Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 52

Chapter 52

The separation of the family is a major event. In addition to the relatives of the family, the two in-laws should also be informed. After all, the separation of the family involves two families, and they should be treated with caution when it comes to interests.

People are selfish, as you can see from the second family. If you don’t call your mother’s family to be a witness, you won’t be able to break up with her in the event of a quarrel in the future.

The next day, Zhang Qiaoer let the two sons go to Yuefan’s family to invite people over.

Dong Changgui and Chen Guixiang came to the Dong family. As soon as they heard that it was a separation, they changed their clothes and came with their son-in-law in a hurry.

Yesterday, Chen Guixiang just received the news that her daughter was pregnant. Today, Chen Guixiang received the news that her daughter was going to separate from her family. She was frightened. Chen Guixiang thought there was no connection between the two things. She asked her son-in-law. The son-in-law didn’t say anything but only said that her parents agreed. Chen Guixiang was very upset.

The Zhao family’s separation was certainly good for her daughter. From her daughter’s occasionally mentioning those things that happened to her in-laws, Chen Guixiang can more or less understand from her daughter that her sisters-in-law don’t get along well. She is always afraid that her daughter will suffer.

On the way to Zhao’s house, Chen Guixiang settled down when she saw her daughter’s ruddy face and good spirit.

“In-laws, really, your family is so busy and we still made you come over here.”

Zhang Qiaoer took Chen Guixiang’s hand into the hall, and the relationship was as close as a sister.

“Nothing, I was just a little anxious. Donglin said that he wanted to separate the family. He called us to come over together to be a witness. For the other detail, he did not say, so Jiahui’s father and I rushed over.”

“Hey, actually there is no reason, just that the children are old. I also didn’t bother to worry about it. Let them live their own lives in the future.”

Zhang Qiaoer vaguely brought the words over, and Chen Guixiang also smiled with her. She had seen her daughter wink at her. She knew that there was an inside story to this matter, but she would no longer delve into it. as long as her daughter didn’t suffer a loss.

The Zheng family came over. Jiang Liang came with her daughter-in-law and Zheng Yuefen’s older brother, Zheng Songnian.

On the way here, Jiang Liangnu’s mood does not look as relaxed as Chen Guixiang’s. On the way here, she has heard her son-in-law said the mindless things her daughter did. To be honest, Jiang Liang wanted to turn back halfway; it was too embarrassing, especially for Chen Guixiang. She wanted to bury her head in the ground, but looking at the Dong family’s polite appearance before them, she should not know about this matter.

The hall was full of people. The elderly were sitting around the eight immortals’ table, the younger generation was sitting next to it. From the time they sat down, Jiahui had not received less than Zheng Yuefen’s glaring eyes. Jiahui just pretended she wasn’t aware. She didn’t even look at her.

Yesterday, Zheng Yuefen was locked up in Zhao Donghe’s room, and she was not even let out for dinner. After everyone had eaten and returned to the house, they heard shouting and pounding sounds coming from the west wing, but no one went over to see.

If it was someone else, caring a little bit is okay, but when they encountered Zheng Yuefen, they ran as far away as possible, afraid they would not get the benefits, but instead get into trouble and even cause losses.

“In-laws, I’m calling you here today because the two brothers, Donglin and Donghe, were going to split up. They now have their own family. They have wives and children. It’s a big event to split up. We’d better ask our mother’s family to come and serve as the witness so that no one will be dissatisfied with the separation in the future and then cause trouble. “

When Zhang Qiaoer said this, Jiang Liang felt that it was sarcastic. She always feels that this was said to their own family, who allowed their daughter to make a fuss about it.

“Yesterday I also talked to the two brothers about the situation. We will follow the eldest. The two houses on the east side will be given to the eldest family. The west side of the room will be given to the second family. In addition, on the west side, the chicken pens and pig pens will be demolished and rebuilt into two houses. We will also build on the east side an additional one. It so happens that we left some homestead, which we can just use this time. “

This means that, although the two brothers were separated, they will still live close to one another.

