Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 65.1

Chapter 65 Part 1

The cinema opened at 12:00 noon, so after lunch at home, the three of them left and rode a bus. Zhao Donglin was responsible for the briquette stove. Jiahui and Meixiang carried a basket with ingredients.

When they arrived at the cinema, Jiahui first went to the people who were selling tickets and asked if they could meet the director who manages the cinema.

“You guys want to see me for something?”

“Yes, We would like to borrow some space in your cinema to sell some food. Do you think it’s appropriate? “

The cinema actually also sells things, but not as many as in later times; only soda. The director looked at them, who were holding a vegetable basket, a pot, and a stove. He thought it was quite interesting.

“You are quite well prepared.”

The director was a middle-aged man in his forties, wearing glasses, not very tall and very thin. He looks a little sharp.

“We just want to earn a little money. Boss, if we were to sell food, the guests would want to drink water after eating. So, wouldn’t you be able to sell a few more bottles of soda? “

According to his usual character, he would not agree to this matter. But, Jiahui’s ideas aroused his curiosity. He wanted to see if their food could be sold in the end. After thinking about it, he also agreed.

“OK, I’ll lend you the place if you sell it first.

If it sells well, the cinema would also increase its sales, right?

This is called “throwing stones.” The director is not a fool, but he also made a request, that is, not to make the place dirty.

“Don’t worry, director, we’ll take care of it.”

Jiahui, incidentally, borrowed tables and chairs from the cinema. First, they set up the briquette stove and then continued to heat the tea eggs cooked in the soup pot. Melon seeds and peanuts were also placed on the table. As for the semi-finished chicken rice flour, she made a copy for guests to taste in advance.

The movie began to show at twelve o’clock, and at about 11:40 or so, people came one after another to watch the movie.

“Hey, Are they selling food today? “

The location of the small stall was in a very noticeable place, and everyone saw it at a glance.

Most of the people who come to see movies on weekends are lovers, and those who are not lovers are people who are on their way to becoming lovers. Male comrades always have to be generous. When they notice that the female comrade is interested in watching a movie, they are compelled to accompany her.

No matter what the background, male comrades have to be generous when they want to chase girls.

“What is this? Eggs? “

Everyone first became interested in tea eggs.

“This is a tea egg, cooked with tea leaves. The taste is very delicious. It costs ten cents per piece. If you’re interested in buying, then I’ll give you one to try. “

Raw eggs cost six cents per piece. On the first day of business, Jiahui only prepared 40 eggs. In addition to tea eggs, various spices and seasonings were added to the marinated soup, which can be reused.

“Then two tea eggs, and also weigh in some melon seeds.”

Melon seeds and peanuts are weighed in the store. They have a national retail price, but the price of Jiahui for melon seeds and peanuts was more expensive than the other stores. But the customer didn’t care about this price difference.

After Jiahui wrapped the melon seeds and tea eggs in oil paper, the other party pointed to the chicken rice flour and asked, “What’s this?”

In the 1970s, KFC had not yet entered the domestic market, so naturally, people had never seen such imported products as chicken rice flour.

Jiahui smiled and explained, “This is called chicken rice flour, made with chicken. You can try it and buy it if you like it. “

“Is that so? Then I’ll try one. “

  The female comrade took a bite and tasted it carefully. She nodded to the male comrade beside her after a few seconds.

“It tastes good, it’s quite fragrant, and it’s chicken.”

And there was a feeling after eating it that I wanted to eat it again.

The male comrade received a look from his female companion and began to inquire about the price.

“How much do you charge for these?”

“Twenty cents per piece.”

Chicken meat costs 80 cents per catty. Two chickens weigh four pounds and three ounces each. The shaved meat weighs more than two pounds. Wrap steamed bread into semi-finished products and weigh three pounds and six ounces. In other words, the cost of meat is 3 yuan and 44 cents. It can be sold for 7 yuan and 20 cents, and the profit is 3 yuan and 76 cents.

For tea eggs, one can earn at least three cents. Today’s 40 eggs can make a profit of 1 yuan and 20 cents.

The profit is very substantial. It depends on whether it can be sold. You know, the daily salary of ordinary workers in the city is about one yuan.

My female comrades were a little hesitant. After all, movie tickets were only 30 cents. They already bought tea eggs and melon seeds. It would be a loss if they were to spend money again.

Seeing that she liked it, the male comrade said proudly, “If you like to eat, let’s buy it.” It’s rare for us to go out and watch a movie. It’s not bad to spend these two cents. “

The female comrade smiled at his words, but she also gently encircled her hands around the male comrade’s arms, and then the male comrade also followed happily.

The “little girl” from Meixiang, who has never been in love, ate a mouthful of dog food. The two comrades in front of her didn’t do much, but their faces turned red first.

