Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 53.1

Chapter 53 Part 1

Zheng Yuefen stayed at her mother’s house for five days during which no one came to pick her up from the Zhao family. Zheng Yuefen asked someone to bring her a letter, and she received an answer. They said that the family was busy building a house and temporarily did not have time to come.

Zheng Yuefen, who got the reply, lived in her mother’s house at ease, ate ready-made food every day, and didn’t help with her family’s work. She also chose to eat good food. She doesn’t like wild vegetables and radishes and has to eat scrambled eggs.

Zheng Yuefen’s sister-in-law Yang Zhizi was a particularly honest and diligent woman. Every day she would work to earn points, do housework, take care of the children, and also laundry and cooking. The days were already busy enough. But now, she also has to serve her second sister-in-law, who was too good and too bad. Yang Zhizi has not said anything to complain about. Zheng Songnian was angry first. He wanted to find Zheng Yuefen to settle accounts, but he was held by Yang Zhizi.

“Forget it, it’s just a matter of two more dishes, and I’m not sure she’ll go home tomorrow.”

The Zhao family is a polite family. They won’t leave their wife in their mother’s house for too long.

Besides, it was not her first time seeing Zheng Yuefen’s temperament. When she first married into the Zheng family, Zheng Yuefen was still an unmarried girl at home.

“Don’t get accustomed to her. She really thought she was a Queen Mother. I do not think the reason why my brother-in-law let her back to her mother’s house to live was really for the sake of her. It is not too much to think that she would get in the way. He was afraid she would start trouble again at home. “

When the house was built, the family was in a mess. Zheng Yuefen was safe and sound. If she wasn’t stubborn and done something to her mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and nephew, her brother-in-law would not have cut people’s hearts.

Yang Zhizhi sighed. With this second sister-in-law, she also felt helpless.

So if she’s been married and had children, how can she not change? Even though she was scolded, she still did not listen. The appearance of a blue nose and a swollen face makes people unbearable.

“Forget it, it’s just a few days. Can she stay at her mother’s house all the time? She always brings things when she comes back, but she should at least return a few eggs. Besides, a few children will eat with her. “

If Zheng Songnian was not angry about a few eggs, and if Zheng Yuefen did not act like a demon, he could have killed a few chickens, not to mention a few eggs.

Even though his heart was angry, after listening to his wife’s persuasion, a few words also eliminated most of his anger, and he did not bother with Zheng Yuefen.

This day, Zheng Yuefen’s sister, Zheng Yueqin, came back. She had heard a few days earlier that her second sister had gone back to her mother’s house to live, but today she took the time to come back from a trip.

“Oh, it’s been a few days. No one has come to pick you up? I’m afraid that you are bothering them very much. So, they don’t want to come.

Jiang Liang has six children, three men and three women. Jiang Liang’s eldest daughter, Zheng Yuechun, was the kindest. Her second daughter, Zheng Yuefen, was a person who couldn’t afford to lose. Her third daughter, Zheng Yueqin, has a hot temper. Although she is four years younger than Zheng Yuefen, they didn’t lose a fight when they were young. As long as the two were present, there was no quiet time at home.

However, Zheng Yueqin is better than Zheng Yuefen. Although she had a hot temper, she had a good heart, a sweet mouth, and she was the youngest daughter in the family. Her parents naturally prefer her. Because of this favoritism, Zheng Yuefen is even more unhappy with her. Zheng Yueqin was bullied by her second sister when she was young, and she didn’t know how to resist until she grew up.

How can Zheng Yuefen tolerate her sister’s sarcasm about herself? She immediately replied, “My family is busy building a house. My family lives in a tiled roof house. Unlike some people, it’s either a lame father-in-law or a blind mother-in-law. When she goes back to her mother’s house, she can’t afford to buy a bag of sugar. She always has empty hands every time she goes. It’s good to laugh at others! “

It is said that cursing people do not reveal their shortcomings. Zheng Yueqin’s in-laws’ situation used to be good, but they don’t know what’s wrong in recent years. First, my father-in-law went up the mountain to collect firewood and broke his leg. Then my mother-in-law’s eyes became more and more blurred. She couldn’t see anything when she went to the town’s health center and prepared some medicine. The doctor asked him to go to a big hospital in the city. It cost dozens of Yuan, and they didn’t cure her. Later, several sons of the family’s workers didn’t mind spending money. Zheng Yueqin’s mother-in-law said she didn’t want to treat it. In fact, she was afraid of spending her children’s money.

