Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 62.2

Chapter 62 Part 2

In the morning, Yingbao came to play in the backyard. Shen Nianru was picking vegetables while Yingbao was watching. Yingbao looked soft and cute, which was very rare for a girl from the countryside. Although Yingbao was from the countryside, she could already read the Three Character Classic and more than ten ancient poems at a young age. The most surprising thing was that Yingbao could sing English songs, such as “Jingle Bell”. The old couple were stunned.

Shen Nianru asked her who taught her everything, and Yingbao proudly said, “My mother taught me.”

Children are the purest and kindest people in this world. As a stepmother, Yingbao trusts her wholeheartedly and loves her, which proves that this mother was doing a very good job.

At the same time, Jiahui could cultivate her children so carefully that she didn’t treat them differently because they were her stepson and stepdaughter. Such a mind is worthy of recognition.

“After dinner, you go around and see if you can arrange Heidan’s school.”

The university starts a little early. In a few days, at most, the first month of elementary school should also start.

After eating, Zhao Donglin first sent Donghe away, and then went to the nearest Wu Dong Central Primary School. After talking with the headmaster for more than half an hour, the school agreed to let him enroll, but with two conditions: one was to take the exam, and the school would only accept Heidan after passing the exam, and the other was to give a one-time payment of 50 yuan for the assistance fee.

“We are not afraid of him taking the exams, with Heidan’s level, the 4th and 5th grade was enough for him.  We can also pay for the tuition fees. As long as it will help Heidan later, spending a few more dollars is nothing. After saying that, Jiahui deliberately explained, “Don’t tell Mom about the tuition fee; she will be anxious if you do.”

50 yuan was not a small amount. Their annual rent was only 100 yuan, if Zhang Qiaoer found out that in Heidan’s school, not only did they have to pay for the tuition books, but they also had to pay another fifty yuan for assistance fees, she was expected to faint from heartache.

The amount of money spent by the family in the past two days was indeed quite a lot. Rent fees and miscellaneous expenses amounted to hundreds of yuan.

Zhao Donglin nodded in silence while holding Jiahui’s hand and rubbing it against his lips.

The gratitude in his heart could not be expressed in words. Every thoughtfulness from Jiahui deepened his determination to treat her well and love her for the rest of his life, and because he met Jiahui, he never regretted even for a moment that he had agreed to the divorce.

The conversation between the two in the courtyard was overheard by Heidan. He lowered his eyes. There was no expression on his face, but his heart kept surging.

He was eight years old and already had the look of a young teenager. He had a beautiful face and wore a light green Tang suit that Jiahui had made for him.

Before going to the city, Jiahui made two coats for everyone. “People rely on clothes, Buddha relies on gold.” The village can wear whatever they want. They were not afraid of wearing clothes with patches on them. Anyway, they are all the same, but it is different in the city. You need to clean up after yourself.

A person’s external image can sometimes determine a lot of things. Inner beauty is a kind of beauty, but what people pay attention to at first sight is what they see outside.

He knows how good his stepmother is to him, and it is because he knows that he is at a loss inside.

He couldn’t call her mother as openly as Yingbao, nor could he flatter her or ask her for anything, because he knew early. Because he knew early on that she was not his biological mother, even though he knew her goodness and accepted it, he could only keep it in his heart, not daring to express it.

Her great aunt told him that his stepmother was willing to bring him to the city and pay for his schooling and that he should be grateful to her for the rest of his life.

“Your mother is a decent person and won’t do anything disgraceful. She is good to everyone and knows everything. I won’t have to worry about you having a bad life in the city. Since your family provides you with your schooling, you can go to college. You see, your father has been admitted to college, your mother has been admitted to college, and even your aunt has been admitted to college. You must work harder now that your entire family is a college student.”

With such good study conditions, it is natural for him to study well for him to have a way out.

Not that Jiahui would abuse Heidan or anything, but it was because of Heidan’s own character. He had too much self-esteem, Zhao Caixia, as an aunt had seen it, even if Jiahui was willing to give, but Heidan might not necessarily be willing to take it.

For this kind of child, it is necessary to let him work on his own.

But this is good. It’s true that people can only rely on themselves.

The next day, Zhao Donglin first accompanied his sister Meixiang to school registration. The monthly bus ticket was six yuan. After buying the monthly ticket, you can take all the buses in the city indefinitely.

“In that case, it’s better to come back and live. Anyway, you can ride it unlimited times. “

Meixiang didn’t expect to take the bus into the city. She was worried about spending the fare back and forth. In this case, she might as well come back and live with her brother.

Jiahui calculated an account for her. The school subsidized her with 18 yuan a month, and the bus fee was 6 yuan. She lived at home and saved two meals in the morning and evening. In fact, it didn’t cost much. Cooking meals for seven people at home was not much different from cooking for six people.

In the afternoon, Heidan went to school to take the test.

“This child is Zhao Zhuojun.”

The principal saw that Heidan was clean and good-looking, and he was well-behaved, so he was impressed.

“This is last year’s second-grade paper. You do it first. “

The principal originally wanted to take the first-grade paper, but then thought that since he was already in the second grade, he should do the second-grade paper first, and if his grades were really bad, he could try the first-grade paper.

He has already thought about it, as long as his first-grade exam results reach 60. He can let Heidan repeat the grade. This can be considered as giving face to Zhao Donglin.

Although Zhao Donglin is just from the countryside with no money and no background, he got into Wu Dong University. These days, college students are too popular, it is difficult to say what future fortune they will encounter, and it is just a matter of taking one more student, not worthy of offending people.

Heidan took the test paper, found a table and sat down. He took a pen from his schoolbag and started doing the questions.

