Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 60

Chapter 60

“Young man, you are excellent! Our country now needs young people like you who know how to move forward. “

The old man swept the leaves into the dustpan and carried the broom and dustpan towards a small house behind the gate.

“Come on over. I happen to know a house for rent around here.”

Zhao Donglin did not react at first; he just saw the old man sweeping the floor alone. He looked a little lonely. On his way, he asked the old man about the nearby houses and didn’t expect that it would be so easy to solve his problem.

Although the old man’s hair was already grey, his movements were not slow. The old man put the things away and looked back at Zhao Donglin, who did not follow him. He waved his hand towards Donglin and said, “Come on! What? Are you still afraid that I will cheat you? The house is just behind the school, just a few minutes walk. “

Zhao Donglin strode over with a smile. He was a young man with no possessions. He was not afraid of being cheated by others, and there was nothing to cheat him of.

Besides, this old man’s whole body had a warm aura, which made people feel an inexplicable sense of closeness.

The old man took Zhao Donglin around the school wall for half a circle. Behind the school gate were rows of residential houses, hidden in towering trees and stepping on the leaves blown down by the north wind, which had a quiet and simple taste.

Zhao Donglin is not a dull person. This kind of place can only be lived in by people with status. I’m afraid that this kind and a warm-hearted old man was not as simple as the gatekeeper who was just sweeping the floor. 

The old man stopped in front of an iron courtyard in the middle. He turned to Zhao Donglin and said, “Here is my own house. There are five rooms, divided into front and back yards. At present, it’s only me and my wife who live in this house. I can rent out the front yard. See if it’s suitable for you. “

The house was assigned by the school. At first, the old man didn’t intend to rent it out. He just liked Zhao Donglin, and when he heard that Zhao Donglin said that both the husband and wife had been admitted to Wudong University and wanted to bring their children to live together, he was moved and had an idea of renting it for him.

A few years ago, the old couple’s only daughter died. His old companion always said that the family was too cold. If there were a few children, the family would be lively, and his old companion would also become happy.

The old man pushed open the iron gate and took Zhao Donglin into the courtyard. As soon as the courtyard door was opened, the house door rang, and an old woman with the same white hair and wearing glasses came out.

“Why are you back so early today? I haven’t even started cooking yet.”

The old woman didn’t notice someone behind the old man at first and said something homely. The grandfather smiled and turned sideways, patting Zhao Donglin’s shoulder.

“Oh, I met a young comrade in front of the school. He is a freshman who just got into college this year. He said he wanted to rent a house near the school and bring his family over to study together. Knowing that our house was quite big, with so many empty rooms, I thought of bringing him over to see the house. “

Zhao Donglin nodded his head and said hello to the old woman.

“Hello, Auntie I just came over to see the house… “

As for why he came over, he really couldn’t quite figure it out.

The old woman was stunned. She did not expect her husband would suddenly bring someone back and say that their house was open for rent. She hadn’t heard her husband have this idea before.

“Oh yeah, well, come inside and take a look.”

Despite the surprise, the old woman welcomed Zhao Donglin.

The house was cleaned up, with vermillion furniture, a five-drawer cabinet, a coffee table, a sofa, and the tape recorder placed on the cabinet, and the photo frames hanging on the wall, reflecting the family’s high taste and excellent accommodation everywhere.

Zhao Donglin was naturally satisfied with the living environment, but he was afraid that the rent would be high for such a good house. His wife said that the maximum amount they were willing to spend was not higher than 150 yuan a year. Otherwise, their family’s savings will not be enough.

“How about it? Are you satisfied with it? “

The old man had already told his old companion about Zhao Donglin’s situation. The old woman’s heart began to waver after learning that it was a family coming over with three children.

She gave birth to a daughter in her life. After marriage, the couple were influenced by some people and sent down to the Heilongjiang farm. They got sick there and lost their lives. The old couple tossed around for two years before learning of the news of their daughter’s death. They cried their hearts out; their eyes were almost blind. Even so, their child still could not come back.

After the fall of the Gang of 4, some people invited them out of the decentralized land. Especially this time, when the college entrance examination was resumed, the school lacked respected teachers. They were hired to go back to school to teach. They not only arranged a house for them but also arranged their lives properly. What’s the meaning of a better life if they were just two lonely and dependent old people who lived and died one day at a time? Their daughter was gone, and their lives had become boring.

The old woman looked at Zhao Donglin, who seemed to have the word “justice” written between his eyebrows. His physique looked strong, his eyes were clear, and he was a freshman who had just entered Wudong University.

