Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 58.1

Chapter 58 Part 1

The next day, the three ate buns and drank soy milk. First, they went to the county store and bought two cans of milk powder. When they saw the bulk weighing of the large white rabbit milk candy, they also weighed a pound to take home for the children to try.

“This is milk candy. They don’t sell it at the supply and marketing agency. “

At first, Mei Xiang did not know the price, so Jiahui gave her a piece to taste. She lamented that such a delicious thing was not sold in town. It’s a pity. After she knew the price, she felt bad. Five yuan per kilogram! It was more expensive than meat!

In the era of the planned economy, milk candy was a popular commodity. It was only sold in high-end stores. You also need sugar tickets to buy them. Fortunately, Jiahui had the foresight and brought more than half of all kinds of tickets home before going out. As expected, it came in handy.

“Well, three pieces of milk candy is equivalent to a cup of milk. The children eat two cups a day as a supplement.”

Children in the 21st century like milk; pure milk, yogurt, all kinds of milk tablets, milk sugar, and dairy products. In the 1970s, drinking milk was rare. Not to mention the cost, it can be said that getting a ticket for milk is very rare.

“Sister-in-law, you are so good to the children. You’re so willing to spend money on them.

In the past, others said that having a stepmother was bad. They are wicked-hearted and would not really treat the children well, but since their sister-in-law married, Meixiang changed her established cognition towards stepmothers.

Jiahui wouldn’t beat or scold them. She cares about their food and clothing. Jiahui cares about their education. She gave them complete clothes, shoes, and socks and cleaned up the children. She’s more attentive than other children’s biological mothers.

Just like this milk candy, even my mother will be reluctant to buy it!

“We should be willing to spend the money. We can’t save money for children’s health and education.

For the sake of the child’s health and education, you shouldn’t be stingy about paying for these things.

Although milk candy is not a necessity, it can also be considered as their childhood memory and a sense of life rituals. When they grow up and recall these memories as a child who ate the Great White Rabbit milk candy, their hearts will also feel very sweet.

Because Jiahui is a time traveler, she has a freer and easier concept of money. People at this age want to break up two and a half flowers for a penny. They are not willing to spend money on food or clothing. They have to save everything. It can’t be said that this is wrong. After all, diligence and thrift are fine traditions of Chinese people. The reason Chinese people have so many savings reserves is that they save a little bit. However, after the washing of modern ideas, Jiahui firmly believes that while saving, we should also learn to expand our financial resources. It is useless to rely on saving alone.

Just like a person that has a salary of 30 yuan a month. Even if he doesn’t eat or drink, he can only get 30 yuan a month. But if he knows how to expand his financial resources, even earning 10 yuan is good. In this way, he not only makes more money but also doesn’t have to work so hard.

After buying milk powder to eat, Jiahui pulled a few pieces of cloth. Now it’s December, and soon the New Year will arrive. She has to prepare new clothes for the new year.

There are many kinds of materials in the county. Jiahui bought corduroy fabric, which cannot be bought in the town, but this fabric was more expensive than ordinary fabric. It was double the price of the ordinary fabric.

Jiahui also thought carefully. In addition to the clothes of her family, she pulled a few more feet. When she got what she wanted, she could sell it to others, which was equivalent to selling things.

After buying what they needed, the three took the bus and then rode back to the village. It was noon when they arrived at the team. Every family had just had lunch and got together in twos and threes.

After entering the village, Jiahui felt that everyone’s eyes swept over them like a searchlight. Sure enough, when she approached, everyone began to talk.

“Hey, back from the college examination?”

“How was your test?”

“Hey, how many things did you buy?”

Jiahui smiled the whole time, leaving the polite words to Zhao Donglin. She walked ahead of Meixiang with her bag. She walked to the yard and saw Yingbao squatting at the door playing with mud. When she saw Jiahui and them coming forward, she left the pebble in her hand and ran to hold Jiahui’s leg.

“Mom, where have you been? I haven’t seen you for many days. “

Yingbao was two and a half years old. Her words were still incoherent. Jiahui would brush her hair, braid it and she would tie it with two redhead ropes, and when her pinkish face looks up at her. Jiahui’s heart melts.

That’s the good thing about the little girl. She’s always cute and adorable, like a doll.

She bent down and picked up Yingbao. She pinched her little face and said, “Mom went to take the exam, and dad and aunt also went with me.”

With that, she took two pieces of milk candy from her satchel and handed them to Yingbao.

