Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 34

Chapter 34

“Mom, I made some rice for you ……”

Dong Jiahui stepped into the room and wanted to ask Zhang Qiaoer to get up for dinner. Unexpectedly, when she looked up, she saw that Zhang Qiaoer had gotten out of bed and was talking with Zhao Donglin with a smile.

“Hey, hurry up and put it down. Don’t burn your hands.”

Zhang Qiaoer was as happy to see Dong Jiahui as a bee who saw flowers. She had a good impression of Dong Jiahui. The only thing that bothered her was that Dong Jiahui was her second marriage and had a reputation for infertility. So when she let Dong Jiahui marry into her family, she suppressed the hint of dissatisfaction in her heart. But who would have thought that life would have given her a big surprise? It was just like a pie falling from the sky; it hit her till she was dizzy.

This time, seeing Jiahui come in with food, she was more satisfied with her everywhere. She was afraid that Jiahui would burn her hands, so she hurriedly took the bowl of porridge from Jiahui’s hand and put it on the red five-drawer cabinet that had lost its paint.

“For this hot bowl, you should have called me out to eat outside. You didn’t need to send it in. “

Dong Jiahui laughed dryly, not understanding why her mother-in-law was suddenly so enthusiastic. She was really not used to it. Dong Jiahui turned her head to look at Zhao Donglin, asking him with her eyes what was going on.

Zhao Donglin only smiled. He nodded at her and left the room first.

The reason Zhao Donglin mentioned this to his mother today was to have this effect. For outsiders, they didn’t need to know, but for his own family, he hoped that they would not belittle her because of her second marriage.

Before he got married, he had expected the kind of situation he would face after marrying Jiahui and vowed to protect her from others. But some things were unpredictable. He really didn’t expect that when he closed his eyes, the people living in the same house would also have that kind of bad mind.

He told his mother this to eliminate the last thorn in her heart and let her treat Jiahui sincerely without any prejudice. Jiahui will live well in this family as long as she is under her mother’s protection.

Previously, his feelings for Jiahui were admiration and affection. Since knowing that incident, his heart also had the feeling of possessing and protecting her. 

This woman was his. No one can hurt her, not even the slightest bit.


Zheng Yuefen quarrelled with Zhang Qiaoer. She didn’t go to work in the afternoon and went back to her mother’s house alone. Her mother, Jiang Liang, knew that she came back because of a quarrel.

First of all, it’s not a festival. She didn’t say in advance that she would come back. And Zheng Yuefen didn’t come back at noon.

“What’s wrong? Did you have a fight with Donghe? “


“As far as you are concerned, I don’t understand. If you didn’t quarrel, why do you look like everyone owes you something? “

After being criticized by her mother for a few sentences, Zheng Yuefen started talking. She told her about the events of the past two days.

“It’s the new sister-in-law that elder brother Donglin married back. Since her arrival, I haven’t had a smooth day. She likes to sweet talk to her mother-in-law to make her happy. The entire family likes her, and my mother-in-law was too biased. She was afraid that my new sister-in-law would be too tired to work on the field, so she forced the captain to arrange a job for her and let her work as the warehouse custodian. What kind of work should she do? She only has to sit there all day. “

(T/N: I am amazed at how the story changed, from request to force…..)

This is what she was angry about. Before Wang Mei was not good at working, doing this and that, but my mother-in-law tolerated it. But who is this Dong Jiahui? She was not a young, charming girl who lives in the city. Didn’t she grow up in the countryside like her? They were both daughters-in-law, but why did she work in the field when all she needed to do was sit down?

My mother-in-law said she cooked and took care of the children. Did she do so much in a day?

Zheng Yuefen’s mother, Jiang Liang, had no choice but to listen to her daughter’s words. When she married into the Zhao family, her impression was that the Zhao family had few brothers, a simple population, and a capable uncle. For her daughter’s temperament, no one clearly understands it as her mother. Not to mention outsiders, even her own brothers and sisters, she still wants to fight and grab things.

In one’s childhood, who ate more, who wore new clothes, who did more and less work, didn’t care less, and it’s okay to lose others. If she felt she had lost to them, she would say her parents were biased. At that time, the family conditions were not good. It was not easy to raise several children. They were busy day by day, and there was still a trivial fight when they returned home. Her personality was terrible.

This kind of temperament can’t survive without finding a good-tempered family. Over the years, seeing that she had a good life with Donghe, Jiang Liang was somewhat at ease. She thought that there should be no more problems in her daughter’s life. Then Donghe’s eldest brother came back from the army, divorced his first wife, and found another wife. But it hasn’t been a few days since she came into the family, and they immediately had trouble!

“Your personality… I have told you several times that I didn’t see any change in you after many years. You said you do not lack food and clothing in your in-laws’. You are living better than anyone. Don’t you know what your mother-in-law has done to you all these years? If she wants to take care of your sister-in-law, you can bear it and live a good life. Why do you have to be contradictory to others or with your mother-in-law? “

Her in-laws were so nice. She was also a mother-in-law. To be honest, she doesn’t have that kind of temperament with her daughter’s in-laws. It’s her daughter’s fault. If they marry such a daughter-in-law into her Zheng family, they will make her angry.

