Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 39.2

Chapter 39 Part 2

“I’ll send you there this afternoon.”

In the room, Dong Jiahui was putting things away when Zhao Donglin came in and said he wanted to drop her off. Dong Jiahui turned her head with surprise and asked, “Aren’t you going to the village office?”

“I’ll send you there first and then turn back. It’s not too late. “

Dong Jiahui pursed her lips and smiled. She packed her things with lighter movements.

“That’s good, so will you pick me up in the evening?”

Zhao Donglin laughed, “Okay, I’ll pick you up after work.”

Dong Jiahui smiled and threw a series of winks.

“Then I’ll take Heidan and Yingbao with me.”

Yingbao can play with Tianniu, and Heidan can also play with Xiaoman. With Heidan’s character, if he often plays with children, it will help him have a cheerful personality.

After having lunch and grabbing her things, Dong Jiahui took her family back to her mother’s house.

The wheat has been planted and the village has entered the farming season. Chen Guixiang was at home today and was surprised to see her daughter and son-in-law back. She was squatting on the ground and turning dried vegetables. She immediately stood up in surprise.


“Hey, why are you back today? Have you eaten?”

Chen Guixiang took Yingbao from Jiahui and also patted Heidan’s little head. She greeted his son-in-law, Zhao Donglin.

“We already ate. Hong Tao asked me to make clothes for her. I finished it and I am sending it back to her. “

Chen Guixiang knew that her daughter wanted to go back to her mother’s house. If it’s just a dress, there is no need to make a special trip back.

“Then I’ll leave first. I’ll pick you up later.”

Dong Jiahui nodded. Chen Guixiang frowned and said, “So urgent, drink a mouthful of water before leaving.”

Zhao Donglin smiled and politely refused.

“There are still things going on in the village, and I can’t eat, so I’ll pick them up when I’m done.”

Chen Guixiang let out a cry. She sent Zhao Donglin to the door and watched him ride away.

When Dong Jiahui came back with a small basket of eggs, Chen Guixiang asked, “Why did you bring something again? Last time, you also asked Hong Tao to bring back some food. I’m telling you, you should not bring anything next time you come back. Are you still afraid to return empty-handed without your two bites of food?

Several sisters-in-law also echoed, “Yes, you are married, and you are also our sister.” We will welcome you back when you come back.

“Yingbao, you go play with your sister Tianniu.”

“Heidan, you go play with Brother Xiaoman.”

Xiao Man is about the same age as Heidan, but his birthday is several months later than Heidan’s. Chen Guixiang heard Heidan call his daughter Aunt instead of Mom, and after Heidan left, she asked quietly, “Why did he call you Aunt? Who taught him that? “

A stepmother was still a mother. He did not call her mother, but instead, he called her his aunt. It does not sound good to people.

“No, it’s what I taught him. Unlike Yingbao, he has a memory of his mother. He instigated a few words before Donglin and I married. He thought I was the bad woman who robbed his father. He was a little resistant to me. I told him that if he wanted his mother, he should study hard and go to the city to find her. For me, he can just call me his aunt. “

“How so? What did Donglin say?”

Donglin wants him to change it, but I think it is better to respect the child’s idea and wait until he wants to change the way he calls me on his own.

Chen Guixiang sighed. Knowing that her daughter has always had this soft nature, She’s too good for people.

“How are you and your mother-in-law’s house? How about your sister-in-law? “

“My mother-in-law is quite good. My sister-in-law is not very good, but it’s not in the way that she could affect me. “

“It’s hard to say anything about the other, but if you want to talk about family separation, the relationship between your three brothers and your sisters-in-law was not bad. I don’t know much about the situation in your husband’s family, but with such a sister-in-law, you will suffer in the future. “

Chen Guixiang was mainly worried that her daughter would suffer. After all, her daughter is too good-tempered and soft-hearted. She was afraid that her daughter would not be able to have a good relationship with Zheng Yuefen.

She had seen that girl named Zheng Yuefen, and looking at her appearance, she didn’t look nice. (Not referring to the face, but the attitude.)

“Mom, don’t worry, I won’t be as stupid as before. If something really happens, I will certainly mention it to Dong Lin. But now, we don’t have such a big contradiction. Dong Lin and mother-in-law don’t want to separate. I can’t do this as soon as I get married.”

