Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 68

Chapter 68

Zhao Donghe came to the provincial capital after studying at home for a month. After leaving school for too many years, it took a lot of trouble to pick up many knowledge points and he couldn’t fully understand them. He thought that his eldest brother and sister-in-law were good at learning. It’s better to have their guidance than to fumble at home.

“You’re probably tired of sitting in the car all day. Hurry up and lie down and rest.”

When Zhao Donghe arrived, they were still at school and hadn’t come back. His mother and Fang Fang were the only ones at home.

Fang Fang apparently does not remember this second uncle. He was standing behind Zhang Qiaoer, staring hard at Zhao Donghe.

Zhao Donghe showed a kind smile on his face and waved at Fang Fang, “Fang Fang, remember me? I’m your second uncle. “

Fang Fang just had his first birthday last week, and he could understand a lot of words, and he shook his head when he heard Zhao Donghe’s question.

“This kid is smart; he knows how to shake his head.”

“That’s true. Don’t be fooled by the fact that he is young. He understands everything you ask him. He can speak a lot now. “

Zhang Qiaoer touched Fang Fang’s little head and pointed to Zhao Donghe, “Fang Fang, say ‘second uncle’ or ‘uncle’.”

Fang Fang followed and called “Uncle,” and Zhao Donghe put Fang Fang on his lap.

He came in a hurry and did not bring any food. At the moment, he couldn’t find a piece of candy in his pocket. He couldn’t help but regret that he hadn’t bought some food for his nieces and nephews on the way.

He was about to ask about everyone’s situation in the provincial capital. But, Zhang Qiaoer first asked his family, focusing on Shitou.

“You should have brought Shitou with you. Your father is not the type of person who can take care of a child. “

I’m afraid he would think of it as raising a cat and a dog, as long as he’s not starving. As for freezing, it’s June now, so it’s heading towards summer. Even if you want to freeze, you don’t have the weather conditions.

“It’s okay, I’m here to study, not to play in the mountains. Wait until my exam is over. “

If you pass the exam, are you afraid of the day when Shitou can’t enter the city?

“Hey, I’m just afraid that Shitou will be upset in his heart.”

Zhao Donghe thought of his son, and he did howl before he came here, but it’s nothing for rural children to howl twice. He also told Shitou that his father was preparing for the college entrance examination, and if he passed the examination, both of them could live a good life. If he doesn’t do well, he can only farm in the countryside.

“If you pass the exam, will you be like my eldest aunt and uncle, who took Heidan and others to the city?

He envies Heidan the most. It is said that there are many delicious foods in the city that are much better than those in the village. Heidan and the others must live a fairy-like life in the city.

“Are you hungry? I’ll give you something to eat first. Your sister-in-law made cold noodles.

As time passed towards the summer, Jiahui again drummed up cold skin. The cinema sold particularly well, and now the income can reach 25 or 26 a day.

She has money in her hand, doesn’t panic in her heart, and keeps the pot of gold. Zhang Qiaoer doesn’t feel bad about spending a penny like before. Recently, the food at home has been much better. She can eat braised meat once a week. Of course, the chicken soup at home hasn’t been cut off because of the meat picking. Who could have thought that one day, the family would be worried because she is tired of drinking too much chicken soup and doesn’t want to drink it?

With a bowl of cold noodles, most of the tiredness from travelling was finally eased.

“Last time, Meixiang wrote in her letter that the family was selling things at home. What are you selling? “

“Oh, we made our own food and put it on consignment in the cinema.”

Speaking of this, Zhang Qiaoer opened the box.

“Let me tell you, this business is really too profitable, and now at home, we are only waiting to collect money every day.”

She told her son what time she got up every morning to prepare, what to prepare when the cinema came to pick her up, and how much she earned a day. Although many words were too wordy and not concise, Zhao Donghe basically understood. He was shocked at their daily income. That is other people’s monthly salary.

“This ……who came up with this idea?”

It’s also too stirring, beyond Zhao Donghe’s cognition.

“Your brother and sister-in-law thought of it. So that’s why you have to study hard and enter a university. As you can see, when your brother and sister-in-law went to university, their brains became better.”

In fact, the business was initially mentioned by Jiahui. After getting the support of Zhao Donghe, she opened her mouth with her family, so Zhang Qiaoer didn’t know who was the initiator. She only knew that it was the idea of her son and daughter-in-law, but the craft was really the daughter-in-law’s, so Zhang Qiaoer’s love for her daughter-in-law was getting better and better now. Who doesn’t want a daughter-in-law who can make money?

At four or five o’clock, everyone came back one after another, and today Yingbao was picked up by Jiahui together with Zhao Donglin.

As long as they get out of class early, they will go to school together to pick up the children. If they don’t have time, they will let somebody pick her up.

“Donghe, you’ve arrived.”

When he came back and saw his second brother, Zhao Donglin, he was in a good mood. He patted Donghe on the shoulder and smiled happily.

When Donghe arrived, Jiahui carefully prepared dinner, the family ate a lively dinner, and in the evening, Zhao Donglin gave his brother a lesson and combed through the textbook knowledge.

Meixiang moved into her mother’s room with Yingbao. She let her second brother, and Heidan live in her room. In the backyard, Shen Nianru also said that if the family doesn’t have enough space, Donghe can live in their house.

Since he knew that the two old men in the backyard were university professors, Zhao Donghe had great respect for them.