Zheng Yuefen retorted, “I didn’t say my mother-in-law was bad to me, but she’s treated my new sister-in-law better than me.”

Jiang Liang sighed helplessly.

When it was late, Zhao Donghe went to pick up Zheng Yuefen from Yue’s house after work.

Donghe, Yuefen told me what happened today. I also know it’s her fault, but my daughter has been close-minded since childhood and she can’t open her eyes till now. I talked to her all afternoon and I don’t know if she listened to me.

When Jiang Liang said these words to her son-in-law, she felt embarrassed. “It’s the father to blame if she was raised well or not.” They didn’t teach their daughter well, which caused trouble for other people, letting her and her husband have no place to put their faces. But what can be done? The girl is her own child. Ever since she was a child, they scolded, beat her and did not educate her well. On the contrary, the more you teach, the more she doesn’t listen. *

It’s the father’s fault if she was raised well or not. It is the fault of the parents to only provide food and clothing for the children, but not educate them well[1]反倒越教越轴 – I think the author-nim had a typo error..

In addition to lamenting that “all children are debts,”[2]Those who are obedient and make their parents happy are those who come to pay their debts, which the children owe to their parents in their previous lives.  While disobedience and unfilial, … Continue readingshe was also glad that her daughter found such a good-natured man as Donghe.

“Mom, it’s okay. I’ve known this nature of hers for a long time. She can’t see herself suffering. So, I’ll talk to her about it when we get back today.

Zhao Donghe was also tired. After a day of work, he was tired enough. And now, after work, he also has to come to the Yue family to pick her up.

His mother said before that their family doesn’t like their wife/daughter-in-law to let them live in their natal house for long. Don’t show your embarrassment to outsiders, no matter how big the contradiction is. He was angry at noon today. If his mother hadn’t stopped him, he really wanted to slap her.

(Please, no to violence)

His mother has said before, their family is not interested in throwing the wife to the mother’s house. No matter how big the conflict at home, do not be embarrassed outside, which is what he did today at noon. If not for his mother’s intervention, he really wanted to slap Hu Huo up.

Zhao Donghe ate dinner at Yue’s house and went back home. On the way home, Zhao Donghe didn’t speak. He walked in front of her quickly. Zheng Yuefen followed him like a little wife.

The Zhao family only has one bicycle. Zhao Donglin uses it every day. When Donghe has something to do, he can borrow it. But today, Zhao Donglin and his wife went back to their wife’s natal family. Zhao Donghe came directly with his feet and didn’t go home to borrow it. Besides, even if he saw it, he was embarrassed to open his mouth. If his brother knew that his wife was angry with his mother, he would have had no good fruit to eat.

Like all the younger brothers living in the shadow of an excellent older brother, Zhao Donghe worshipped his brother very much in his childhood. When it comes to the sons of Zhao Manzhu’s family, everyone praises Zhao Donglin. Few people will mention him.

But Zhao Donghe didn’t feel resentful. It’s good to have a big brother. Whenever he mentioned that he was Zhao Donglin’s brother, others would have a good impression of him. Especially after he entered the army and got his salary. Even at the most difficult time, when everyone in the village didn’t have enough to eat, he didn’t go hungry.

His mother always nagged him that if it weren’t for his elder brother in the army, his own family’s days would be difficult, so he would have to respect his brother throughout his life.

“It’s hard to be in the army. The one from the village next door came back after two years as a soldier. He said that it’s better to farm at home than go out for exercise every day and spend his life training. Your brother is strong and hasn’t cried a word of pain. He wrote to us last time and said that he had become a squad leader. He’s a sergeant in size, and his salary has also increased by 2 yuan. Alas, he sends back all his monthly salary without leaving a cent for himself. He said that there is no shortage of anything in the army and there is no need for money. In the end, he was only thinking about our family. Your sister needs to prepare a dowry when she gets married, and you and your sister have to spend money. He is doing this for you and for this family. You should remember your brother’s kindness all your life. “

After his mother said this, Zhao Donghe always remembered who filled his stomach when he was hungry. Especially seeing those who fought for a bite to eat, the villagers would rather eat the tree bark of the Guanyin soil. Because of this, he thought more and more about the benefits given by his big brother.

Zhao Donglin rose all the way in the army and became a platoon leader in a few years. On the day he received the letter, his father drank wine with his uncle in the middle of the night.

Donglin is the pride of our Zhao family. Several generations of people have been poor, but today, we finally have an official. “

Although he was not a big official, at least in the army he had a rank. In a small village, it was already a dignified position.

This time, his big brother transferred back to the village. The commune arranged for him to become the village secretary, and in the village, he was the youngest village secretary since the reform.

“This is the younger brother of Branch Secretary Zhao.”

Some polite ones would also say, “This is Director Zhao’s brother.”

When he went to work in the town, others would politely give him a cigarette. Before the eldest brother became the village party secretary, these were not available.

Zhao Donghe walked quickly, Zheng Yuefen followed behind with a puff of air. She had been scolded by her mother today all afternoon. This time, although she still didn’t fork out at the moment, she lost most of her anger.

