Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 46

Chapter 46

When Jiahui washed her clothes in the morning, she thought of this thing. The aunt towel in this era is a little hard to use. Jiahui didn’t sleep well. She occasionally soiled the sheets. She changed the sheets just once a month. She didn’t wash the sheets this month, so she felt something was wrong.

“Sister-in-law? What’s wrong with you? “

Mei Xiang saw her sister-in-law in a daze as she passed by the well. She bent down and waved in front of Jiahui.

“Oh, nothing, I was thinking.”

Jiahui’s mind was a bit confused. The visit from her aunt was always accurate. There were indeed no accidents after delaying for a week. If she gets pregnant at the moment, it will affect her ability to pass the college entrance examination next year.

She quietly calculated in her heart. When she was pregnant in September, it will be ripe in May of next year. She remembered that it was winter when the college entrance examinations resumed. At that time, the nine months were certainly done, and the child was half a year old. There will be no problems when taking the examination. That is, the ideological work of the family was estimated to be bigger than that of any child.

Jiahui sighed. It’s no use getting angry and anxious. Unlike in the future, when you can just look for a drugstore and buy a pregnancy test kit, you can detect if you are pregnant or not. People in rural areas usually judge pregnancy by experience. The barefoot doctors in the village can read the pulse of the woman with traditional Chinese medicine. Not to mention how strong the technology is, pregnancy can still come out, but the time is not shallow. At least wait for a month or so. If you want to get the results immediately, you can only go to the hospital for a urine test. Jiahui decides to wait, and what she secretly hopes for is a postponement (of her menstruation).

Jiahui did not tell others about this matter, so half a month passed, Jia Hui came back from the warehouse at noon, the fish on the dining table made her suddenly have a surge of nausea. She forced herself to resist the feeling of vomiting. She picked up the rice bowl, and barely ate a few bites of vegetables.

“Mom, I have something I want to tell everyone.”

The rice was just half-eaten when Zheng Yuefen put down her bowl and opened her mouth. Everyone looked over with questioning and surprised eyes. It was really rare to see her say something so serious.

“What is it?”

Zhang Qiaoer had a vague idea in her heart, vaguely remembering that one day a few years ago, her second daughter-in-law also said the same thing and had the same expression.

Zheng Yuefen smiled down at her like a mimosa (a sensitive plant that closes its leaves when touched)) and said, “Mom, I’m pregnant again. I wasn’t sure, but yesterday I went to the village to see Dr Wu, and he said I’m pregnant for more than two months.”

Zheng Yuefen is too happy. Since the birth of Shitou three years ago, her belly has not moved. Looking at the lives of other people’s wives who were pregnant one by one, she became very envious.

How nice it is to have a baby. It can not only consolidate her position in her mother-in-law’s family but also receive a lot of preferential treatment from pregnancy to confinement. At least she can eat eggs every day and open a small stove from time to time. She still misses the sesame oil chicken soup. The mother-in-law made it for her last time she had a baby, and she could drool in her sleep at night dreaming about it.

She was disappointed for a long time and thought that the birth of Shitou had fallen into some kind of problem, plus last year, Donghe and she had a cold war. For a while, they did not have a couple’s life. This year, she collected the little nature, and it took some effort to cage her husband’s heart back, who thought that she became pregnant soon after that, the baby really came at the right time.

This news is like a stone, which makes the Zhao family’s quiet life ripple. Zhao Manzhu and Zhang Qiaoer were happy. Zhao Donghe knows it in advance. There is no big surprise, but soon he will have another child. Meixiang is still happy. Although she has been an aunt three times, the new life itself is a pleasant thing. Even though her relationship with her second sister-in-law was not very harmonious, she naturally felt that it was a good thing because of the influence of the village’s thinking of more children and more happiness since childhood.

The only people in the family who think differently are Dong Jiahui and Zhao Donglin. Dong Jiahui is thinking, “It can’t be such a coincidence that Zheng Yuefen released the news of her pregnancy even before she was sure if she was really pregnant.” They even want them to get pregnant together. It’s really a narrow road.

The first time Zhao Donglin heard the news of his sister-in-law’s pregnancy, he looked at his wife’s belly. For the last year or so, he had been like a hard-working cattle, diligently cultivating the land. When they just got married, although he discussed with his wife not having children, for the time being, he didn’t avoid it at all. Privately, in his heart, he really wanted her to be pregnant as soon as possible, especially when he saw how she treated Yingbao and Heidan. He believed that she must be the most gentle and kind mother.

“Really? That’s great! “

Zhang Qiaoer smiled happily. God bless her. She looked forward to the stars, the moon and more blessings at home. Although she was not the eldest daughter-in-law she had been looking forward to, it would be good if the second daughter-in-law was pregnant. It’s good if there’s Shitou in the second family. It’s better if there’s a boy or a girl.

