Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 64

Chapter 64

Finally, Jiahui and Zhou Ruoshen decided to stage a short play introducing the campus, with Zhou Ruoshen playing the role of a foreign tourist visiting Wu Dong University and Jiahui playing the role of a student at the university.

At the beginning of the play, Zhou Rousen pretended to be visiting the campus, and from time to time, he would show a confused expression.

As a foreign tourist, he naturally does not know Chinese characters, such as the school’s monument, motto, inscriptions, etc. He does not understand them at all.

At this time, Dong Jiahui, who was holding a book on her chest, passed by, and the foreign friend played by Zhou Ruosen called out to her.

“Hello! I am a foreigner. This is my first time going to this university. Could you please introduce me to the main campus for me? “

The female student, played by Jiahui, readily agreed and led him from the main entrance of the university, introducing the history and culture of the university and the campus environment one by one.

They walked through the boulevard, passed through the small garden and the school building, and finally arrived at the school’s auditorium.

Jiahui pointed to the auditorium and said, “There is a memorial to members of the woods next to the north gate of the school. It’s a quiet and comfortable place. I hope you will like it. “

Zhou Ruoshen pretended to be a serious visitor, and his mouth let out an admiring sound.

At last, Zhou Ruosen said goodbye to Jiahui, who smiled and said, “Have a nice day.”

In Jiahui’s opinion, this short play is very simple. In the English short plays arranged in the school before, they were all like Shakespeare. The reason why they made it so simple was to consider the English level of most students. There are still some words that students can’t understand.

The professor was quite satisfied. After the two returned to their seats, the professor stepped up to the podium to speak.

“There is no shortcut to learning a foreign language; only constant memorization and practice can make progress. You should follow the example of Dong Jiahui and Zhou Ruosen.” Learn from them and catch up with them. I believe that by the end of this semester, you can all reach this level.

The class was quiet; everyone was really shocked. They originally thought that their English grades were good, but there are people beyond the world. They no longer feel that they are superior, and they even make people feel inferior.

With this stimulus, the crowd’s motivation to study was even higher, and they got up early every morning to memorize the words. They were studying everywhere on campus, which is exactly what the professor wanted.

On Sunday, the school was closed for the day. Jiahui took the children out with Zhao Donglin and they went around town. Jiahui also wanted to see what good ideas there were for earning money, and at the same time, they would not miss their class.

In the provincial capital in the past seven or eight years, there were not many stores or restaurants, and there were a few food vendors on the streets, such as rice sticks, rice cakes, steamed groundnuts, and not many tea eggs, as they were known in later times.

Jiahui focused on the tailor store. Ready-made clothes were expensive; now most people still rip the clothes to find a tailor to let them sew them. She also went to the mall to inquire about the price of clothes. They were priced at more than a hundred yuan, which meant someone from an ordinary family could not afford them.

“Food, clothing, shelter and transportation”, you have to start from the most basic places, from other fields it is also very difficult to earn money.

They took Heidan to see a movie, “Six Pan Mountain,” which had never been seen in the village before. Heidan watched it with great interest.

Heidan also bought a comic book. The most popular one now is “The Strange Attack on the White Tiger Regiment,” which was the first comic book in Heidan’s life, and he has always treasured it, taking it out from time to time and turning it over.

This time, they didn’t bring with them the sewing machine. She can’t sew clothes temporarily. Buying clothes is now also impossible. Not only do they have to use industrial tickets, but they also have to spend a couple of hundred yuan. It’s very expensive for their family’s financial situation.

After giving it some thought, Jiahui decided to make the money targeted at young people. They can sell food at the weekends in the cinema. Such as tea eggs, chicken rice flowers, peanuts, melon seeds, and peanut seeds can be weighed in the store and sold according to the size of a paper bag. The price is certainly a little more expensive than in the store. Tea eggs will be sold for 10 cents. Chicken rice flowers have to be processed by themselves and made into semi-finished products. It’s just right to bring a briquette stove.

When Jiahui shared this idea with Zhao Donglin, she had to seek his advice. The couple has to discuss whatever they do.

Zhao Donglin had just been introduced to economics in school and just wanted to try it out for himself, so he naturally agreed to Jiahui’s idea, and Meixiang asked to join after finding out about her big brother and sister-in-law’s plan.

“You’re so busy with school courses; do you have time?”

Specialized teacher training only needs one and a half years to graduate. The three or four years’ worth of knowledge was squeezed into a one-year course that they had to learn. For the remaining six months, it would be an internship. Every day, Meixiang would read till late at night. She was very busy indeed.

“It’s okay, I would only spend half a day in a week, it’s not much of a delay.”

She is only twenty this year. In the twenty-first century, she would still be considered a little girl who loves to play. What her sister-in-law said was very interesting. As for books, it is the same when she comes back at night.

Just let her do it. Jiahui went to the market on Saturday morning and bought two chickens. Fried chicken rice flowers need chicken breast. Now there is no place to buy ready-made ones, so she can only come back and disassemble the bones by herself.