She had lived for so many years, and she had seen a lot of people. Whether a person’s mind was good or not, she could accurately guess.

This comrade looks like a young man of good character, and she has already agreed in her heart to her old companion’s decision.

“Good. It’s quite good. I just do not know how to negotiate the rent. “

Zhao Donglin did not hide his thoughts, and he directly asked the old man the question.

Of course, he felt guilty when he said this. He felt like he was bargaining. In fact, his mind was very simple. The house was good and even exceeded his expectations. But only when you are capable can you do whatever you want. The financial condition of his family was just like this. There was no need to swell one’s face up by slapping it to look imposing. [1]to seek to impress by feigning more than one’s abilities.

When he heard this, the uncle smiled and said, “I only asked you to rent a room, but I didn’t intend for you to pay; we just wanted a lively home. You can pay the rent if you want. I won’t ask for much either. “

Zhao Donglin certainly does not agree with this. They are not his relatives, and at the same time, he can’t take advantage of others.

“Uncle, I really can’t do this. Since I will be renting the house, I must certainly pay the rent fee. “

The old man saw that Donglin’s insistence and thought about it and gave a more appropriate amount.

“If you are renting for a long time, then 100 yuan a year is fine. If you can’t, 80 is fine.”

The low price was mainly because he saw that Zhao Donglin came from the countryside and was afraid that their family would have financial difficulties. Besides, the cost of bringing his family to a strange city was not small, so he didn’t want to charge more rent.

Even if the rent of 100 a year is less than 10 yuan a month, not to mention such a big house, it must be cost-effective.

Of course, 10 yuan at this time was not little. The ordinary city worker’s monthly salary was only 30 yuan.

Zhao Donglin hesitated and didn’t promise immediately.

“Is this fine? You only charge 100 yuan for such a big house and several rooms. I always feel that if I agreed to it, I would take a big advantage of you. “

The old woman smiled after hearing this. “Hey, the house is too big for two old people to live in. Since we are compatible, we don’t care about all the nonsense. If you are sorry, in the future, if there is any heavy work at home, you can help by lending us a hand. “

For example, when burning coal, carrying briquettes and changing gas in winter, the old man almost flashed last time.

Zhao Donglin was not indecisive. Since the old people have said so, he has no reason to be pretentious.

“That’s fine. I will rent the house. The school registration was on March 5. We may come two days in advance.

After saying that, Zhao Donglin took out the 50 yuan that Jiahui had given him as spare money. She said that if the landlord wanted a deposit, he could pay half of it and that at the same time, he should also sign a contract to ensure that both sides would not suffer losses.

Zhao Donglin didn’t mention signing the contract with this old man, but he took the initiative to give a deposit, which can be regarded as an expression of his sincerity.

“Oh, I see! Young man, you are too sincere. I heard that you were admitted to the Department of Economics. You can’t do this. If you want to learn economics, you should be rational. If you show your cards at will, you will be miserable if you meet a liar. “

Zhao Donglin smiled. ” I still have the ability to judge good people and bad people. This money was given to me by my wife. She said that a deposit should be given to rent a house and sign a contract. This is a kind of contract. “

The old couple smiled and looked at each other. They both felt that this comrade Zhao’s wife was also a wonderful person.

“Okay, since your wife said so, let’s make a contract.”

The old man smiled and went back to his study, taking out a paper and pen. He spread it on the table and wrote a rental contract.

Zhao Donglin stood and watched. He saw that the old man’s words were like swimming dragons and playing Phoenix all at once. He couldn’t help but praise the old man’s good writing.

After writing the text, the old man signed his name “Zhong Daomin” in the lower right corner.

Zhao Donglin’s mouth chanted it twice. He took the pen and wrote his name; his writing is strong and powerful. It could be seen that he had practiced seriously. The old man looked at it and nodded with satisfaction.

After signing the contract and paying the deposit, Zhao Donglin declined their courtesy to stay for dinner. Zhao Donglin said goodbye and left, but he was not in a hurry to go back, so he turned around and looked through the surrounding environment.

It is adjacent to shops and markets in the east and schools and hospitals in the west. It can be said that it is an excellent place to live in peace in the midst of trouble, which perfectly meets the requirements of his own wife for renting a house.

The matter was solved too easily. He originally thought that it would take a day or two to finalize the housing, but surprisingly, upon his arrival in the provincial capital, it only took him two hours to negotiate a deal.

Due to the restricted time of the departure of the shuttle bus, Zhao Donglin arrived home at noon the next day. At night, he did not want to live alone in a hotel, so he decided to stay and wait in the station in the middle of the night to find a chair to watch for the bus to arrive, and then the station staff on night duty let him in inside the house to rest, and also gave him hot water and buns.

