Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 59

Chapter 59

The fact that the Zhao family had three college students caused a great deal of excitement in the village, and even the local newspaper reported it.

Many guests came to the house in an endless stream. Zhang Qiaoer happily shared the melon seeds and fruit candy she bought from the supply and marketing cooperatives.

Such a big event, if in modern times, they would be inviting guests to dinner, but the families from the 1970s were not rich. But even though they didn’t invite the guests to drink wine and eat dinner, because this event was a happy thing, letting the guests eat some melon candy to make them happy was also necessary.

That day, Zhao Caixia took her children back to their mother’s house. Her face was red. There were three college students in her mother’s house. She was really proud.

“Meixiang, you’re really good. Who would have thought that a silly girl could be admitted to college and become a teacher one day? “

This little girl looks silly all day. She didn’t expect him to give her a face at home this time. More than 100 people in the commune were admitted to college, and her sister was one of them.

Meixiang said with an embarrassed smile, “It’s all because of my sister-in-law. It’s her good counselling.”

It can be said that the reason why a lot of people were admitted was thanks to the various materials circulated at the beginning. Unfortunately, no one knows that it was sorted out by her sister-in-law. What a glorious thing to say.

But my sister-in-law said, “We don’t want this reputation.” Anyway, our family benefits were on the line. Now there are many people with the red-eye disease [1]jealous in the village. The better their family lives, the more they should be low-key.

Zhao Caixia patted her little sister’s head, “I know it is your sister-in-law’s credit. Therefore, there is less misfortune for a wife and a good husband. Not only does it not cause trouble, but it can also make things better. “

As an elderly sister-in-law, she was also very grateful to Jiahui. She not only took good care of Heidan and Yingbao but also gave birth to a cute baby like Fang Fang. It is said that it was my sister-in-law who first proposed the college entrance examination.

After lunch, Zhao Caixia went to talk to his second brother, Donghe, who was by the river.

“Listen to what Donglin said. When he asked you if you wanted to take the examination, you did not agree. If you went with them, you would be happy now. “

She didn’t mean anything, but Donghe was young and divorced. As a sister, she also hoped that her brother would have a good life, go to college, and find some jobs in the future.

Not to mention how good it is. Even if you go to a normal school like Meixiang, being a teacher is better than working at home.

This is her age. If she were a few years younger, even she would be excited.

Zhao Donghe looked at the river and didn’t make a sound. When he saw that his eldest brother and the others had all passed the exam, It’s also a lie to say that he didn’t regret it, but that regret didn’t last long. He always felt that people should know how to accept their fate. Everyone’s life is different. If they miss it, they will miss it. Besides, even if he participates with them, it doesn’t mean he will be able to pass the exam.

A year ago, Jiahui took several children back to her mother’s house. She made two new clothes for her mom and dad, and also made a corduroy strap dress for Tianniu.

“You’re so busy, why are you still making clothes for us?”

Chen Guixiang’s face smiled happily, but her mouth said something else. Sister-in-law Zhou Yindi was also satisfied when she looked at the strappy dress on her daughter Tianniu.

“This kind of skirt is really nice on the little girl. Are those kids from the city wearing this?”

Jiahui went to the county for an exam last month. When her sister-in-law saw the children in the city wearing this, she made it for Tianniu.

In fact, Jiahui didn’t do it until she saw others wearing it. She just thought that in her previous life, little girls looked very good in suspender skirts and suspender pants. Besides, the suspender skirt can save cloth, so she made one for Tianniu.

“It looks good with clothes. I also made one for Yingbao. When they wear it together for the new year, they will look like they are twins when they stand together.

“Isn’t it? Yingbao has grown up really fast, and she is now almost as tall as Tianniu. “

The difference between them is more than half a year. When they grow up, the height gap will get smaller and smaller.

“It was too late, so I made a skirt for Tiannui, and I will make some for my other nephews next time.”

“Oops, what new clothes do boys need? They can’t wear it for two days before it breaks. The little girl only has to be more lovable. “

Zhao Lijuan had been thinking of giving birth to a daughter as her second child, but she gave birth to a boy. He was half a year older than Fang Fang, and he was already one year old and had just learned to walk.

“Mom was so happy to hear that you got into college that she almost bought firecrackers to go to your in-laws’ house.”

“That’s not true. My daughter is so good and so outstanding. What’s the point of setting off two sets of firecrackers?”

Chen Guixiang hugged Fang Fang and did not let go of him. Her daughter had suffered so much, and now she was happy and had a child, which meant her daughter had no problems with giving birth.

Thinking of the Lu family in Xiaoling village, Chen Guixiang was relieved when she thought about the mess.

The new year was especially lively. She ate and drank well every day. Zhang Qiaoer felt that she had never been so happy in her life.

Years later, the Zhao family held a family meeting on the future living arrangements. The current situation is that Zhao Donglin Jiahui and Meixiang are going to university in the provincial capital. They have to come up with a plan as soon as possible; whether to keep their three children at home or take their children to live in the city.

“I always think it’s too expensive to go to the city, and I’m not willing to leave a mess at home.”

The matter of moving to the city with the children has been mentioned once before. Zhang Qiaoer’s attitude towards it was vague. She didn’t disagree, nor did she agree. At the critical moment of the decision, she was really not willing to leave the well.

