Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 57

Chapter 57

Zhao Donglin and Jiahui applied for the science subject together. The scientific exploration subject tests political science, Chinese, mathematics, and science. Aside from that, Jiahui also added another foreign language. Meixiang applied to the liberal arts, politics, Chinese, mathematics, and literature.

The examination papers are independently presented by each province. Therefore, the examination papers of each province were different, and the emphasis and knowledge points were also different.

In the first Chinese test, although Jiahui had a hunch before the test that the subject of this test would not be too difficult because most candidates lacked foundation, Jiahui still felt like it was a dream when she looked at the content of the paper.

There were no multiple-choice questions on the paper; they were all realistic questions.

The first item is a phonetic notation, which marks the sentence “treating comrades as warm as spring.” The second item was to analyze sentences and point out parts of speech such as nouns and verbs. The third item was rhetorical techniques. The fourth item was to analyze a poem by Chairman Mao. The last item was a composition for 60 points; choose one of the two topics: “at a boiling age” or “talking about youth”.

The whole test paper is at the level of a junior high school student in the future, like phonetic symbols and other test points, which have been studied since first grade.

This paper is not difficult for Jiahui, and the test time was long enough. She took out a pen filled with ink and began to answer the questions in a leisurely manner.

People at this age generally practice No matter how they study, they first have to practise good handwriting. Fortunately, Jiahui took a calligraphy class when she was a child. She started with a basic small regular script, wrote it one stroke at a time, and finished a test paper. The surface of the paper is clean and tidy.

The supervisor passed behind her and accidentally glanced at the clean paper and was attracted to it. The supervisor was curious and stood behind her, looking at Jiahui’s test paper. He found out that all the answers Jiahui gave to the questions were right.

“Dong Jiahui, No. 2 Middle School in Jiangkou County.”

The supervisor read the name silently from the bottom of his heart. He used to be a teacher at No. 1 Middle School in the county. During the turmoil, he was labeled a labor reformer. After the collapse of the Gang of 4, all localities carried out a movement to bring order out of chaos. Only then was he released. He is in his fifties. He has taught and educated people all his life. Even if he has suffered hardships and suffered losses, his love for talent will not be reduced.

After the Chinese examination finished, politics followed. In recent years, Jiahui has already memorized a “Red Treasure Book,” not to mention Zhao Donglin, a political expert at home. The test questions have nothing to do with Jiahui.

The second supervisor was still the same old teacher. The school’s manpower was not enough, so he has to spend the day here today. Of course, the government does not let the supervising teachers work too hard. They were given a subsidy of one yuan for each examination they supervised. If they calculated the money they earned today, it would be plenty.

This time he deliberately stood behind Jiahui to look at her answers, and he found that Jiahui’s answers were still very good. Unless he was serious and picky, he really couldn’t pick anything wrong.

He kept a close eye on all of the examinees in the examination room. Whether it was the last Chinese or this political situation, the examinee named Dong Jiahui had the highest accuracy in answering questions.

Jiahui didn’t know that she had been noticed by the supervisor. Even when the teachers communicated privately, someone mentioned her name. Looking at her all day, even if the topic was simple, made her a little dizzy. It was torture to reach out and take a pen in such a cold classroom on such a cold day.

Zhao Donglin was the first to arrive at the school gate, the agreed place to meet up, and Jiahui was the second to arrive.

How’s it going? Are you tired? “

He grabbed Jiahui’s hand and put it in his palm to warm it. He looked straight at Jiahui’s face and saw that her face was a little pale and distressed.

“A little bit. I’m hungry. “

Zhao Donglin smiled and reached out to scrape the tip of her nose. Let’s eat when we’re hungry. Let’s go when Meoxiang comes. “

This time the sky has darkened. There’s no bus for the county to the town. If he comes alone, he’ll probably go back all night. Dozens of kilometers were just a small deal for him. But considering his wife and Meixiang, Zhao Donglin still decided to stay in the hostel for one more night and didn’t care about the accommodation fee for one more night.

Jiahui was very satisfied with Zhao Donglin’s arrangement. If no students were coming and going outside the examination room, she wanted to jump up and hug him and give him a kiss.

“Let’s stroll around town tomorrow and see if there’s anything to buy. You’ve accumulated a few milk powder tickets. I’ve brought two of them over to buy two cans of milk powder for Fang Fang.”

Zhao Donglin’s working relationship is in the commune, which is equivalent to the establishment of civil servants in future generations. In addition to wages, they will also provide some additional benefits, such as oil tickets, cloth tickets, and industrial tickets. Milk powder tickets are additional humanized benefits after Fang Fang was born.

It means that if you have a newborn child, you can enjoy that benefit. You will be issued a few of them to add nutrition to the child.

Not every family would be willing to use this kind of ticket. After all, the price of a can of milk powder wasn’t cheap.

If his wife said she wanted to buy things, Zhao Donglin wouldn’t have any opinion. After the two got married, he handed over the financial power to Jiahui. Although his salary was given to his mother at the beginning, all the private money he saved was for his own wife, not to mention that after the separation, Jiahui completely mastered having financial power and only gave her in-laws 20 yuan a month.

