Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 53.3

Chapter 53 Part 3 

Zhao Donghe took Zheng Yuefen back to the village and sent the bicycle next door. The family was worried.

What’s wrong? Is everything okay? “

Zhao Donghe’s chest becomes stuffy from this farce. Looking at his mother with a bitter smile and telling the story, the whole family was shocked.

“Not pregnant! My goodness, what’s going on?! What kind of sins did our Zhao family commit in their last life? “

Jiahui simply did not know how to describe it. How could this kind of nonsense happen to Zheng Yuefen? She simply suspects that Zheng Yuefen was the reincarnation of the broom spirit. She was like a disaster.

Zhao Donghe went to work in the field, and Zheng Yufen was more and more unhappy at home. She went out to settle accounts with Doctor Wu. She said that his poor medical skills had humiliated her and she asked him to compensate her.

Many people gathered around to see if Dr. Wu’s face was blue with anger.

The most taboo thing for doctors was for people to say that their medical skills were not good, not to mention that their family had been barefoot doctors for generations. This is just smashing their jobs and damaging their reputations.

“At that time, I clearly reminded you to go to the hospital for an examination. It was you who said that you didn’t have any menstruation. I said, “the possibility of pregnancy according to your pulse and didn’t give you a definite answer.”

Doctor Wu has a good temper. Although he is angry, he is still good-natured and explains it to her, but the scholar meets the soldier. Even if he was, to tell the truth. Zheng Yuefen was determined to mess around, and no one could stop her.

“Aunt, go and see! Yuefen and Doctor Wu are quarrelling! “

Zhang Yulan shouted to Zhang Qiaoer and Zhao Donghe in the field. As soon as they heard Zheng Yuefen making trouble again, they hurried to the office of Doctor Wu.

“You compensate my child! Quack Dotor! Pay for my child! “

Zhao Donghe ran fast and heard Zheng Yuefen’s cries as he reached the door. His head flared up. In the hospital, he lost his face once, so he dragged her back. He was too lazy to talk nonsense with her and went out to work, but he did not expect her to make trouble again!

In the house, Dr. Wu stood with a stern face, while Zheng Yuefen sat on the ground with a snotty nose and a tear while howling. There were many pointing people, including those from their team and others.

Zhao Donghe walked over and pulled Zheng Yuefen up and shouted, “What are you doing? Was this still not embarrassing enough for you? “

“He was wrong. He said I was pregnant. Donghe, I really did not lie to you. I did not lie to you!

Zhao Donghe gritted his teeth. For a moment, he really wanted to slap her to death, but he finally held back.

At this time, cheated or not cheated, was it still important? He didn’t say anything. He just wanted her to stop making trouble, but she was in a hurry to get these shameful things out. It was good that no one knew about it. Now it’s good! She directly spread it all over the commune.

Zhao Donghe took Zheng Yuefen and said many sorry words to Doctor Wu. Doctor Wu looked at Zheng Yuefen, who was sniffing. He always felt that everything was going wrong today. He was hit by bird excrement when he came out of the door, but he couldn’t do anything about the bird.

“Forget it. Maybe she can’t accept the reality for a while. Half of it was my fault. I shouldn’t have read her pulse in the beginning. I’m here today. Don’t look for me again when you are pregnant. If something happens, go to the town’s hospital. This kind of life is a matter of life and death. I cannot afford to pay the responsibility. “

The meaning of the words is naturally understood by everyone.

The incident of Zheng Yuefen’s pregnancy soon spread throughout the team. It was not much, but she quarrelled with Dr. Wu. What is the status of Dr. Wu? Can Zheng Yuefen compare with him?

“Oh, it’s too funny. The doctor said her belly was too big because she ate too much and accumulated food. I’ve never heard of anyone making a joke out of pregnancy. “

“That’s right. Doctor Wu told her to go to the hospital to check, but she did not go. She announced it to the whole world. She still wanted to ride roughshod over people at home with her stomach. This kind of woman, ah, she really has no brain. “

Zhang Yulan laughed, “She has always been such a person. Stupid, she thinks that everyone should surround her. I heard that the Zhao family separated because Zheng Yuefen wanted to harm the belly of Donglin’s wife. That’s why Donglin brought up the separation of the family.

This is a family scandal. The Zhao family, including the Zhao Mancang family, naturally will not say anything. Zhang Yulan also happened to listen to Zhang Qiaoer gossip with her sisters-in-law. Who would have thought Zheng Yuefen could be so stupid? She just casually mentioned the possibility of Dong Jiahui not being pregnant. Who would have thought Zheng Yuefen would really encourage Heidan?

The crowd of wives stared in disbelief, “Really? Zheng Yuefen is so vicious! “

Zhang Yulan laughed and said, “No, she also instigated Heidan not to recognize his stepmother. Her mind is very bad.”

Everyone was stunned!

“Oh, my God, who’s been looking for such a woman for eight lifetimes? What a good guy Donghe was in those days. Why did he find Zheng Yuefen? “

“Zheng Yuefen is good-looking and eloquent. At that time, she was cheating on them. Who can know whether the other party’s conscience was black or red at the first sight? “

“It’s also true. You should pay a good visit when you get married in the future. You can’t find such an out-of-tune woman. “

Zheng Yuefen cried at home for two days and did not go out, Zhao Donghe also did not care about her, Shitou was sent over to the east with his grandmother.

