Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 71.1

Chapter 71 Part 1

Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, it’s 1979. The provincial teacher training college has recently started to arrange for students to go to various elementary and junior high schools in the province for teaching internships.

“Meixiang, do you know where the school has placed you? Are you going to stay in the provincial capital or go back to our Yun County? “

When Jiahui asked Meixiang about the internship during dinner, Mei Xiang ate before answering, “I guess I don’t have much chance to stay in the provincial capital. Everyone wanted to be here for the internship, especially the local students.”

Jiahui’s assessment results in her class are good, and she has never dropped out of the top five. If the placement of an internship school was based on merit, she would have the opportunity to stay in the city. She was afraid that, in the end, she would not be placed in the city and that they would be divided according to their region.

As for the question of where to intern, Meixiang herself was not demanding. At any time and anywhere, she would comply with the arrangements of the school. She had come to this point, and it still felt like a dream. She is infinitely satisfied with the status quo. No matter where she does her internship, she will be happy.

The internship also meant that she would soon be leaving school and actually working as a teacher.

Ever since she was a child, teachers have had a high status in her heart. A teacher is a hard-working gardener, a selfless candle, burning themselves to illuminate the students!

She could not wait to start her internship; she could not wait to become a respectable teacher. As for which school, in the provincial city or the county, or in their own commune, made no difference to her.

She was young, enthusiastic, with high ideals and a passion to serve her country, simple and unselfish.

Meixiang’s final school placement was Yunxian First Middle School. At first, Meixiang thought she had heard wrong. How could she be given an internship at a middle school? Meixiang always believed that she could only be competent as a primary school teacher with her own ability.

You are from Yun County, right? A while ago, the principal of the first middle school called and said that the school was short of teachers, especially young and energetic teachers. After considering that you are from Yun County and your academic performance is also among the top this year, I think you can go to the first middle school for your internship and try.

Meixiang was very moved by these words. She felt so good to be recognized. She even gave birth to the feeling of “throwing her head and sprinkling blood” on Zhuge Liang. [1]Zhuge Liang was a Chinese statesman and military strategist. He was chancellor and later regent of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period. He is recognized as the most accomplished … Continue reading

She was so excited to go home and tell her family the good news, and the whole family was happy for her.

“Our family is going to have a middle school teacher, and Heidan is in fifth grade this year, so you can be Heidan’s teacher from now on.”

In rural areas, “teachers” were very respected. Furthermore, Meixiang is not a primary school teacher, but a junior high school teacher. That feeling was on another level. Zhang Qiaoer was very pleased. She never imagined that this little girl would have such a day of success.

Meixiang is not used to being praised so much. She smiled and said, “Oh, I’m just going for an internship. It’s not the time for formal arrangements. Don’t be too happy. “

What if she doesn’t do well in the internship? Then, everyone would be disappointed again.

Although she had made a lot of progress, she had an inferiority complex in her bones and was always worried that she wouldn’t do well, that she would let others down.

Soon it was the day before the report. Meixiang packed her bags and left. Zhao Donghe sent her to the station. Before leaving, Jiahui gave her a hundred yuan and also prepared a lot of food for her.

“Sister-in-law, I can’t take this money. You usually give me pocket money, and I have saved it. “

She also had the money she had earned previously in their old home. For so many years, she was able to save a couple hundred yuan.

“You take it. Poor house, rich road [2]you should be frugal at home and bring more dishes when you go out to avoid embarrassment.You’d rather take more money outside than wrong yourself. “

Meixiang is a very frugal girl and never spends money indiscriminately. Jiahui knows that this money will most likely not be used for spending, but she still has to give it.

Because the county is hundreds of kilometers away from the village, which means that Mei Xiang cannot go home to live with them, She has to live in the county and depends on whether the school arranges dormitories. To be honest, everyone is very worried about her; a young girl who works and lives alone in a strange environment.

“That …… thank you, sister-in-law.”

Meixiang knew that her sister-in-law is a frank and straightforward person. Since, she sincerely wanted to give it, not at all pretentious, she also must not brush off her sister-in-law’s good intentions.

“Take care of yourself. Call our school if you need anything.”

The phone is a rare thing these days. There is no phone line at home, but there are phone booths at school, and there are phones in the teachers’ offices, so all the phones that can reach her and Zhao Donglin have been given to Meixiang, so if there is something really wrong, you can find them.

Meixiang nodded, “I know, sister-in-law. Don’t worry. I’ll be back in two months. “

Meixiang waved them goodbye and left. Donghe sent her to the county bus station, watched her get onto the bus, and so the bus slowly departed before turning around to go home.

“This is our school dormitory. There are not many teachers living there. There are only seven or eight.”

The first thing she did when she arrived in the county was to report, explaining her need for accommodation, and the school director took her to the school dormitory, which is a short row of bungalows on the east side of the school, one of about ten square meters.

Because there was only one bunk bed in the dormitory, and because there were not many people living in the dormitory, Meixiang lived by herself.

The director of the department gave Meixiang the second class of the first year. The subjects were language and natural science. The director also asked her if she could play the piano. If so, she could also act as a music teacher.

The next day, Meixiang woke up early to get ready and arrived at the school early. In the first grade’s office, she was waiting for the teachers to arrive.

The teachers appeared one after another, and Meixiang greeted everyone politely, and they all introduced themselves to each other.

“Cui Zongyi isn’t here yet? He’s the only one left. This young man is not active at work. Today there is a beautiful intern teacher.

From the time she heard the name “Cui Zongyi”, Meixiang felt that she was hallucinating. When the door to the office rattled, Meixiang turned around and saw a familiar face with her back to the sunlight appearing in front of her eyes.

After graduating from high school, Cui Zongyi was recommended to attend the University of Labor and Agriculture, and after graduation, he taught physics at a junior high school.

Cui Zongyi was also surprised to see Meixiang. He did not expect that when he went to school he would meet her. When he heard his classmates say that Meixiang would participate in the college entrance examination and the provincial specialist teacher training, he did not expect they would arrange for her to go to their school for an internship.

The face of Meixiang unconsciously turned red. If it was before, she must have been shy. After more than a year of college life and doing business with her sister-in-law, her personality is not as shy as before.

But when you meet someone who has always been at the bottom of your heart, your heart will still beat, and you will be embarrassed to look at each other.

“Student Zhao Meixiang, you just listen to the lesson first, and you can ask other teachers if you don’t understand.”

Meixiang nodded in agreement. She had a meek and well-behaved attitude, and the director looked very satisfied.

Although this female student looks excessively young, as long as she is obedient and does not cause trouble, her business ability is strong, so being young didn’t matter.

Notlucia: Just a reminder! Don’t expect too much from this man…


1 Zhuge Liang was a Chinese statesman and military strategist. He was chancellor and later regent of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period. He is recognized as the most accomplished strategist of his era, and has been compared to Sun Tzu, the author of The Art of War.
2 you should be frugal at home and bring more dishes when you go out to avoid embarrassment.


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