Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 66

Chapter 66

So, what happened was not unexpected, so Jiahui was not surprised. When they went the next week, a small counter had been set up at the ticket booth of the cinema, and they began to sell food. The variety was even richer than that of Jiahui. In addition to melon seeds and peanuts, there were fruits, sweets, biscuits, and other foods.

The comrade who was selling the tickets looked unnatural when he saw them come in. This is something that Director Zhu did unethically. The president said that this was originally the territory of the cinema, and last time they kindly let them do business there. We can’t just let them come here again and again.

This also sounds quite reasonable.

“Sorry, the director sent word that you can’t sell things in our cinema in the future.”

Guilt is guilt. As social people, we still have to complete the tasks assigned by the leaders.

Meixiang was so angry that she wanted to go up and argue with the other party, but she was held back.

Jiahui and Zhao Donglin looked at each other. They already expected this to happen. They are different from Meixiang in that they are not so idealistic. Although they felt uncomfortable in their hearts, they were not that angry.

“Is the director here? I want to talk to him about a business deal. “

At this time, Zhao Donglin stepped forward to speak.

A few days ago, he and Jiahui had already thought of countermeasures for various possible scenarios, and the cinema backtracking was one of them.

As for the countermeasures, one is to change the location; two, to have a win-win cooperation.

The couple naturally favored the second possibility.

The staff members were slightly hesitant, fearing that if they called the director for Donglin and made a scene, they would not be able to escape.

“Don’t worry, we’re just looking for him to talk about business, not making trouble.”

The staff thought about it and called someone for them. After all, the three of them looked quite reasonable, not like that kind of a jerk.

Director Zhu arrives late after about ten minutes of waiting.

“I heard that you guys are looking for me.”

Director Zhu didn’t look very friendly today. By the time he decided to steal Jiahui’s business from a few people, he had already torn his face. Naturally, he doesn’t have a good face.

There is a kind of person who can become angry when he does something wrong. Director Zhu is obviously this kind of person.

Zhao Donglin smiled and went forward and said, “Director, we have no intention of competing with you for business. Besides, this was originally your territory. Naturally, the decision will lie with you. We just want to talk about business with the dean today. I wonder if you are interested.

Zhao Donglin said “you” with a friendly and respectful attitude, so Director Zhu put down his defenses and eased his attitude.

“Business, what business? Tell me. “

Zhao Donglin looked at the goods on the counter and smiled, “Look, what you sell here are small snacks, which are sold in some shops outside. If they don’t buy them, there’s nothing you can do. We might as well sell some things that others don’t have, such as tea eggs and chicken rice flour, which are delicious and can attract guests. “

Zhao Donglin did not rush to speak. He deliberately said half of what he wanted to say. He was waiting for Director Zhu’s response. If Director Zhu showed interest in what he said, Zhao Donglin could continue with what he wanted to say, and if he was not interested, then Zhao Donglin also need not bother with words.

Zhao Donglin’s words completely hit the heart of Director Zhu. It is not that he does not want to sell tea eggs and chicken rice flour, but he didn’t know how to do it, and then he thought it was also a waste of time.

They began to sell these small snacks in cinemas on Monday. The business was not good. Until now, they hadn’t been able to recover their capital. Director Zhu was also very upset.

“Oh? You want to cooperate with me? “

Hearing Zhao Donglin’s words, Director Zhu’s interest was finally hooked.

Zhao Donglin nodded, “Yes, I’m not going to lie, we usually don’t have that much time to do business, so we thought of cooperating with you. We provide the food, and you can take the goods from us. With that, we can both achieve a win-win situation.

This is actually the wholesale of goods in the market economy. A mode of thinking that Jiahui transmitted to Zhao Donglin, who thought seriously about it and found it feasible, adopted Jia Hui’s proposal.

What Jiahui meant was that they were responsible for supply, which was equivalent to wholesaling food to movie theaters.

This decision was made after careful consideration. They are students. So, Jiahui and Donglin must prioritize their studies. They were limited in earning money, but they are now living in the capital. Their expenses were huge. Although they have more than a thousand savings at home, they are sewing the stalls of economic reform. Jiahui is reluctant to lose such a good opportunity in vain.

Cooperating with the cinema can not only save the time of setting up stalls but also not be affected by the school. As long as the supply is prepared in advance,

Jiahui has completely had the mindset that she could just earn little by little as long as they could achieve their initial accumulation of capital.

“What kind of food can you make? Just that egg, and that chicken? “

Director Zhu was obviously moved, and Zhao Donglin and Jiahui exchanged a look. They could read each other’s thoughts.

If the director has this intention, we will discuss collaboration; if not, we will simply act as if we have never been here. There are many places in town where we can set up a stall. We only borrowed your place at first to save trouble. “

This statement shows their position that cooperation can be discussed, and they don’t worry about having nowhere to sell if they don’t cooperate.

Director Zhu was somewhat guilty of this. He didn’t know how good their business was last week. Although he didn’t worry about making any money, no one would push him to find a way to make money!

“OK, then let’s cooperate. Let’s talk about how you want to cooperate. I’ll say it in advance: I don’t want to bother with something that doesn’t make any money.