On the other hand, Dong Jiahui was a person who was preparing to take the college entrance examination. In two years, she believes that she can enter the university. She’s a top student who has gone through the entrance examination and a postgraduate entrance examination. Would it be difficult for her to handle the resumption of the college’s entrance examination?

Not only themselves, but she will also actively encourage Meixiang and Donglin to participate together, if the three were admitted to a university, she would let Zheng Yuefen keep the old rural home for life.

When you think about it, it’s not that hard to get through the day, not to mention that the mother-in-law never favors Zheng Yuefen but implicitly favors herself, which is the main reason why Dong Jiahui has never made up her mind to bring up the separation of the family.

After talking to Chen Guixiang, Dong Jiahui took the clothes to Hong Tao’s house. Hong Tao was married to a second family. After the marriage separation, she didn’t live with her mother-in-law. When Jiahui arrived there, Hong Tao’s house was busy, and several young wives on the team were chatting at her home.

“Aiya, you also sent it to me at home. Thank you so much.”

“Sister, go try it. If it doesn’t fit, I’ll take it back and fix it.”

Several sisters-in-law also came around to let Hong Tao try it on. Hong Tao immediately took off her jacket and put it on. She buttoned it up and looked down. She stretched her arms. It was the right size. There was room to add a cotton-padded jacket inside.

“Well, it’s good. This color suits you.”

“This style shows how young you are. The waist piece also shows no meat. “

In the village, many wives who have given birth to children inevitably have belly fat problems. They no longer have the young girl’s slim figure.

Seeing everyone say so, Hong Tao happily went into the house, took a look in the mirror, and came out of the house with a happy face.

“Great, it really fits. I’m so satisfied.”

Jiahui, why don’t you make me one in this style too? Hong Tao can look great in it. I’m not far from her. I’m sure it will fit me too. “

Hongtao was also bright and cheerful, so she immediately took off the clothes for the others to try.

“Go try it. If it looks good, Let’s wear it together for New Year’s Eve. “

These days, there is no fear of wearing the same styles of clothes. People all over the country wear so many different styles of clothes. Sometimes they feel friendly when they see others wearing the same outfit as themselves.

The other party was not polite. She immediately changed clothes when she received them. She was more robust than Hongtao. When Hongtao wore it, it was a little bit loose, but when the other part wore it, it was just the right size.

“You look good when you wear it. It looks like you’re tall. “

“You look good in it, and you look taller.”

“This is a really nice version. Why don’t I have one too?”

“If you want it, you can have one. It’s not too much to make a new dress for yourself all year round. “

“That’s right, we women should treat ourselves. We should eat and wear dresses to make ourselves happy.”

In this way, Dong Jiahui, who just went to deliver the clothes, gathered a lot of orders. When she returned, she was accompanied by a few pieces of fabric in their hands. Some, who didn’t have a cloth, for the time being, had an agreement that they would buy the cloth and send it to Jiahui later.

Everyone also gave a deposit. She received five yuan and the rest would be given when the clothes were made.

“You are earning money quite fast. I’ll ask you, are you in charge of the money yourself or someone else? “

It’s a good thing that a girl can make money, but if the money can’t fall into her pocket, it’s useless. Chen Guixiang was not so happy.

She still remembers her daughter, who was married to Lu Chengyuan. She didn’t have a penny on her body. Even the 80 yuan she gave her was robbed by Mrs Lu. She was really afraid that her daughter would go the same way as before.

As soon as Chen Guixiang opened her mouth, Dong Jiahui understood her meaning and opened her mouth to explain, “I am in charge of this money. In addition, my mother-in-law gives me ten yuan a month. She is taking Donglin’s salary, but she’s not stingy.”

With that, Dong Jiahui also told Chen Guixiang what Zhang Qiaoer said to her.

Chen Guixiang is relieved. She is quite satisfied with her in-laws. After all, in the Dong family, Chen Guixiang is in charge of the family’s income.

“It’s not bad. I gave you the bride price money, and your mother-in-law gives you ten yuan a month. You can also earn money by making clothes. Work hard and you will be able to save some in a year. “

After all, her daughter does not care about the family’s expenses; there is nothing to spend, so it is already very good. Compared with the previous Lu family, they are one world apart.

