Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 70

Chapter 70

From May to August, thy earned over 3,000 yuan from the movie theater business, which is a lot of money and the result of the family’s rigorous efforts.

Jiahui provides the technology and the ideas, but she can’t accomplish all the ideas and goals by herself. It’s the family’s daily hard work and dedication that makes it possible.

“Donghe will definitely bring Shitou when school starts in September. So many people can’t live in three rooms. When you’re free, walk around and see if there’s a suitable house to buy. “

Jiahui mentioned to Zhao Donglin about buying a house, and although Shen Nianru recognized her as her goddaughter and didn’t want to charge her for rent, it was not her own home. In addition, there was more than one family and a string of people behind her. Jiahui inevitably had the feeling of reaping what she had not sown.

She thought of finding a large compound nearby so that she could take care of her godmother and godfather and the family could live in comfort.

In these family planning arrangements, Zhao Donglin was always willing to listen to Jiahui’s advice. He immediately put it into action, and within a few days, he found a suitable compound nearby.

The courtyard was near the elementary school, and it was vacant, left by the owner’s maternal grandfather. Because his parents also had a home, the courtyard had been empty.

Zhao Donglin went to see the house; it was the main house, plus the east and west rooms, for a total of eight rooms. It was very much in line with Jiahui’s expectations.

“Did they say how much they would sell it for?”

“3008 yuan, not a penny less.”

The owner of the house was in line with the idea of “it’s okay if you can sell it or not.” They didn’t accept counter-offers and they sold it the way it was.

Zhang Qiaoer naturally raised her hands in favor of buying a house. Although the price is not low, her family earns money every day, so she doesn’t feel so bad. Shen Nianru was really reluctant to give up.

“The home is not inaccessible; there is an empty house in the backyard. You can let your brother-in-law come over and let him live in the backyard.”

If they all move out, the house will be as cold and quiet as before. Having experienced a lively life, they never want to be alone again.

“I’m not in a hurry to move out. We are just looking for a suitable house to buy. If Godmother cannot let us go, we will continue to stay with you. “

Shen Nianru laughed and patted the back of Jiahui’s hand, falsely scolding her, “You little girls are still making fun of your godmother.”

Since Jiahui said she would not move, for the time being, Shen Nianru was relieved.

At the end of August, Zhao Donghe brought his son Shitou to the provincial capital, leaving Zhao Manzhu alone in his hometown.

People in the village joked, “Second grandfather, why don’t you follow me to the city to enjoy the fun? They are in the city to eat and drink, leaving you alone at home. “

Zhao Manzhu smoked a mouthful of dry tobacco, exhaled a mouthful of smoke, tapped the ashes, and said, “I’m staying behind. Such a big family depends on me. “

Shitou, whose first name is Zhao Zhuo Ming, passed the elementary school entrance test with difficulty and enrolled in the first grade. The principal did not charge assistance fees for the sake of Heidan, who was already a fifth-grader.

“Shitou, your grades are not comparable to your brother’s; you have to learn from your brother in the future, so you have to work hard, okay?”

Of course, Zhao Donghe just said that and did not blame his son. He himself, as a child, was not as good as his brother in every way. This is also considered “hereditary”.

Donghe was admitted to Wudong University of Mining and Technology. The subject knowledge is mainly minerals and industry, which is different from Wudong University.

although he took the college entrance examination with more than 290 points. This year’s examination subjects are one more than last year; that is, the total score is one hundred more than last year. In addition, this year’s examination questions are more difficult than last year. Donghe’s score is such that he can barely go to college. He is not dissatisfied with this. It’s better to go to school than to farm at home. The teacher said that he will be assigned after graduation. He can also get a city hukou [1]certificate of residency. Relying on his own ability and taking his son from the countryside to the city has been a great step forward for him in this life.

Jiahui went to see the house and finally decided to buy it. Now, they don’t worry about economic problems. Money in the bank does not generate much interest. It is much better if you use it for fixed assets. It would appreciate more.

The matter of buying a house was given to Zhao Donglin. She deliberately stressed the title deeds and land use rights, saying the documents must be complete to avoid future problems.

In the second half of the year, everything went smoothly. There were some problems in business. Some people imitated tea eggs and marinated flavors, which affected the business of the cinema. In addition, after autumn, the sale of Liangpi (Liangpi is a noodle-like Chinese dish made from wheat or rice flour) also declined. Director Zhu was very worried. On this day, he specially invited Jiahui and Zhao Donglin to a restaurant for dinner.

“You guys have to think of a way. Before, we could earn 50 or 60 yuan a day. Now, we can only earn 30 yuan or so.

