Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 53.2

Chapter 53 Part 2

Zhao’s house took a week to build. Before, it was three big houses. Now it is six houses, separated by a wall, so that the two brothers are still living on a piece of land, but also considered two families.

Zhao Donghe was finishing up at home when his mother came in through the courtyard door.

The two brothers are still living in the same house, but now they are separated by a wall, and their mother has to knock on the door like a guest.

“How is the cleanup? Do you want me to help?”

Zhang Qiaoer looked around in the courtyard; those turn-head tiles and so on had been cleaned up, only the kitchen was still a bit messy.

“No, I can do it myself.”

Zhang Qiaoer nodded, and after a few seconds of silence, she asked about Zheng Yuefen.

“She has lived there for several days. When our family is not busy, I’ll go and pick her up. She shouldn’t always live in her mother’s house so that people would not talk about her. “

Zhang Qiaoer really didn’t like her daughter-in-law Zheng Yuefen. Before, she was just thinking of good food and being lazy, but now she had a vicious mind. However, for Shitou’s sake and for the sake of the child in her stomach, Zhang Qiaoer can only “take it easy” and divide her family. In the future, there should be less work for each of them.

Zhao Donghe did not stop the work in his hand and gave a hint.

He no longer expects Zheng Yuefen to change for the better, after the separation of the family. How would he live his life? He also has no idea. He is truly tired of the daily bickering. Obviously, two years before the marriage, she is not like this, since when did she start to slowly change herself?

Zhang Qiaoer sighed and took out a stack of banknotes from her pocket, which was agreed upon at the time of the family separation, it was more than 300 yuan from the public money.

A few days ago, there were many things at home. The second daughter-in-law went back to her mother’s house again. Zhang Qiaoer didn’t care about it.

“Take it, I can give so much. This money is not too much and not too little, enough for you two to live.”

Zhao Donghe wiped his hands and took them from Zhang Qiaoer’s hand and squeezed it in his hand.

“This money… are you keeping it for yourself or for Yuefen?”

“I will keep it myself.”

Zhang Qiao’er was then relieved.

“I also do not want to interfere with the affairs between you and your wife, but this Yuefen, if you go back and forth, it’s not a good life. You have to take care of it.”

For example, cooking. Zheng Yuefen has not cooked much in all these years. Her cooking was worse than pig food. Zhang Qiaoer thought of this and felt sorry for her son and grandson. She thought they might suffer in the future.

“Mom, it’s okay, this time I’ll get her back, I’ll live a good life.”

After leaving her hanging for a few days, she should be at her limit. Zhao Donghe was going to pick her up today.

“All right, you have a good life. It’s still my fault. I found this wife for you. Another one was always thinking about home and everything. She didn’t break her temper when she entered the door at the beginning.”

Zhao Donghe smiled bitterly. His mother took it for granted that he could break it. He said a lot of good and bad things over the years. Did she ever listen?

Just care about it. Many couples don’t live with one eye open and one eye closed. But this time, Zheng Yuefen really touched his bottom line. The women with who he had slept together every day have such vicious thoughts, which is difficult for him to accept.

Zhao Donghe did not want his mother to follow his worries, so he comforted her, “Mom, this has nothing to do with you; her nature was just like this.” She bullies the weak and is terrified of the stronger. If she doesn’t knock for a few days, she will go to the house to uncover the tiles. “

Some things can’t be blamed on others. He has a great responsibility to live like this. When there was a sign at the beginning, he should go out mercilessly. In the final analysis, he was too soft on her.

A lot of men in the village take pleasure in teaching women a lesson. After drinking wine, they beat them up. They quarreled and beat them up. He just doesn’t want to give himself that ugly look. Now it seems that he still hasn’t taught her enough lessons.

“Say your greetings to your brother and sister-in-law. Your wife has offended your brother this time. “

Otherwise, the eldest cannot directly mention the separation of the family.

“I know, I have apologized.”

The eldest brother was not angry with him, but the eldest brother also said that if Zheng Yuefen made trouble again in the future, he would not spare it so easily.

“There are few misfortunes for a good wife and husband. You can understand it. “

Zhao Donglin also sent this sentence to his brother Donghe, since the family has been separated. There would be two families. He looked forward to his brother living a good life, but he did not involve himself too much. As he said, as long as Zheng Yuefen doesn’t cause trouble in the future, he won’t care too much about those things in the past. It’s in the faces of his brother and nephew.

After the family cleaned up, Zhao Donghe went to the Zheng family. He brought two bottles of wine, and his father-in-law and brother-in-law drank them and had a good time.

Zheng Yuefen was happy to see him coming for her. Finally, she was able to go back. In fact, she was uncomfortable living in her mother’s house.

At the dinner table, Zheng Lao Han greeted his son-in-law with a glass of wine, “Dong He, I’m sorry, I didn’t teach the child well, and I’ve caused a lot of trouble for your family.”