Zhang Qiaoer has nothing to say to his wife. She only hoped that in the future, her son and grandson could live well. As for Zheng Yuefen, she didn’t have the leisure to care for her.

Many people asked her about Zheng Yuefen’s pregnancy these last two days. She lost face with many people. They said it was “the second wife of the Zhao family” and “Zhang Qiaoer’s daughter-in-law.” What a way to call her.

There are also people who pretend to be kind and remind her to take the eldest daughter-in-law to the hospital to check and don’t make a mess out of it. Zhang Qiaoer turned around. They just wanted to see a good show! I do not want to do what you want. You’ll be the eldest’s wife, and this time she’ll give birth to a strong and solid boy for others to see.

When Zheng Yuefen calmed down and went to work, she found that everyone looked at her strangely. She thought it was about a fake pregnancy and pulled others to explain it. The other party sneered, “I heard you encouraged your nephew to harm her stepmother. I have to stay away from such a wicked-hearted person.

Zheng Yuefen froze. She did not expect this to be spread out either.

“Who said this? They are all slanderous words. How can I do such a thing? “

The other party was suspicious, “You really didn’t do it? Then why did your family suddenly split up? “

Zheng Yuefen’s brain turned around a few times, but for a while, she couldn’t really think of any reason.

“Hmph, you still say you didn’t, but I think you did it. Yulan is right, you are wicked-hearted and stupid. “

After saying that, the other party turned around and left, leaving Zheng Yuefen, who was glaring at her, then biting her lips. She finally ran away in anger.

Later, Zheng Yuefen was beaten by Zhang Yulan’s husband for throwing faeces on Zhang Yulan, the two families completely fell out, Zhao Donghe could no longer tolerate what Zheng Yuefen did and made up his mind to divorce, Zheng Yuefen naturally refused to do so for several months, no matter how the Zheng family kept coming to the door to make peace, but they also failed to change Zhao Donghe’s determination.

“We were husband and wife. You are really so cruel! Do you think you can be like your brother and find another one after a divorce? Look at Heidan’s condition. Do you want our Shitou to become like Heidan in the future? “

It’s okay not to mention Heidan. Zhao Donghe sneered when he mentioned Heidan. “For the change of Heidan, do you not know it in your heart? If you didn’t talk nonsense in front of the child, could he be like this? “

They give her a chance again and again, and she won’t repent again and again. If it weren’t for the kindness of his sister-in-law, Heidan would have been abandoned. What would he do to accompany her brother and son?

“A woman like you is not qualified to be a mother at all. I’m afraid that Shitou will learn from you. As long as you agree to divorce, I’ll give you 200 yuan for parting. After each remarried, do not interfere with each other. “

Zheng Yue and others really don’t want to leave. Not to mention that she has had feelings for Zhao Donghe for so many years. After divorce, where can she find such a good family like the Zhao family or such a good man like Donghe?

But Zhao Donghe did not relent, and none of the in-laws came forward to help her to say good things. As long as she was divorced, the villagers would point at her, and she finally had no choice but to go back to her mother’s family.

“You are the first woman to divorce in our village. Our Zheng family was famous because of you. You are a disgrace to the family.

Zheng Songnian coldly looked at Zheng Yuefen. He was not willing to accept Zheng Yuefen back. What was her nature? No one knew better than him.

“There is no place for you to live at home. There is a pigsty outside. Go and live there if you like.”

This is too cruel. Yang Zhizhi moved her lips to persuade him, but she thought of her second sister-in-law’s temperament and stopped and let her husband say it.

“I don’t think that my son-in-law will let go. What do you think? You can’t live at home. Your brother doesn’t agree. I have to listen to your brother’s meaning. In my opinion, you might as well go and ask for Donghe’s forgiveness again. It’s really impossible. We can only find another one for you. If you say you live alone and don’t rely on anyone, I don’t care. “

Jiang Liang was on her son’s side. After all, she relies on her son to provide for the elderly. Moreover, if the daughter was really wronged and divorced, it’s all right. But she made her life like this by herself. Even her own mother can’t control her temperament.

Zheng Yuefen sat paralyzed in front of her house. She was finally regretting what she had done, but unfortunately, no one was willing to give her the opportunity to change.

After a year, Zhao Donghe and Zheng Yuefen officially divorced. Zhao Donghe gave her two hundred yuan, as he had promised.

“Donghe, I really know that I was wrong. Are you so cruel and refuse to give me a chance? “

Shitou did not come. Zhang Qiaoer was afraid that the divorce of the two would have an impact on Shitou, like what happened to Heidan. So, after the formalities, Zheng Yuefen did not even have the opportunity to hug Shitou and could only watch from afar.

Zhao Donghe’s heart is very calm. For this half-year, he thought a lot. He was really tired of the days when chickens flew and dogs jumped. Zheng Yuefen said that she knew her mistake and would change. Zhao Donghe believed that she did have a trace of repentance, but he also knew that this trace of repentance could not last for the rest of her life.

Zhao Donghe has already thought about it. He doesn’t want to find any more wives in the future. So, he will take Shitou with him. If Shitou asks about his mother, he will say that his mother was dead.

“You take care of yourself in the future, I’m leaving.”

After he said so, Zhao Donghe walked away. Zhao Donghe was still young, his back was still straight, and he had thick eyebrows and big eyes. He was a handsome young man, but his eyebrows were slightly depressed and sad. He didn’t understand why life had become like this. When did the palpitations become a cold wind?


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