Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 63

Chapter 63

After school started, everyone’s life was back on track.

When Jiahui sent Heidan to school, she found out that there was a kindergarten next to the elementary school, and when she went back to consult with someone, Yingbao’s age had reached the requirements for kindergarten. Because it was a public kindergarten, the tuition fee was not high, at 36 yuan for one semester, and the food fee was paid separately, at ten yuan per semester.

After she returned, Jiahui asked Zhao Donglin if he wanted to send Yingbao to kindergarten.

“Children in the city all go to kindergarten, but we don’t care about this in our village.”

Most of the parents of children in the city were working class, so sending the children to kindergartens and nurseries met the requirements of the working class, while in the countryside, the children grow up as they please, and besides, there are not that many teachers that could teach children.

Zhao Donglin touched his face. After entering the city, it can really be said that they spend money like water. If Yingbao also went to kindergarten, it could be said that they had to spend 100 yuan per year.

“What do you think? Our family’s financial power is in your hands. “

Zhao Donglin kicked the decision-making power to Jiahui. Jiahui saw his careful thinking and gave him a blank look.

“I think it’s better to send her to a kindergarten. It’s good for her to get in touch with the group early so that mom can also be more relaxed. She can just take care of Fang Fang at home. “

Of course, the main thing is to let Yingbao receive a normal education. For Jiahui, a person who came from the modern age, kindergarten is a necessary stage for children.

Of course, we can’t sit and eat around and wait for the school holiday. Maybe we can come up with some way to earn money. “

These days, the most profitable business is to work as an individual industrial or commercial household. Jiahui doesn’t have any ideas about what to do or how to do it. She has to combine it with the current situation.

Zhao Donglin gave an encore, “I have wronged you. I should not let you worry about the money. “

To be honest, after entering the city, Zhao Donglin was under a lot of pressure. In the village, his monthly salary of sixty-two is the top income. Donglin can give Jiahui a very good life, but when they go to school in the city, not only don’t they have an income, but they also spend money non-stop.

“Women can hold up half the sky. We are husband and wife. We have to bear everything together.

In this way, Yingbao also went to kindergarten. Zhang Qiaoer was much more relaxed. She just has to take care of Fang Fang during the day and pick Yingbao up from school in the evening. Heidan was old and could walk back after school.

“Hello everyone, my name is Xie Mingli. I am your counsellor, and I will accompany you through your campus life in the next four years.

The counsellor stood on the podium wearing an army green Zhongshan suit. He was in his thirties, and his speech was impassioned and infectious.

“We all come from all over the world, whether in age or growing up in different environments, but being able to get together is fate. Today is a meeting before the official class. Everyone has to introduce themselves.”

After the counsellor’s words, the students came up to the stage in turn to introduce themselves.

“Hello everyone, I’m Lili Ye from Haicheng. I’m nineteen years old. My hobby is… “

“Hello everyone, I’m Xu Canghai from Qing City. I’m twenty-seven years old. I’m the standard in the third session. “

“Hello everyone, My name is Dong Jiahui, from Jiangkou County Victory Commune. This year, I am twenty-four years old. I’m glad to be admitted to Wudong University and be classmates with you all. In my future university life, I hope we can help each other and make common progress with you all! “

While Jiahui was talking on stage, some students off stage were whispering.

“Who is she? I haven’t seen her in the dormitory. “

“Does she not have any accommodation?”

“She’s quite young looking, not like twenty-four.”

“She’s really white, she’s not badly dressed; her family should be well off.”

The English department has a total of forty-nine students, of which twenty-eight are girls and twenty-one are boys. As opposed to girls who shop for dresses, boys are more concerned about the girls’ looks and temperament.

Married boys are more stable, while young male students do not have too many worries.

From the time Jiahui entered the classroom, she had already attracted the attention of some of the opposite sex.

“This female student is good-looking. I think she is the best-looking person in our class. ” She’s twenty-four years old. I wonder if she is married.”

“I don’t think so. She doesn’t look like she’s married either.”

“Twenty-four and still not married? If she were in our place, she would be considered an “old girl.”

“What’s wrong with being an old girl? You can send her to me if she’s such a good-looking old girl. I still want her! “

“I feel Ye Lili is also quite good-looking, like a small pepper.”

“Come on, I don’t like those kinds of naughty girls. It’s better to be gentle.”

Zhou Ruosen, next to a boy named Lu Gang, was whispering with the other side of the boys. Zhou Ruosen’s poor acceptance of such schoolboy-style self-introduction, coupled with how his father forced him to give up his first choice, a university in the capital, That’s why he came to Wu Dong in an unhappy mood. In the entire class meeting, he kept his head down.

“She looks so good when she smiles.”

When Lu Gang’s words just fell, Jiahui’s self-introduction was also completed. Everyone applauded. The counselor did not let Jiahui sit down. He waved his hand for everyone to stop for a while.

“Let me introduce you to this student, Dong Jiahui. She entered our school with the second-highest score in the province, and her English score on the college entrance exam was perfect. “

Jiahui didn’t expect the counselor to introduce herself at first and stood in front of the stage after being surprised. She maintained a faint smile on her face.

After hearing the teacher’s introduction, the students on the stage looked at Jiahui with a clearly changed gaze.

Zhou Ruosen, who had been keeping his head down, also raised his head at the word. He looked at Jiahui’s light eyebrows. The small pear vortex in her smile just broke into his line of sight, and there was a sweet feeling that made him think of the malt candy he had eaten as a child.