The village elementary school teachers are respected, not to mention the university professors. How well-educated they must be!


Donghe lived in the provincial capital for more than half a month and returned to the village. The time gradually passed to July. The school was preparing for the exam.

Zhang Qiaoer’s heart for her second son was nervous, but there were children in the city she had to take care of, and there was business to do. She cannot mention the words of coming back.”

Jiahui saw her mother-in-law’s anxiety and discussed it with Zhao Donglin.

“I see that Mom is quite worried about Donghe. There are only exams left in the school. After the exam, there will be a holiday. Otherwise, let’s let my mother go back and bear more hardships for ourselves. “

His wife was very understanding. Zhao Donglin was naturally moved, and he had no side comments.

“About Fang Fang, do you want mom to take him back to the countryside or let him stay in the city?”

Heidan and Yingbao need to go to school, so they do not have to worry about who’s going to take care of them. For the three meals a day, Jiahui can do it herself. For the supplies for the cinema, she can also get up early and finish it. But for Fang Fang, if they all go to school, Fang Fang will be left alone at home.

He was afraid of leaving Fang Fang in the city with no one to take care of him, but if his mother took him, he wouldn’t feel comfortable on the way.

The child cannot walk; they must hug him after a few steps. It’s really inconvenient to take the child after such a whole day’s drive.

Usually, Zhao Donglin spends two days sending them back, but now is the final exam stage, not divided into weekends, everyone is frantically studying.

Let’s talk about this tomorrow. It’s late. Let’s sleep first.

If you can’t come up with a solution, you can put it aside for now. Jiahui reached out and turned off the bedside lamp. She closed her eyes and prepared to sleep. She needs to get up first thing in the morning to prepare that food.

Just when Jiahui just closed her eyes, she was held in her arms by a pair of powerful arms, and her mouth was blocked.

“Oops, I have to get up early tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow I’ll get up early, you sleep more.”

Her mother-in-law wakes up earlier than she does, and if he wakes up and Jiahui stays in bed, the mother-in-law won’t say anything.

“It’s okay, Mom won’t say anything. She wants us to be happy.”

It is best to give her another grandchild.

Of course, this is only Zhang Qiaoer’s good wishes. Jiahui has long since taken a stand with Zhao Donglin, in their times in school. She must not get pregnant.

The night at the end of June was hot and sultry, and after the “hug,” it was like lighting a fire, which made Jiahui follow.

In this kind of thing, Zhao Donglin is tireless, he always feels that Jiahui is the missing piece of his body. Holding her and owning her makes him infinitely full and satisfied.

The clouds and rain first rested; the sky was already white, and Jiahui drifted off to sleep. Zhao Donglin hugged her and kissed her sweaty forehead. He was afraid that she would not sleep well, so he took a towel to wipe her sweat off.

At five o’clock, Zhao Donglin let go of Jiahui and got up on his own, going to the kitchen, where his mother was already cooking cold noodles.

“Jiahui will be sleeping more today. Later, I will go to the market to buy things. What else is missing at home?”

Zhang Qiaoer pursed her lips and smiled. When her diligent daughter-in-law didn’t get up, what else did they do? Ah, this husband and wife are different. There are those who fight like cockfighting eyes as soon as they meet, and there are also those who stick together like glue every day.

Jiahui didn’t wake up until well past seven o’clock. Her body was sore and there were still some traces that didn’t disappear. After finishing cleaning up herself, she went out of the room. The meat had been disassembled in the kitchen.

Jiahui’s face was burning a bit, but no one made fun of her. They all pretended to talk to her as if nothing was wrong. After a while, Jiahui’s face didn’t burn so much, and the feeling of discomfort was also much less.

“Mom, I was talking to Donglin yesterday. Are you worried about home and want to go back?”

“I’m not at ease. Donghe is going to take the college entrance examination, and I don’t know who will prepare him for it.”

I just can’t help but want to go back and help him prepare a few meals. ’

“Nothing else, but I don’t know how to arrange Fang Fang.”

“Who said no? I’m worried too.”

She wanted to return to the village with her grandson, but the last time she came she threw up nonstop as she had died once, and she couldn’t take care of a half-grown child.

In the afternoon, Zhang Qiaoer chattered with Shen Nianru in the courtyard about the matter.

“If you are worried, you can give Fang Fang to me to take care of.”

Zhang Qiaoer was both surprised and delighted at hearing this.

“You are so good to Fang Fang. You treat him just like your own grandson.”

But Zhang Qiao’er did not agree to it. She still has to ask her son and daughter-in-law’s opinion and see if they agree.

Shen Nianru is really good to the Zhao family’s children. Her only daughter died at a young age. And when their hair turned white, they had no grandchildren in this life.

Zhao’s children know how to behave, know how to be polite, are good at school, progressive, and good-looking. They are the most favoured type of child by their elders.

Since the front yard was rented to the Zhao family, her life has also been energized. Among these children, the one she loves the most is Yingbao, and when she sees her, she will think of her own daughter when she was small. Adults always give more patience and energy to younger children.

After Jiahui came back from school, Zhang Qiaoer told her what Shen Nianru meant.

“What do you think?”

Although she asked for Jiahui’s opinion, the expectation in her eyes could not be ignored. Jiahui’s heart softened, and she said with a smile, “Yes, I’ll go talk to Auntie after I eat and ask her to help raise the children for a while.”

When school is out for the summer, they will have time to raise their own children.

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