“Brother, sister-in-law.”

The couple were getting mushy when Meixiang came running out of the house.

She was wearing a big red scarf. Two twisted braids were dancing in the air. Her nose was red. From the smile on her face, Jiahui knew that she had done well in the exam. Otherwise, she would have been crying. How could she laugh?

“Have you finished all the questions?

Meixiang nodded, “Well, whether it’s right or not, I have answered all of them anyway.”

In fact, when she came out of the examination room, some students took her to ask for her answers. Meixiang couldn’t grasp herself very well. But after she got the question, she realized that many people had empty sheets or papers with scribbles. With such a comparison, Meixiang immediately found confidence.

Sister-in-law said that the test results are merit-based. The better your test is, the greater the probability of being admitted, but don’t blame her for gloating. Ah, for their own future, she could not care less about sympathy for others who are not doing well on the test.

“Sister-in-law, you must have answered very well, right?”

“Not bad. For the specific results, we still need to wait for the final results. Let’s go, let’s find a place to eat. “

It was already dark, and the three of them went to the state-run restaurant where Zhao Donglin bought breakfast in the morning. The boss knew they were taking the college entrance exam and came over to talk to them.

“How did you guys do on the exam?”

“So-so, let’s wait for the results to come out.”

The boss exclaimed in his heart. It is estimated that there have been many students coming to the college entrance examination in the past two days, from their teens to their thirties. However, these three were quite special, the husband and wife took their sister. Their whole family went to the battlefield together.

If it weren’t for my age, I’d like to sign up. I wanted to see if I was suitable for being a college student and to honour my ancestors. ” The boss wiped the table as he spoke, “Three bowls of egg noodles, right?

Zhao Donglin smiled and nodded his head.

Jiahui notived that her bowl had too much noodle so, she gave Zhao Donglin half a bowl of her noodles. Zhao Donglin didn’t say anything. When Donglin finished eating, he put his poached eggs in Jiahui’s bowl.

“One is enough for me.”

Then Jiahui put the poached eggs back into Zhao Donglin’s bowl.

After saying that, Jiahui chucked the lotus egg back into Zhao Donglin’s bowl.

She can’t finish this half of the noodles. She knows that Donglin loves her, but she also loves him. Who made him her own man?

Meixiang buried herself in sucking noodles. Her eldest brother and sister-in-law are so affectionate that she gets tired of it from time to time, which makes her very uncomfortable.

At this time, it’s not enough to say “light bulb,” otherwise Meixiang will know that she is essentially a super large-watt light bulb.

The three finished their walk and returned to the guest house. After the examination, several rooms were empty. Zhao Donglin asked for a room. So, Meixiang lived alone, and they didn’t need to squeeze three people into one room, and Zhao Donglin didn’t need to sleep on the floor.

At night, Jiahui was very satisfied as she nestled in Zhao Donglin’s warm arms. Although her achievements had not come out, she had begun to look forward to her future life.

If they are admitted to a suitable school, the family can live in the provincial capital without paying tuition fees. The living expenses were subsidized, some money was saved, and the savings at home would be enough.

But she can not sit on the mountain. The pace of reform will soon begin. She has to think of a way to make money. She previously heard from her elders that at this time, as long as she has the courage, even those who sell tea eggs on the street can make money. It depends on who has the brain to take the first step.

Zhao Donglin hugged her fragrant and soft little wife. He drew a circle around her waist through a cotton sweater and asked, behind her ear with hot air, “What are you thinking? You’re smiling like a little fox. ” 

Jiahui pouted, and her cheeks were red because of the heat of the quilt, like a naive and lovely little girl.

“I am just looking forward to a better life in the future.”

Zhao Donglin smiled lightly, “Really? Then what did you envision? “

Jia Hui was not going to tell him about her plans. Before, she had already made him vigilant. The reason for that was that she had revealed the college entrance exams in advance, and she could not use the role of a prophet in her life.

Jiahui casually muttered, “It’s just that our lives will get better and better. What else could it be? “

Zhao Donglin listened while his hand began to be dishonest again. Jiahui patted his hand to keep him from moving.

Pay attention to the place; it’s outside. I don’t want to be heard in the corner. “

This kind of house is not soundproof at all. With a slight movement and noise, everyone can hear it. She has no thick skin.

Zhao Donglin hugged her tightly and said in her ear in a low, husky voice, “I’m not doing anything, I just want to kiss you.”

Jiahui glanced at him and didn’t believe his nonsense. Every time he talks about this, it doesn’t have much weight. How could she break off from him with her thin arms and legs?

His wife disagreed, so, naturally, he can’t mess around. Jiahui had told him in advance that she must go to college. If he couldn’t tighten his belt and affect her plan to go to college, he would only embarrass her!

Although it’s a joke, Zhao Donglin knows that his wife really wants to go to college. As she said, men still have to be responsible for their lower bodies.

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