Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 51

Chapter 51

“Old man, what do you think?”

In the Zhao family, it is always Zhang Qiao’er who makes the decisions on big and small matters, but today’s matter was unusual and cannot be based on her word. After all, the family name is Zhao, not Zhang, and another, so today Zhao Mancang was also present. In front of outsiders, she must give face to her husband, so that he can erect the majesty of being the head of the family.


Zhao Manzhu exhaled a mouthful of smoke, frowning at the sight of the white smoke pondering. He suddenly threw the problem to himself. He had not thought it through, but honestly, from the oldest son, Donglin, back from the military, to later the oldest daughter-in-law, into the door, the family did make a fuss.

Although he usually does not talk much, as if nothing is concerned, but the family of small and large things he has seen, the second daughter-in-law is muddleheaded. If you don’t pay attention to her, she’s going to stir up three points. The eldest brother’s wife is good, kind-hearted, and can be human. But if the second family doesn’t make so much noise, the family can last until he and his wife die, for a hundred years. If it goes on, it will not only break his heart, it will also affect the feelings of Donglin and Donghe as brothers.

As the old saying goes, “good men do not eat separate meals, good women do not wear wedding clothes.” We should be human beings. We should not covet the wealth left by our parents. Instead, we should strive for it and create it by ourselves. Use our hands to earn the life we want. Most of the villagers have several brothers who have separated. It’s common to separate after marriage. The reason why their family has never mentioned this is not that they don’t want to separate as their elders, but mainly because the eldest has been in the army a few years ago.

But now, it is clear that living together again was no longer suitable.

After thinking a lot, Zhao Manzhu finally clenched his teeth and clapped the board!

“All right, let’s split up. They are all brothers. Even if we split up, it’s still the same. Look at your brothers, and then look at me and your uncle. Although each has their own way, neither of them forgets to give a hand when they are in trouble. As long as you two brothers can do this. “

The first generation is brothers, the second generation is cousins, and the relationship will continue to the third generation.

Relatives and families think it is just the same. They can help each other. At other times, they still had their own lives and were comfortable.

Zhao Manzhu had a final word. Zhao Donglin’s face was still calm, but his heart was relieved. Zhao Donghe’s head was bowed down, and he was looking at the ground. They could not see his expression, but they could see something from the tight lines on his face.

Jiahui couldn’t believe it. She did not expect the separation of the family to be so easy. She thought it would be hard to convince them or her elders wouldn’t let her separate.

Zheng Yuefen’s mood is the same as Jiahui’s. She also can’t believe what she heard. Her father-in-law actually agreed to the separation of the family. Her heart was suddenly bewildered.

Her husband made up his mind, and Zhang Qiaoer’s heart fell instantly.

Since she said to let her husband decide, she wouldn’t put forward other opinions. She didn’t want to know how she felt in her heart. It’s just that once people are used to a certain way of life, they will instinctively refuse to change, but when the change really comes, they will still try to accept it.

These brothers were close brothers, but the brothers who had settled down and gotten married had different minds, not to mention that they had a great daughter-in-law like Zheng Yuefen.

“Since your father has opened his mouth, I have nothing to say, the division of the family is settled, as to how to divide, we have to discuss.”

“Our family has only a few rooms. The first family lives in the east house, and the second family lives in the west house. We have a good number of things. When you get married, you have everything for you. What you have in your house is your own. There’s nothing to discuss.

The topic quickly shifted to how to divide the family, and the people were listening intently. Even Zheng Yuefen, who didn’t want to separate the family, didn’t have time to set off any fireworks.

“I want to explain the money. Since Donglin entered the army and got his salary, he had been handing over his salary to me for safekeeping. At that time, Donghe was still in school. The expenses at home, including the money for your three siblings to get married, all came from Donglin’s salary.

Speaking of this, Zhang Qiaoer was a little excited, and her eyes were wet.

“At this point, I always feel sorry for Donglin. He has done his best for this family and has never been selfish. He understands the difficulties of being parents and helps me and your father share the financial burden. “

“I remembered how much money he gave, and how much I used, and how much I left at the end. The previous money doesn’t count, but the rest has to be returned to Donglin. As for the money in public, I, as a mother, made the decision to give it to Donghe and his family, not to Donglin. “

These words were like a boulder cast into the river for Zhang Qiaoer. To be honest, no one really thought she would propose returning Zhao Donglin’s salary to Zhao Donglin. Although it has been used a lot these years, Zhao Donglin’s salary was high. He was a company commander in the army. He earned more than 70 yuan a month. Although his salary has been lowered after changing jobs, it is still more than 60 yuan. Last year, the dividend of a family at the end of last year was only about 200 yuan!

Zhao Donglin felt relieved at his mother’s affirmation: he is not a saint. Although he paid for his family and did not ask for anything in return, whether others remember him in their hearts is another matter.

If the other party wants to step on himself while enjoying what he has paid and hurt his wife and children whom he cared for, he will never tolerate it.