“Since you are pregnant, you should pay more attention. You don’t have to stretch out your hands for the heavy work at home. I’ll help you with the team. You should have experienced that when you were pregnant with Shitou. I won’t say more, but if you have anything you crave to eat, you can talk to me directly. “

Jiahui couldn’t help rolling her eyes. My mother-in-law said she didn’t have to stretch out her hand to do heavy work. The key is that she didn’t do anything except wash the clothes of the three of them. She didn’t cook and didn’t need her to feed chickens and pigs, let alone cut firewood and hoe grass. It’s been comfortable enough for her.

Zhang Qiaoer’s words were supposed to be a showpiece, which meant happy encouragement. Even if ordinary people listened to it, they didn’t know that Zheng Yuefen asked as soon as Zhang Qiaoer finished speaking.

“I don’t know-why. I want to eat sour soup dumplings and my sister-in-law’s pickled fish. Whenever I sleep at night, I can’t help but drool. I don’t want to eat this, but there is a baby in my belly and I really cannot help it. “

Dong Jiahui couldn’t believe it. She didn’t think there was anything behind it. This woman meant she wanted her to cook for her? The woman’s words mean that she wants her to cook for her, not to mention that she was 80% pregnant. Even if she is not pregnant, it is impossible to cook for her. She’s just pregnant, and she really wants to go to heaven!

Zhang Qiaoer also choked. When her words just finished, the second family made a request. She sighed for her second daughter-in-law’s small amount of temperament, but if she had to ask the first family for the second family, she couldn’t do it.

Thinking about it, Zhang Qiaoer glanced at Jiahui to see what the first family’s meaning was.

“Sister-in-law, you’re pregnant. Your sister-in-law is happy for you. It’s good to have a good appetite. Many people don’t have an appetite to eat when they’re pregnant. However, you can’t eat these things right away. Let’s say pickled vegetables. It takes ten days and one and a half months to process it. If you really want to eat something sour, it’s better to drink vinegar to relieve your cravings. “

Although Jiahui’s words were considered nonchalant, Zhang Qiaoer did not expect her eldest daughter-in-law, who has always been good-tempered, to directly refuse. Seeing the anger of the second family, Zhang Qiaoer couldn’t help but press her head.

Aigoo, how can this day be? In the past, she could say a few words about the second family. Now she is a pregnant woman. She can’t scold her. The oldest family is not a soft persimmon. How can she get it in the future?

Zheng Yuefen is not stupid. How can she not hear that Jiahui sincerely doesn’t want to do it? She flattened her mouth and wanted to argue. Zhao Donghe stretched out his hand and pulled the corner of her clothes under the table, which meant to stop her. It’s just a bite of food. She doesn’t have to let her sister-in-law do it. His wife wanted to speak against his sister-in-law. It will hit his brother’s face, and his brother loves his wife very much.

Rural men do rough and heavy work. They won’t bother with the fine work. In their opinion, those are things that women do. Men do the rough work, but in this case, their big brother does not care about this concept. If his sister-in-law washed sheets, his big brother would help her drain them. If his sister-in-law was baking, his big brother would come and help knead the dough. Zhao Donghe himself is a man. He knows that men will only be like that if they really have this woman in their hearts.

He respects his big brother, so naturally, he also respects his sister-in-law. It is more troublesome to annoy his sister-in-law than to annoy his eldest brother.

This is what Zhao Donghe thought, but his wife obviously could not keep up with him.

“You are pulling me, for what? Since I’m pregnant, it’s not too much for me to want to eat something. Mom has said that I should say if I want to eat something. I will do it myself if I can do it myself. There’s no need to beg others. “

She understood her husband’s meaning, that is, to not have a conflict with Dong Jiahui. She only said that because she was her sister-in-law. In the face of her big brother, she doesn’t always have trouble with her sister-in-law. If she wasn’t sure before, she would shut up, but now there is a small one in her stomach. Can Dong Jiahui be more valuable than their own? (the child on her stomach)

Zhao DongHe was angry and couldn’t help but roll his eyes. He was really tired of speaking with his wife.

Meixiang sees that her second sister-in-law has a bad temper and knows that she can’t be kind today. She knows her sister-in-law. She looks good-natured, generous and gentle. In fact, she is a soft eater rather than a hard eater. If you treat her well, she will repay you ten or a hundred times. If you face her with a bad intention, she won’t be a good match for you.

Thinking of this, Meixiang decided to calm down and said, “Sister-in-law, you can’t do the two things you just said. If you want to eat sour soup noodles in the evening, I’ll make them for you. I will roll the noodles by myself. It tastes good.

The family has eaten it twice before, and Jiahui taught Mei Xiang how to cook it. They are sour and hot with pepper. Zheng Yuefen couldn’t help salivating when she heard them.

“Good, Mei Xiang, you are still good. You know that your pregnant sister-in-law is distressed. Unlike some people, she looks so great that no one can move her. She doesn’t even listen to her mother. “

Jiahui just pretended not to hear, Mei Xiang felt embarrassed, Zhao Donglin and his mother did have not much expression, Zhao Manzhu ate fast, and have sat aside to smoke cigarettes.

