Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 35

Chapter 35

After the two brothers finished talking by the river, Zhao Donghe wanted to be alone again, so Zhao Donglin went back to the courtyard first.

Dong Jiahui had already taken a bath and was cutting a piece of floral cloth to make a coat for Meixiang to wear.

“When are you going to town? Next time you go, remember to bring a few feet of cloth back. It’s almost New Year’s Eve. I’ll make a set for each of mom and dad and weigh some cotton back. There’s plenty of room to use it for. “

She looked at the clothes of both children. There are not many clothes they could wear in winter. They certainly do not have enough clothes to wear, especially Yingbao, who was born last winter and grew up to be such a big baby in a year. Clothes must be prepared again.

Her eldest sister-in-law took some leftover clothes from Er Pang back. Zhang Qiaoer also got several pieces from an acquaintance of their family. Don’t mention that these days, they are big and they wear them for small ones. They change them one by one. They wear them all with pudding at the end. They say that they are patched clothes, and others are reluctant to give them away.

It’s wet and cold in the winter. You can’t dry cotton-padded clothes for two days. It’s not necessary to mention rainy and snowy days. If you pee your pants or something, it’s really troublesome.

Farmers often bake wet clothes on the stove. They dry it quickly. After drying, the clothes and trousers are hard and uncomfortable to wear.

Anyway, the family’s conditions are good, there is no shortage of money to buy clothes and cotton, and when the wheat is planted, the longest farming season of the year will begin, and Dong Jiahui was going to take advantage of this time to buy winter clothes, pants, and small quilts for the family, especially for Heidan and Yingbao.

Zhao Donglin had no opinion on his wife’s arrangement, but he had a careful thought and wanted to go with her.

“I don’t know how to choose. I might buy the wrong things. Just go with me. “

Dong Jiahui thought that he was right. Most men know nothing about clothes, patterns, needles, or thread. If she lets him go and what he bought doesn’t fit, they have to change it. It’s better to pick it up by herself.

“Then you can take me with you when you go to town.”

Zhao Donglin said Yes and looked at her quiet and beautiful wife under the kerosene lamp. He lowered his head and carefully drew a line on the cloth, just as the poem said, “The most tender moment is the bowing of the head, like a water lotus flower that can’t beat the cool wind’s shyness.” At that time, Jiahui was as beautiful and fragrant as a lotus in his eyes, reminding him of his inner happiness and palpitation.

“It’s so late, don’t you dare. It’s not worth it for you to damage your eyes. “

Dong Jiahui drew the last place, put away her things, washed her hands, and went to bed. As soon as she touched the sheet, she was held in the arms of Zhao Donglin.

“When we were in mom’s room, you didn’t answer my questions. Tell me why mom was so kind to me all of a sudden. “

‘”Hasn’t mom always been pretty good to you?”

“You know, that’s not what I mean. Mom was very good to me before, but today she was especially good to me, better than before. Before, after twenty minutes or so, the shift in her attitude was too fast.”

Zhao Donglin laughed, “Nothing, I just talked to mom about something.”

Dong Jiahui looked at him suspiciously. What could make his mother-in-law so happy? Seeing the meaningful gaze in his eyes, she suddenly said, “You… you better not tell Mom about me!”

Zhao Donglin nodded, “I did. What’s wrong?”

Dong Jiahui stretched out her fist and pounded Zhao Donglin’s chest, saying shyly, “Why did you tell mom about this? ? How embarrassing.”

Zhao Donglin held her hand. He got up and pressed her under his body. He said in a hoarse voice, “What is there to be ashamed of? At this age, mom has seen everything. “

After that, he pressed down his lips, and only Dong Jiahui’s whimpering sound remained in the room.


Zhao Donghe cooled off in the breeze by the river for about twenty minutes, and when he returned to the house, Zheng Yuefen was already lying on the bed.

“Where’s Shitou?”

Not seeing his son, Zhao Donghe asked.

“At Mom and Dad’s, I guess he was sleeping.”

If it were usual, she would have gone to her in-laws’ house to bring Shitou over, but today she had a falling out with her mother-in-law and didn’t feel like going.

Hearing what she said, Zhao Donghe didn’t say anything. He sat down by the bed with his legs crossed, supported his arms, turned his head and asked Zheng Yuefen, “Did you say anything to Heidan before our new sister-in-law came in? Did you tell him that Wang Mei wouldn’t come back if he recognized his new mother? “

Zheng Yuefen’s heart tightened. She did not expect Zhao Donghe to suddenly ask about this. With her understanding of Donghe, he hates people with broken mouths. He must be angry if she confessed that it was true.

“No, who told you that? Can I do such a thing? “

Zhao Donghe saw that she did not admit it and coldly snorted.

“It’s okay if you don’t admit it. Zheng Yuefen, I am telling you one last time, put away those small thoughts of yours. Live your life well. Don’t complain about what you have and what you don’t have. If you feel that your life is too peaceful and you don’t want to continue living it anymore, I can also make it possible for you. Tomorrow, remember to confess your mistakes to your mother and sister-in-law. Don’t mess with her again. Also, stay away from Heidan and Yingbao. “

When Zheng Yuefen heard his words, she was ashamed and annoyed at the same time. She knew she was wrong to quarrel with her mother, but what did Zhao Donghe mean by saying this? Why can’t his words be softer? Did he have to say those offensive words? “

“Don’t provoke” and “stay away” as if she had some infectious disease. Is she so unbearable?

The most important thing is that Zhao Donghe has always let her down in the past few years after their marriage. He never bothered her about some small things before. It’s the first time he’s spoken so hard.

