Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 65.2

Chapter 65 Part 2

When the three arrived home, Zhang Qiaoer couldn’t wait to ask for the results of today’s business. Her eyes narrowed in happiness after knowing that their food was sold out and that they earned 6 yuan.

“This feeling is good. Finally, I can see that the money was taken back. “

Since they came to the provincial capital, the family has spent too much money. They often spend several tens of hundreds of yuan and have taken out more than 100 yuan. Zhang Qiaoer was too distressed. Now that they have a way to make money, she finally sees hope.

It turns out that in the city, not only was it easy to spend money, but it was also easy to earn money.

Not only was Zhang Qiaoer worried, but Shen Nianru was also worried. When she heard the movement in the front yard, she came over to ask them about today’s situation.

“Little girl, how was your business today?”

“Auntie, business is pretty good.”

Jiahui told Shen Nianru about the business today.

“It’s good that the country has loosened its policy and allows people to do business now.” Shen Nianru smiled benevolently as if life had not given her any trials and tribulations, as if everything she had experienced was not worth mentioning.

“But then, I’m afraid that selling in the cinema is not a long-term solution. If you earn money easily in the eyes of most people, I’m afraid someone will complain after that. “

Jiahui naturally thought about this. The country was the best at following the trend. When others make money, someone will learn to do it right away. But one thing she firmly believes is that other things might be easy to imitate, but the chicken rice flour was not easy to imitate. Besides, she can not only make chicken rice flour but also make hamburgers, chicken chops, and French fries. Others can’t learn it even if they want to.

“Making money is important, but do not forget to study. The two of you are now college students and must still focus on learning. You can’t put the cart before the horse. “

Shen Nianru finally couldn’t help but mention a couple of things. Zhao Jiahui and Zhao Donglin readily agreed, saying that it would not affect their studies.

In the evening, Fang Fang had already gone to bed. Zhao Donglin saw Jiahui rubbing her arm and took the initiative to give her a massage.

“Wife, it’s been a hard day. I’ll press your shoulder. “

“Eh? Well, you can, but be gentle. I can’t bear your strength. “

Zhao Donglin had a reaction when he heard the word “gentle”. As usual, Jiahui always told him to be gentle.

Jiahui lay on the bed and pulled her scattered hair aside. She was wearing a pure white cotton sweater. Because of the action of lying on her arms, the butterfly bone on her back showed a beautiful outline, like a pair of small wings.

Zhao Donglin sat down beside Jiahui. Before touching her back, his breathing had become rapid.

His warm and strong palm pressed against her back. The palms that were pressing on Jiahui’s back began to be dishonest. Jiahui also gradually warmed up.

“Didn’t you say you’d give me a massage?

Jiahui turned around, seemingly angry and at the same time smiling. Her eyes were brimming with light. It looked beautiful under the light. Zhao Donglin could not hold back any longer. Donglin caressed Jiahui’s body as he pressed her down and closed the gap between their lips.

Jiahui could only groan, and it was followed by the sound of clothes rubbing together.


The director of the cinema came over at night. He wanted to see how the business of those people who came during the day was doing. When he went to the cinema, he found that they had left.

“How was their business today?”

The comrade selling tickets answered truthfully, “Business is quite good. I see quite a lot of people willing to spend money. They sold out at four o’clock and left.”

This obviously exceeded the dean’s expectations; he had thought that these things did not sell well.

“What about our sodas?”

“Everyone was thirsty for water after eating, and we sold more than twenty bottles of soda.”

When Jiahui persuaded the director of this, Jiahui said that what they sell will drive the sales of the cinema’s soda. The director was not very convinced by what he heard at the time. Unexpectedly, the three people were not simple; they were intelligent and brave enough.

The director pondered for a moment and said, “I think they are selling melon seeds, peanuts, and, what else, eggs?”

Peanuts and melon seeds were easy to find. The eggs and the other yellow things take some trouble to imitate.

“It’s tea eggs and chicken rice flour.”

The director nodded, although he did not know what tea eggs were and what chicken rice flour was.

“Can we make them ourselves?”

“This, I don’t know, but I tasted the egg, and it tasted pretty good.

Not long after she first arrived, Jiahui asked Meixiang to send two tea eggs to the two ticket sellers’ colleagues, asking them to take care of them. The so-called soft-handed and soft-mouthed employees are the easiest to deal with “relationships” with small favors.

