Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 67

Chapter 67

At school, in the counsellor’s office.

“Today, I asked you here for something. Our school will hold a campus party on Labor Day, which stipulates that each department must have programs. Our department now has our own class. One of you will be the monitor, and the other will be assigned as a propaganda committee member. I’ll directly hand it over to you. If you have any questions, go to Qin Zhizhen, the president of the student union. He is responsible for the party.”

Qin Zhizhen is the student president, a celebrity in the physics department, and they also said he was the son of a high cadre, Jiahui hasn’t had any dealings with him since school started.

Since the counselor had already handed it down to them, Dong Jiahui and Zhou Ruosen naturally had to oblige.

“Okay, we will prepare well.

Compared to Dong Jiahui’s calmness, Zhou Ruosen’s heart was thinking more.

The two of them are the sons of high cadres. Qin Zhizhen is taller than him, more handsome than him, and also the president of the student council. Sometimes it is inevitable to give birth to a feeling like they were General Liang and General Yu. This phrase refers to an ancient Chinese story in which a general named Liang is much wiser than his opponent, General Yu. And after being outfoxed many times by General Liang, General Yu lamented. If I was born, why did God think it necessary to create General Liang to oppose me.— special thanks to boss Juststian, who explained this to me, and this explanation was from the boss))

The two came out of the counselor’s office and went directly to the student council’s room. Qin Zhizhen was sitting behind his desk, reading documents. When Zhou Ruosen knocked on the door, Qin Zhizhen looked up.

“Come in.”

He pointed to the chairs in front of him and told them to sit down and talk.

It is said that the school is a small society. Although the current Qin Zhizhen is still a freshman, he already has a lot of momentum, and no one dares think how far he will go in the future.

You should arrange your own program with a positive theme. This time, leaders from the province will visit.”

Qin Zhizhen’s voice is clear and bright. In his early twenties, it was the time to be high-spirited.

Qin Zhizhen is tall, with sword eyebrows and starry eyes. He looks relaxed and magnificent. He is very handsome.

“Besides,” Qin Zhizhen looked at Dong Jiahui and said, “The party is still missing a female host. Are you willing to do it?”

The requirements for a female host were high and low. First of all, it depends on her appearance, followed by her temperament. Qin Zhizhen first pulled a circle in the student council. Only Xie Peiying of the culture and publicity department met this requirement. The rest are not good-looking or have a poor temperament.

Dong Jiahui is 25 years old. There are many young girls in the school who are younger than her, but she has a tender face and will never be compared with a 20-year-old girl.

The most important thing is that Qin Zhizhen had seen Dong Jiahui perform in a sitcom and thought her stage style was okay, so he asked for an invitation.

Qin Zhizhen’s eyes are bright. He has a sense of aggression when looking at people. Jiahui usually listens to the discussion of girls in the class, and they said that looking at Qin Zhizhen will make you blush. She asked herself honestly if she had met such an excellent and eye-catching male student when she was in college, she would have been attracted to him too.

Jiahui thought about it. Although there are many things at home, she also knows the benefits of showing her face. Even if the wine is good, I’m afraid the alley is deep. [1]It means that no matter how good a person is, it is very difficult to know about it without being seen by other people. No one will know of it. The school is a small community. Accumulating contacts is good for her future development.

After taking the job as a host, Jiahui became even busier, busy writing and rehearsing. The English department’s program was a small drama about a father who was on his deathbed and who distributed his property to his three sons.

Recently, the business has been very good. After several increases in supply, it has stabilized at 200 tea eggs, 15 kilograms of chicken rice flowers, 20 pairs of chicken wings and 20 pairs of chicken feet.

Their daily profit was 30 yuan and 46 cents. Jiahui could get 18 yuan, which means she had 54 yuan a month.

After the fame spread, many people who do not watch movies also came to buy them. Director Zhu wanted to expand the supply, but Jiahui refused.

She is too busy to supply more. For the 200 tea eggs alone, it will take a while to cook. In addition, it takes time to remove bones and fry the meat.

When Zhang Qiao’er saw that her daughter-in-law could not do it, she took it upon herself to say that she was willing to work harder, but Jiahui did not agree.

There is a Fang Fang at home, and there are household chores. Zhang Qiaoer doesn’t have much free time at home. There’s no need to force herself like that in order to make money.

Now, Jiahui is very satisfied with this state. Partnering with the cinema is only a means to accumulate original capital. Since the cinema began to sell meat, many people with vision have also taken a fancy to this. However, no one has been able to imitate it so far, and the business is still very safe.

This is hard for Zhang Qiaoer. Seeing that she can earn more but can’t earn it. It’s the same with “she can only see what she likes and can’t eat it.”

Zhang Qiaoer could not understand Jiahui’s idea. In addition to time and insufficient manpower, there was a basis for not increasing the amount.

Although she did not study economics in college, she still understands the case of “hunger marketing.” Sometimes the market is too saturated, which is not good.

The campus party was so successful that Jiahui, one of the hosts, became a celebrity at the school.

“That Dong Jiahui is already married, and she looks quite young.”

“I heard that President Qin asked her to be the host.”

“Married women should keep their distance from the opposite sex. I see that she often runs to the student council.”