“What do you mean? How can you make it possible for me? Do you want to get divorced and find another suitable one like your brother? “

She seemed to forget that Zhao Donglin’s divorce was not his own initiative. It was Wang Mei who wanted to go back to the city that made so many things happen.

If Wang Mei hadn’t wanted to go back to the city, she wouldn’t have been able to get Zhao Donglin to divorce her, and Zhao Donglin would have been promoted to battalion commander in the army.

Zhao Donghe looked back at Zheng Yuefen. This time, she still stirred up nonsense, and he simply did not know what to do.

“Do you want to wake up the whole family in the middle of the night? I’ll accompany you, but I will remind you that you’ve been out of line today. Who made a fuss? Whose face will not look good? “

Zheng Yuefen’s chest heaved and gasped, but she also knew that Zhao Donghe was telling the truth. If she made trouble again, not to mention her mother-in-law, even Zhao Donghe would no longer tolerate her.

She turned to lie down, hugging the quilt and sleeping with her eyes closed. Seeing her like this, so many years without growth, he could only helplessly shake his head. He took off his jacket and laid down on the other side.

The next day, Dong Jiahui opened her eyes after the rooster crowed. Zhao Donglin’s arm was still around her waist. The soreness in her whole body reminded her of his madness last night. It was like someone that resembled a jungle leopard, catching his prey and tearing it to death, and she, herself, was the poor prey.

Her back was sore, her legs were sore, and she had to get up early to cook in the cold. Dong Jiahui felt so miserable that she could hardly cry.

“Don’t get up; sleep a little more.”

She grabbed his arm to shake it off, but Zhao Donglin took her hand and put her in his warm and generous embrace, with his palm stroking her back through her clothes.

Dong Jiahui’s heart was comfortable. She had a thin face. If there was any further delay, it would delay their breakfast. If she gets up too late, others will know what happened. After all, they are all adults. Who doesn’t understand the twists and turns? This is too shameful.

“No, I have to cook breakfast.”

It was agreed that she would do the cooking and that she would do it in the morning, as she had done for the past few days.

Zhao Donglin gave her a kiss on the cheek, and his big hand helped her press her sore back and waist. He said while doing so, “Then close your eyes and sleep for another five minutes.”

Dong Jiahui couldn’t escape the temptation of this comfort, so she closed her eyes as she was told. When she woke up again, it was already bright. She took out her watch from under her pillow and looked at it. It was 6:20!

God, I usually get up at five o’clock, but today I’m an hour late.

In the yard, Meixiang was drying clothes. Some children were squatting by the vegetable patch. Zhao Donglin was chopping wood. Zheng Yuefen was sitting by the water well, washing clothes with Donghe. Her mother-in-law was busy in the kitchen, and her father-in-law was nowhere to be seen. She probably went out and went off the net.

Dong Jiahui blushed and went into the kitchen. Seeing that Zhang Qiaoer was filling the porridge, she hurried to help.

“Mom, I got up late today.”

Zhao Qiaoer looked at her red face and said, “She was quite happy.” She said, with a smile, “It’s okay, just sleep more. I will not eat you. Young people should have more sleep. When you are young, you should enjoy it, and when you get older, even if you want to enjoy it, you cannot. At that time, even if you want to sleep, you can’t sleep. A little wind will wake you up. “

Let alone Zhang Qiaoer, It goes without saying that she doesn’t care about this, otherwise, how can the daughter-in-law of the Zhao family live so comfortably? There is so much housework at home. Others do more and less. She alone was also busy.

She didn’t care before. After hearing the words of her son yesterday, she didn’t even care about it anymore. If the couple’s feelings were bad, How can they have children? She still hopes Donglin will have more children. Rural people pay attention to saying that more children equal more happiness. Having only Heidan and Yingbao was too little.

When eating breakfast, Zhao Donghe made a face at Zheng Yuefen, signalling to her to not forget what he said last night, and apologize to Mom.

Zheng Yuefen didn’t want to, but she also couldn’t help it. Zhao Donghe was usually quite good at talking, but once you offended him, you had to comply with him.

Besides, she has feelings for Donghe and doesn’t want to make the relationship too rigid.

So, Zheng Yuefen put down the chopsticks in her hand and opened her mouth. She talked to Zhang Qiaoer, “Mom, I was wrong yesterday. I shouldn’t have talked back to you. I shouldn’t have said those offensive words. I already know I’m wrong. Mom, please don’t take note of what I did. Forgive me, please. “

Zhang Qiaoer closed her eyes and ate fried pickles slowly. Zheng Yuefen said so much that she didn’t even lift her head happily.

If you really know you are wrong, why didn’t you say it when you came back last night? Why didn’t you say it when you got up this morning? Don’t think I didn’t see my second son make an eye signal.

“Knowing that you are wrong is good. Don’t open your mouth carelessly in the future. No matter what you say, always think before you say it. Words spoken are like water spilt[1]Words spoken are like water spilt – you can’t take back what you said, the damage has been done.. This time I don’t care about it. But if you say it again, I’m not so easy to talk to.”

It’s outrageous. Who dares be so stubborn with your mother-in-law? If not for the face of the Donghe, how could she let her pass so easily?

Zheng Yuefen bit her lip. My mother-in-law said that she didn’t care about her face at all, especially in front of Dong Jiahui. She was not happy. She looked at Dong Jiahui and saw that she didn’t care about her at all as she was feeding Yingbao a porridge.


1 Words spoken are like water spilt – you can’t take back what you said, the damage has been done.


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