Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 58.2

Chapter 58 Part 2

After the exam, there was a long wait. The Chinese New Year begins in February. Jiahui began preparing clothes for the Chinese New Year. First, she made a corduroy coat for each of the children, including Shitou’s.

Jiahui thought that when she first married, she had a few fights with Zheng Yuefen about making clothes. In the twinkling of an eye, things changed. Zheng Yuefen divorced Zhao Donghe. It is said that she has been remarried and married in a faraway place.

Shitou grew up a lot after their divorce. At first, he asked where his mother had gone to and why she hadn’t come back. Later, he didn’t ask. He went to school with Heidan every day and sometimes ate in the East.

“Jiahui, where did you buy this material? It’s weirdly thick. “

As Jiahui expected, the corduroy fabric really aroused the interest of people in the village, and many people came over to inquire.

“I bought it in the county when I went there.”

“No wonder. I went to the supply and marketing agency yesterday to see if there was any, and it turns out they do not sell this kind of fabric there.”

“Jiahui, do you have more clothes here? If you have some, give me a few feet of it, so I can make new clothes for my Shanzi. “

“I can share a few feet, but this fabric is thicker than other fabrics, and the price is much higher.”

“It’s okay, it’s for the sake of the child. He’s in junior high school; he needs to pay attention to his image. Maybe he can find me a good daughter-in-law. “

The next person laughed and said, “How old is Shanzi? You are already thinking about your daughter-in-law. It is too early to think about this. “

“What’s early? Let’s start now, so we don’t have to go through all the trouble of finding a good one later. “

“That’s true. You have a good idea too.”

In the end, Jiahui earned four pieces of cloth tickets, fabric money, and the cost of making clothes, and the money they spent on a pound of rabbit milk candy almost came back.

After New Year’s Day in 1978, the college entrance exam results were released. On this day, Zhao Donglin was still in the office of the village revolutionary committee when the landline phone rang.

“Comrade Donglin, this is Zhong Guixiang.”

“Hello, Director Zhong.”

“I received a statistical list of college entrance examination results today. Congratulations! You scored 326 points, fifth place in our Jiangkou County!”


Zhao Donglin’s heart surged for a moment. He himself was a bit surprised by this result.

“And ah, I remember your wife was called Dong Jiahui.”

“Yes, she prepared more adequately than I, so the results should be better than mine.”

“Let me tell you, she is not only the first in our Jiangkou County but also the second in the whole Wu Dong Province, with 383 points!”

Director Zhong was too happy. Of the 692 candidates in Shengli commune, 281 have reached the admission scoreline, which is far higher than the admission scoreline of the whole county, the whole province, and even the whole country. He is the director of the county reform committee, and this time it is a great show of face.

In particular, Dong Jiahui Although she was not the number one scholar in the province, it was also very glorious for them to have this ranking in their small commune. The leaders of the country and the province have spoken their praises.

When Zhao Donglin heard his wife’s results, he was very proud. This is his wife. Not only was she good-looking with a gentle temperament, but she also had the second-best score in the province!

After the excitement, Zhao Donglin finally didn’t forget that he still had a sister.

“Director, I have a sister named Zhao Meixiang. Do you think her score has reached the scoreline? “

“Zhao Meixiang… Let me see if

The sound of Director Zhong flipping through the documents came over the phone, and after about sixty or seventy seconds, Director Zhong’s voice rang out again over the phone.

Zhao Meixiang, the second team in Shanghe Village, scored 264 points and has reached the admissions line.

Zhao Donglin breathed a sigh of relief. Now his family can really live in the city.

Zhao Donglin hung up the phone in an agitated mood. The village head, Xu Haiming, had heard them. His mood was not happy or anything. In short, it was a little complicated.

“Congratulations, Donglin. From now on, you are a college student.”

“And there are three college students in the family!”

“Green smoke is coming from your ancestral grave.” (This is a Feng Shui saying. The green smoke has a slightly blue gas, a kind of auspicious gas, and it is a kind of good omen. According to the old saying, you can be an official.

Zhao Donglin rode his bicycle and rushed home. At this time, when the countryside was in agricultural leisure, the family was at home, and when Jiahui saw Zhao Donglin pushing in the door with a smile on his face, she had a premonition that the college entrance exam results were out.

Zhao Donglin stood up from the chair with Fang Fang in her arms, and Zhao Donglin approached step by step, hugging the two of them tightly.

“We got in, we all got in; you got second place in the province, the first in our two counties!”

At that moment, that real feeling of changing destiny, that heartfelt surge of fervour, made her unable to restrain her joy.

“Really!? Did you all get in? And Jiahui is still the top student in the county?!”

Zhang Qiaoer’s mouth grinned to the back of her ears. The team gossiped a lot these days. This is good that all three members of their family have passed the exam. Three out of three members of their family were now college students!

“Brother, I also passed the exam. Are you sure? Where did you get the news? “

“Director Zhong of the commune called me. He just got the list of results.”

“Thank God, now our family is going to go to the next level.”

Not to mention how the Zhao family was in the limelight because of this. Two days later, someone from the county education bureau came.

“This is the case. Our province is now extremely short of educational personnel. The leaders of the province have made plans to establish a junior college class at the Provincial Normal University.” All candidates with college entrance examination scores of more than 240 can enter the university and graduate in a year and a half. After graduation, they are directly assigned to various schools as teachers. Do you have this intention? “

A college degree is naturally not as good as an undergraduate course. 240 points can be a good undergraduate course, but now there is really no way. After ten years of educational mistakes, we have to try to reserve educational talents for the province!

On the surface, the students who choose to enter the normal college class seem to suffer a loss, but this plan could attract a large number of talents to Wudong province.

A bachelor’s degree will take four years to finish your studies, and Wu Dong, which is over a hundred years old, can’t afford to delay this time in education!

A college degree is certainly not as good as a bachelor’s degree. In addition, Zhao Donglin can’t consider going to a normal school. As for Jiahui, with such a good result, the second in the province. It’s a pity to go to college. Therefore, the goal of the two recruiters from the beginning was to aim at Meixiang.

From the beginning, the two admissions officers were aiming at one person. Mei Xiang herself thought of this, and after hesitating, she chose to agree.

“Then I’ll go. I’m twenty years old this year. A year and a half after graduation, I will be twenty-one. I’ve learned enough knowledge and won’t waste time.”

Meixiang applied for a normal university, and colleges and universities were established in the province. Her academic qualifications must be different, but Meixiang also had her own considerations. Her mother had been worried about her looking for an object. She thought that it was good to be a teacher, and she might not be able to do anything else. Moreover, she would be able to graduate from college in a year and a half, and just look for an object after graduation.

On the other hand, she is such a big person, and she is still eager to go to work and rely on herself as soon as possible.

Zhang Qiaoer had been listening and didn’t speak. The children had to make up their own minds about such a big event. She was satisfied and felt that the girl was very sensible.

“Great. Our province needs young people like you. Don’t worry. The province will train you well. Although it is a college degree, you will receive the same treatment as undergraduates after graduation, and you will graduate earlier than undergraduates. “

In February, Jiahui and Zhao Donglin received admission notices one after another before the Chinese New Year. They were admitted by the Department of Finance and Economics at Wudong University and the Department of English at Wudong University, both of which were their first choices.

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