“The other thing is the money. This is the family’s account book. I have had the habit of keeping accounts since I was young. I remember where I spent my money and how much I spent it, whether it was large or small. It was all recorded. First of all, the money spent by the public does not count. At the end of each year, the dividend was deducted from the second family’s income. There are 386 yuan left. It was agreed to give all the money to the second family yesterday, and we don’t want the old couple’s money. “

When Zheng Yuefen heard that the money in the public had more than three hundred yuan, she still felt it was a little less. In fact, she had saved more than two hundred yuan in the past few years, and she thought that the public money should be five or six hundred yuan.

The reason why there was not much left in the end was that the end of the year dividend was not much, and dozens of dividends were given to each person. There are also money exchanges between relatives.

“The rest will be given to the eldest’s account, In recent years, his monthly salary was 5362 yuan. When he first joined the army, his salary was not high. Then, from the squad leader to the platoon leader, and finally, the company commander, who came back and became the village secretary, the wage situation is this: In addition, the eldest agreed to spend money on the marriage of three children and daily expenses in recent years. A total of 4527 yuan was spent, and there are 835 yuan left. “

More than 5000 yuan! Everyone was shocked to hear this number. It’s nothing if it’s taken one by one, but the total amount was so much. They’ve never seen so much money in their lives!

Only then did everyone realize how much the eldest had contributed to the family.

These were all calculated by Jiahui with Zhang Qiaoer’s help. Zhang Qiaoer knows a few words and can’t write many words. She records them with symbols she knows. For example, when selling cloth, he draws a button, and pork is a pig’s nose.

Jiahui learned to calculate with an abacus when she was a child, and these small accounts were effortless for her.

Zhang Qiaoer looked at the snapping of Jiahui’s abacus and kept praising her.

Huaishan said that you can also keep accounts and you can also do the abacus. In my opinion, you are qualified to be the team’s bookkeeper, and you can go to the supply and marketing agency to stand at the counter. “

Jiahui laughed, “Mom, I think it’s good to be close to home and have more free time.”

The most important thing is to have time to prepare for the college entrance exam. Her goal in life was not to be a bookkeeper and a salesman.

Zhang Qiaoer thought about it. Jiahui is still pregnant. It’s better to do this. It is easy and not tiring. It’s the best way to raise a fetus.

The family’s decision was made, and the day of the groundbreaking had to be calculated on a separate day. Near the point of lunch, the Zhao family naturally had to let the guests stay. Chen Guixiang Dong Changgui agreed to stay, but Jiang Liangnu refused to stay.

“There are still things at home. I have to hurry back to work. I will keep this meal first. Next time, I will invite the in-laws to eat at our house.”

Jiang Liang didn’t mean to stay. Let alone the bad things her daughter did, she thought that the second branch took advantage of this separation and the Dong family were still here, so she was even more embarrassed.

“Mom, you take Yuefen home for a few days. The family has been quite busy lately, and I’m afraid I cannot take care of her. I will go back after two days when I’m free to pick her up again. “

The sudden words made Jiang Liang and Zheng Songnian look at each other. Even Zhang Qiaoer and the others did not expect it. Zheng Yuefen even shook her head and refused.

“You go back to the house and pack two pieces of clothes to take with you; don’t keep mom and big brother waiting.”

Zhao Donghe turned to talk to Zheng Yuefen with a warning in his eyes, not giving Jiang Liang and Zheng Songnian a chance to refuse.

When Zheng Yuefen saw her husband’s face, she knew she could not be stubborn. Last night he had already warned her, and if he made him unhappy today, she would no longer live well.


Jiang Liang didn’t know how to answer. It is reasonable to say that a daughter married off and spilt water, so she can’t go back to her mother’s house casually. But now that her daughter has made a mistake, because of her, the Zhao family has divided their home, and she didn’t teach her daughter well. If the Zhao family comes to the door to discuss it, the Zheng family will make an apology. Now that the son-in-law proposes to take her daughter back to her mother’s house for a few days, Jiang Liang really can’t say no.

“Okay, then go back to living there for a few days, Donghe, you have to pick up Yuefen early when you’re not busy, to save others from gossiping.”

