Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 39.1

Chapter 39 Part 1

“Well, did anyone come today?”

Yesterday, Dong Jiahui said that someone would come to her and ask her to make clothes for that person. So today, Zhang Qiaoer asked Dong Jiahui when she returned from working in the field.

“Yes, I’m making them for her. I’m making it for her now. I’ve received 3 yuan. 2 yuan for clothes and 1 yuan for pants. I’ve already received her payment, mom. Why don’t you take the money? “

Dong Jiahui dared to open her mouth naturally because she was sure that Zhang Qiaoer would not take it. So, she “pretended” to say those words because she now lives with her mother-in-law, and families in the countryside were just like this. Dong Jiahui’s mother-in-law is the head of the family, and she will hold all the family income, so no matter if Zhang Qiaoer takes it or not, Dong Jiahui must give it.

Sure enough, after hearing Dong Jiahui’s words, Zhang Qiao’er was in a good mood, so she smiled and said, “You earned this money. You keep it for yourself.” You usually buy needles and threads, so you also need to spend money. “

Including this time and when she went to buy cloth and cotton in the town. Although her eldest daughter-in-law didn’t say a word, Zhang Qiaoer also knew that she had paid for the cloth and she couldn’t buy so many things for herself.

What’s more, in addition to buying fabric and cotton, Dong Jiahui also bought food for the children in the family.

“Thank you, mom. Then I will make more clothes and save money to buy meat for mom.”

Everyone loves to hear pleasurable words. Zhang Qiaoer smiled till her eyes were almost narrowed into slits.

“Yes, then I’ll wait for you to buy me meat to eat.”

“Mom, there is one more thing. I want to make a small quilt for Yingbao and Heidan, two quilts each for the two of them. Where can we buy cotton for our production team?”

The cotton Dong Jiahui bought was only used for lining clothes to make cotton clothes. In making a small quilt for Yingbao and Heidan, ten or so pounds of cotton were not enough, and the cotton wool had to be popped by an adept person. Although the supply and marketing agency also sells cotton wool, one problem is that it is too expensive, and the other is that the ones sold there are large and not suitable for children.

“There is a family on the next team. I will take you there tomorrow.”

“Oh, okay.”

Zhao Donglin’s monthly payroll was on the twenty-fifth, two days before the team planted wheat, so Zhang Qiaoer did not have time to collect his salary. She had breakfast this morning and went out.

After Zheng Yuefen saw that his brother-in-law’s salary was still being taken by her mother-in-law, she was relieved to know that her brother-in-law’s salary was still in her mother-in-law’s hands.

My brother-in-law’s salary was 62 yuan a month. If he gives it to that woman, Dong Jiahui, that woman, Zheng Yuefen, will die of heartache.

This time she was glad that the two brothers of the Zhao family did not separate, and it was good that the three members of her family still followed their brother-in-law’s glory.

Zhang Qiaoer took the money back and spent two yuan at the meat stall at the entrance of the village. The meat weighed about three pounds.

“Today’s paycheck?”

The owner of the meat stall also knows Zhang Qiaoer’s pattern of buying meat after receiving her salary.

“Usually it’s the twenty-fifth, but this month it’s late.”

“The team was busy the other day, so there was no time for that.”

“That’s right. Well, it’s not bad. I’ll cut another piece for you.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“By the way, do you have any more bones here?”

“Yes, I just picked it off. If you want, I can give you a price of 50 cents to take away. “

Zhang Qiaoer took a look. The bones are quite a lot, but there is not much meat. She remembered the first time they went to meet the Dong family. At the Dong family’s dinner table was bone soup, and Jiahui also said that drinking bone soup is good for children since it’s nutritious.

“Okay, give it all to me. I’ll take it back and give it to my daughter-in-law. She’s skilful and a good cook. “

“Your eldest family’s or the second family’s?”

“The eldest family’s.”

“Oh, isn’t that the one who just got married a while ago?”

“Yes, she just entered the family, not even half a month ago.”

“That’s your new daughter-in-law? Look at you. You are very satisfied with this new daughter-in-law. ” No, very good.

No, she’s very good. She can cook and make clothes. She can raise her children well and show filial respect to the elderly. Alas, the blessing of having a daughter-in-law in this life has been fulfilled by her.

In her first step toward entering the village, Zhang Qiaoer bought meat at the entrance of the village. In her second step, she praised her daughter-in-law, and her words spread to the entire production team. Everyone knows that she was particularly satisfied with her new daughter-in-law. In other words, naturally, she was dissatisfied with Zheng Yuefen.

At noon, Zhang Qiao’er took ten yuan to give to Jiahui.

“Today, I went out to get Donglin’s salary. Take this 10 yuan. “

“Mom, if you think it’s appropriate, then I’ll take it.”

“Take it, as long as you don’t mind the small amount.”