This is a roundabout way of making a request.

At this time, Jiahui came on stage. She said her idea was that they would prepare the food of the day every morning. Director Zhu can send someone to pick it up. It was settled every day. Director Zhu can keep 40% of the income while they keep the other 60%.

“Director, you are only doing one thing, but we have to spend a lot of manpower and material resources. It’s hard work. I hope you can be more tolerant in terms of profits. “

Forty-Sixty division of profit is the ideal distribution. It seems that Director Zhu has suffered a loss, but in fact, Director Zhu does not need to spend any money or time, except for providing the venue and personnel.

This fact naturally occurred to Director Zhu, and after two minutes of contemplation, he agreed to the proposal. He drafted the contract with Zhao Donglin, a top student in the Department of Economics. The two sides signed the pledge, which will take effect today.

“Director, we are here today. Why don’t you let us finish selling and go back?”

“Look, we are all comrades. We are comrades in a trench. It’s difficult to do so.”

Director Zhu said, blindly with his eyes open. But Jiahui didn’t try to make more concessions. She said she would teach the staff how to fry chicken and rice.

“Put the hot oil into the pot and fish it up in about two minutes. Don’t delay. It will burn after frying, and it won’t taste good. After frying, you have to ask the guests whether they want the original flavor or the cumin flavor. Put the original flavor directly in front of the guests and sprinkle a layer of cumin powder on the other half. Control the amount of cumin so it won’t be too salty. “

“Okay, I understand.

“Look again and try it yourself twice.”

“OK, I’ll definitely learn it well.”

This day’s business was good; all the things were sold out, so I went back early. They told the cinema before they left that they wouldn’t come tomorrow. The director must send someone to pick up the goods.

“Brother, sister-in-law, you guys are also too good. With that, the matter is set right! “

She thought they wouldn’t be able to sell anything in the future, but she didn’t expect that they were going to negotiate a bigger deal. Today, she really learned a lesson.

When Meixiang went back, she talked about what happened today, and when the cinema started selling things, Zhang Qiaoer was angry and cursed, saying that they were not working properly, and then Meixiang said that her brother and sister-in-law negotiated with the director, and Zhang Qiaoer’s mood went up and down with the development of things.

“So, we don’t have to set up a stall ourselves in the future? As long as the ingredients are ready, we can sit at home and earn money. “

Zhang Qiao’er patted her chest and said with her palpitating heart, “That’s good. If it doesn’t sell in the future, it won’t kill my heart.”

That’s a lot of money. They can earn 10 yuan a day!

On Sunday, Jiahui did not increase the amount blindly. She prepared tea eggs and chicken rice flour according to the amount from the previous day. Today, she also marinated chicken wings and chicken feet, which can be considered a new variety that was developed.

To tell the truth, there are too many things to sell, but the eggs can’t be put in the same basket, and she can’t show her cards at the same time.

At more than ten o’clock at noon, the person in the cinema who would pick up the goods arrived. On the first day, Zhao Donglin was worried about making mistakes and went back with the other party’s people.

When she sent the people away, Jiahui had nothing to do. She picked up the chicken bones left and cooked chicken soup. She put the vermicelli in a bowl and then poured the chicken soup. Jiahui also put in the hot green vegetables. It tasted delicious.

Zhao Donglin came back and ate the meal at home.

Fang Fang was almost one year old and had six teeth. Jiahui steamed rice for him. When eating, she put him on the self-made dining chair, fed him a mouthful of rice, and drank rice soup.

“Eat, eat.”

Fang Fang’s appetite has always been very good, eating everything that smells good. While eating, his fat hands were dancing while his mouth was muttering words.

“Even at this age, my little grandson is smart.”

From the youngest son to the eldest grandson, they are all the old woman’s lifeblood, but if you ask Zhang Qiaoer who she loves the most now, it is undoubtedly Fang Fang.

In the afternoon, the people from the cinema came again.

“The director said that the goods were sold out, and let me ask you to prepare some more.”

Fifty tea eggs and five catties of chicken rice flour were all sold out, and new chicken wings and chicken claws were also gone. The movie screening is over. There are still some people who came to ask for it and want to buy some to take home.

It’s already late this time. Now she’s not ready to work until dark. Jiahui is not the kind of person who pays for her life in order to make money.

“It’s too late to do it now, but you go ask your director how much would be appropriate to prepare every day. I will follow his requirements. In addition, he will bear the responsibility if he can’t sell it if he has too much preparation. “

The staff went back to tell Director Zhu about Jiahui’s intention. Director Zhu can only bear it even if he is unhappy. After half a day today, he has seen the prospect of this business, which is very impressive.

“You go and tell her, a hundred tea eggs and ten pounds of chicken rice flour. For the chicken wings and chicken claws, do as much as you can. “

Jiahui received a reply and agreed that the number was reasonable. After all, the late show at the cinema was the main event.

In the evening, Jiahui cooked a hundred tea eggs, but for the chicken rice flour, she couldn’t do it now. Jiahui can only get up the next morning and prepare it.

How good it would be if there was a refrigerator. There will be a time to prepare more to save time. This way, you do not have to get up early, but you also do not have to worry about food spoilage. She can only think about it for now.

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