Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 40

Chapter 40

As the rumors say, Mrs Lu was lying on the bed at the moment, and cursing at Li Caifeng in front of her.

“This shameless **** has lost the face of our Lu family. She wanted a man so much. Ah, when he sees a man, she jumps up and does some dirty things in the mud house naked.”

Li Caifeng’s face didn’t have any trace of being humiliated, but instead, she had a smile on her face.

“How can I be shameless? I’ll be shameless if I keep your son alive and widowed all my life? I’m not as good as you. If you have the ability, you can let your son divorce me. See what face you Lu family will have in the future.”

Li Caifeng is not kind-hearted like the original owner (Jiahui). It was impossible for her to cover up for Lu Cheng Yuan. He should be thankful that she was not publicizing it to the world.

She swept the things on the bedside table to the floor and cursed angrily, “Go away! Go away you little whre! This rotten little btch.”

Li Caifeng didn’t care about her. She (Mrs. Lu) can throw things whenever she likes. Anyway, she (LC) didn’t spend any money on it.

“Since you told me to get lost, I’ll get lost, from now on you can turn a blind eye when you see me rolling around with anyone, don’t add it to your own problems.”

The meaning of this roll was naturally different from Mrs. Lu’s. Her face was red, and Mrs. Lu almost had a stroke.

Outside the door, Lu Chengyuan sat on the bench and covered his head. The sound in his ears made him breathless.

His mother’s scolding, his wife’s taunting, and the ridicule mixed with a small apology made him feel that he was only an animal surrounded by people and had no dignity.

Mrs. Lu came out of the house after arguing with Mrs. Lu, and she glanced at him disdainfully when she passed by Lu Chengyuan.

Although she did do something wrong to him, Lu Chengyuan in her eyes is a coward, not to mention how the Lu family has opinions about her, to be honest, she didn’t want to stay in the family. When she finds a man that is willing to marry her, she will divorce Lu Chengyuan and start a new life.

She heard that Lu Chengyuan’s ex-wife i]was now living a good life. See? Leaving this kind of cowardly and heartless man is a good thing for women.

The family was in a mess these days. Lu Chengyuan was suffering from unprecedented mental pressure. He is on the verge of collapse. He doesn’t want to go out and face other people’s strange eyes. He even feels that the way his parents look at him has become strange, that kind of that they want to say something, but they are afraid of hurting him. This made Lu Chengyuan’s heart panic and confused.

That day, he walked out of the village aimlessly and found himself walking towards Shanghe village.

On many sleepless nights, he often thought of his ex-wife, Jiahui, and analyzed his life with regret more than once. He thought that the biggest mistake in his life was divorcing Jiahui.

At that moment, he suddenly had an urge to meet Jiahui.

“Donglin, our village autumn harvest is over. The wheat has also been planted. The commune was informed that by next week, you have to submit the autumn harvest summary report. I think this report should be prepared by you?”

Zhao Donglin is the grassroots staff arranged by the commune for the village, with a bit of supervision. The village head was smart. Since everyone knows, there’s nothing to hide. Just make a big statement and leave the report to him. If something goes wrong, you naturally have to recite it with me.

Zhao Donglin was also not stupid. As soon as the village chief opened his mouth, he understood the underlying meaning. He smiled and did not express any refusal.

“Okay. In the next two days, I will write out the report as soon as possible.”

When Lu Chengyuan arrived at the intersection of Shanghe Village, Zhao Donglin happened to be pushing his bicycle along the road with the village head Xu Haiming. Lu Chengyuan didn’t know Zhao Donglin, after all, Zhao Donglin went to the army in his teens, but Zhao Donglin knew Lu Chengyuan. The first time he saw Jiahui in town, she was stopped by Lu Chengyuan’s new wife, and Lu Chengyuan was also there.

Zhao Donglin looked back as he passed by Lu Chengyuan and frowned slightly.

“Okay, so be it. I’ll go first. Let’s talk tomorrow in the village.”

Zhao Donglin turned back and responded, “Good, you can rest assured.”

Zhao Donglin didn’t leave directly but parked his bicycle behind a tree on the side of the road to observe what Lu Chengyuan was up to.

He knew that Dong Jiahui was married to the second team of Shanghe Village, but he didn’t know the Zhao family, and he was not good at asking people. So he looked at the entrance of the village and wanted to wait for the person in his heart to walk by. Unfortunately, at this time, Dong Jiahui was making clothes at home. Why would she hang around at the entrance of the village?

He turned around in a frightened manner and saw a man wearing a military green jacket with a strong posture standing behind him.

“Comrade, I see that you have been standing here for quite a long time, are you looking for someone or do you have any bad intentions?”

Lu Chengyuan’s nature was a wimp. Even if he did not do bad things, he would still be afraid. Not to mention the fact that he is indeed doing bad things, he would be very afraid.

“I… I’m not doing anything, I’m just looking for someone.”

Zhao Donglin’s eyes darkened, and he asked quietly, “Oh, are you looking for someone? Who are you looking for?”


Just as he was about to say Jiahui, Lu Chengyuan suddenly thought of something and closed his mouth tightly.

“Don’t hang around at the entrance of the village. Someone in the village recently reported that there was something missing at home. I have reason to suspect that you did it.”

“No, no, it’s my first time here too.”

Lu Chengyuan clapped his hands repeatedly and was really afraid that this magnificent and tall man would catch himself as a thief.

“If you are not that person, then hurry up and go. If not, I will let the dog bite you.”

