Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 62.1

Chapter 62 Part 1

When Jiahui got up early and pushed open the door, she saw two old people in the backyard. One was drinking tea and reading a book, and the other was washing and drying clothes.

“Good morning, Uncle and Auntie.”

The old couple turned around when they heard someone talking, and it turned out that it was Jiahui. They smiled and nodded to her.

“Are you up? Did you sleep well last night? “

Jiahui nodded and smiled, “It’s very good. The atmosphere was nice and quiet.

With Zhao Donglin around, the sudden change of place was also very reassuring. And the environment here was really good. It’s still a quiet place, even though it’s in the middle of a lively city. Jiahui remembered this geographical location. In more than ten or twenty years, house prices will rise, which is not affordable for ordinary citizens.

“Have you eaten breakfast? If not, I’ll take some from my house. “

Jiahui smiled and nodded, “Yes, I have eaten. We used the flour you gave us yesterday. My mother-in-law made cakes. By the way, Auntie, we will go to the market later to buy something. If you want anything, we will bring it back to you on the way.

Shen Nianru shook her head and said, “No, we don’t need anything at home. Thank you, little girl.”

“It’s our turn to thank Aunt and Uncle for letting us rent such a nice house.”

The rent was not too high, but it would be vulgar to mention money to such cultured people as them. So Jia Hui did not talk about the rent.

Shen Nianru laughed, “Then let’s not thank each other. From now on, we’ll treat each other like we are family, and the yard will be lively with more people.”

Jiahui smiled and nodded.

It can be seen that the old couple have cultural connotations and an outstanding temperament. However, they live in such a big house. They haven’t heard them mention children in the dialogue the last two days. Instead, they have heard them say “lively” several times. Can this also reflect the current situation of their life from the side? It’s not “lively”?

Jiahui always felt that even their smiles had the taste of loneliness and isolation.

The market in the provincial capital was very prosperous. They had all kinds of meat, fish, and vegetables. Although the varieties were not rich enough, they already looked like the prototype of the twenty-first century’s vegetable market.

“We have to buy oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, rice noodles, and eggs.” Jiahui looked as she walked and asked Zhao Donglin, “What shall we have for lunch today?” Mapo Tofu, lettuce in oyster sauce, shredded potatoes, and cook another fish? “

Jiahui finally understood when they said, “It’s not easy to live in the capital with expensive rice.” It seems like they have to find a way to earn money. She does not want to live a tight life all day.

“You decide. As long as you make it, I’ll love to eat it.”

Zhang Qiaoer dared not use the gas stove. Jiahui said that she would cook today’s meal. It was their first dinner in the provincial capital, and it was also meant to see Zhao Donghe off.

Zhao Donghe was ready to go back after lunch. As long as he can get to the county, he can find a way to go back to the village.

Zhang Qiaoer was reluctant to let her youngest son go back so soon. Zhao Donglin also kept him for a few more days, but Zhao Donghe insisted on going back and said he was worried about Shitou.

Seeing him mention his son, they stopped persuading him. Children were the soft spot of parents, not to mention that Zhao Donghe was now both a father and a mother to Shitou. Zhang Qiaoer persuaded him several times to find another wife, but he also refused.

After Zhao Donglin finished, Jiahui glanced at him and found that he was becoming more and more talkative now.

After shopping, go home, regulate the kitchen first, see what else is missing at home, and then take time to go there in the afternoon.

“It’s still early. Let’s go to school to register first.”

The two of them took the admission notice and brought out various materials they had to prepare according to the notice.

When they arrived at the school, there were already a lot of people who had come to register, and everyone’s expressions were tiredness, happiness, and longing for a new life.

Excuse me, are you, two new students? Which department are you from? “

At the campus, the staff with armbands came up and asked.

Jiahui smiled and nodded, “I’m from the English department and he’s from the Economics department.”

The other party raised his eyebrows and nodded. These two departments are the key departments of the school. The economics department has the highest admission scoreline, while the English department has the strictest admission conditions. In addition to the normal subjects, you have to take an extra English test and score ninety points before you will be admitted.

He raised his finger and pointed in a direction, “The economics department is this way, all the way forward. For the English department, you have to turn right, you can register separately, it would be faster.”

Jiahu looked at Zhao Donglin, “Then why don’t we apply separately?”

She thought, anyway, their home was behind the school. After registering, they could go back on their own, and they would also be able to save time when she goes back to cook. Who knows that Zhao Donglin would not follow her way?