As far as the elderly are concerned, they are old and can live day by day, but they are blind and can’t see. It’s not a fatal thing. They can’t drag down their children.

The days are naturally tenser now that the elderly couple is unable to work in the field; several sons take turns providing monthly food rations and money to purchase medicine on a regular basis. Zheng Yueqin has not been married for two years, and now there are two children under the family with a sick old man, so they can’t save anything throughout the year, so Zheng Yueqin doesn’t come back to buy anything, but every time she comes home, Jiang Liang will let her bring some things for her little girl.

Her life was really not as good as Zheng Yuefen’s life. This shortcoming was exposed by Zheng Yuefen. Zheng Yueqin immediately became angry with a red face.

“Hmph, okay, you’re great. Great to make a mistake and be driven back by your brother-in-law. I’ve already said this, with that kind of nature of yours, no one can get along with you. From childhood to adulthood, you are still not likeable.”

If what Zheng Yuefen just said is considered to expose Zheng Yueqin’s shortcomings, then this sentence was a poke at Zheng Yuefen’s soft spot.

When she was younger, she was really unlikeable; in order to get her parents’ attention, she frequently did things that could get their attention, but those things were more disliked, for reasons she sometimes doesn’t understand. Why do others always say she was wrong? Why can some things be done by others but not be done by her?

Just like the third sister, hugging her parents and pampering them to get a good-looking floral dress and a beautiful red headband. She just opened her mouth to fight for it, and they said she was calculating!

Zheng Yuefen took a step forward and pushed Zheng Yueqin as if she was back in her childhood when the two of them fought over a piece of fruit candy and a red-headed rope.

Zheng Yueqin was also not a coward. She immediately returned to the fire. She did not know Zheng Yuefen was pregnant; they only said that her second sister-in-law made a mistake in her mother-in-law’s house, so she went back to live in their mother’s house. They did not say that she was pregnant, so Zheng Yueqin did not show mercy. The two shoved each other, pulled each other’s hair, and finally, somehow, Zheng Yuefen was pushed to the ground.

Jiang Liang just saw her second daughter fall to the ground when she entered the yard. She was scared and ran over.

“What’s the matter? These two are really enemies. They hit each other as soon as they met! Come on Xiao Qin, have a look. Your second sister is pregnant. Don’t fall out for good or ill. “

Even though Zheng Yueqin’s face turned white with fear when she heard this, she didn’t want to get her into trouble. Besides, she really didn’t know about this!

Zheng Yuefen yelled in pain while holding her stomach. Jiang Liang and Zheng Yueqin, the mother and daughter, thought she was really hurt. Her face was swish white to help her into the house, give her a check, no sign of bleeding and only half of the heart.

Is everything okay? Does your stomach hurt? “

Just now, she was screaming, but now she is not screaming, because, after all, she has fallen. Mother and daughter do not dare relax completely.

Zheng Yuefen fell down and subconsciously covered her stomach. Her mother and little sister helped her into the house when she seriously felt it. In fact, her stomach did not hurt, but her arm hurt from the fall.

Hearing Zheng Yuefen says so, Jiang Liang patted her heart. She could not help but lecture, “You can grow some snacks. You do not know what situation you are in, but you also fought with people.” If you have a miscarriage in our family, how can we explain it to the Zhao family? Your sister still wants to be human!

Zheng Yuefen’s heart suddenly feel aggrieved, “You only worry about the family! You only worry about the third sister; you do not worry about me! “

If something really happened to her, the child would be lost and she would suffer, but her mother didn’t care at all; she was only worried about Zheng Yueqin, the damned little girl!

Jiang Liang paused. Of course, she also loves her second daughter, but she’s all right, and the person who did it is herself. If she remembers that she is a pregnant woman and doesn’t fight with Xiao Qin, can Xiao Qin take the initiative to push her?

It can only be said that many things have no ifs and assumptions. Even for mothers and daughters and sisters, their respective ideas are very different and cannot be unified.

Notlucia: The next chapter will be a big slap for Zheng Yuefen.

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