As the old saying goes, the gold nest and silver nest are not as good as the family’s doghouse. The provincial capital is good and prosperous, but it is not as comfortable as living in a house at home.

Jiahui can understand her mother-in-law’s idea. The old people are old. They have never left home. In their heart, they are actually very afraid to face the new environment. Moreover, they have saved their whole lives. They have to spend money everywhere in the city. They will be very distressed.

But she can’t bear to leave her child at home for four years. It will become a left-behind child.

The provincial capital is only a little more than 100 kilometers away from home. This distance would be nothing if it were in the 21st century. But in the 1970s, it was really annoying to toss around. For example, the bus from the county to the town takes two shifts a day, and there is no time to miss it. It is really inconvenient to change several buses from the provincial capital to the county.

Mom, I understand your idea very much. In fact, we are reluctant to leave home, but for the future of this family, we strive to enter the university and go out. My idea is that Heidan is old enough to go to primary school in the provincial capital. Education in the city is different from that in the countryside, and children will become better. My idea is that if the children leave their parents for a long time, it is not good for their growth. For the years to come, we may have suffered more and spent more money, but it can benefit our children for a lifetime.

Jiahui justified their views, Zhao Donglin took the lead in nodding in agreement. Meixiang also thought that her sister-in-law had a point. When they went to the county to take the exam, the children in the county seemed to be more polite than those in the countryside. If she went to the provincial capital, it would be more prosperous than the county.

In terms of eloquence, Zhang Qiaoer couldn’t compare with Jiahui. Zhao Manzhu, as usual, smoked a dry cigarette and didn’t speak.

“Then… Donglin, what do you say?”

“It must be hard for my parents to go to the city, but I also want to go with my family in my heart. We want to improve ourselves, give our family a better life, and leave our children at home. There are always places we can’t take care of. If it’s possible, we still want to take them with us. “

The meaning of these words was that he also wanted to go there as a family. This time, Zhang Qiaoer had no excuse, so she had to respond.

“That’s okay, then we have to hurry up and get ready. We have to find the house, and we have to bring what we can. We have to spend money on everything there. It’s like a bottomless pit. “

“Let’s look for a house first. I’m sure we can find one with complete furniture. We don’t have to bring much. “

“Well, I’ll go in a few days.”

The opening time of both schools is March. They have to implement the house in February.

On the eleventh day of the first month, Zhao Donglin set out for the provincial capital. Before setting out, Jiahui told him his requirements for the house.

First of all, it should be clean and tidy, close to the school, surrounded by primary schools, and the neighbors should also be friendly and humane.

We all know the story of Meng’s mother moving three times. The quality of the living environment can have a certain impact on the growth of children.

“Our family now has about 2000 yuan. We will rent it annually. We can consider it if it’s within 100 yuan. If it’s really good, it’s OK to pay 150 yuan. “

Jiahui was very relieved to hand over the rental to Zhao Donglin. He has been in the army for so many years and has returned to the village as a village party secretary for two or three years. He has outstanding abilities in all aspects. Jiahui believes that he will find a house suitable for his own residence.

Zhao Donglin entered the provincial capital and went to school first.

Wudong University is an old university. It was abandoned during the Great Revolution. After the national college entrance examination was opened, the school was repaired, the weeds and everything else had been cleaned, and the walls had been repainted.

Zhao Donglin originally just wanted to take a look and leave, but when he saw an Uncle sweeping the floor with a broom at the entrance of the school, he walked over with a twist of mind.

“Uncle, do you work in this school?”

The Uncle was a little slow, with glasses and grey hair. When he heard Zhao Donglin speak, he slowly turned around.

“Ah? What did you say? “

Donglin didn’t know if the Uncle didn’t hear (Donglin’s voice was not loud enough) or if his hearing was not good. Zhao Donglin increased his voice and asked again.

“Oh, I’m not. I’m just a janitor.

An elderly man, during the New Year’s period, is still in the school to look after the gate. This character setting unknowingly reveals a trace of loneliness, which is very sympathetic.

“Uncle, are you a local? I want to ask, is there a rental house around here? “

“Oh, you want to rent a house?”

These days, there are not many passing people. Few of them go out to rent a house to live in.

“Yes, I got into college with my wife, and I want to bring my children over together, and I want to rent a house to live in this neighbourhood.”

“Did you get into college, and where did you go?”

Zhao Donglin smiled, “It’s this one, Wu Dong University.”

The Uncle let out a cry, “That’s not bad, you all went to university.”

This is the best university in Wudong province. This year’s scoreline is 285 points. Being able to pass the examination shows that they are excellent enough. They are dragon and Phoenix among people, not to mention they were both husband and wife.

He looked at Zhao Donglin’s tall and straight figure and asked with interest, “You look like you’ve been in the military.”

“Yes, I have been a soldier for twelve years.”


The Uncle was interested. Is this a soldier admitted to college?

“Which army are you from?”

“I’m from the **** army, but I’ve been discharged from the army for two years. I changed my job and returned home to be a village party secretary. “

The Uncle laughed twice, became a soldier for 12 years, transferred to the village as a grass-roots cadre, and was admitted to the university. From this point of view, he is a person who loves learning and progressing!

The Uncle ‘s impression of Zhao Donglin has risen again.

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