Zhou Ruosen’s family background was particularly good, the one with great family history. The reason why he studied English was that he came from a family of diplomats.

His first choice was the university in the capital, but because his grandfather was recuperating in Wudong, his father asked him to have “filial piety for his father” and spend more time with the elderly.

Zhou Ruosen protested, but in front of his father, he, as a son, obviously did not have any say. Plus, Wu Dong University was also a top-ranked university in the country, and the professor of English was his father’s senior brother, Zhou Ruosen, who could only reluctantly come.

He thought that with their own family history, their English scores must be among the best, but he did not expect that there were people outside the sky.

At the first class meeting, Zhou Ruosen did not pay attention to anything and only remembered a name called “Dong Jiahui”.

In the first class, Jiahui and Zhou Ruosen were tied for first place in the pronunciation exercise and were way ahead.

Jiahui’s excellence was due to systematic English learning in her previous life, while Zhou Ruosen’s excellence was entirely due to his family’s atmosphere, thanks to the influence from childhood.

“After the test in this class, I have a certain understanding of everyone’s English level, and I can say that the difference is still quite big.”

The two best ones had no problem crossing the freshman year and going directly into their junior and senior years, while most of them, however, could only be considered to have barely touched the edge of the subject of English.

We are the first class after the resumption of college entrance exams. I do not want to talk too much about historical issues. Since we got into college, we should spend as much time improving ourselves as possible. We have no textbook for the class, and the textbook is still in the research stage, so for the next class, I will propose a topic for each class, and everyone will prepare themselves after class, and starting with the next class, each student will take turns speaking on the stage.

This open-ended education was very stressful for the students, and it was only then that they actually had the feeling that they were already university students.

After class, the professor gave Dong Jiahui and Zhou Ruoshen an assignment to rehearse a short play of their own, with unlimited content.

“You two have a better foundation than the other students, so you should suffer more in the future and bring the other students along with you to improve.”

After the professor left, Zhou Ruosen and Jiahui looked at each other and saw the leap of joy and delight in each other’s eyes, but not the nervousness.

“Your pronunciation is very good; it’s authentic British pronunciation.”

Zhou Ruosen was the first to speak.

“Your pronunciation is also great.”

The pronunciation of Zhou Ruosen is a standard American pronunciation, nurtured by his family.

The two of them walked out of the classroom together and exchanged the homework assigned by the professor. Jiahui thought that the skit content should be as interesting and simple as possible for the beginning of the school year, and did not need to be too complicated.

“Well, your idea is good. Let’s discuss the topic first, and then design the situational dialogue.

After agreeing with Jiahui’s point of view, after going down the stairs along the corridor, Zhou Ruosen was still talking when he saw Jiahui suddenly running away. He looked up in surprise and saw Jiahui holding the arm of a man not far away.

“This student, may I ask if you are waiting for me?”

With a sideways smile, Jiahui ran a few steps to Zhao Donglin’s side and asked.

Zhao Donglin had been waiting for ten minutes or so, watching Jiahui and Zhou Ruosen come out of the classroom all the way. The two standing together had the flavour of a talented man and a beautiful woman. He has listened to the students in the English department after class. There are two very good English speakers in the class: a man and a woman. The boy’s name is Zhou Ruosen, and the girl’s name is Dong Jiahui.

Zhao Donglin put away the thoughts in his heart and said with a calm smile, “You are my wife. If I do not wait for you, who will I wait for?”

Zhou Ruosen was standing four or five meters in front of them. He was a little frozen in place.

“This is my classmate, Zhou Ruosen. This is my husband, from the Department of Economics at our school.

Zhou Ruosen nodded his head and politely extended his right hand to Zhao Donglin.



The two men shook hands.

“Classmate Zhou, then I’ll leave first. We’ll talk again before class this afternoon.”


Zhou Ruosen stood where he was, watching the two people drift away, heading off-campus.

There is a female classmate in the English department who was admitted to Wu Dong with her husband. Most people in the school know about it. However, like Jiahui, Zhou Ruosen doesn’t live in the school and lives with her grandparents, so he hasn’t heard of the gossip about the school.

“How about these two days of classes? Did you feel excited and deeply enlightened? “

On the way, Jiahui talked to Zhao Donglin about light-hearted topics.

“En, I felt it. My previous ideas were too one-sided; I didn’t think about things from a macro perspective.

“Not simple. After a morning of classes, you even know the word “macro.”

Zhao Donglin laughed lightly, “It’s not as good as Dong, who has already made a name for herself in one morning. There is a female student in the foreign language department who is good-looking and has top grades in her major.

Jiahui looked at Zhao Donglin sideways, “What? Are you jealous? That’s why you came to pick me up from class, isn’t it? “

Zhao Donglin did not deny or admit it. He took Jiahui’s hand and put her soft palm into his jacket pocket.

He is not that superficial; his wife’s being complimented does not give him a sense of crisis. Rather, it was that student Zhou just now. He smelled a dangerous aura on that person.

“That student Zhou, I heard that he is also outstanding in his studies.”

“Oh, he is. His English foundation was quite good. Oh, the professor asked us to arrange a short play together.”

Zhao Donglin nodded. After walking out of the countryside, he found that there were too many excellent people. In order to make himself more compatible with his wife, it seems that he will have to work harder in the future.


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