Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 48

Chapter 48

Zheng Yuefen was really angry. She thought Dong Jiahui was deliberately making things difficult for her.

The day before, she said she was pregnant, Dong Jiahui followed the next day, eating the same sour noodles she ate last night, she did not believe that Dong Jiahui was not intentionally doing this!

What’s even more irritating is that Dong Jiahui’s pregnancy was so good that she couldn’t even get a bite to eat.

In anger, people’s IQ and EQ plummeted, and they would do a lot of irrational things. Zheng Yuefen thought of how her mother-in-law’s bias was in her heart. Without closing the door, she directly said what she thought in her heart.

“Mom, you can not be so biased towards your sister-in-law. I am also pregnant. How can I not take my share? How come we are your daughters-in-law but you treat us so differently? “

Last night, she didn’t enjoy the two bowls at all, and the better things she ate, the better. Anyway, Zheng Yuefen’s appetite has been raised in recent years since she married the Zhao family. She occasionally went back to her mother’s house, and she despised the food of her mother’s house.

Zheng Yuefen did not realize that this statement to her Mother-in-law Zhang Qiao’er, is tantamount to heartbreak.

Zhang Qiaoer didn’t expect it, but after a meal of noodles, the second family even pulled out the “she was biased” words. Heaven and earth had a conscience. They took their heart and lungs out of the second family and thought of them all. On the topic of being biased, she was also biased toward the second family.

Besides, she didn’t mean to not do it for her today, but there was no white flour at home. She was too happy that the eldest family member was pregnant. She was distressed that the eldest family didn’t eat it last night. That’s why Meixiang did it for the eldest family.

“Yuefen, you have to speak with a conscience. When have I, your mother-in-law, ever withheld your food? Today’s noodles, because we don’t have any noodles left and you ate a meal last night, I didn’t prepare your meal. In addition, your brother came back from the town and bought meat. There is meat to eat. Do you still make trouble? “

Ask around the village, who can eat the same food as their own family? Once or twice a month, they can eat meat, the other family could only have a share of meat in the New Year and festivals.

Zheng Yuefen came to her senses and knew that she had said something wrong, but she was a stubborn person who did not want to admit it even if she was wrong. She was about to go back to her house as if nothing had happened when Zhao Donghe came back from the field, and Zhao Manzhu was carrying a bamboo basket full of grass, followed by two young grandchildren holding reed sticks.

As soon as Zhao Donghe entered the courtyard, he felt that the atmosphere was not right, so he walked to the well and washed his hands while asking, “What’s wrong?”

Zhao Manzhu also put down the bamboo basket and looked over.

Zhang Qiaoer’s anger had not subsided. She looked at Zheng Yuefen’s unrepentant look, she turned her head and said to her Second son. “Donghe, your wife has become more and more disrespectful now. Today, she competes with me for a bowl of sour noodle soup and said I’m unfair. I want to ask, what’s fair? Was it that the whole family was not close to her? Or what? She has been in our family for years, I, as a mother-in-law, have not enjoyed any of her blessings. I’m not a person inside or outside.”

Zhao Donghe listened to her mother, and he was puzzled. Although he didn’t know what Zheng Yuefen had done again, she could make his mother, who originally had a good temper, angry. Obviously, it was not a small matter.

Zhao Donghe took a look at Zheng Yuefen, and the back teeth tightened up.

“Mom, don’t be angry. It’s worthless to be angry. I just came back and don’t know what happened.”

Zhang Qiaoer was too lazy to speak, and she shouted to the girl who was rolling noodles in the kitchen.

“Meixiang, come on, tell your second brother again.”

When she heard that Jiahui was pregnant, Zhao Donghe and Zhao Manzhu were both surprised. After all, everyone thought Jiahui couldn’t have children, and Zhao Donglin only told Zhang Qiaoer about it, so the rest of the family didn’t know.

When Meixiang said these, Zheng Yuefen wanted to cut Meixiang’s words and wanted to open her mouth to defend herself, but Zhao Donghe chided to stop her mouth.

“Mom, this is her fault. Zheng Yuefen, what’s the matter with you? Come here and apologize to Mom. “

Zhao Donglin was originally in the room with Jiahui, from the time Zheng Yuefen came back and started to yell, he had heard it and had been standing by the window with a frown.

In his perception, men should not conflict with women. He can’t quarrel with a woman. Therefore, he disdains arguing even if the other party is unreasonable.

But now, things have not eased because of their own concessions and their wife’s concessions, but they are getting worse and worse, which makes Zhao Donglin dissatisfied.

