Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 33

Chapter 33

Her mother-in-law spoke to the captain in order to arrange a light job for herself, which surprised Dong Jiahui.

She was only married to Zhao Donglin for a few days, and Zhang Qiaoer already treated her very well. She doesn’t belong to the kind of mother-in-law who was unreasonable. Dong Jiahui did not expect Zhang Qiaoer to do so many things for her in private, which made Dong Jiahui feel grateful.

She looked at Zhao Donglin, wanting to know what his stand was on this matter. Although this matter was because of herself, she is not clear from front to back. She didn’t know how to deal with it “appropriately” She may have had to ask Zhao Donglin and her mother-in-law’s opinion.

Zhao Donglin listened to his sister Zhao Meixiang’s words and remained silent. He went to the army in his teens. He has long been accustomed to life in the military camp.

For him, who has not returned home for a long time, his family is a warm harbor, and his feelings for his family still remain more than ten years ago.

This Zheng Yuefen person is… Due to not having much contact with her, his knowledge was limited to “his brother’s wife.”

This morning, Heidan’s words had already caused Zhao Donglin’s dissatisfaction with this sister-in-law, and after returning to hearing Meixiang say that her sister-in-law quarrelled with his mother, Zhao Donglin became more and more dissatisfied.

He is a filial, family-oriented, and very responsible person. Otherwise, he would not have given up the opportunity to be promoted in the army and chosen to return to the countryside in order to take care of his elderly parents and young children.

He doesn’t like to see his mother being wronged. Moreover, the whole thing was related to his own wife. That is to say, Zheng Yuefen offended two women whom Zhao Donglin cared about most at once.

He did not say anything. Dong Jiahui also didn’t know what was on his mind, but since they returned, it made sense that they should go see Zhang Qiaoer. So Dong Jiahui spoke to Zhao Donglin, “Should we go see Mom?”

Zhao Donglin replied with an assertion.

This was the first time Dong Jiahui entered her mother-in-law’s room. She had all of the necessary furniture, but it was relatively old, giving the room an older appearance.

The room was packed with a lot of things. There were wooden boxes and clay pots in the corners, and so on, which should all be used for storage.

“Mom, how are you doing? I heard from Meixiang that you haven’t eaten much all day today. You can’t do without food. I’ll go cook you something to eat, okay? “

They hadn’t seen her for a day and yet Zhang Qiao’er’s face became haggard. Dong Jiahui couldn’t help but be really worried when she saw her like this.

Zhang Qiaoer originally closed her eyes. Dong Jiahui came in before she opened her eyes. In these short few seconds of time, Dong Jiahui’s expression did not escape Zhang Qiaoer’s eyes.

Seeing her eldest son’s wife’s concern does not seem to be fake, Zhang Qiaoer’s heart that was hurt by her second daughter-in-law has more or less soothed.

She sighed and waved her hand at Dong Jiahui.

“You don’t have to be busy. I really have no appetite. I can’t eat anything at this moment.”

Dong Jiahui sat down on the edge of the bed, her head bowed, her heart more or less feeling uncomfortable.

“Mom, I’ve heard that Yuefen quarrelled with you because of me. I’ve just been married for three days, and I’ve done nothing to help the family. I even troubled Mom. “

She is grateful for Zhang Qiaoer’s arrangements. To be honest, she herself was quite afraid to work in the field. Before crossing over, she had never done any farm work. Since she was young, she couldn’t even distinguish between leeks and garlic.

But gratitude is gratitude. This kindness she will receive. She will not pretend to shirk it. For example, she didn’t bother or give it to her sister-in-law.

She is not a saint. She does not pursue selfless dedication and brilliance, nor does she ask everyone to say she is good.

Although many times she showed that she was willing to help others and was willing to make concessions, it was just an image set by her. In her heart, she is a true egoist, and this is a common problem for many children in the 21st century.

Her being kind and gentle was actually all for me. She just doesn’t want others to think that she was not kind and gentle. As long as it involves her self-interests, she didn’t need to hesitate. She will certainly choose the conditions that are favourable to her.