“Okay, wait a few minutes. I’ll go reheat it with the oil again.

The work of frying the chicken rice flour was given to Zhao Donglin. Reheat it in the semi-hot oil pot and put it in the semi-finished chicken rice flour. Two minutes later, the sound of “Chi-Chi” sounded. He picked it up with a bamboo leak and put it on a clean plate.

“What you just ate is the original flavour. We can also add cumin seasoning. If you want, I can add it for you.”

In the seventies, there were no lamb skewers, and cumin was not a flavor everyone knew about, so the female comrade looked a little hesitant.

Jiahui kindly said, “Why don’t I split it in half for you? One is the original flavor and the other one is the cumin flavor, okay? “

The female comrade agreed.

The first sale was easily completed, and the market was opened. 20 cents for chicken rice flour, 20 cents for tea eggs, and 20 cents for melon seeds, a total of 60 cents.

Meixiang is responsible for collecting the money. She pinched the 60 cents in her hand and looked too excited.

“Sister-in-law, we really made it.”

So, it’s so easy to sell things! She was so worried at first. She was afraid that it would not sell.

“Don’t get excited, we haven’t received our expenses back yet. We have to collect at least seven yuan today to barely take back our capital.

Chicken, eggs, and melon peanuts were all paid for.

When Jiahui said this, Meixiang was not excited. Zhao Donglin watched and gave a hand from time to time. Today, he saw the ability of his own wife again. From talking about places to doing business. It can be said that she can be comfortable—even without him.

In addition to his wife’s outstanding ability, it was the first time for him to do business also, and it brought him a great shock.

The professor said that sooner or later, the country will have to open up its economy. The economic base determines the superstructure. Only when the economy is better will the people’s living standards improve.

Just like buying and selling, money circulates in the market. They first buy other people’s goods, process them themselves, and then sell them to others. Customers get paid through their own labor, forming a complete market chain.

When you think about it, the development of the economy and how to develop the economy are very interesting and are subjects worth exploring.

When the first couple finished buying, they were followed by another pair. They bought melon seeds and chicken rice flour.

When the time came to twelve o’clock, the first movie started, and they had a total of thirteen customers. They collected 7 yuan and 8 cents. Their capital was returned.

Jia Hui looked at the remaining things, there are still about ten eggs, chicken rice flour only a few taels left, it is estimated that it will not last the night.

“Sister-in-law, what do we do when we sell all of it?”

Now there are two choices. One is to go back and not sell anymore after the stock sells out. And the other was to go back and prepare a new batch. After thinking about it, Jiahui decided to choose the first one and go back directly when it was sold out.

Now the preparation time is too tight, and today’s initial test was a success. They can go back and have a rest early to conserve energy for tomorrow’s business.

The film lasted about ten minutes, and then the male comrade who had bought chicken rice flour came out of the theatre room.

“Comrade, is that chicken rice flour still available? Give me all the rest. “

Meixiang opened her mouth wide in surprise and said, “Huh? You want it all? “

The male comrade smiled shyly, “Yes, my wife loves to eat it. She is pregnant these days. She always said she had no appetite. It’s been hard for her. So I must buy it for her to eat. “

It turns out to be another person who loves his wife.

“Okay, there are still five ounces left. Even if it’s five ounces, you can just give me one yuan.”

Jiahui took the time to fry chicken rice flours, took out the overheated oil three minutes later, and asked, “do you want the original flavor or cumin?”

“Half of each.

“Don’t eat too much at once. It’s easy to get tired of it if you eat too much. I think there are fruit sellers at the intersection. Go and buy some fruit for your wife. The fruit is nutritious and relieves greasiness. “

Even if you are doing business, you should still have to remind them. However, although the chicken rice flour was fried, the materials are fresh, which is much cleaner and hygienic than those frozen foods in future generations.

“Okay, thank you.”

The male comrade really ran out to buy fruit.

“This man really loves his wife.”

Meixiang sighed with emotion. Jiahui said with a smile, “That’s why many males still can’t marry a wife. If you don’t love your wife well, your wife will become someone else’s. “

The speaker (DJ) didn’t have any hidden meaning under those words. But Zhao Donglin secretly decided to treat his wife better in the future. After all, his own wife is better looking than others’ wives. She can learn better than others’ wives and can make more money than others’ wives.

When the second movie started, the food was sold out. Jiahui settled the accounts. Today, she sold more than 12 yuan in four hours, and the profit was less than 6 yuan. It was very OK, which met Jiahui’s psychological expectations.

“En, today’s sale was good. Let’s go back and come back tomorrow. “

Before leaving Zhao Donglin returned the borrowed tables and chairs, and Jiahui gave the rest of the melon seeds and peanuts to the two comrades selling tickets.

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