Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 47.2

Chapter 47 Part 2

In the past, in the army, Zhao Donglin could wait for more than ten hours, even days and nights, when completing a task, but now, in just ten minutes, his emotions were on the verge of collapse at any time.

When Jiahui came out of the toilet, the two of them held hands and sat on the lounge chair, waiting for the window to call out the name “Dong Jiahui.” Zhao Donglin hurriedly got up to get back a lab slip.

He read it as he walked, but he knew every word on the sheet separately, but not together, and he didn’t understand that “positive” meant pregnant.

“Congratulations, you’re pregnant.”

Jiahui was inexplicably relieved, and Zhao Donglin smiled foolishly.

The urine test just confirmed her pregnancy, but it can’t be seen how long she was pregnant. B-ultrasound has not been introduced in China in this era. The doctor asked Jiahui about her menstruation and gave her an approximate time of pregnancy and the expected date of delivery.

“Doctor, is there anything else I should pay attention to?”

“Don’t do heavy work. Just add some nutrition appropriately. If you have stomachaches or bleeding, come to the hospital. On the other hand, avoid sex. Just pay attention to yourself. There are no women in our countryside who don’t have children. Don’t worry about this comrade. “

Jiahui smiled and said thank you to the doctor. She dragged Zhao Donglin away. Zhao Donglin supported Jiahui on the way. He was afraid that she would fall. Jiahui was moved and, at the same time, felt it was funny.

“I just got pregnant. I don’t need you to do that.”

“I’m just too excited.”

Jiahui wanted to tease him. He already had two children and he could still be excited about what? She did not say the words on the tip of her tongue. She felt it was not quite appropriate. 

“What do you want to eat? Why don’t we eat at the restaurant today? “

The town also has a long-established state restaurant, where the dishes are not very rich, but the normal meals are still supplied.

“No, let’s go back and eat. It costs money to eat outside, and the taste is not necessarily as good as the ones at home.”

“Yes, it’s not as good as your creation, then I’ll buy you whatever you want to eat.

Jiahui laughed, “Now that there are two pregnant women at home, I have to take Zheng Yuefen’s share of everything. She eats more than me. “

Zhao Donglin held Jiahui’s hand and did not say anything. He didn’t like or dislike his sister-in-law before, but after Jiahui married, his sister-in-law really often made trouble with Jiahui, even before. Anyway, Jiahui didn’t suffer, but now Jiahui is pregnant. As a husband, he must love his own wife.

“Then, I’ll buy some lo-mei and put it in the house, and save it for you to eat when you’re hungry.

Jia Hui nodded, this is already a great improvement for Zhao Donglin.

When he went back, Zhao Donglin weighed some dim sum, lo-mei, and bought some meat. When he passed by the dried meat, Jia Hui wouldn’t let him buy more, so he bought two pounds.

Buying meat in the town requires meat tickets and money. It cost him his own money. It’s not cost-effective. The food at home should be paid for by work.

“I’m pregnant now. We have to save money. There will be many places for children to spend money in the future. If we can save one point, it’s one point. “

The money she saved there has to be used to raise children and let them go to school. It’s not worth spending on herself.

“You now have the consciousness of being a mother.”

“Of course, we have to plan for the child. Next year, Heidan will also go to elementary school. We have to make the days better and better.

Zhao Donglin held Jiahui’s hand. His heart was unprecedentedly solid. Just like she said, the two of them have to live better and better.

“Yo, why did you buy so many things today?”

Zhao Donglin took the meat to the kitchen, took a snack and gave it to Yingbao. Heidan and Shitou were not home, so the rest were taken to their room.

“Jiahui went to the health clinic for a checkup. The doctor said she was pregnant. She was not in a good mood, so I weighed some meat.”

“What? Is Jiahui pregnant too? “

Good things come in pairs! No wonder the swallows have made their home under her roof this year.

“Well, Jiahui is inexperienced and went to the hospital to check.”

“Aigoooo, my goodness, I’ve been hoping for this for a long time, but I finally got it.”

At the moment, Zheng Yuefen and her husband are not at home. Meixiang is also happy with Yingbao. This happiness comes from her heart. It is completely different from what she felt for her second sister-in-law, who said she was pregnant yesterday. But in addition to being happy, she has some doubts. They said that their sister-in-law couldn’t have a baby, so why is she pregnant?