She was really afraid that her son-in-law would throw her daughter to her mother’s house, and not pick her up for ten days and a half months, not to mention the shame, her own family must also be in a mess.

Zhao Donghe nodded and agreed, but only he knew what was in his heart.

After walking past the village’s entrance, Jiang Liang was angry and patted Zheng Yuefen’s back a few times.

“You’re just a smelly girl. Do you want me to be angry? Tell me what evil things I did in my last life. How did I give birth to you? You are so black-hearted and encouraged my nephew to do those immoral things. Do you have a conscience? Was your mother-in-law treating you badly? You had good food to eat and drink. Even the dog that was raised won’t bite people. I really regret not flooding you into the well when I first gave birth to you! “

When she was a kid, she just liked to be calculating, not a good match. She did not expect that after all these years, not a little growth, but also became a vicious woman, so she simply dared not recognize this girl was their own daughter.

She had a total of six children. The other children looked good. How come this one grew up with a crooked heart?

Zheng Yuefen carried the bag and did not speak. She was indeed obsessed at that time, but everyone can’t blame her for this. Even if she said anything, it didn’t cause any substantive harm to Heidan and Dong Jiahui. People have a mouth. Can’t they speak?

Fortunately, she didn’t shout out these words. If she did, her mother would have to spit blood angrily.

Zheng Songnian looked at the distant fields, not even willing to look at Zheng Yuefen or give him a glance. He and Zheng Yuefen, since they were kids, didn’t have a good relationship. They often quarreled, and he didn’t say anything. They also had a fight. Because he hated such unreasonable and unruly women, he deliberately looked for a wife who didn’t like to talk.

As a man, he is particularly sympathetic to his brother-in-law. When her sister and he got married, he thought that the boy looked good and talented. It’s a pity that Zheng Yuefen was such a woman. The days ahead are sure to fly by. It’s not surprising that she could live like this on such a good day. Her brain was pinched by the door.

Not to mention how Zheng Yuefen’s family was not welcome and sarcastic after Zheng Yuefen returned to her mother’s house, nor how Zhang Qiaoer took care of Dong Jiahui, it was said that the separation of the Zhao family soon spread in the village.

“Now there is no one to support her. Look at Zheng Yuefen’s future.”

“That’s not necessarily true. It’s said that the second family distributed more than 300 yuan and gave him another house, which was already good. “

“I didn’t think the Zhao family could come up with so much money at once. The eldest member of this Zhao family has really not taken less salary over the years.”

The Zhao family was very fast on the third day. They have begun to grill the wall and lay bricks; people were invited from the village Mason.

The Zhao family used to have three rooms in a row. Zhao Donglin and his family occupied two rooms. Zhao Donghe originally lived in the west wing. After the wall in the west was removed, another room was built on the right to form an inverted “L” shaped yard, and the walls on the other two sides were sealed, so it became two adjacent yards.

Zhang Yulan stood in her own yard to look at the Zhao family. Because the Zhao family wall had been knocked down, the yard was naturally directly exposed.

Seeing piles of river mud, sand, bricks, and tiles piled up in the Zhao family’s yard, and the tilers working feverishly, Zhang Yulan felt a little jealous.

The family is still living in an adobe house, but the Zhao family has already built a tile house.

Obviously, the two families were in similar situations a few years ago, but the Zhao family’s life was getting better and better.

She saw the Zhao family’s eldest daughter-in-law sitting under the eaves sewing clothes, wearing a begonia red plaid jacket, braided with a black and shiny twist braid. She had a fair face, her mouth was slightly raised. Zhang Yulan didn’t know what it meant to have a good time. The only thing she knew was that Jiahui made her eyes sting.

Zhang Yulan grunted and went back to the house. Zhang Yulan did not see Zheng Yuefen for a few days. She heard that she was sent back to her mother’s house. Although Zhang Yulan wanted to inquire why the Zhao family was separated, but now she couldn’t.

A few nights ago, she heard the sound of quarrels from the Zhao family, listening to the voices of Zheng Yuefen and Zhao Donglin.

She likes to see the Zhao family’s messy look, thinking that when Wang Mei was there, she didn’t lack “effort”.

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