The dismantled chicken meat was cut into small pieces and marinated with seasonings. There are no bread crumbs. So, she could only replace it with crushed steamed bread. After the chicken was marinated, she dipped the chicken block in egg white and wrapped it in steamed bread. Fry it in an oil pan until it is golden yellow.

Jiahui divided the first half of the fried portion into half, half plain and half sprinkled with cumin powder, and took it for everyone to taste.

Zhang Qiaoer took the first clip and chewed two mouthfuls. She was surprised. The taste was completely different from what she thought it would be.

“Well, it smells strange. I thought it was not good to eat.”

She originally did not like this. A good chicken wasn’t cooked well. It took so much trouble. It’s tearing down the meat and wrapping it in steamed bread. She spoils all the good things. Who knew that it would taste so good?

Meixiang also nodded while eating. She is a young person, and her receptive ability is originally stronger than Zhang Qiaoer’s. Compared to the original flavor, she prefers to eat the cumin flavor.

Having already gotten two good reviews, Jiahui’s eyes shone brightly as she looked at Zhao Donglin beside her.

“What do you think?”

Zhao Donglin nodded his head after tasting it carefully, “The taste is good. Someone should like it, but I can’t tell how much it would sell.”

The man’s taste is more inclined to drinking and eating meat. For these kinds of snacks, he actually did not like them so much, but if it was based on the taste, it was not bad.

Jiahui grunted. She felt that what he said was similar to not saying anything. He couldn’t put forward any constructive suggestions. Then, Jiahui waved at Heidan, who was doing his homework, to come over.

“Zhuojun, you help me taste it. I need to know if you kids love this.”

This is the open-door brick that KFC has taken the world by storm. Jiahui believes that even the children of the seventies loved it, but she can’t be completely sure.

Heidan was not too happy to hear Jiahui call him a kid. He was already in fourth grade and had long felt like an adult.

“Mom, mom, let me eat. I’m a kid too.”

When Yingbao saw that Jiahui did not call her, Yingbao was anxious and ran faster than Heidan.

“Our Yingbao also wants to eat, huh?”

Jiahui pinched Yingbao’s fleshy little face and deliberately teased her, “But you’re too young.” Such a snack will make you stupid. What should we do? “

Yingbao puffed up her mouth and looked a little sad.

But I just want to eat it. My little aunt said it’s delicious.

Jiahui held a smile, not saying yes or no.

Heidan loves his sister. Heidan held Yingbao’s shoulder and said seriously, “Little sister, you can eat. It doesn’t matter. If you become stupid and are unable to grow up, I’ll take care of you when I grow up. “

Anyway, she is his sister. He was born to take care of her and protect her.

Jiahui looked at Heidan in surprise. She didn’t expect him to be a little warm-hearted.

“Well, since your brother said that it doesn’t matter if you become stupid. You can eat it, but you can’t eat a lot. If you eat more fried food, you will get fat. “

“Mom lied. You only said that I would be stupid.”

“Mom did not lie to you. If you eat too much, you will become stupid and fat, and not cute anymore. “

“It’s quite good; it smells good; it’s different from braised chicken.”

Heidan finished eating and seriously expressed his opinion.

“So how do you like it?”

Heidan thought about it. Heidan was not obsessed with food; he never actively wanted to eat anything. He always ate the food that was cooked at home.

For him, as long as he didn’t hate it, he liked it.

Therefore, he honestly nodded his head.

Since everyone said it was okay, Jiahui grabbed the rest of the half-finished products and then started preparing lunch.

She stewed chicken soup with the dismantled chicken bones and made chicken soup with hand-rolled noodles.

“Send a bowl to the backyard.”

Before Jiahui finished speaking, Zhao Donglin had already familiarly taken an aluminium soup pot from the cupboard, filled it up and sent it over.

“Oh my! Donglin, why are you sending food again? You go back and tell Jiahui that she doesn’t need to send us a serving of anything good to eat. “

“She just wants you guys to try her cooking skills. Just praise her that you ate well.”

Shen Nianru shook her head and smiled, “I don’t need to praise Jiahui’s cooking. Since she’s here, our appetites have become spoiled.”

After school, Zhao Donglin and Jiahui find out the real identities of the two old people. Professor Zhong is a professor in the Chinese Department of Wudong University, and Professor Shen is a professor in the History Department of Wudong University. In addition, Professor Zhong has also compiled teaching materials and published a collection of essays. According to Professor Shen, Professor Zhong was writing a small book recently.

They all can’t wait and want to make up for those missed times.

After having lunch early, Jiahui and Zhao Donglin set out together with Meixiang. Eggs, peanuts, and melon seeds had been bought the day before. The tea eggs had been marinated all night. She couldn’t figure out the specific situation when doing business for the first time. Jiahui didn’t dare to do more and only prepared about 20 tea eggs.

“Sister-in-law, do you think we will do well today?”

On the bus, Meixiang asked Jia Hui with some apprehension.

“Relax. If we can’t sell it, we can just take it home to eat. “

Mei Xiang laughed, “I really can’t bear to not eat it.”

After saying that, she reassured herself, “But I believe we will be able to sell it. How can we not sell delicious things? “

Jiahui patted her on the head. She turned her head and looked out the window. Jiahui didn’t speak.


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