“Jiahui, how are you feeling? Are you uncomfortable anywhere? Tell mom what you want to eat. “

“Mom, I’m fine, but yesterday when Yuefen ate noodles in sour soup, I suddenly had a craving, but I smelled the fish and was a little nauseous.”

“You’re having a reaction.”

“Tell me, why didn’t you say that you wanted to eat it yesterday? If you want, let Meixiang do it with you. Why bear it? “

“Back then, I did not know whether I was pregnant or not.”

Zhang Qiaoer does not know what to say. She really doesn’t know how to raise her daughter-in-law. She is transparent in major affairs and is sensible and polite, but she really doesn’t know anything about this woman’s affairs. What can she do? She has to go through more trouble to be a mother-in-law.

“Then at noon, you will make sour soup noodles. Did you buy meat back? Add some sliced meat to it. It will be certainly more fragrant than yesterday’s food.

Jiahui smiled and nodded, “En, thanks, mom. I’m drooling a bit now.”

“Then you rest. I’ll let Mei Xiang do it now.”

Without waiting for her mother to say anything, Meixiang put Yingbao down and went back to the house to cook.

Yingbao was still young and didn’t know much about what it meant to be pregnant, only that her family was in a good mood and her parents had brought her good food.

Jiahui took Yingbao and let her cling to her, stroking her head and asking, “Is it good?”

Yingbao nodded, her watery eyes glistening, and a smile became two curved crescent moons.

“If it’s good, eat more. Let Grandma put it up for you in this little bag. Ask Grandma to get it when you want to eat.

Zhang Qiaoer came over and said, “You can’t hold a child in the future because of your special situation. Also, don’t hold a newborn child when you see someone else out the door. People say that if you hold someone else’s baby, you will have diarrhea. 

Jiahui heard this for the first time.

“Really? I can have diarrhea as soon as I hold other people’s children?”

“You don’t believe it? It’s best to listen to Mom. “

“Yes, I will listen to mom.”

She wouldn’t take the initiative to hug someone else’s baby anyway; her own baby hasn’t been hugged enough yet.

Zhang Qiaoer was comforted to see that her daughter-in-law was so clever and sensible. In fact, the elderly like to listen to the younger generation. When they meet that type of person, they must be whispering in their hearts and saying that they can match you with ten or eight sentences.

Meixiang was making the noodles, Zhang Qiaoer was cooking, and Jiahui was helping to choose dishes. At 11:00, Zheng Yuefen came back. She is now a pregnant woman. The team takes care of her. She doesn’t have to go down to the field. Just help her. Zheng Yuefen peels flowers and eats in the field in the morning. Some people in the team are already dissatisfied.

“She’s pregnant. Her mother-in-law made a point of greeting the captain in the morning.”

“Tch. who hasn’t been pregnant yet, and others haven’t seen a delicate person like that. I carried underwater seedlings when I was pregnant with Dongzi. “

“You haven’t heard people say that they had a meal of sour soup noodles yesterday and leek cakes this morning. She married well. You can’t compare with her. “

“It’s because of her elder brother’s glory. But her sister-in-law is still a childless one. “

She had taken all the advantages.

Zheng Yuefen came back and smelled the fragrance of the sour noodles and the smell of meat in the air. She was happy. She had not expected to eat sour noodles yesterday, and today they made it again. The mother-in-law also deliberately weighed the meat back; it can be seen that her stomach was very important.

“Mom, you made me noodles in sour soup again today?”

Meixiang looked at her mother. There was not much white flour at home. It was only enough for one person to eat. She only made her eldest sister-in-law’s food. There must be no need for her second sister-in-law to eat. Unless her sister-in-law could have the rest. But it would not be enough for her eldest sister-in-law. Yesterday, her sister-in-law ate two bowls of soup.

“This is for your sister-in-law’s. She is also pregnant. Your elder brother weighed the meat back. Later you eat a few more pieces of meat.”

Zheng Yuefen’s eyes widened in disbelief, “Dong Jiahui is pregnant!”

She said she was pregnant yesterday, and today Dong Jiahui is also pregnant. Wasn’t this just Jiahui looking for a fight?


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