Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 54

Chapter 54

On May 28, 1977, at the town health centre, Jiahui gave birth to a boy named Fang Fang, safely.

The family was very happy about the arrival of Fang Fang. When Jiahui came out of the delivery room, Zhao Donglin held Jiahui’s hand. His eyes were red because of staying up late and worrying. He had too much to say, but Donglin didn’t have the heart to say anything because of the presence of other people. He only said six words. “Thank you for your hard work.”

Zhang Qiaoer couldn’t close her mouth when she saw her little grandson. First, Jiahui added another son to her eldest. On the other hand, Jiahui’s smooth production blocked many people’s mouths, and those rumours could be ended.

“Jiahui, you are really good. Seven kilograms and two liang, the baby is strong.”

Jiahui nodded weakly. In the later stages of pregnancy, she tried to control her diet, but the family always asked her to make more supplements, and she wasn’t even able to eat less. In the end, she not only failed to control her weight but also gained a few kilograms more than expected.

Although she didn’t mention it to anyone, before giving birth, she was actually very worried. A while ago, she saw the news that pregnant women were facing danger because of giving birth. In this era of underdeveloped medicine and fundamental medical equipment, she was really worried that she would be in danger. Fortunately, she was safe in the end.

“Come on, you’re hungry. Hurry up and eat something to pad your stomach. We have kept it warm on the stove and waited for you to come out. “

It was a small pot of steaming chicken soup. In order to let Jiahui eat hot food at any time, Zhang Qiaoer brought the family’s briquette stove to the hospital. The chicken soup was made by Mei Xiang at home and she sent it over to the hospital. At that time, Jiahui was still in the delivery room. Zhang Qiaoer had built the briquette stove and it had been warmed.

Just after giving birth, Jiahui was very tired. What she wanted to do most was to have a good sleep. She didn’t have much appetite, but her mother-in-law treated herself so carefully that Jiahui was embarrassed to turn down her mother-in-law’s offer.

Zhao Donglin helped Jiahui sit up. He set up a small table for her and served her half a bowl of chicken soup and chicken meat.

“Thank you, mom.”

Zhang Qiao’er laughed, “Silly child, what is there to thank? “Hurry up and eat. Finish eating this and take a nap. “

Jiahui hummed and bowed her head to drink the soup. Zhao Donglin smiled and stood aside. He sat on the hospital bed beside his wife. There was the crib next to her, and her little son, Fang Fang, was lying there. The weather in May was not cold nor hot; the morning light spilt into the house through the window; the scene was too beautiful and made him feel incomparably happy.

“Look at Fang Fang’s little mouth. It’s pink and beady. It looks like you.”

On the second day after delivery, Chen Guixiang took care of Jiahui at the hospital. Since Jiahui was admitted to the hospital for childbirth, she was there. She ate brown sugar eggs, millet porridge, and the chicken soup that was brought over by Zhang Qiaoer in a different order.

Jiahui was still a bit weak today, but she had already started to get out of bed and walk around, but her whole body was covered tightly, impermeable, fearing that she would suffer for the rest of her life if she didn’t sit well for a month.

She was extremely glad that the time of her birth was in May. If it was in the summer, she may as well have died from the heat.

There were no electric fans or air conditioners. How painful it would be to sit in confinement in a hot summer.

After feeding Fang Fang with milk, Fang Fang lay on her side. This is a beautiful baby who everyone praises. He has a white face, soft and dense hair, closed eyes, long eyelashes, and he looks like a little angel who landed on earth. As long as she looks at him, Jiahui’s heart became soft. She just wants to hold him in her arms and love him well.

It is said that when you became a mother, it was exactly the time when a mother knows the meaning of life. That is, when the child is born, you are willing to pay for his lifetime of hard work.

Jiahui gently held his little hand and silently said, “Mom will work hard and will definitely give you a bright future.”

So that you can also rely on your father and mother’s wealth in the future.

“I can’t drink it anymore. Mom, you guys drink it too. “

It was a large pot of pork rib soup. How could she eat it all by herself?

“Eat more. You can’t feed your child until you’re full. He has to drink your milk. “

Jiahui couldn’t help but worry that she hadn’t gotten enough milk. She reluctantly drank two more mouthfuls. When she couldn’t hold a little in her stomach, she stopped.

“You gave birth to Fang Fang. What is the attitude of the two children at home?”