Therefore, no matter what, she will not give up the custodian job.

“Not your business. Your sister-in-law, even though she was a few years older than you, her brain was not as clear as yours. She really pissed people off. “

In the village, some people’s sons got married and separated, but some people still live together. There are benefits to splitting up; fewer conflicts. But not splitting up also has its benefits; the family works together to live a good life.

But friction was inevitable between people. The tongue and teeth could still fight, not to mention everyone’s different ideas.

The reasons why the Zhao family did not split up were: Zhao Donglin had been in the army; the second reason was that the old couple only had these two sons, unlike other people with five or six children who lived together and it was too crowded.

For all these years, no one expected Zhao Donglin to divorce Wang Mei, and when followed by Zhao Donglin’s coming back from the army and marrying another wife, the contradiction immediately came to the surface.

Zhang Qiaoer had been lying in bed all day. She has been thinking about how this family should go in the future.

The second daughter-in-law has revealed her dissatisfaction with her eldest family. In order to avoid sibling rivalry, the family should be divided properly, but she, as a mother, hoped that each of her children was doing good. For the matter of giving up the Second family, she could really not bear it.

According to the village’s custom, the old couple should follow the eldest family. The eldest was capable, with a sixty-two dollar a month salary, and the commune had another ration to distribute. He alone could support a family of four, and he could even save money.

As for the old couple, they have good hands and feet. They get points for their work. They earn their own rations. With their savings over the years, they will certainly have a good life.

In the second family, the couple was able to earn work, but without their own help, Zheng Yuefen would have to raise the children and do housework alone, and she could not miss work. How could she live if she had another son in the future?

She sighed here. If it were not for muddle-headedness, what kind of good life could be lost by them?

Dong Jiahui went to the kitchen to get food for Zhang Qiaoer. She cooked leek cake and egg millet porridge.

The leek cakes are made by washing and chopping leeks, mixing them with seasoned flour, and then spooning them out and baking them on the edge of the pot.

As for the egg and millet porridge, the egg was beaten into the cooked millet porridge, and a little brown sugar was added and stirred.

Millet porridge is nutritious, eggs are flat and sweet, and cooking the two together to make porridge has the effect of giving energy and nourishing the mind.

Dong Jiahui saw that her mother-in-law was in a bad mood. She was obviously angered by Zheng Yuefen. Cooking this can also be considered “curative cuisine”.

The egg and millet porridge was a good thing, but many women in the countryside couldn’t eat it.

“Sister-in-law, you are so kind to our mother.”

Zhao Meixiang, who was holding Yingbao in the kitchen, was watching Dong Jiahui cook. She worshipped her sister-in-law’s ability to make delicious food.

Before Dong Jiahui married, the family’s meals could just fill the stomach; no one bothered to look into how to cook it deliciously or how to match the nutrition.

Cooking really depends on talent. Zhao Meixiang completely follows her mother Zhang Qiaoer here, so she often doesn’t understand why Dong Jiahui’s craft was more delicious than theirs, even if the ingredients used were the same.

The most touching thing for Zhao Meixiang was that her sister-in-law did not simply cook a white rice porridge to just deal with. But she really treated it with care. Zhao Meixiang wouldn’t think much of it before, but she just watched how her second sister-in-law made her mother angry before bed today. People can’t stand comparing them, and there’s a gap between the two.

“Mom is also good to us. Ah, it is all mutual.”

The previous kindness to her mother-in-law was mostly false, but today Dong Jiahui’s kindness to her mother-in-law was much more genuine since she knew what her mother-in-law had arranged for her privately.

While Dong Jiahui was cooking, Zhang Qiaoer called her eldest son, Zhao Donglin, into her room.

“You almost know what’s going on. I’m in a mess now. I’m very relieved about it. Before you divorced Wang Mei, I was worried about how you’d live in the future. Now you came in. When I saw she was good, my heart was relieved. “

She was really not worried about dealing with people. Dong Jiahui has good feelings towards her son. As for whether they can add a child in the future, she can’t say it clearly for a while, so she won’t add anything to herself in the future.