“Oh, delicious milk candy. Mom and dad bought it for Yingbao in the county. Take it. “

Yingbao smiled sweetly, cupped Jiahui’s neck, and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you, mom.”

Meixiang looked at her and felt a little sick. Since she was a child, this little girl has been sleeping with her. She is still closer to his mother than her aunt.

“Yingbao, you didn’t greet Auntie either. Auntie is angry.”

Yingbao turned her head and smiled at Meixiang, reaching out for Meixiang for a hug.

“Auntie, I missed you too.”

Meixiang faked a hum and hugged Yingbao. She patted her little butt. Yingbao laughed.

At this time, Zhang Qiaoer came out of the house. Fang Fang was just taking a nap and woke up when he heard the sound.

“You’re back? We were worried at home all day yesterday.”

They were worried about the exams and how well they lived there and how well they ate.

In fact, Zhang Qiaoer was really worried about nothing. As modern people are exquisite egoists, aside from how she would always make herself comfortable, as long as there is money, it is impossible to have bad food and bad housing.

Jiahui walked over to Fang Fang and clapped her hands. She said, with a smile on her face, “Fang Fang, mommy is back. Did you miss mommy?”

Fang Fang obviously did not forget his mother, and he opened his arms for Jiahui to hug him. Jiahui could not help but cry.

She was not weaned before she went to the exam. The day she left, she was very sad, but what could be done? There is a saying that she can’t hold you when carrying bricks, and she can’t carry bricks when holding you. She has to work hard, even for her children. She can only bear not to give up the county exam.

For the past two days, her chest has been swollen, and she wants Fang Fang to drink more for a while. Breast milk contains immunoglobulin, which can enhance the child’s enhanced resistance and reduce illness.

She had to spend time on milking, and yesterday, when the exam was over, she had no choice but to turn in the paper early and go to the toilet, wrapped in a towel and squeezed, she really felt some bitterness in her heart at that time, thinking that she was suffering in this era, but no matter how fragile she was, she still had to try to go forward when she should go forward, and not to stop.

The good thing is that Fang Fang was already half a year old and could eat rice paste, noodles, and steamed buns. Except for two fewer breast milk, she was not afraid of him starving.

Mom, this is the milk powder we bought in the county. This is for Fang Fang to drink and to give him more nutrition. This is the brined vegetables we bought, roasted duck and pig ears, for Dad as a drink.

Zhang Qiaoer took the things, took the milk powder can and looked at it carefully for a long time, and said with the clicking of her tongue, “Aiyaa, look, it’s not easy to go out, and you bought so many things back. How much money must you have spent? Have you eaten yet? Did you not eat what I gave you? “

Jiahui didn’t take her mother-in-law’s words to heart. The old people were They like to nag.

We haven’t eaten yet. You can make whatever’s available. “

“I’ll cook some noodles for you. There is still some leftover from what I made for Fang Fang.”

Heidan and Shitou were in school at this time, Jiahui hugged Fang Fang and took Yingbao back to the house with her, and organized things a bit.

In the evening, she called their eldest uncle, Zhao Mancang, over for a drink. In addition to the brisket she brought back, Jiahui cooked two more dishes, and also made cornmeal cakes.

“I asked Donglai to take the exam. The boy refused to say anything. Hey, our family still has to count on Donglin in the future.”

Zhao Mancang drank two glasses of white wine. He was slightly drunk in the open box.

” We couldn’t guess what would happen. Maybe in the future, Donglai will have an opportunity for advancement. “

Seeing that his uncle’s glass was empty, Zhao Donglin poured him a glass.

Zhao Manchang shook his head and smiled, “What opportunity for advancement can he encounter? He would still be farming at home; he would be facing the ground with his back to the sky for his lifetime. “

What can be achieved? Which person could be like his nephew? In the army, he was a cadre. When he went back to the countryside, Donglin was still a cadre, and now he wanted to go to university. If he really passes the exam, his future is unlimited.

Zhao Donglin smiled and said comfortingly, “No, our country will certainly become better and better. There will be more opportunities.” As long as you seize the opportunity, there’s no need to go to college. “

When Jiahui heard this, she looked at Zhao Donglin and thought that what Zhao Donglin said was indeed right. After the reform and opening up, national development kept pace with the times and rose like a rocket. In her era, even rural areas had realized urbanization and modernization. In some places, rural areas were richer than cities.

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