“Her husband is also from our school. She is older than he is. I heard that not only was she married, but she was married twice! “

“Ah? Really? Hurry up and tell us. “

“I also heard this from other people, but I do not know if it is true. I heard that Dong Jiahui married at the age of 18. Somehow, she divorced her ex-husband and then married her current husband. Her husband was also married twice. The two really suit each other. “

“Oh my God! Second marriage! I really couldn’t tell! Why did President Qin find this kind of person to host the party? “

“Coquettish. Although she comes from the countryside, she can really dress up and look really young. You see, she likes to wear clothes that show her waist. Her pants are thin and look weak and soft. Male comrades love this. “

“What kind of person is President Qin? How can he be attracted to her? He is the son of a high-cadre. He is so excellent. “

Repeatedly said rumors become a fact, public clamor can obscure the actual truth. In Jiahui’s rehearsal for the party, some unpleasant words gradually spread. The main topic was that Dong Jiahui didn’t abide by women’s morality and she cuckolded Zhao Donglin.

At first, it was just a small-scale rumor, but later the rumor became more and more outrageous until even Jiahui herself heard about it.

She was very angry when she heard these words. It was a slander on her character. Why couldn’t she be a host? Was she not allowed to even have a normal campus life because she was married and had to distance herself from all the opposite sex?

On top of that, she was worried about Zhao Donglin and wondered how much of this gossip he had heard.

Not many males can accept a wife making their husband wear a green hat, even though she has done nothing wrong, but others think so. And this can also be a problem for Zhao Donglin.

“Have you heard the recent rumors at school?”

At home in the evening, Jiahui took the initiative to ask Zhao Donglin.

“I didn’t take it to heart.”

The implication was that he did hear it, but Donglin didn’t take it seriously.

“I was about to tell you that tomorrow I would go and talk to the school leaders; this trend should be curbed.”

The reason why it was not dealt with was only that he did not want Jiahui to worry about it. Who knew that in two days, these rumors would reach Jiahui’s ears?

Those who have been admitted to famous schools for a century are the favored ones of heaven. They should study hard and serve their country rather than focus on things unrelated to learning, let alone such rumors.

As one of the gossips, Qin Zhizhen also heard some of them. He snickered in his heart, not to mention that he was not interested in Dong Jiahui. Even if he was, he really did not mind that she had been married and had children. After all, the one at home also married a woman with a child, that is, his stepmother.

Zhao Donglin approached the school leaders to react to the situation, affirming that the rumors at school had seriously hurt his own feelings as well as his wife.

The school leader took the situation seriously and had the source of the rumors thoroughly investigated. It turned out that some female students in the student council were jealous of Jia Hui as the host and spread those rumors about her.

The school criticized them and did not punish them for the first offense, but Qin Zhizhen, as the president of the student council, removed them from the student council.

Although the matter was clarified, Jiahui’s second marriage had become a matter of public knowledge. Jiahui was too lazy to explain the reason for the second marriage. Whenever she was walking around the campus, she would occasionally receive some strange looks.

People, especially the vast majority of people, are accustomed to passing moral judgment on others. Even if she doesn’t do anything to hurt others, she is not a glorious person in the eyes of others. In their view, serious women won’t divorce. Not to mention Zhao Donglin’s second marriage, Who knows whether they have hooked up?

In May, the central government issued a document about the policy of the 1978 college entrance examination. In addition to fresh candidates, those in their third year and those who meet the state regulations can register for the examination, the same as in 2007.

This undoubtedly gave last year’s failed students new dawn of life, Zhao Donghe received this news, and immediately felt his blood boiling.

When he was lost and despondent, life gave him hope again, and he decided to hold on to this last chance.

He immediately wrote a letter to his big brother in the provincial capital, expressing his views.

“Donghe wrote to me, saying he wanted to take the college entrance exam.”

“That’s a good thing. If Donghe also passes the exam, our family will be really great. “

Jiahui has a good impression of Donghe. Last year, they also asked him to prepare for the college entrance examination, but then he just divorced, not in the mood to consider. Now, finally, he wanted to open up.

Zhao Donglin nodded. He, as a brother, was naturally looking forward to the good things happening for his brother.

“Let’s buy some study materials and send them back to him.”

Zhao Donglin nodded, “Well, I’ll go to the bookstore tomorrow.”

There were also study materials from last year put at home, so Donghe himself picked them up to read them.

In July, the college entrance examination will start, and at present, it is still May. There are still two months to prepare, one more than last year’s preparation time. But Zhao Donglin knows that this year’s examination questions are definitely more difficult than last year. He was still quite unsure whether Donghe could pass the exam.

Zhao Donghe went to the bookstore the next day and bought a book, wrote a letter, and sent it to the post office. Zhang Qiaoer knew that the second would also take the college entrance examination. She was both happy and sad.

Her second son was divorced and took Shitou alone. She finally knew that he had made progress and would have a good future, so she didn’t have to worry anymore.

It’s best to have the second be also admitted to the university in the provincial capital so that the family can be reunited.

They earned more than 500 yuan last month. My daughter-in-law said that if they earned more, they could buy a house and settle in the provincial capital.

Zhang Qiaoer had no fascination with becoming a resident of the city. Speaking of conscience, she still feels comfortable living in the village, but the children need to go to school in the provincial capital, and it won’t be a problem to rent a house. But since they are in such good condition financially, it’s also good to buy a house.

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1 It means that no matter how good a person is, it is very difficult to know about it without being seen by other people. No one will know of it.


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