In the courtyard, Zhao Donghe let Zheng Yuefen apologize. Zheng Yuefen’s face was red. She stubborn head was not moving, Zhao Donghe was angry want to hit someone. He was afraid that she was a pregnant woman and couldn’t do it. 

Zhang Qiaoer became angrier when she saw Zheng Yuefen. She said those kinds of disgraceful words and refused to soften. It was hopeless.

“Tch, I can see clearly that some people’s consciences have been gnawed by dogs. No matter how much others do, they will be blamed. Today, for your sake of pregnancy, I don’t care about you. Can you take care of yourself in the future? “

After saying that, Zhang Qiaoer went back to the house. She was really angry and flustered. 

Zheng Yuefen was not nervous after listening to her mother-in-law’s words; instead, she was secretly proud. She knew for a long time that as long as she had children in her stomach, others would not treat her badly. Her mother-in-law was angry today and would be fine in two days.

Zhao Donglin shook his head, thinking of last night’s when his wife could tolerate her cravings. This sister-in-law seemed too domineering.

He walked out with his hands in his pockets and stood to the side of his second brother.

Donghe, it’s not a good thing for the family to be so noisy all day. No matter what dissatisfaction sister-in-law has in mind, she should have the least respect for her parents. In addition, if sister-in-law has a problem with the food at home, it’s better to build another stove and cook what she wants to eat. I’ll do my mother’s work. In the future, your rations and income will be distributed to you. There should be no more complaints. “

Zhao Donghe was shocked to hear this, this is the first time his brother said such heavy words to him. Strictly speaking, there is no difference between dividing stoves and families.

Zheng Yuefen was also shocked. Donglin intended to give them their own rations and income, but the two of them did not have much income from the rations. At least it was nothing compared with their big brother’s salary of 65 yuan a month.

Zhao Donglin’s salary increased by three yuan a year later. Now it’s 65 yuan a month. Last year, the whole family earned only about 200 yuan after working for a whole year!

“Brother, don’t be angry. She just doesn’t have a good brain. She’ll know she’s wrong.”

With that, Zhao Donghe stared at Zheng Yuefen, his eyes full of seriousness and warning.

“Zheng Yuefen, you see, you’re free all day. You’ve made a mess at home and made your mom and brother angry. Apologize quickly. “

Zheng Yuefen then came to his senses and knew that the eldest brother was really angry. If they were really separated, it would not be good for them. She’s worried about eating because she still has a child in her stomach, there are more mouths to feed, and there’s an extra expense.

“Brother, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t care about two bites of food. It’s a blessing that my sister-in-law is pregnant. I also feel happy for her.

Zhao Donglin is a man. It’s just that he talks hard with his brother. It’s really hard to have a quarrel with his sister-in-law. He glanced at Zheng Yuefen and hoped that she would really know her mistakes and stop. The words he said before was not just decorations.

Zhao Donglin has heard many examples of discord between brothers. When he was young, there was nothing. Especially after they got married, there would be all kinds of contradictions.

In the past, he thought he and Donghe would never go down that road of disagreement, in this life he only has Donghe as his brother, he has lived well cannot see Donghe live badly, but now, he has doubts.

Zhao Donghe pulled Zheng Yuefen back into the house, closed the door, and then fiercely threw off Zheng Yuefen’s arm.

“What are you doing, didn’t I tell you to stop? What good will it do you if you make mother and brother unhappy? You’re lazy, can make yourself have a good life?”

Zhao Donghe was not stupid, on the contrary, he is a very smart man.

In the village, half of the brothers in the family had separated, especially those who got married and had children, and very few of them ate from the same pot.

Up to now, his brother also handed over the money to his mother. In fact, most of the family’s expenses were taken out of the salary of his elder brother. He was a brother who took advantage of his big brother.

Zhao Donghe has this self-awareness, but Zheng Yuefen didn’t. Not only didn’t she know how to be grateful, but she also caused trouble often, It’s just a bowl of sour noodle soup. If there were any at home, would they argue with her? Meixiang said that there are no white noodles, not to mention braised meat. She yelled that it wasn’t fair. Who would look unsightly?

“Zheng Yufen, I’m really disappointed in you. Don’t think I can’t do anything to you when you are pregnant. I’ll warn you again one last time. If you make trouble again, you’ll go straight back to your mother’s house. I’d like to ask the Zheng family, how they teach their daughters.”

He said all the good and bad things. This time, if she does not know how to repent, she’s absolutely finished.

In the east wing, Zhao Donglin entered the room and saw his wife smiling at him.

What’s wrong? Why are you so happy? “

Jiahui gave a thumbs up and said, “You had a strong aura just now. You’re extremely handsome.”