After a meal, Jiahui was disgusted and upset. At noon, she didn’t wash the dishes. She went back to the house and laid down. Zhao Donglin came in and saw her sit down at the edge of the bed. He patted her on the back and coaxed her like a child, “Unhappy? My sister-in-law is like this. She has to fight for everything. She’s pregnant now. Don’t argue with her in front of everyone. On the contrary, it would seem like you can’t tolerate others. If she hasn’t stopped coming to you, then tell me. I’ll go to Donghe and let him take care of it. It’s better than doing it yourself. “

Dong Jiahui snorted and thought she wasn’t upset about that mentally disabled woman. She didn’t deserve to be taken out and slip away by herself.

“When she’s pregnant, do I have to let her be? Why? If she doesn’t bother me, how can I go up against her?

Even in the past, she originally did not like to bother with those kinds of people. The more you care about this kind of person with brain problems, the more she will come, but there is a saying, don’t talk to a fool about the lengths, it will seem that you have become brain-dead. But now she’s upset and doesn’t want to bear it. She deserves to be angry at someone.

Before Jiahui was not too enthusiastic about the pregnancy, but after Zheng Yuefen’s trouble, she didn’t resist so much. Maybe it’s the mentality that she has to have what they have.

It doesn’t matter if she was really not pregnant. But if she really is pregnant, see if you can’t be disgusted with her.

“Well, don’t be angry. You don’t have to accommodate her… Then do whatever you want, just don’t do it first. “

Jiahui laughed. She turned and glanced at him, “You won’t care about your brother?” She’s pregnant with your brother’s son. “

Zhao Donglin laughed and pinched her chin, scraping her cheek with his fingertips, and said with a smile, “The wicked have their own wicked grinding. It’s not good to be tolerant.”

[1]The wicked have their own wicked grinding-a vicious person will naturally have a more vicious person to make him suffer.

“That’s right, she has that kind of nature. Someone just has to cure her and teach her to behave properly.

Zhao Donglin smiled and shook his head. He knows Jiahui’s nature. She will not really clash with her sister-in-law. At most, her words were merciless. Who made her his own wife? His heart must be biased, but he couldn’t see her wronged.

In the kitchen, Meixiang was washing dishes when Zhang Qiaoer came in and said to his daughter, “You work harder later. Just wait until your second sister-in-law gives birth to the child. “

Meixiang’s heart was tired. What a good family. Her family is good-natured and has a good day. This second sister-in-law often causes trouble. She really should say that a grain of mouse dropping spoils a pot of porridge.

“Hey, my second sister-in-law is really She doesn’t stop all day. It’s sour soup dumplings and pickled vegetable fish. We’re not city people. We can eat it several times a year. She wants to eat it all at once. ” 

In fact, the raw materials do not cost much money. Fish can be found in the river on the line, but the fish that can be sliced into fillets can’t be small, at least not more than five kilograms. It’s a little troublesome to fish for this kind of big fish.

As for the dumplings, they can buy some meat and then it can be wrapped, but both of them take a long time to make. She has to knead the dough, wrap dumplings, slice fish. If you do it will take half a day, there are so many jobs to do outside the home, no one is idle, which can spend half a day just to make food. Her second sister-in-law said she wanted to eat but she just want to embarrass her eldest sister-in-law.

Meixiang is close to her sister-in-law. She naturally follows Jiahui a lot. Zhang Qiaoer heard her daughter complain about her second daughter-in-law and didn’t say anything. Her second daughter-in-law was not good, but now her belly was pregnant with their grandchild. There were only three grandchildren in the Zhao family, which is still fewer than others. Although being pregnant and giving birth to children in rural areas is not more expensive than in urban areas, right now in the Zhao family, a pregnant wife is valuable.

In the evening, Zheng Yuefen finally ate noodles in a sour soup and rolled white noodles by hand. Meixiang only cooked a small pot. White noodles are valuable and can’t be eaten by the whole family. Therefore, Zheng Yuefen’s share is only for her.

Zheng Yuefen added a large spoonful of chilli sauce to the soup and ate two large bowls of soup beautifully; not even a drop was born, and she sighed with satisfaction after eating and holding her stomach.

Zhang Qiaoer noticed that the second family could eat a lot, and the food was sour and spicy. It was not easy to judge whether it was a boy or a girl.

As the old saying goes, sour children and hot women are sometimes inaccurate, but we always take this as the standard to satisfy our curiosity in advance. For the second family, because they already have Shitou, there is nothing to say about her second daughter-in-law giving birth to boys or girls.

As the old saying goes, “If a woman likes to eat sour during pregnancy, she will have a boy; if she likes to eat spicy foods, she will have a girl “, although sometimes it is not very accurate, people will always use it as a standard to satisfy their curiosity in advance, in the case of the Second family, because there is already Shitou, the second child born male or female is not much to say.

Jiahui had no appetite. Finally, she was caught by the sour and spicy taste in Zheng Yuefen’s bowl. She didn’t want people to see that she was greedy, so she had to try her best not to look at Zheng Yuefen.

She decided to go to the hospital tomorrow. If she is pregnant, she will make a pot of sour noodle soup when she comes back!


1 The wicked have their own wicked grinding-a vicious person will naturally have a more vicious person to make him suffer.


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