“This is how business is done, others want to sell it. We have no right to stop people from selling. “

“I know. That’s why I was looking for your help. I remember you said before that you still have many food ideas.

“Director, you know, we are students. We are tired enough to prepare so much every day. I can’t be busy thinking about other ideas. “

Dean Zhu almost blurted out a sentence, “It doesn’t matter. If you’re too busy, tell me how to do it. I’ll find a way. ’

The words came to his lips before he remembered that he shouldn’t say them.

“Then tell me how to do it. I’ll listen to you! “

Earning money is addictive. Seeing that the business was taken away by others, and they earned a few hundred dollars less a month, Director Zhu scratched his ears hard.

“Director Zhu, we might as well change the way of cooperation. I will help you come up with ideas, but this time, we will not participate in the whole process. A one-time sale off, after the business, is good or bad, how would you sell it? I won’t ask. Do you think it’s okay? “

It’s not like Jiahui didn’t know about the decline in business, but she didn’t take care of it. Whoever speaks first will not have the upper hand.

In the past six months, she has earned thousands of yuan, and the house has been bought. She can take 10,000 steps back, even without any income. Jiahui has reached her initial goal.

Therefore, she has long thought of a countermeasure to remove herself from the previous cooperation model. A sale off, without the need for the family to get up early and be busy.

Director Zhu’s heart thumped; he knew that Jiahui was ready to pull out.

After half a year’s cooperation, Director Zhu saw that they are capable people and that they are businessmen who pursue profits. The reason why Director Zhu can tolerate Jiahui’s sharing is their potential and they don’t want to part ways with them. But now, they want to go their separate ways. President Zhu thought that since they can’t stop, it’s better to seek the greatest interests for themselves.

“You talk about the idea first. I’ll see if this food is worth spending for.”

“Now I’ll tell you all about everything, including chicken rice flowers and tea eggs, including chicken wings and chicken feet. In addition, we’ll provide other food. It’s going to be winter soon. Everyone likes to eat hot tofu, rougamo, and oden. You can talk about the price with me after you taste it. What do you think? “

This is the food that dominated the snack street in the 21st century. Jiahui is confident that Director Zhu will definitely be willing to pay out of his pocket.

At the end of the meal, President Zhu was going to follow Jiahui back. Not willing to wait for a moment, Jiahui smiled and said, “Directoe, I don’t have time to prepare at this time.” We might as well make an appointment for tomorrow. You come earlier? “

Jiahui had a class at nine o’clock in the morning, and the appointment with Director Zhu was at eight o’clock in the morning.

“How sure are you?”

“Sixty percent, even if it doesn’t work, we have nothing to lose, right?”

Zhao Donglin looked at her fox-like wife. He had mixed feelings. On the one hand, he was proud of such an intelligent wife. On the other hand, he was under a huge amount of pressure. As a student in the Department of Economics, he was not as thorough as his own wife in doing business.

In fact, he has no need to “feel inferior.” As a transmigrator who has experienced the information age in the 21st century, he has never eaten pork and seen many pigs running. Those advanced business models were very forward-looking when the spring breeze of reform and opening up had not blown all over the motherland.

The next day, Jiahui woke up at five o’clock sharp. For the chicken rice flour and other food, she let Meixiang and others do it. while she wholeheartedly prepared for the new product.

First, she prepares the pastry for the meat bun and goes to the market to buy fresh ingredients while the dough is rising.

The soup for the Guan Dong Bo had been cooking all night, and after the ingredients were bought, she asked Zhao Donglin to help her cut the vegetables and soy products into cubes.

“Sister-in-law, what are you preparing here?”

Jiahui told Donghe what had happened, and after hearing this, Donghe said, “This can really work?”

In his opinion, it’s just food. How can a recipe sell at such an expensive price? Except for Kanto cooking, other things are not very special. Rougamo is still a specialty of the province, and he hasn’t eaten bean curd.

There are thousands of delicious foods, with different recipes and tastes. The reason why Quanjude is more famous than the roast duck next to it is the brand value of Quanjude.

Time passed by minute by minute, more than seven o’clock. Director Zhu arrived. Jia Hui’s preparations had also reached the final stage. Zhao Donglin greeted Director Zhu in the hall to drink tea.

When director Zhu drank two cups of tea and became more and more on pins and needles, Jiahui and Meixiang entered the main room. Each of them had a bowl in their hand. Zhao Donghe even carried a soup pot at the end, in which wooden sticks stood upright.

Naturally, there are no wooden sticks for sale in the market, which is why Jiahui asked Zhao Donglin to sharpen a block of wood from home.