Don’t ask for anything else, just don’t affect their business.

“They should be returning tomorrow.” You can learn from the back and we will sell it ourselves. “

Although the comrades selling tickets were not happy in their hearts, they were forced to accept the task set by the leaders, and at the same time, they felt sorry for Jiahui.

The next day, Jiahui woke up early and carried out the daily morning English recitation task first, and within this time, Zhao Donglin went to the market to buy the ingredients needed for today.

With the previous day’s experience, today’s preparation was even better, and the amount prepared was twice as much as yesterday’s. The three of them had just arrived at the cinema when someone was waiting inside.

“Hey, you guys are finally here! My wife still wants to eat that chicken rice flour I bought yesterday. I have to buy more today. “

It turned out to be the same male comrade with a pregnant wife yesterday.

“There is, but pregnant women can’t eat too much-fried food. It is really not good. She won’t be able to digest it. “

Fried food has too much fat. What pregnant women need is to add nutrition. Eating too much fried food will not only leave you with no nutrition, but you will also suffer from excessive internal heat and you will even get fat.

The male comrade smiled bitterly, “I know. It’s kind of you to remind me, but my wife’s appetite is not good. She doesn’t want to eat anything. In order to make her eat more, I also have no other way. “

Jiahui nodded with understanding, “Okay then, how much do you want? I’ll make it for you first.”

“Give me half a kilo. I’m not sure if she wants to eat it at night.”

As soon as she arrived, she went to fry half a kilo. Jiahui prepared five kilos of chicken rice flour today. She has a hunch that today, it would still not be enough.

“By the way, do you come here every day at noon?”

“No, we only have time to come over on weekends.”

The male comrade seemed a little disappointed. “Well, if my wife wants to eat, do I have to wait until next week?”

Jiahui smiled. She was very fond of the little couple. The feeling of being held in the heart and loved by the other half is really great.

“If she really wants to eat, you can also find me. I have time to make it for you. I will write an address for you later.”

The male comrade was happy and thanked her, but Zhao Donglin, who was frying the chicken rice flour, looked at the male comrade. He didn’t like males who talked a lot with his wife. Although he knew that his wife gave their address to the male comrade because of her kindness, Zhao Donglin still had some places in his heart to eat vinegar.

After the male comrade left with the hot chicken rice flour, Meixiang lamented, “This comrade is really good to his wife.”

Half a carton of chicken rice flour is already enough to buy a chicken, and he was really willing to pay for it.

Before this, she had only seen her big brother is good to his wife. Surprisingly, there was no shortage of men who were good to their wives in this world.

“So you have to find a husband who will love you in the future.”

To be happy, women still have to be loved by males in the palm of their hands. Those male people who don’t understand women and don’t know how to love women will make women’s lives very, very hard.

Speaking of which, Jiahui began to gossip about Mixiang’s school life.

“Do you have any male classmates you like at school?”

“Oops, sister-in-law, what are you talking about? I’m going to school, not to talk to someone.”

Every time this kind of question was mentioned, Meixiang would blush. How could she say it? Her big brother was still beside her.

“Just asking if you like someone.”

“No. I only treated them as my classmates; I didn’t think that much. “

The only time she felt flutters was when she was in high school, and she hasn’t felt them since then. She used to feel that she didn’t deserve the male student in all respects. Through her efforts, she has been admitted to a junior college and can still be a teacher in the future. Meixiang is more confident than before. Unfortunately, she can’t meet him again. She doesn’t know whether he has a partner, whether he is married, or whether he has also been admitted to college.

Whether or not she has a chance in the future, she always hopes that he will have a good life.

Her affection was not possessive, but rather selfless blessings.

Business is still brisk today, and although there are more things to prepare than the day before, there are twice as many people watching the movie today as the day before.

Many factories operate a single-break system, working on Saturdays and resting on Sundays. Jiahui sold out of things by the third movie, selling more than twenty-six yuan and making a net profit of fourteen yuan.

“What we earned in these two days was half a month’s salary for others.”

The profit in two days reached 20 yuan, which was the half month’s salary of other people.

Jiahui hissed, “We have to keep a low profile. I’m not sure.” Someone will sell it next time we come. “

Mei Xiang gave a cry and said anxiously, “Really? What should we do? “

“It’s okay, it’s easy for them to sell other things, but they can’t sell chicken rice flour.”

It’s just that the next time we sell something, we have to change it.


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