Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 71.2

Chapter 71 Part 2

At Wudong University, the professor called Jiahui and Zhou Roushen to the office to talk.

“You are now sophomores; you should be progressing in all aspects from a year ago. The two of you in the class have always belonged to the ones who learn well, and I expect more from you than the other students.I believe you yourselves will be able to do it. “

As a provincial key university, Wudong University is selected by tens of thousands of people.

After entering the campus, the students were thirsty for knowledge. They studied very hard and completely memorized the stars and the moon.

With such diligent efforts, the progress of all students was naturally visible.

Personal progress belongs to vertical comparison. If a horizontal comparison is made, Jiahui and Zhou Ruosen must still be far ahead from everyone, after all, for the two of them, one has a memory of her previous life and the other has his family’s origin.

“You take these two pieces of information back and bring them to me within a week when they are translated.”

Jiahui and Zhou Ruosen each took a copy and opened it to see that it was an academic paper.

Since it was an academic paper, a lot of terminologies was involved, and after that, Jiahui looked for information in the library every day and tried to finish it with excellence.

After a week of working on it, Jiahui finally finished it before the deadline.

When the translation assignment was handed over to the professor, the professor let them sit across from each other and look over their translation content.

Jiahui felt like she was back in elementary school, waiting nervously for the teacher to approve her assignments, and this nervousness came from the fear of the teacher’s disappointment and denial, fearing that she had not done well and could not meet the teacher’s expectations.

The professor looked through the papers, occasionally wrote a few words on the paper and drew a circle, and after nearly half an hour, the two translations were checked.

The professor put the materials on the desk. He clasped his hands, looked at them, and said, “I’ve finished reading your assignments, so tell me, how do you feel about your work?”

Jiahui and Zhou Ruosen looked at each other, and Zhou Ruosen spoke first and said, “I think it was fine. I went to the steel plant for this information, and it is still very realistic.”

The professor nodded his head.

“Yes, your translation is really good. If we say it was over a hundred points, I can give you 90 points. I deducted 10 points because the explanation is not accurate enough. This is a foreign research report. Foreign technology is more advanced and developing faster than our country’s. Many foreign technologies can’t be done in our country now. You can’t investigate this part of the translation, so naturally, there are differences. “

The professor’s words were very pertinent. Zhou Ruosen listened and understood the professor’s meaning.

“Yes, I should be more careful.”

After commenting on Zhou Ruosen’s homework, the professor turned his attention to Jiahui.

“Jiahui, how do you feel about your homework?”

After reading the translated materials in her mind, Jiahui said, “I think there are still some places where the translation is not in place.” When it comes to the professional field, I don’t understand it. Although I checked a lot of materials, I may not have been careful enough.

The professor laughed and said, “You are quick to admit mistakes. For your translation, I will give you 95 points if it is over 100. “

Both of them were considered qualified, and the professor arranged new translation work for them and directly told them that if the translation was adopted, they could get the manuscript fee.

The country is in the stage of waiting for prosperity. It is eager to demand the science and technology of developed countries, and there is a large demand for translation. As professors and scholars in the English Department, many people come to their door to ask him to translate, but a person’s energy is limited, and he can’t even take it even if he has three heads and six arms.

Since the two good students have passed the examination, they can fully take charge of their own side, and he will just be the final gatekeeper after translation.

“I’m going on a long trip tomorrow.”

That day, Zhao Donglin came back from school and told Jiahui about it.

“Where are you going?”

“The professor wanted to take us on a study tour that could last anywhere from ten days to half a month.”

The professor said it’s better to travel thousands of miles than to read thousands of books.

In December last year, at the Third Plenary Session of the Shiyi Central Committee held by the Party Central Committee, leaders put forward the policy of “internal reform and opening up to the outside world.”

Subsequently, newspapers and radio reported that Xiaogang Village, Fengyang County, Anhui province, implemented the household contract responsibility system of “dividing farmland to households and assuming sole responsibility for their own profits and losses.” In a strict sense, this system is the curtain of internal reform.

In cities, the right to independent management of state-owned enterprises has also been significantly improved.

The whole society is undergoing a great social change. The professor doesn’t want to talk on paper. He wants to take the students out for a walk. Only when a person sees more can they think more.

The whole society is in a kind of huge social change. The professor does not want to talk on paper but wants to take the students out and see, see more to think more.

“Don’t miss me too much at home.”

Zhao Donglin was happy to go out on a school trip. The only point he was unhappy about was being separated from his wife.

He hugged Jiahui, who was folding clothes and wanted to embed her in his arms.

“Who misses you?”

Jiahui pretended to push him, but her hands didn’t use much strength.

Suddenly, Zhao Donglin picked up Jiahui and held her thighs, his bright eyes staring at her face.

It is no exaggeration to say that Jiahui could feel the wolf-like “green light” shooting out of his eyes.

“I have to pay my half-monthly ration in full.”

Jiahui’s face flushed and she was rapidly breathing. She pursed her lips and glanced at him, and said, “Who wants your rations?” Keep it to yourself. “

Zhao Donglin laughed lightly. He knew his wife too well. She was knife-mouthed, but in fact, she was soft-hearted.

He obeyed his inner feelings and lowered his head to hold Jiahui’s lips.

The couple were kissing inseparably when the voice of Fang Fang spoke from outside the room.

“Dad, fish, fish!”

It turned out that Zhao Donghe came back from school and passed by the fish pond. The owner had just gotten the fish. Seeing that the fish was big and fresh, he bought a big fish weighing about ten kilograms.

“Deng Deng Deng”, Fang Fang pushed the door and came in. Jiahui just pushed Zhao Donglin away and jumped down from his arms, covering up her hair. Zhao Donglin spat hard and cursed in a low voice, “This brat!”

Jiahui glanced at him with a red face and took Fang Fang’s hand out of the room.

Fang Fang looked up at his mother and wondered why his mother’s face was so red. It is very much like the big red face of Guan Gong that his brother told him about.

Jiahui filleted the fish and made a big pot of pickled fish and fishbone stew. She cooked fish soup noodles with the soup skimming the fish bones, and the family sweated as they ate the spicy meal.

“It’s delicious. I’ll buy it again next time I come across it.”

“Don’t buy it often. Just eat it once or twice. “

A fish costs a few yuan. Zhang Qiaoer is used to living a hard life. Now the food at home is very good. She can’t eat the children’s appetites.

“Grandma, it’s okay, everything cooked by Auntie is delicious. We definitely won’t be picky.”

“That’s right, mom’s tofu is better than others; it’s tender and fragrant, and it tastes good.”

Jiahui smiled and gave Yingbao a piece of fish. But suddenly, she felt someone’s leg touching her under the table. Jiahui didn’t bother with it, thinking it was someone who was careless but who knew that the other party’s leg was touching her again after she ignored it the first time.

Jiahui looked at it quietly. Judging from the colour of his pants, it was Zhao Donglin. At this time, Zhao Donglin was eating seriously.

In the evening, Zhao Donglin did what he said he would do and ate Jiahui dry, paying the full amount of his ration. After a good fight, Jiahui lay in his arms.

“What’s the matter with you at dinner? You don’t pay attention to its influence at all. “

Zhao Donglin hugged Jiahui, lips pressed against her forehead. His voice was breathy and said softly, “You didn’t feel it? I call this “eating tofu.”

Jiahui suddenly felt speechless.


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