Lu Chengyuan clenched his teeth and looked back at the winding path. At the other end of the road, it seemed that Jiahui with a smiling face was standing. He felt uncomfortable in a moment. He also looked at Zhao Donglin, who was eyeing around him, and turned back and left step by step.

Zhao Donglin looked at the same place for a long time, until Lu Chengyuan turned the corner and stepped onto the main road towards Xiaoling Village before he stepped onto his bicycle and left.

When he got home and entered the yard, several children were kicking shuttlecocks in the yard. They were very lively, always with a smile on their faces.

In addition to the shuttlecock, Jia Hui also sewed them a sandbag, a small round bag filled with sand for Heidan and Shitou to throw around.

Yingbao was the first to see Zhao Donglin come in, so, she ran over with her short legs and opened her arms for a hug from Zhao Donglin. Zho Donglin bent down to pick up Yingbao and gave her a kiss on her little face.

“What are you doing?”

Yingbao held up the shuttlecock in her hand. She is still small, with poor coordination, so she can only watch Heidan and Shitou play. However, Jiahui didn’t bully her. She made a shuttlecock for her and specially selected the best-looking chicken feathers on the rooster’s tail. Yingbao likes it very much. She holds it in her hand all day. If she can’t kick it, she will throw it away and pick it up by herself, Yingbao would be even happier if someone could throw and let her pick it up.

“Playing with the shuttlecock?”

Yingbao nodded her head like a chicken, pecking rice, and her black grape-like eyes looked at Zhao Donglin. His father’s heart melted.

Heidan looked at his father, who was hugging his sister. He also wanted to be as close to his father as his sister. But for this desire, his childlike nature was suppressed by another emotion, so he could only watch from afar and did not dare to take a step forward.

Jiahui was making clothes in the house. Last time she went back to her mother’s house to pick up some orders and her family’s clothes and quilts. She’s in a hurry. Now she doesn’t do anything else besides sewing every day.

When Zhao Donglin entered the house, Jiahui only looked up and said, “You’re back?”


He put down Yingbao, took down the kerosene lamp on the cupboard and lit it up, saying as he did so, “it’s getting late, You have to light up the lamp.”

His wife has a small business and he also supports it, but if she damages her eyes in order to earn a little money, it’s not worth it at all.

Sometimes he also thought that if he was not the eldest son and didn’t live with his parents and brother, and had a salary of more than 60 yuan a month, why should his wife bury her head in making clothes every day for ten days, yet her income was only about 10 yuan?

But there are no “ifs” in this world; he is the eldest son. Even if he loves his wife, he should bear the responsibility of being a son and brother.

When Jiahui heard his concern disguised by blame, a smile floated around her mouth, her hands and feet continued to move, and her mouth was not idle.

“I know. I was too engrossed; I forgot the time. “

Zhao Donglin sighed, “Okay, let’s take a break. Take fewer orders if you can’t make it. “

Dong Jiahui reluctantly agreed.

After eating and sleeping, Yingbao still sleeps with Meixiang. Jiahui has mentioned taking Yingbao with her, but Mei Xiang refused.

“Sister-in-law, let Yingbao sleep with me, she is so well behaved, she was not disturbing me at all, and I can hold her in winter to have warm hands.”

In fact, it’s just that Zhang Qiaoer told her daughter to keep Jiahui from being busy at home. Now that Jiahui is busy with what she’s doing, she can’t take care of Yingbao for now. Another thing is that she still hopes Jiahui will give her a little grandson. It’s not very convenient for them if Yingbao sleeps with them.

Dong Jiahui took a bath and wiped her face in the mirror. She insisted on washing her face with rice water and also took Meixiang with her. Mei Xiang did not believe that she could become lighter. After washing for a month, people said that her skin had turned white and was fine. Only then did she believe what her sister-in-law said. Later, Jiahui didn’t have to tell her to be with rice water. She would do it carefully every day.

Zhao Donglin came in from the shower and saw his wife touching her face as she looked at the mirror. He brought her the jar of Yashuang [1]it’s a cream when he went to the town meeting. She was happy when she received it.

That night, Zhao Donglin was very fierce. He almost took out the momentum of doing hundreds of push-ups in the army. Dong Jiahui could hardly stand it and begged for mercy by holding his waist.

However, she was afraid of being heard by others. Her voice was small, light and soft. He became more restless when he heard it. Instead of restraining himself, he became crazier.

“You are mine. Say you are mine.”

Jiahui felt uncomfortable and wanted to cry, so she didn’t want to listen to what he said.

Not hearing Jiahui’s reply, Zhao Donglin increased his force and pushed forward.

The next day, Jiahui got up and held her waist. She was angry and twisted Zhao Donglin’s waist.

“I’ll be angry if you do that next time.”

Zhao Donglin hooked his lips. Occasional indulgence did feel good.

Time soon passed, and the twelfth lunar month arrived. It was freezing cold. The farmers stopped all work activities in the fields, and every family began to be busy for the new year.

Making steamed bread, making New Year cakes, grinding tofu, and cleaning, although there is no need to work, there is more and more work at home.

In the past two months, Dong Jiahui has earned about 30 yuan by making clothes. In addition to making clothes for others, she also finished making clothes for her own family in a hurry, so the whole family was satisfied, except for Zheng Yuefen.

Kill the pig, kill the pig, come and see the pig.

Early in the morning, when everyone was busy at home, the children began to run around happily, telling each other that killing new year pigs was the happiest thing of the year, which meant eating meat.


1 it’s a cream


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