It’s a lot. With 10 yuan, you can already do a lot of things. Others want to have it, but they don’t have it. “

Zhang Qiaoer laughed, “You are good! You are content with what you have. How much money do I spend? I save a little money every month. When you need it, I can take it out. I will keep this money for you.

Dong Jiahui is not a fool. Naturally, she doesn’t believe such words, but it’s not easy for Zhang Qiaoer to give her ten yuan. From her current life, she won’t ask for more.

It took three days for Dong Jiahui to complete Hong Tao’s clothes. Her work as the warehouse custodian was going well. When she first arrived at work, someone on the team had an opinion about her, both openly and secretly. Later, when they saw that she was very good at her job, she was warm and polite. No matter what others said or made face on her, Jiahui would always smile at them, which made them lose interest.

In addition to captain Ding Huishan and Zhang Qiaoer’s faces, a few people stood up to make trouble. After all, Jiahui’s husband was the village secretary.

On this day, after making Hong Tao’s clothes, Dong Jiahui thought she had not returned to her mother’s home for several days, so she missed her mother’s family. She wanted to take advantage of sending the clothes back to see them. She told her mother-in-law about it early in the morning.

“Okay, then you can go after lunch.”


Dong Jiahui was happy to be able to go back to her mother-in-law’s house, and it just so happened that Zhao Donghe had caught a pheasant when he went up the mountain to cut branches, so Jiahui showed her skills and made a pot chicken.

In a farmer’s iron pot, the meat is cooked in the pot while the pastry is attached to the side of the pot. The pastry is baked during the stewing process, and the aroma of the chicken leaps onto the pastry, which makes the pastry taste even better.

In addition to the chicken, the pot was also filled with potatoes, carrots, frozen tofu, and a large pot.

“What delicious food is your family eating today? You can smell it from afar. “

Zheng Yuefen was playing outside in the yard with Shitou when Zhang Yulan came over to make small talk.

“Donghe caught a chicken and is stewing it at home.”

“Who’s stewing it, your sister-in-law?”

“Yes, although she is quite annoying, she is really good at cooking. I have gained weight recently.”

Zheng Yuefen touched the circle of flesh on her waist.

“Indeed, you become fatter, your face becomes rounder.”

Zhang Yulan came closer and asked, “Is your sister-in-law’s cooking really that good?”

Despite her reluctance to admit it, Zheng Yuefen nodded her head.

“Hey, let me say something to you. Don’t be angry when you hear it.”

“What is it?”

Do you know it? “Your mother-in-law went to the village office yesterday to get your elder brother’s salary.”

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

“Did she pass by the village entrance to buy meat on her way back?”


“Guess what your mother-in-law said?”

“What? Hey, sister-in-law, don’t tempt me. Tell me what you have to say. “

“Your mother-in-law said that she is most satisfied with her new daughter-in-law and praised your new sister-in-law for being better than you in every way.”

Zhang Yulan said while looking at Zheng Yuefen’s face. Indeed, before she finished talking, Zheng Yuefen’s face had become very ugly.

Dong Jiahui was younger than herself, her face whiter than her own, her body more enticing than her own, her mouth sweeter than her own, and she could coax people. So what if she’s better? She’s still divorced, and she can’t have a baby. Just by this, Dong Jiahui can’t compete with herself in her life.

She doesn’t understand how her mother-in-law was so confused, preferring to treat Dong Jiahui well rather than herself.

“Hmph, so what if she likes her? It’s just a hen that doesn’t lay eggs. “

Zhang Yulan’s heart secretly laughed on the surface but pretended to persuade. “Hey, you cannot say this. If your elder brother heard your words, he should not be happy.”

Zheng Yuefen hummed disdainfully and said, “What’s wrong? The things I said were the truth! “

You’re just too honest. You can’t live your life like this. You can’t say what you think. Why does your sister-in-law like your mother-in-law? It’s because she can do things and behave.

Zheng Yuefen remembered a few days ago about wanting to make clothes, and her anger, which had cooled down, came out of her heart again.

At lunch, Zheng Yuefen looked unhappy and buried herself in eating. She didn’t care about Shitou, who wanted to eat meat. Zhang Qiaoer saw that her second daughter-in-law had an expression on her face that someone owed her hundreds of yuan. She couldn’t help sighing in her heart. She filled a spoonful of broth, mixed the rice, and fed Shitou one by one.

Although she couldn’t bear to teach the second family a lesson, she didn’t want the family to be noisy all day long, and she was afraid of affecting her son and daughter-in-law’s relationship, so she had to endure some of her own tiredness.

When feeding Shitou, she looked at her eldest family’s daughter-in-law who was eating their own food, and she also didn’t forget to take care of Yingbao. Zhang Qiao’er was so angry that her liver hurt.


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    ZYF find ZYL suit her well. She likes her and befriending her. But, as we clearly see how malicious ZYL was and how unreasonable ZYF was… I still think it’d be better for everyone if Donghe directly asked her to cut ties with ZYL (as we can also see that his word makes more impact on her than ZQ’er ‘s words).

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