“I just want to ask you what you are thinking. How do you want to handle this? “

If the eldest said not to pursue, then they could continue their days and would turn a blind eye. The important thing was to let Donghe take good control of his wife. If the eldest refused to let it go easily, then she could not only come up with a set of rules, she could also ask if it was good or not.

Zhao Donglin understands his mother’s meaning. He is a big man and doesn’t like to say what is right and wrong about women, but Zheng Yuefen touched his scales today. He told his mother what Heidan had said in the morning.

Zhang Qiaoer was even angrier. She patted the bed frame and sighed, “Such a wife is a bad thing for anyone. In the past, she only kept her mouth open and didn’t keep the door open. She was really mindless. But now, not only was she not mindless, her brain was too flexible and clever. “

It’s not the place where you should be clever; they are your own family.

“OK, I know what you mean. Wait for Donghe to come back and I will talk to him first. This is not something that can be solved overnight. In the end, you are close brothers. “

If Donghe was not willing to split the family, she, as a mother, must take into account Donghe’s intention, but since his wife has already planted the seed, the family should pay attention in the future.

While talking, there was a smell coming from the kitchen. Zhang Qiaoer knew that the eldest’s wife was cooking for herself. Even if she had no appetite, after smelling the fragrance, she felt hungry.

“To be honest, out of the three daughters-in-law, Jiahui was the best. When it comes to judgment towards people, I can’t compare to you. “

Wang Mei and Zheng Yuefen were her own choices. At that time, she only considered appearance and family; she did not take into account the problem of temperament.

Although there was no expression on Zhao Donglin’s face, his relaxed eyebrows and slightly raised corners of his mouth still exposed his emotions. Of course, Zhang Qiaoer didn’t live with his son for more than ten years for nothing, so how could he not see his son’s inner complacency?

“There is one thing I have to tell you.”

After Zhao Donglin spoke, Zhang Qiaoer looked over and waited for him to speak. Zhao Donglin told him what had happened with his wife. Zhang Qiaoer listened with her eyes open wide and tongue-tied.

“What? Are you really telling the truth? “

Hearing his son’s words, Zhang Qiaoer couldn’t care less about her depressed mood at this moment. She sat up directly in bed.

“Well, so I’m not sure when she will be pregnant, but I don’t want it to be so fast. At home, there are Heidan and Yingbao. If there were too many children, it would be too busy. “

Zhang Qiaoer wouldn’t consider this. She lifted the quilt and got out of bed and pulled up Zhao Donglin’s sleeve with a smile. “How could there be such a thing? It’s too confusing. How could she not understand? That’s right. She was only 18 years old at the time, she was still young, but how can it happen? She didn’t understand, but could the Lu family not understand? You didn’t mean to lie to me, right? “

Zhao Donglin helplessly laughed, “No. Why would I lie to you about this? “

It’s not that he was afraid of something. He still needs to explain it to her. It’s better to make it clear now.

Zhang Qiaoer was in a relaxed mood; her hands were clasped together and she chanted. “Amitabha Buddha, thank God”.

In the kitchen, Dong Jiahui had already made dinner. She served Zhang Qiaoer a bowl first, and there was still some left in the pot. Especially the leek cakes. She made eight of them and only took two for her mother-in-law.

“Meixiang, there’s still some left in the pot. You can serve it and eat it.”

Zhao Meixiang actually drooled long ago. She did not eat much at night. The family was so noisy, she simply did not have the mood to eat. When she saw her sister-in-law cooking something delicious, she really wanted to eat it.

“This is not good; this is the food you cooked for mom.”

“It’s okay, mom can’t eat this much. You can eat the rest with Yingbao.”

When she said that, taking Yingbao with her, Zhao Meixiang finally stopped hesitating.

“Okay, thank you, sister-in-law.”

Dong Jiahui smiled and carried the mother-in-law’s meal over to her mother-in-law’s room. And just as she entered, she saw her mother-in-law’s face that looked so happy, as if she had won something.

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