The principal was surprised to see him take a pen. The younger children’s wrist strength was not enough. They can’t even write with a pen. So, most of the children in the lower grades use pencils, and when Heidan started writing, the principal slapped him in the face. Heidan’s writings were straight and horizontal, and the direction of the strokes, although they were very underripe, was already far beyond those of children of the same age, so it is clear that he had practised his Chinese calligraphy well. 

It seems that I underestimated this child named Zhao Zhuojun. How can the child’s performance be poor when both of his parents are college students, and how can the child’s performance be poor in such a good learning environment?’

Heidan spent half an hour finishing the math and Chinese test papers. Finally, he checked it again. The principal looked at the score himself. After getting the test paper, the surface of the paper was clean and neat, and the handwriting was neat. It looked like both subjects were 100 points.

“This child, Zhao Zhuojun,’s test results were very good. Only two students in 2nd grade in our school got 200 points last semester. “

If you consider the answer time and handwriting, Zhao Zhuojun was again clearly better than those two.

At this point, the principal’s expression completely changed. Before, it was polite with detachment, but now, he was completely eager. These top students must go to Wudong Central Primary School!

“Zhao Zhuojun’s grades were fully qualified. In addition, with such good grades, our school is not going to charge sponsorship fees.

Zhao Donglin was not surprised by Heidan’s results. But it was a little unexpected that the principal canceled the assistance fee, but it’s better for them if it was cancelled. Who made their children work so hard?

“In fact, Zhao Zhuojun has already taught himself at home up to the fourth-grade curriculum.”


The principal became interested, with his brief contact with Zhao Donglin. He guessed that Zhao Donglin was not a person who would say nonsense. He really wanted to see how far the strength of Zhao Zhuojun was.

The principal excitedly took out two fourth grade examination papers from the drawer and said, “Student Zhao, why don’t you take this examination paper? This is the final examination paper of the last semester of fourth grade.

Heidan took the test paper and started answering the questions directly. This time, the answering time was longer, with more questions that needed calculations in math and fewer small essays in language.

Fifty minutes later, Heidan handed the papers to the principal, who was eager to start reading them.

Ten minutes later, the principal put down the red pen in his hand in admiration. The satisfaction in his eyes was almost overflowing.

“Student Zhao Zhuojun is really excellent! 200 points! Even in the essay, I can’t find anything that needs deduction points. “

The essay topic is to describe the summer scenery in 200 words. Heidan wrote about the scenery of summer in the countryside. Heidan wrote about the verdant and luxuriant mountains and forests, the frogs in the fields, the loaches after the rain, the flocks of sparrows, and the white belly of the fish jumping in the water.

“The sun was setting in the west, the sky was tinged with red, old men herding cattle were coming home from the foothills, and the smell of fresh air was in the air, and that was when everyone started cooking dinner.”

He couldn’t believe this was an essay written by an eight-year-old!

Now, not mentioning assistance fees, he would still accept this student even if he couldn’t pay the tuition fee.

The principal fell into thinking According to Zhao Zhuojun’s age, he should go to the third grade next semester, but he has taught himself the content of the fourth grade and mastered it very well. Should Zhao Zhuojun directly skip the third and fourth grades and go straight to the fifth grade?

But is it too much to jump two grades at once? Their school rarely allows someone to skip grades, at least not during his tenure as principal.

“Let’s put it this way: jumping directly to the fifth grade is a bit too much with Zhao Zhuojun’s grades. It’s absolutely fine to start the school year directly into the fourth grade. What about your parents’ views? Do you agree with your child skipping grades? “

Today, Zhao Donglin accompanied Heidan to enroll. Before coming here, Jiahui also said that with Heidan’s grades, he could completely skip a grade. Zhao Donglin’s sentence just mentioned was also deliberately said to the principal.

“The child has the ability to learn well; we parents must support them with both hands and will not put a halt to their education.”

Zhao Donglin’s high-sounding words sounded like the sound of nature in the principal’s ears. He even thought that he could let Zhao Zhuojun participate in the hard-pencil calligraphy competition and the essay competition, but he didn’t know whether the child still had other strengths. When the school officially started, the teacher had to dig it out.

“That’s fine. Then this is settled. Our school starts on March 10th, Class 1, Grade 4, has the best teachers. I wish Zhao Zhuojun a happy learning atmosphere. “

At the exit of the school, Zhao Donglin patted Heidan on the shoulder, which was a heartfelt joy.

“You did well today. Your mother must be happy when she finds out. “

Zhao Donglin didn’t realize what was wrong with what he said. He was used to talking to Yingbao and Fang Fang. But when Heidan heard it, he didn’t open his mouth to correct it, because, for him, Jiahui was his mother, and he also hoped that she would be happy and feel proud of him.

After arriving home, Zhao Donglin talked about Heidan’s performance at school and the assistance fee, as it was not necessary to pay for it in the end.

Jiahui patted Heidan’s head with relief, “I knew our Heidan was good. He is the best child, and he can’t slack off in his studies in the fourth grade. You have to keep working hard, understand? “

Heidan nodded obediently.

Zhang Qiaoer’s eyes are almost smiling. At this moment, she thinks it’s really worth working so hard to come to the provincial capital. Heidan is such a good baby. It’s a waste of good materials to go to school in the village!

However, Zhang Qiaoer was happy and lost at the same time. When she thought that the days of her eldest son’s family would be better, the days of her youngest son would be a little down.

She thought Donglin and Donghe had a good relationship. When Donglin is promising, he will certainly be willing to help his brother.

Ten fingers were long and short. There are always good or bad days for a family’s relatives and sisters.

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