It was difficult to be a stepmother. In the past two years, Jiahui’s attitude towards Heidan and Yingbao has been seen by everyone’s eyes. It is rare for someone to be dutiful and responsible and act as if they were their own mother. But children are different from adults. They talk about feelings rather than the truth. If you are good to them, they will accept you. They are the ones who are most afraid that a warm-hearted heart will turn into cold water.

Yingbao was fine; she had no recollection of Jiahui marrying into the Zhao family. She has always been Jiahui’s mother. Heidan was different. He was seven years old this year. He can’t be coaxed or cheated. In addition, Chen Guixiang was really worried about Zheng Yuefen.

“Very good. Meixiang brought them to see me yesterday, and they liked Fang Fang. They all look forward to us leaving the hospital and going back home.

Yingbao is two years old. Although she doesn’t speak much, she knows everything. After seeing Fang Fang, she said in a low voice, “Mom, brother, go home.”

Everyone found it funny. They teased her and asked, “Does Yingbao like her brother?”

She nodded her head seriously and said she liked it.

As for Heidan, it was obvious that he was very fond of Fang Fang, but he didn’t show it as much as Yingbao did.

Heidan has already started going to elementary school after a year. Because Jiahui tutored him at home, his academic performance was among the best. The teacher said that with his current level of knowledge, he can reach the third grade, Jiahui and Zhao Donglin considered it, but for the time being, they did not let Heidan skip a grade. He had to first build a solid foundation.

Although he is still as quiet as he was when he was a child, he was very gentle and polite to Jiahui. He often helps her with household chores during Jiahui’s pregnancy.

Although many people said that Heidan remembered his own mother, he was poorly raised. As you can see, he doesn’t call Jiahui “Mother” and so on. But Jiahui never cared about these. It’s just a title, which is not important to her.

The reason she was good to Heidan was that she was married to Zhao Donglin and was good to him for the sake of Zhao Donglin. She doesn’t ask for a return, but she only asks for a clear conscience, out of love and care for the children.

This difference was clearer after birth. One is responsible care, and the other is maternal love taken care of in the palm of her hand. In the future, she will strive to be impartial, but deep inside, she will certainly be more affectionate towards her own. Just like Heidan, he respects her and is polite to her, but he will never hug her. I never want to act like a baby in her arms.

Time passes quickly, especially with a little baby at home and the daily hustle and bustle of caring for him, watching him change day by day, across the summer and into late autumn.

At the end of October, the country’s major newspapers, magazines, and radio stations announced to the people of the country the resumption of the college entrance examination and revealed that it would be held nationwide in a month, with a unified examination and merit-based admissions.

The news stated that all workers and peasants, youths who went to the countryside and returned to the countryside as educated youth, demobilized soldiers, cadres, and fresh high school graduates could take part in this movement to resume the college entrance examination.

The news exploded nationwide, and all aspiring young people who met the policy were ecstatic. Ten years had passed, and the country had finally regained its spring of respect for knowledge and talent, and the sky covered by dark clouds had finally cleared.

Zhao Donglin received news of the resumption of college entrance exams. When he received the news, his heart thumped. He remembered a year ago that Jiahui had a theory and she mentioned the “resumption of college entrance exams.” At that time, he thought Jiahui’s theory had some truth in it, but he did not expect the resumption of college entrance exams to become a reality so soon.

He always knew that his wife was an extremely intelligent woman. She could keep accounts, use an abacus, teach children some enlightenment, write good words, and tell many stories. However, he didn’t know that she could even guess the direction of national policy so accurately.

Before Zhao Donglin went home to tell Jiahui about this, Mei Xiang, who had received the news from her classmates, darted into the courtyard.

Sister-in-law, have you heard? The country is going to resume the college entrance examination. All eligible people can register and participate. Many students in our class have said they want to take the test! “

Meixiang now completely admires her sister-in-law. A year ago, her sister-in-law asked her to study more and read more books. She said that opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. Learning more can always come in handy.

Under the leadership of her sister-in-law, she revisited the knowledge she gained from the junior and senior high school lessons.

There was no newspaper at home, so Jiahui really did not know the news, but she was not surprised. She already knew that the resumption of college entrance examinations was going to be this year, she just couldn’t determine the specific time.

“So do you want to register?”

Meixiang sat down and took Fang Fang from Jiahui’s arms. After hearing Jiahui’s question, her eyes were both lonesome and perplexed.

“I also want to, but there is some uncertainty in my heart. It’s very contradictory. I do not want to miss the opportunity, but at the same time, I am a little worried. I am afraid that I will not do well in the examination, but I am also afraid that my family will not agree.”