Director Zhu’s gaze moved from the bowls in their hands to the table, where chicken sauce tofu, Roujiamo, Oden and toppings such as pickled bean curd, cilantro, squash, and chili pepper were laid out in front of him.

“Director Zhu, you can eat the tofu brains first, and then you can add all these side dishes.”

He rolled up his sleeve and dug a bite with a spoon first. The rich chicken soup, the smooth tofu brains, the fragrant aroma, and the smooth texture in the mouth were all that was left. The taste was really good. Director Zhu nodded his head after taking a bite. It seemed like he was satisfied.

Then, according to Jiahui’s words, he added all the ingredients and ate them at the same time. The more he ate, the bigger his eyes stared. When all the ingredients were added, he couldn’t stop eating. When a bowl of bean curd was finished, he just felt that he didn’t have enough.

“Delicious, better than the bean curd brain I used to eat.”

Not only did he eat well, but those who were watching him eat also began to drool over the food.

Jiahui smiled and handed over the meat bun, and picked out different kinds of Guan Dong Bo from the soup pot and put them in the soup bowl, and also served a bowl of soup.

This soup does not use the method of mixing seasonings with water as in later generations, but Jiahui boiled it with chicken soup, mushrooms, fresh shrimp, and various spices. It is delicious and nutritious.

President Zhu played the roles of eating and broadcasting in the 1970s. He ate rujimó and oden. When the food was dry, he drank soup, and the food ran out in a few minutes. Finally, because his stomach was too full, he had to loosen a part of his belt.

“Hey, it’s really invigorating.”

When everything was finished, Director Zhu had a number in mind and was ready to meet Jiahui’s “lion’s big mouth.”

With his never willing to suffer for Jiahui, he knew that he would definitely spend a lot of money this time.

“Director Zhu, if people don’t talk in secret, I won’t open my mouth to you. Don’t bargain with me. The recipe will be sold for about 2000 yuan. I’ll give you the chicken rice flower tea eggs before. “

After Jiahui threw her words, everyone sucked in a breath.

What’s the value of 2000 yuan? How many people in the whole provincial capital can take out 2000 yuan at once? What’s more, it’s not a total price of 2000, but a recipe for 2000. That is to say, the three kinds of food cost 6000 yuan!

“Comrade Dong, your opening is too harsh.”

Not waiting for Director Zhu to finish, Jiahui spoke up.

“Director Zhu, I have to go to class. I really do not have time to bargain with you. We have cooperated for so long. I know very well how the business is. 6000 is more than enough, and it’s not much. You can earn it back in two or three months at most. Why do you care so much about this one-time payment? I don’t have to give you this business, whether it’s sold to others or sold to myself. It’s all right, but we don’t have the manpower as of now. “

The Zhao family at first felt that Jia Hui’s price was high, but when Jiahui explained it, they felt that it was indeed so. If their family could make money by selling tea, chicken rice flour, they could earn more than 3000 in half a year.

Director Zhu kept thinking in his head that 6000 yuan is not a small amount of money, but Jiahui was also right. Today, these three kinds of food were better than the previous tea eggs and chicken rice flour. They are delicious and could fill his stomach. Moreover, Jiahui also said that the formula for tea eggs and chicken rice flowers was also given to him.

“Okay, 6,000 is 6,000. But you have to ensure that the people are taught well, the taste cannot have the slightest difference. “

Director Zhu gritted his teeth and agreed. The Zhao family took another deep breath. Only Jiahui smiled slightly, and Zhao Donglin’s expression was relatively bland.

After the agreement, Zhao Donglin drew up a contract, which both sides signed and stamped. President Zhu first paid a 20% deposit. He said that he would send someone to study in the evening and left. Before leaving, he also brought two rougamo and a bowl of oden.

Zhang Qiaoer was shocked and could not even speak. ‘A recipe for 2000 yuan, Jiahui’s one-time income of 6000 yuan.’

“Your sister-in-law is too powerful.”

In addition to the word “powerful,” Zhang Qiao’er could no longer describe this daughter-in-law.

Zhao Donghe nodded. After entering the city, he saw and heard too many things that he had never seen and heard before. His worldview had changed forever. He was amazed at his sister-in-law’s ability to make money and think patterns, knowing that there were such rules in this world. Being able to get huge benefits without paying a penny.

It was during this time that got him interested in business, and while completing his schoolwork, he also borrowed books on economics from his older brother and benefited greatly.

Years later, he became a business tycoon, not only with his own minerals but also by building a huge industrial kingdom thanks to all those years of thinking and studying.

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1 certificate of residency


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