When he arrived home, everyone didn’t expect him to come back so early.

“Did you find it?”

Zhang Qiaoer, who was holding her grandson Fang Fang, asked more anxiously than Jiahui.

“Yes, I found it.”

Zhao Donglin was also exhausted. He sat down at the table and gulped water. When he finished drinking, he took out the rental contract from his arms and explained the process of renting the room.

“This old man is certainly not simple.”

As a modern person, Jiahui knows that the old campus was usually in the downtown location. The house next to the university was likely the faculty and staff assigned housing.

She didn’t expect Zhao Donglin to have such good fortune!

Of course, Jiahui’s thoughts coincided with Zhao Donglin’s. Regardless of the two elderly people’s true identity, these noble people solved the housing problem for them, and the rent of 100 yuan a year is not worth mentioning in terms of geographical location and living conditions.

Zhang Qiaoer didn’t think like her son and daughter-in-law, she only thought that spending 100 yuan a year made her heart jump. This doesn’t include living expenses. It’s just burning money to live in the city!

At night, when she went to bed, Zhang Qiaoer discussed with her husband if she should follow them to the provincial capital. Her husband would stay at home to work in their old home. The family has chickens and pigs. It will also have a lot of income, better than the two going to the city, not earning money, and just spending money every day.

There are three children in her eldest family. Heidan will go to school, Yingbao is well-behaved and sensible, and Fang Fang is the only one who needs someone to look after him. There is no need for the old couple to follow along.

Zhao Manzhu naturally agreed. In his heart, he also didn’t want to go to the city. Before, he agreed, but it was for the sake of his children and grandchildren. If the children have needs and difficulties, the old man needed to help out. Since there’s no need for him to go, he is happy to be clean, or live his own farming old man’s days comfortably and happily.

The next thing they had to do was pack their things. What Jiahui wanted was not to bring the big things they don’t need. After all, she has to take care of three children. It’s inconvenient to take a car on the road. It’s OK to take important things with her. Zhang Qiaoer doesn’t think so. She thinks it would make them save a point. She wants to take everything she can use.

  “You just let her go. Old people are prone to stubbornness. When you talk more, there will be more resistance.”

But Jiahui just felt sorry for Zhao Donglin, but in the end, Zhao Donghe came out and said that he would send them to the provincial capital and come back after they were settled.

On March 2, the Zhao family set off in great numbers, carrying pots and pans and quilts, heading for the provincial capital.

The tractor was driving with a burst of speed, and the team inevitably had to ask a few questions when they saw it.

“Big sister, where are you going?”

“To the provincial capital, They got into college, and rented a room in the provincial capital, and took the children with them.

“Oh? You’re going with them? So you’ll be a resident in the city too? “

“What resident of the city? I will just help take care of the children. “

After the tractor left, everyone began to talk.

Originally, because the three members of the Zhao family were admitted to the university, everyone left them a “taste.” This taste was actually the same as envy, jealousy, and hatred. It’s inexplicable that they were not happy in their hearts, but it’s not good to say what’s on the surface. Seeing others gain power, they will only get better and better in the future. Is it possible to rush and offend them at this time? That’s what a fool would do.

“I haven’t seen anyone bring their children to school. I don’t think anyone would go to college with their family. “

“You see, well-off families have money to burn. It will not be long before they have to come back. How much does the city cost? I heard that, for a family of five, buying rice and vegetables will cost them more than twenty yuan a month. There are other expenses. They are not residents of the city, so they also have to rent a house. Even if there are mountains of gold and silver in the family, it’s not enough if they have to spend money like this. “

“Look at Zhang Qiaoer’s smug look. She thinks she will become a city woman when she enters the city. The city people don’t like us, countrymen, at all. “

“She had a very good daughter-in-law there. They said that their daughter-in-law wants to move to the city with her children and refuses to leave them at home. “

“Wasn’t she good enough to go to college? She’s still the number one scholar in our county. If my daughter-in-law can go to college, I’m willing to listen to her in the future. “

“Your children can’t even recognize a few words. How can they compare with other people’s daughters-in-law? “

The crowd laughed. Yes, hurry back and let your daughter-in-law know a few more words. Donglin’s wife can write accounts and calculate accounts.

At the end of the year, the accountant for the team didn’t have time to calculate the accounts. He also invited Donglin’s wife to calculate the accounts together. It is said that Donglin’s wife calculates the accounts quickly and well. She is a capable person.

No matter what age, people always look at capable people differently.

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1 to seek to impress by feigning more than one’s abilities.


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