The last thing that cured her was her mother’s words: “Think about it. If he was to divorce you, what kind of work could you find if you’re divorced?”

Certainly, she can’t find a better man than Zhao Donghe. Zheng Yuefen still has this self-knowledge.

On the other hand, it’s fine for her to go back to her mother’s house occasionally. If she really comes back from divorce, several sisters-in-law can eat her raw. Who asked her to have a bad relationship with her brother and sister-in-law?

Zhao Donghe walked all the way home. After entering the village, he walked to his yard. As soon as he got to the corner, he saw his big brother smoking in front of the yard.


Zhao Donghe hesitated. He felt that he was caught by the teacher after doing bad things when he went to school as a child.

Zhao Donglin nodded at him and walked towards the creek beside the yard.

“Brother, it’s Yuefen’s fault today. I’ve already told her that she’ll change in the future.

Zhao Donglin exhaled the smoke from the cigarette. The lotus pond under the moonlight was dark and steep. In November, even the moonlight was not very bright. He could barely see the road.

Donghe, in this family, we are close brothers. We have to keep this brotherhood. We can’t break up with our brotherhood for trivial things. “

The word “brother” is too important to Zhao Donglin, who has been a soldier in the army for more than ten years.” His comrades are his brothers, whom he was able to trust his back to them with confidence, in the face of difficulties and dangers, and they will save each other’s lives even if they sacrifice themselves.

A word, brother, containing a thousand words and infinite trust.

Comrades in arms are still like this, not to mention real brothers. Was it difficult? Because of his wife, they can’t have this type of bond.

Zhao Donghe’s face burned hot. If it was not for the dark night, he really had no face to see his brother.

“Brother, I will take care of my wife.”

Zhao Donglin again spoke, “One more thing, in the future, do not let your sister-in-law talk nonsense with the child. Your sister-in-law has entered our family. She will be Heidan and Yingbao’s mother. This person, Wang Mei, from now on, let her be forgotten. Do not mention her again. “

Zhao Donghe did not know that there was still this matter. The dissatisfaction with Zheng Yuefen also reached its highest point.

“Okay, I know, I’ll tell her all this. If she doesn’t listen, then it’s not my fault. “

Zhao Donghe was still quite a decent person. Previously, he thought that his wife had only had some minor problems. But this time, whether she talked back to his mother or taught Heidan not to be close to his new sister-in-law behind their backs, this was no longer a minor problem, it had risen to the level where she needed to be educated.

When Zheng Yuefen saw Zhao Dong, he followed Zhao Donglin to the river from a distance. She pursed her lips and pushed the door into her yard.

This time it was already very late. After putting Yingbao to bed, Zhao Meixiang ate dinner and washed the pots and bowls. Zhang Qiaoer was lying down, then after her son told her something, she was instantly in a good mood. She talked to her husband, Zhao Manzhu, while their two grandchildren were playing in their house.

This afternoon, Zheng Yuefen went back to her mother’s house without Shitou, and Zhao Manzhu took care of him.

Speaking of this, Zhang Qiaoer was disappointed with her second daughter-in-law. When adults quarrel, children should not be included in the quarrel. Her second daughter-in-law ran back to his mother’s house without bringing her child, what kind of mother this is?!

In comparison, when Jiahui came to her mother’s family, she also did not forget to bring Heidan and Yingbao, which showed her temperament.

At that moment, hearing the door ring, Zhang Qiaoer went to the window and saw that Zheng Yuefen was back.

“Humph! Why is this the second daughter-in-law here? Why did she return here? “

Zhao Manzhu smoked a dry cigarette and didn’t speak. From his youth, he has learned one thing: when his wife talks, he should always shut his mouth. He was stupid and couldn’t say anything. After all, he was wrapped around his wife’s palm. He simply developed the habit of not saying anything. When he wanted to listen, he would open his ears. When he didn’t want to listen, he would close his ears. With that, there would be fewer arguments.

When his two sons got married, he also shared so many years of marriage experience with them. If you want your days to be clean and don’t want to fight with your wife, listen to them when it’s just small matters, but if it’s about big matters, you should discuss it with her. At present, this experience seems ineffective. It seems that how you live depends on what kind of wife you marry.

The author has something to say: 

Zhao Manzhu: If you want to have a clean day, don’t argue with your wife. Don’t say a few words. Listen to them for those trivial things.

Zhao Donghe: Dad, my wife is different. My wife is not as sensible as your wife. Besides, there is nothing important she would say. If we listen to her on everything, the future will only turn against the sky.

Zhao Manzhu speechlessly smoked a cigarette and said no words.

PS: Think about it, because it’s impractical to separate them directly, so this chapter will not separate one’s family. When Zheng Yuefen makes another stupid mistake, he will make a clean break. ——End of Author’s note


1 反倒越教越轴 – I think the author-nim had a typo error.
2 Those who are obedient and make their parents happy are those who come to pay their debts, which the children owe to their parents in their previous lives.  While disobedience and unfilial, sickness, trials and tribulations, and the need for parents to spend money on headaches and worries are the debts that parents owe to their children in their previous life.


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