“This is her temperament in this life. I don’t expect her to get better. If you can bear it, you can bear it more. If you can go teach her a lesson, we won’t blame you. “

How can the Zheng family talk like this? They tell their son-in-law directly that if he can’t stand their daughter. Zheng Yuefen’s family won’t blame him for beating her. It can be seen that Zheng Yuefen’s temper has been worn to the point that even her family can’t stand it.

This time back, Zheng Yuefen was really quiet for a few days and didn’t have any more trouble. At the same time, Jiahui, who had been pregnant for two months, began to have an early pregnancy reaction. She had no appetite. She felt sick when she smelled the food she didn’t like. The first thing to do when she got up every morning was to spit in a basin and make Zhao Donglin anxious.

“Some of them are even worse than Jiahui’s vomiting, but there’s nothing we can do about it, so we can just get through these two months.”

Zhang Qiao’er was worried about her daughter-in-law, but she also comforted her son, and every day she cooks for Jiahui in different ways, but whenever she wants to eat something, she immediately makes arrangements, and when she heard that there was some folk prescription to stop vomiting, and went to ask for it.

However, many of the “folk prescriptions and good medicines” obtained by her mother-in-law are herbs. She dares not use them. There are three kinds of poison. Who knows what they are? It’s OK if they are not poisonous, but what if they are poisonous?

Zhao Donglin frowned and saw that his wife had lost weight. Originally, she didn’t have much meat. Now he was so thin that she would fall down when the wind blew. He was distressed.

“Then what to do? Just eat and throw up. Eating is not a problem.”

The second sister-in-law was pregnant at about the same time as her sister-in-law, and her appetite was so good and had no reaction.

These days, the East makes Jiahui food and sends it to the West. Although Zheng Yuefen is divided, Zheng Yuefen is pregnant after all, and Zhang Qiaoer still takes care of her baby.

“I think the second sister-in-law has a good appetite. She didn’t vomit at all.”

And Meixiang’s second sister-in-law was very enthusiastic every time she gives food and praises her craft as getting better and better.

“She, holding the rice bowl can eat a few pots, her face was as rounded as a circle, this is only a few months ah, I do not know how fat she will become in the future.”

Zhang Qiaoer is not worried about Zheng Yuefen because she not only has a good appetite but also gave birth to Shitou. Her body was also strong. Unlike Jiahui, it makes people panic.

This morning, Zheng Yuefen got up early to go to the toilet, and she found herself bleeding. She was scared, so she hurriedly called Zhao Donghe. She thought that she had a miscarriage, Zhao Donghe rushed to the east and borrowed the bicycle from his brother. He rushed to take her to the town’s health clinic.

The doctor with a stethoscope gave Zheng Yuefen an examination, pressed the stomach, asked some professional questions, and also let her go for a urine test.

“You are not pregnant. The test result was negative, not positive, so you didn’t have a miscarriage. You’re just having your period normally. “

The doctor’s diagnosis seems like a thunderstorm, Zhao Donghe was also shocked and speechless. In this period of time, although the family was messy, he was also sincerely looking forward to the child. Shitou is already three years old, it is time to add another brother or sister, but the doctor said Zheng Yuefen was not pregnant, so what is this burst of trouble? The monkey show?

“How can it be menstruation? The village doctor Wu clearly said I was pregnant!”

Zheng Yuefen could not accept this result. She excitedly shouted and the doctor frowned and asked her to be quiet.

“Comrade, this is a hospital, the test results are not wrong, please accept the reality. Furthermore, this is a new era, the old set of Chinese medicine is outdated, taking a pulse is not 100% accurate. Whether you are pregnant or not, this tells you to believe in medicine, believe in our scientific diagnosis and treatment instruments, next time you encounter this kind of thing, remember to come to the hospital for a test, the test results are 100% reliable.”

In terms of Chinese medicine, a woman with slippery veins does have the possibility of pregnancy, but it is not an item of pregnancy. Phlegm and dampness vertigo, anemia, accumulated food, etc. can also appear with a slippery pulse, so doctors often make judgments in conjunction with each other’s physical reactions, such as menopause, nausea, etc.

She was pregnant! Zheng Yuefen could not accept this answer, she was pregnant! Her appetite is good these days and her belly is getting bigger. How can she not be pregnant?

And she really didn’t have her period last month.

“The fact that you’re stirring things up doesn’t change the reality. It’s common for women to have menstrual disorders, and since it came this month, it means there’s no big problem. In addition, your belly is big because you have eaten too much fat, if you are really pregnant, this is only a few months, it is not yet time to show.”

At that time, Dr. Wu took Zheng Yuefen’s pulse and made it clear that her pulse was slippery, but she had to go to the hospital to confirm if she was pregnant. After all, the conditions in the village were too poor to do further tests.

Moreover, Dr. Wu usually does not give people a pulse, but also, for the sake of being in the same village, he did it for her once, not knowing that there would be a problem in the future.


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