking and raising the children? Who doesn’t work hard?

Zhang Qiaoer was speechless. She just said a lot. She thought her second daughter-in-law could understand. As a result, her second daughter-in-law was like a King Kong mask. She didn’t touch the oil and salt and determined that she was a biased daughter-in-law.

The most chilling thing for her is that, the second daughter-in-law mentioned the bride price. When her second son got married, the bride price was also 66 yuan, and their clothes and furniture were new. They only had less food than Donglin and Jiahui this time.

With Donglin’s salary, the bride price was one hundred or two hundred, which was not much. The reason why it was set at 66 was because they had to consider the careful eyes of her second daughter-in-law. She didn’t expect that it would be useless to be so considerate of her.

Why didn’t she think about it? The Dong family didn’t ask for any bride price. Jiahui brought them all, and she was accompanied by a sewing machine and a bed, but the Zheng family didn’t even give covers.

Zhao Donglin ate dinner with Dong Jiahui before returning. When they got home, they found that the atmosphere at the house was wrong.

“Mom was so angry that she didn’t eat the noon meal and didn’t eat the evening meal. It’s the first time I’ve had such a serious fight in so many years. ”

Zhao Meixiang explained the situation and the reason. Dong Jiahui was confused. She did not expect that the root cause of their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law quarrel was actually herself!

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