“I’ll go with you first.”

What he meant was that they would go together.

The other person smiled, “Oh, you two are quite close, are you, brother and sister?”

The male and female comrades were obviously a few years older than their female comrades, and since their relationship was very familiar with each other, it is also more reliable to guess that they are brother and sister.

Jiahui smiled and shook her head, with a hint of slyness in her smile.

“No, we are husband and wife.”

The other party’s mouth suddenly opened wide.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t guess right. Oh, Hehe. “

Jiahui waved her hand and laughed, “That’s okay, we’ll go ahead and register then. Thank you.”

The other party also waved at the back of the two with an afterthought: “Surprisingly, they are a married couple.”

Red banners, a desk, a registered teacher with glasses, a pile of documents and forms on the table.

“Are you Dong Jiahui?”

She’s the second in the province. To rob her, several departments were fighting to get her into their department.

“Well, the state stipulates that tuition fees should be reduced or exempted. Then, the students in our school have a living allowance of 18 yuan a month to help everyone relieve their economic pressure.”

Jiahui nodded, for these circumstances she had already understood.

The teacher handed over something and said, “This form is for you to fill out.”

Jiahui looked at it and saw that it was an application form for “accommodation.” She said, “Teacher, I don’t need accommodation.”

The teacher’s hand stopped as she sorted out the information, “Huh? You’re not from here, right? “

“My family came here together, and I rented a room near the school to live with my family.”

“So.” The teacher held up the frame and said, “Then put your residence here and follow up with what procedures you need to fill in.”

When Jiahui was registering, the teacher asked Zhao Donglin, who had been waiting nearby,

“Student, what’s your name?”

He thought Zhao Donglin had also come to sign up. He asked and looked at the registration book.

“I’m not from the English department. I’ll leave right away. “

It’s strange. If you’re not in the English department, What are you doing here? “

“I am waiting for my wife.”

The teacher again held up the frame of her eyeglasses. She first froze for a few seconds, and only after a few seconds did he react. He stretched out his index finger to wiggle left and right between the two, and asked uncertainly, “You, you are a married couple?”

Zhao Donglin nodded his head.

The teacher made an “oh” sound and carefully looked at the two. Maybe Jiahui’s face looked too young; she doesn’t look like she was married. If Zhao Donglin hadn’t said it, the teacher really wouldn’t have thought that way.

He didn’t think the two could get into the same school because their Wu Dong University scoreline was not low.

“So, which department are you from?”

“I’m from the Department of Economics.”

The teacher nodded, still admirable. One college student from a family can change their life, and they had two from one family!

This family is going to prosper sooner or later.

After the two had enrolled and gone around the school, the news that a couple had been admitted to Wu Dong had spread around the campus, arousing the curiosity of the crowd.

Jiahui arrived home and started cooking. Mei Xiang had already prepared the ingredients.

Pouring oil, popping incense, putting the ingredients into the pot one by one, and watching her cook with ease.

“Sister-in-law, how is your school? Was it very old-fashioned or modern? “

Wu Dong University was an old university. In line with the principle that it’s better if it’s lacking than overcrowded, this year a total of more than 380 students were admitted.

It is better to admit fewer students than to resolutely lower the scoreline.

“You can check it out next time, anyway. It’s right in front.”

Meixiang’s school registration will start tomorrow. Her campus is slightly far away, so she has to take the bus to and from class.

“Tomorrow your brother accompany you to register. By the way, let him buy you a monthly bus pass.

“I’m still thinking about accommodation, anyway. It’s just a year and a half, and it costs extra money to take the bus every day.”

“If you like to live in a group, you can stay in the dormitory. If you like to live with your family, then you can come back. You think about it first, think for yourself first. “

Meixiang nodded and answered. She is actually a bit introverted. She was terrified of interacting with others and preferred to live at home.

The last fish took a little more time, and after it was done, Jia Hui put two pieces on a plate and asked Zhao Donglin to send them to the backyard.

The first one was not spicy, and she only added garlic and cilantro to enhance the flavour, mainly because she was afraid that the two elderly could not eat spicy food.

Jiahui’s consideration was indeed right; Zhong Daomin’s stomach was not good. He cannot eat spicy foods. ” Jiahui’s fish is sweet and sour, tender, light and delicious, which makes it very suitable for the elderly.

“Well, we are blessed. This daughter’s cooking skills are really good.”

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