This was the first time she saw Zhao Donglin act like this. Although he looks cold on the outside, he is actually an extremely soft-hearted person, also very tolerant. If others make some small mistakes, he never bothered with it, but today, he said such serious words, it can be seen that he was really angry.

She admitted that seeing Zheng Yuefen defeated, her mood improved.

For more than a year, she never bothered with herself and adhered to the style of being kind to others. It is not that she had a soft nature, but a careful opportunity to deal with people.

If you quarrel with her every time about a small matter, you will become unkind and mean person in the eyes of others, which is bad for her image. If you tolerate a little, you will not only avoid losses but also get a good reputation and make her mother-in-law and husband love her more. So, why not do it?

She is not a virgin and has never regarded Zheng Yuefen as a relative. Shanghe village is just a post station in her life. No matter what opportunity she has in the future, she must leave here.

The world is so big, there are so many opportunities. She would only tire herself if she had to compete with a sister-in-law who was brain-dead all day.

The more Zheng Yuefen acts like a demon, the more she appears to be aggrieved, and the family will naturally favour her side.

Of course, Jiahui was not so narcissistic that she thought she was more important. This time, if she had not happened to be pregnant, there really was not much chance of winning. However, in any case, people should not worry too much about the gains and losses in every moment of their lives. They have to focus on the overall situation, and only then will they be able to laugh at the end.

After Mei Xiang finished cooking the sour noodle soup, she brought it to Jiahui’s room, and she also brought a small bowl of roasted pork.

“Sister-in-law, I’ve made the noodles, you eat first, today’s meal is a little late, Mom is afraid that you are hungry, so she let me send it over to you first.”

Jiahui’s heart felt warm. In this family, the most kind-hearted and most simple was this little sister of hers.

“Meixiang, it’s really hard for you, today is an exception, tomorrow I will still cook with you.”

Meixiang puffed and laughed, “It’s all right, sister-in-law. Our life is good enough, but it’s just cooking. I’m not Miss Qianjin. How can I be so golden? “

Jiahui took Meixiang’s hand and sighed from the bottom of her heart, “Meixiang, you are a very good girl, I think the average boys were really not good enough for you, you wait a little longer, let your brother find you a good one later.”

The best way out for Mei Xiang was to go to college. She is smart and serious, and as long as she gets into college, she will have a bright and shining life in the future, much better than wasting her years in a tiring family.

“Aiya, sister-in-law, why did you suddenly say this? letting me feel strange and embarrassed. “

The young girl has a tender face. No matter who mentions her affairs, she will always be uncomfortable for a while.

Jiahui only ate half a bowl of sour noodles soup, and she didn’t move the meat much. Finally, she threw all the rest to Zhao Donglin.

“Do you think Zheng Yuefen can learn from her mistake this time? What if she gets sick again? “

Jia Hui propped her head up and watched Zhao Donglin eat. He ate quickly but not rudely. It was a habit that he developed in the army.

Jiahui mentioned this is to give Zhao Donglin a precautionary shot. For people like Zheng Yuefen, who never wanted to see others do better than her. Today, she was suppressed down, she would be quiet for a few days, and then she would repeat the same mistake again. Unfortunately, Jiahui will definitely get better and better. She cannot do anything about the imbalance in Zheng Yuefen’s heart.

Zhao Donglin wiped his mouth after drinking noodle soup in three bites. In fact, he doesn’t like this sour food. It’s only when steamed bread and pickles are eaten alongside it that he likes it, but he is a person who has experienced hard times. He knows the value of food, so he is never picky about food. Even if he doesn’t like it, he won’t waste it.

“Don’t worry, the words have come out of my mouth, and the next time, she will not be lightly forgiven.”

This was also one last chance he gave to Donghe. A man can respect his wife, but he must not indulge without principle. Once indulged, there will be a chaotic scene in their home.

Zhao Donghe warned Zheng Yuefen a few sentences and then went out of the house, he was in a bad mood at the moment and did not want to stay with Zheng Yuefen.

Zheng Yuefen was alone in the house gritting her teeth. Just like how Jiahui guessed, Zheng Yuefen had no remorse at all, but she was temporarily bowing under the pressure of Zhao Donglin’s separated stove remarks.

“Unexpectedly, she was also pregnant. I simply took the back luck.”

Thinking about it, Zheng Yuefen paused. No wonder she always felt it was wrong. It’s not that Dong Jiahui couldn’t have a baby, but why was she suddenly pregnant?

She didn’t doubt that Jiahui’s pregnancy was false news, but she had a heart of gossip. A divorced woman who couldn’t give birth suddenly became pregnant, which itself is worth exploring.

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