After saying that, Meixiang asked Jiahui

Then sister-in-law, will you participate? These two years you have been reading books. Do you still want to continue to go to college? “

In terms of learning, Meixiang believes that her sister-in-law can pass, but her sister-in-law gave birth to Fang Fang, and Fang Fang was still so small. If her sister-in-law takes the college entrance examination, will her eldest brother and mother support her sister-in-law in going to school?

“Of course I will. I have been waiting for this day. I will tell you, in the future, our country will become more and more powerful, more and more progressive. Even if we are in the countryside, we have to be educated and knowledgeable young people who can contribute to rural construction, not those who can’t do anything but waste time. “

“So will big brother agree?”

Jiahui winked at her, “guess?”

Mei Xiang smiled, “I can’t guess that.”

Big Brother loves his sister-in-law and usually agrees with whatever she says, but this is a big deal, after all, not to mention that Fang Fang was still so young. So she can’t really guess what her big brother was thinking.

Fang Fang was in Meixiang’s arms. For a moment, he looked at Jiahui, who was talking, and for a moment, he looked at Meixiang, who was talking. Seeing that no one was paying attention to him, he stretched out his little hand and touched Meixiang’s face. He said something in his mouth. Meixiang grabbed his hand and kissed him.

“We also want to talk to you, so you have to grow up quickly.”

Fang Fang laughed. The big, round, grape-like eyes reflected Meixiang’s face clearly, making people love it and feel that no amount of love is enough.

In the evening, Jiahui discussed with Zhao Donglin the college entrance examination. She clearly expressed her desire to participate.

Zhao Donglin went to a meeting in town today. Knowing that the state attaches special importance to this examination, he did not directly raise objections but mentioned his young son.

“Fang Fang is still so young. Do you really want to leave him? If you have to go to school, the child must not see you for a long time. Apart from going there alone, I do not feel at ease. “

In addition to the children, he could imagine his wife leaving their home for a few months.

Zhao Donglin’s hand was held by Jiahui who was in the dark. “Who said I wanted to go there alone? I wanted to go with you. I read the newspaper. All workers, farmers, educated youth who went to the mountains and countryside, demobilized soldiers, cadres, and fresh high school graduates can participate in the activity of resuming the college entrance examination. You are both demobilized soldiers and cadres in the village. “

“Our country now lacks a large number of talents; we are also considered aspiring youths. I have to learn more knowledge to serve our motherland. When we have achieved something, can we make greater contributions to the country? When you return to the village with new horizons and knowledge, we will make our village better and richer. “

It goes without saying that Jiahui’s words were really inspiring. At least on this dark night, Zhao Donglin was moved for a moment.

He went to the army as a teenager to find a better way out for his family, and if he was put in the present, he would definitely be willing to continue studying.

His heart was moved, but Zhao Donglin still considered the reality of the situation. There were three children at home, and even if Heidan was older and could take care of himself, Yingbao and Fang Fang were still young. How can their parents bring them there?

“I also thought about this. Let’s go to a university in our province, take our parents and children with us, and rent a house outside. Not only for us, but I also want to encourage Meixiang to take the exam. Let me tell you, Meixiang is such a good girl; she is young, good-looking, kind-hearted, and smart. It’s a waste for her to marry someone and stay in the countryside all her life. If she goes to college, she can choose a young talent, and her life will be different from now.

The prospect of Jiahui’s description is very good and operable, but Zhao Donglin did not lose his reason under such a description.

Over the past ten years, too many educated youths have been wasted. This time, many people will choose to participate in the college entrance examination. The competition was undoubtedly clear. Moreover, the examination time was one month later. He can’t prepare himself for the examination at such an urgent time. Even if he has studied well, he doesn’t have this certainty.

He fell into a deep tangle in his heart. The times are developing, and the college entrance examination meets the needs of the times. As Jiahui said, the country is in urgent need of talents. Everything will become very different after receiving higher education at university.

But if he didn’t go, how could he be assured when his wife was away from home and living alone? This uneasiness is not based on distrust of his wife, but purely out of reluctance to see her.

He wrapped his arms around Jiahui and unconsciously tightened his arms.

Although Jiahui didn’t know what he was thinking inside, she could more or less guess. She opened her mouth in time and gave him a killer mace.

“We are not doing it for ourselves alone, but also for our children.” If we had a better life, our children’s starting points would have become higher than ours, and their horizons would have broadened. For our children’s future, we have to try. “

That night, Zhao Donglin lost sleep.

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