Jiahui didn’t expect that her mother-in-law would be so grand. In this era, prices are low. Even after marriage and daily expenses, there is definitely more than one or two hundred yuan left. However, Jiahui was not in a hurry to be happy. The mother-in-law just said that when the family is divided and when things are settled, it will come out in the end.

When Zheng Yuefen listened to her mother-in-law say that about their separation, she was half cold. Then she heard the mother-in-law say that the brother-in-law’s salary would also be returned to them. Her family has only public money. How many can there be? The brother-in-law’s salary was the biggest!

She leaned forward with her back and said eagerly, “Mom, these years, but I and Donghe at home took care of you. You can’t give all the money to the elder brother’s family. I do not only have credit but also hard work. “

Zhao Donghe pulled her arm to death and scolded in a low voice, “Shut up, don’t force me to do it.”

Zheng Yuefen forcefully broke Zhao Donghe’s hand, breaking it while shouting, “What’s wrong with me? If we didn’t have a share of more money, what would we eat and drink? We can’t eat and drink spicy food, and we will eat steamed buns and drink rice porridge every day. “

How good is the food at home? You can eat meat two or three times a month and eggs every day.

Zhao Donghe could not bear it. He took Zheng Yuefen’s hand out of the hall, shut her in the west room, and put the lock on the door. Zheng Yuefen started beating on the door so that Zhao Donghe would let her out.

People simply do not know what to say. This Zheng Yuefen, it’s really true that bad habits were hard to change. At this time, she still has no remorse for what she’s done.

Zhao Donghe returned to the hall, exhaled, and spoke, “Mom, I have no opinion about what you just said. For all these years, I have taken advantage of my brother, and I know it in my heart. These days, I have caused a lot of trouble for my brother and sister-in-law. I am here to say sorry. I am not able to control my wife. I am also responsible for it. “

Zhao Donglin proposed separating the family out of disgust for Zheng Yuefen rather than Donghe. This time, when he heard the words of Donghe, he didn’t feel good. He walked over and patted Donghe on the back.

“Even if we split up, we are still good brothers. Don’t blame yourself, brother.”

I am thinking of how nice and carefree their lives as brothers were ten or twenty years ago. Apart from poverty and lack of food, they are no longer unhappy. Although the conditions are good, the brothers have their own families, but they can no longer find their childhood state of mind.

Zhao Donghe pursed his lips and smiled bitterly at his brother. “I know, it’s me who should be sorry for making things difficult for my brother.”

Zhang Qiao’er saw the two brothers like this and could no longer hold back the tears that came out of her eyes. She tucked the corners of her eyes with her sleeve. Her heart was unusually painful.

At this moment, she felt very guilty and blamed herself for finding a wife like Zheng Yuefen and harming Donghe all her life.

When marrying a wife, choose a virtuous person. What the older generation said is true!

Since things were clear, Zhao Mancang was also ready to go back. Zhang Qiaoer asked her to stay for dinner, but he refused. Before leaving, he patted the shoulders of the two brothers. He sighed and lamented. “I still remember when you were just kids. So many years have passed. In fact, there is nothing wrong with splitting the family. As you can see, Dongming has also been separated from my family. Who can say that he’s not my son? If he dares not be filial, he won’t dare fight back with a big ear scraper. “

Zhao Mancang had three sons. Zhao Dongming was the second, Zhao Dongshun is the oldest, and there is a third who has not married yet. He was called Zhao Donglai.

The two brothers nodded and sent the eldest out of the courtyard door together.

“What is that?” “Ah, I heard that you went to the second’s house in a hurry.”

When Zhao Mancang arrived home, his wife, Huang Haiying, curiously asked.

“It’s a messy separation.”

At his second brother’s house, he only listened to the lawsuit but didn’t care to drink water. Zhao Manchang came back, sat down, and poured himself a large bowl of cold water.

Oh, why do you drink cold water? There is hot water in the pot! “

Such a big man doesn’t know how to cherish his body. He still thinks he is a strong boy in his twenties.

After nagging, she quickly sat down and asked, “The second family is going to be separated? Who mentioned it? Why did they suddenly mention it? “

The two brothers didn’t have temperaments of taking initiative to mention the separation of the family. The second family was unlikely to mention it. The elderly were eager to have children and grandchildren close to them.

Zhao Manchang sighed and said what Zheng Yuefen had instigated Heidan. Huang Haiying thought she had heard it wrong.

“How can Donghe’s wife tell the children this? It’s too vicious. No wonder Donglin was angry and wanted to separate. Huang Haiying really wants to knock Zheng Yuefen’s head open to see if there was straw in her head. How much benefit they can take if they win over the eldest family? She really wants to offend people. With this knot, the two brothers will have a rift in the future.

“Who says it isn’t? Just now, she was still screaming, blaming sister-in-law for unfair division of money, her screaming made my head hurt.

Huang Haiying could not help but exclaim. In fact, every family has hard-to-read sutras. On the outside, it looks good, but on the inside, it is a broken cotton wool—a mess. No one can say anything about anyone.

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