Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 47.1

Chapter 47 Part 1

“Why don’t you go to town with me tomorrow?”

Of course, the town’s hospital was not called a hospital. It’s called a health centre, with a simple configuration, but a pregnancy test was still a problem.

“Okay.” Zhao Donglin first answered, and then asked, “Where are you going? The supply and marketing agency? “

Jiahui’s life is simple. Usually, except for going back to her mother’s house, she would go to the supply and marketing agency to buy some things for needlework and household goods. After all, there is no other store in town except for the supply and marketing agency. She can buy all the food there.

Jiahui shook her head and said, “No, I want to go to the health center.”

Zhao Donglin frowned, with an imperceptible tension in his voice, “To the health center? What’s wrong? Why are you not feeling well? “

This was the first time she saw Zhao Donglin’s nervous look. She suddenly had the desire to tease him, so she took Zhao Donglin’s arm. Leaning her head on his shoulder, her lips were pouting slightly. Her tone was naive with a hint of sorrow, “I have something I want to tell you. Don’t be nervous when you hear it.”

She didn’t say she was okay, so Zhao Donglin was really feeling nervous.

My aunt hasn’t come for more than half a month. I want to check it out.

Zhao Donglin was full of fog. At first, he really didn’t understand Jiahui’s meaning. First of all, women in this era rarely use the term “aunt” to describe menstruation. He just felt that the word was a little familiar.

It soon occurred to him that there are always days in a month when Jiahui won’t let herself touch her, saying that it’s inconvenient when her aunt comes.

Although Zhao Donglin already has two children, he did not participate in Wang Mei’s previous pregnancy and childbirth process, so his knowledge of female physiology is very lacking. He didn’t react for a few seconds before relying on the military-like keen intuition associated with pregnancy.

“Are you……?”


Dong Jiahui saw that he was so excited that he couldn’t even speak. His expression changed from calm to unbelievable joy. It changed fast enough to catch up with the face change of the Sichuan Opera.

“I don’t know, so I want to check it. I have no experience, and it’s hard to ask my mother. If I’m not pregnant, my mother will be disappointed. “

Mother-in-law’s disappointment is a small thing, but her own disgrace was a big thing.

Zhao Donglin hugged Jiahui tightly with excitement and couldn’t help but kiss the top of her hair. “No, I have a hunch that you must be pregnant.”

He was happy, very happy. Even though he and Jiahui had agreed not to have a child for a few years after the marriage, he had actually changed his mind a year ago, and every time he saw her and Yingbao and Heidan together in harmony, he wanted to have a child of his own with Jiahui.

She was beautiful, attentive and gentle and would definitely be the best mother in the world.

After mentioning it to her husband, Jiahui couldn’t resist the urge to pamper herself. She sighed and said, “I had no appetite today in particular, and in the evening I smelled the sour soup noodles that Zheng Yuefen ate, which were sour and spicy, and suddenly I was particularly greedy and wanted to eat them.”

Women were good at using their weaknesses to win men’s sympathy. In this family, others are very good, but as long as Zheng Yuefen is there, she will always find herself unhappy. Jiahui quietly gives him some eye medicine from time to time. Zhao Donglin has to let Zhao Donglin know what life his wife is living. 

Jiahui’s eye medicine really is not in vain. Anyway, Zhao Donglin was very distressed. He blames himself for not caring for his wife. He didn’t know that she was pregnant, and he didn’t even know what she wanted to eat.

“I’ll go to the kitchen to do it for you.”

It’s natural for his wife to want to eat. It’s no wonder she’s unhappy today. She was so angry that she didn’t even want to say that she wanted to eat sour noodle soup.

With that, he was about to go out, but Jiahui quickly grabbed him.

“Don’t know how late it is? It’s dark. If I wait for you to knead the dough, you will finish it in the middle of the night. “

But seeing him like this, Jiahui felt sweet in her heart.

“I appreciate your feelings. I hope you will be good to me in the future.”

“Of course, I will be good to you. Who else can I be good to if I’m not good to you?”

“The man’s mouth deceives the ghost. I do not believe you.”