What Dong Jiahui did not say is that after the marriage, Zhao Donglin also gave her three hundred yuan, a subsidy from the army to veterans. a total of more than 500 yuan. Zhao Donglin spent more than 100 yuan to buy her a watch. The 300 yuan was given to her, and the dozens of yuan were used to spend for themselves.

The money was not much, but it was more than enough. At least when it comes to spending money, you will not be unable to take out any money.

“Let me tell you something.”

“What is it?”

When Jiahui saw Chen Guixiang saying something mysteriously, she knew that it must be a big gossip. Her heart, which was full of curiosity, was also hooked up.

Just a few days ago, the new wife of the Lu family was caught in adultery.


Was what she was was thinking, right? That Caifeng was having an affair with another man?

“They were hiding in a ruined house in their village, and they were naked. The man, ah, it was Lu Chengyuan’s childhood friend. The old woman, Lu, fainted angrily. “

This matter was hidden by the Lu family. Fortunately, there were only two people who saw the scene at that time. Lu Yougen is also the vice-captain. He came to the door and said good words to keep them quiet, but this kind of gossip could not be stopped. It spread from 1 to ten people, and from ten to hundreds of people. Within two days, someone spread it to Chen Guixiang’s ear.

Chen Guixiang was relieved to know this. Since she knew that Lu Chengyuan had that problem, she hated the Lu family for harming her daughter. That’s good. The Lu family is now in a mess. Her son can’t be humane, and her daughter-in-law was caught cheating. It’s not a bad report. The day has come.

Chen Guixiang knows this matter can be said to be relieved and smooth since she knows that Lu Chengyuan has that aspect of the problem she hates the Lu family harmed his daughter, this is good, that Lu family is now a mess of porridge, the son can not be humane. It’s true when they say, “Good is rewarded for good, and evil is rewarded for evil; it’s not that it is not repaid, and the time has not come yet; when the time comes, everything is repaid!”

“Is that so? That’s really quite wonderful. “

It’s a pity that there are no cameras or cell phones in this era. If that kind of hot blood scene was recorded, it would definitely make front-page headlines.

Dong Jiahui has no interest in Lu’s family. Even if they are living a good or bad life, they cannot evoke half of her emotions.

Zhao Donglin came to pick up Dong Jiahui after work. Chen Guixiang, the mother-in-law, naturally, couldn’t let her son-in-law go back with an empty stomach. She cooked dinner in the evening and waited for Zhao Donglin to arrive so she could have dinner quickly. so that their family of four can eat early and go back early before it gets dark.

On the way back, Dong Jiahui smiled and asked Heidan, “Heidan, did you have a good time today?”

The two children of the same age had a common language and soon became close. Looking at Heidan’s heartfelt smile, Dong Jiahui was very pleased that Heidan was finally like a four-year-old child.

Heidan’s heart was still in the happy mood of playing with Xiaoman, and he nodded his head vigorously, his eyes looking particularly bright in the dusk.

Dong Jiahui stroked the top of his shaggy hair. It seems that her decision to bring Heidan here was right. Heidan was not born autistic; he was only stimulated by his mother’s departure. A change in personality is caused by changes in the living environment. For such a child, she should be a little closer to him, be a little warmer to him, and should not make him feel excluded, but she should also not be too hasty.

“What about our Yingbao? Did you have fun with sister Tianniu today?”

Dong Jiahui spoke with Chen Guixiang when Zhou Yindi took Tianniu with Yingbao to visit the village. The two girls had an age difference of half a year, but the size difference was not much. They had the same fine white look, big eyes and a small mouth. They looked like a pair of twins, especially lovable. They brought back a lot of peanuts, candy bars, and home-baked cakes. They haven’t stopped eating. They don’t even need to eat dinner.

Yingbao snuggled up in Jiahui’s arms and gave a soft mumble, and Jiahui smiled and kissed her little cheeks.

The sky was half dark. The moon was hanging in the sky, sitting on the back of the bike, with Yingbao in her arms. With this quiet and beautiful scene, Jiahui suddenly had the desire to sing a song. She hummed the song “The Country Road.”

” Walking on the country road. The old cow who is coming back is my companion. Blue sky with a sunset in my chest. Colorful clouds are the clothes of sunset……”


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