Zhao Donglin held Jiahui’s hand on his heart. Under his palm was the sound of his thumping heartbeat.

“What I said was all sincere. I’ll be good to you all my life. If I’m not good to you, let the heavens beat…

Jia Hui covered his mouth.

What are you talking about? Just promise me that you will listen to me in the future. You should do whatever I ask you to do. You must support me unconditionally in what I want to do. “

Zhao Donglin suddenly thought of what she mentioned half a month ago about going to university. But on second thought, even if the college entrance examinations resume, she may not be able to take the exam. On the other hand, if she is really pregnant, she will not be able to let go of her child and will no longer have the mental capacity to take the exam.

So, thinking of this, he readily agreed.

Jiahui had a good night’s sleep, although it was not yet confirmed that she was pregnant, but Zhao Donglin has taken action to hold her to the top of the head and is careful in what he does.

A new day is another day for Zheng Yuefen to court disaster. She said she wanted to eat leek cakes early in the morning. Meixiang still made them for her.

“Meixiang, you can’t always do this. I opened a small stove for her every day. You have to prepare two kinds of meals. Besides, even if you are pregnant, you can’t do anything. Next time you let her do what she wanted to eat. “

Meixiang was also helpless. She is only nineteen years old this year. According to the reason, she was also a young girl. She is just the child of rural people. She takes charge of the family’s meal early in the morning. She cooks, washes clothes, and takes her nephew to do farm work. She doesn’t do less.

But what can be done? Her mother often says that everything is prospering at home. For the sake of peace at home, someone must suffer some losses.

But when her sister-in-law said this to her, in her heart, she was also grateful to Jiahui. At least her sister-in-law knew her own difficulties. Unlike her second sister-in-law, no matter what she had done to her, she never said any good words to her.

Sister-in-law, I know you are concerned about me, but the second sister-in-law is already bad-natured, and now she is pregnant. To put it in a bad way, although I am sometimes quite annoyed with her, I don’t look at the monk’s face or the Buddha’s face. I have to look at the face of my second brother and the children in his belly. They will call me their aunt in the future. “

Her second sister-in-law said that the child in the belly wants to eat it, but who does not know that she wants to eat it because of her own cravings? So what can be done? Can you ask the stomach?

Jiahui also said a few words, and then stopped talking. In the final analysis, everyone’s choice of how to do things and how to live in their own choice. No matter how much others say, it’s useless.

After breakfast, Jiahui goes to the warehouse first. Zhao Donglin also wants to go to the village and take her back later.

The clinic is a cement building with grey walls. It must be small compared with the hospital scale of more than ten floors and several buildings in later generations. It is already a good house in this era. 

Jiahui hasn’t been to the health center in the town, but she has a lot of experience of going to the hospital in later generations. She first went to the registration office to ask if registration was needed, so she saved herself the trouble of running back and forth.

In obstetrics and gynaecology, a female doctor was on duty. She asked about Jiahui, wrote a few lines on the medical record, took a glass tube and asked her to have a urine test.

“Doctor, please tell me how long this result will take.”

The doctor noticed that Zhao Donglin was a male comrade who looked spiritual and righteous. It’s not normal to see their men accompany their wives, but he accompanied his wife to the health center. Because of that, she had a good impression of him.

That’s your wife, right? Look at you. You are so nervous. This is very fast, at most ten or so minutes, you just sit and wait. “

Zhao Donglin sat on the wooden bench, feeling a little tormented. 


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    Well, DJH surely aware whenever ZDL “letting himself go” . After all, they do the deed together. As an all-rounder top student of 21st century, she should also have enough awareness about the true nature of contraceptive methods. Fortunately, she can come around and accept the possibility of having pregnant at this moment. Otherwise, ZDL would be in big trouble for “forcing the pregnancy on his unwilling wife”.

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    They’ve totally talked past each other on that… or she’s not aware what her college talk does to him because she doesn’t know about his ex. I think her questions made him fear she’d leave him like his first wife, but she’s actually saving up fort both of them to study together. C:

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