Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 73

Chapter 73 

After returning to the city, Wang Mei first entered the textile factory and became a small officer.

Due to the help of her former object, Wang Mei was able to return to the city. This was a kind of compensation for failing her.

After returning to the city, Wang Mei wanted to renew the relationship with the former male object. However, the two had an improper relationship, and the male just committed the disease that most males have. The meat in your mouth is not eaten for nothing, and trying to get him to divorce is impossible.

“I’ve already paid back what should be paid back to you. I don’t owe you anything. “

“Fan Siping, are you human? I have paid so much for you. Why are you having s*x with me if you’re not going to marry me?

“Wang Mei, don’t be ridiculous, will you? Did I force you? I’m not the only one who is happy about this affair. “

Wang Mei’s face turned white.

“Don’t come to me again. Both of us will be parting here without any hard feelings. “

After saying that, Fan Shiping left, leaving Wang Mei alone with an empty heart.

Later, Wang Mei met her current husband, Luan Wei, at a sorority event organized by the provincial labour union, and the two spent some time together and got married.

His family is well-off; his father works in the government sector. After marriage, through connections, the Luan family transferred Wang Mei to the library.

Wang Mei and Luan Wei were married based on reality. She chose him for the Luan family background.

They were married for three years, and Wang Mei was not pregnant during those years. The couple’s life was poor. Luan Wei’s mother died of illness. No one in the Luan family urged her to have children.

When Wang Mei returned, she became more and more uncomfortable. When she was young, children were not important to her and could not match her future ambitions. However, with the increase of age, perhaps it was an outburst of potential maternal love. Making the child she gave birth to, with her own blood, become someone else’s child made her feel worse.

This day, Wang Mei came near the elementary school, staring at the entrance, waiting for the school to be dismissed.

Her thoughts were jumbled, not knowing what to say when she saw the child, and not knowing if Heidan would still remember herself.

“Brother, I got a hundred points on my test today, and my aunt said she’d cook me a chicken thigh if I got a hundred points.”

Shitou is half a head shorter than Heidan. His volume is really 1.5 times that of Heidan. He likes to eat. He hadn’t eaten well in the countryside before. When he arrived in the city, there was candy and biscuits. The food at home was good and blew up like a balloon.

“You’ll know when you go back.”

Heidan didn’t give a clear answer, but he knew that Aunt Hui always kept her word and never lied to children. She must be very happy that Shitou has improved in his studies.

“Heidan, do you still remember me?”

Seeing her son face-to-face, Wang Mei’s emotions were more excited than she thought.

She looked at Heidan, her eyes tracing her son’s eyebrows.

He really looked like herself; his eyes looked like her, his face looked like hers, his eyebrows looked like Zhao Donglin, and his mouth looked like Zhao Donglin.

Her eyes unconsciously flushed. Compared to Wang Mei’s excitement, Heidan looked too cold.

From the time she stood in front of him, he knew that this was his “mother”. Even though he was very young when she left, and gradually forgot what she looked like as time went by, Heidan just knew that this woman was the one who gave birth to him.

The two looked at each other for a few dozen seconds, and instead of the “hug and cry” or warm recognition that Wang Mei had imagined, Heidan moved his feet to leave without saying a word.

Wang Mei froze for a moment. She had thought of Heidan’s various reactions after seeing herself, but not this kind of no reaction.

She hurriedly reached out and pulled on Heidan’s clothes, and eagerly spoke, “Heidan, I’m your mother!”

Shitou, who had been watching the excitement behind Heidan, had his mouth wide open in surprise.

Although he was two years younger than Heidan and had no impression of Wang Mei, he knew that Heidan was his aunt’s child, but this kind of adult matter was too far from the child’s life, plus Jiahui had been in the Zhao family ever since he became sensible, and he did not feel anything special about it.

Heidan lowered his eyelids, his long eyelashes blocking the emotions in his eyes, and he used up all his force to detach himself from Wang Mei’s grip.

“I don’t have a mother; my mother is dead.”

Wang Mei was anxious and went up and bent down to hold Heidan’s arm.

“You have a mother! I am your mommy! Who told you that Mommy is dead? Your father? Your grandmother? Or that stepmother your father married later? Don’t listen to them; they just hate me; they just wanted to bury me on purpose. “

Heidan’s eyelashes trembled slightly. He looked up at Wang Mei. The woman was young and beautiful. At the moment, her face was full of reluctance and blame, and there was no excitement about seeing him.

She would not love you. If she did, she would hold you tightly and look at you lovingly, but she didn’t.

“I’ve already said, I don’t have a mother. Please let go.”

Wang Mei looked at Heidan incredulously, as if she didn’t know him.

“I really didn’t expect you to become like this. How cute you were when you were little.”

Heidan didn’t say anything and turned to leave.

In his heart, he doesn’t think so. When he was a child, how long ago was that? A person who disappeared for four or five years suddenly appears and accuses himself of changing as soon as he appears—but I was just a kid.

When the two brothers arrived home, Yingbao had been playing in the yard. Today, Jiahui came back from school early and went to get his sister Yingbao back first.

“Heidan, Shitou, do you have homework today? If you have homework, do your homework first. After that, let’s eat. “

Heidan went back to the house with his schoolbag on his back. Shitou looked at his brother and Aunt Jiahui, and his face showed a desire to speak.

“Shitou, what’s wrong? Are the test results out?”

She still remembered the agreement with Shitou: if he got a hundred points, she would cook him a big chicken leg. She thought Shitou had not gotten a hundred points, that’s why he was acting like this.

“It’s out. I got a hundred.”

Shitou then remembered the score. He pulled out the test paper from the school bag and handed it to Jiahui.

“Auntie, I want to tell you something.”

Shitou came over and lowered his voice, looking a bit secretive. Jiahui saw that he was a child acting like an adult. She pursed her lips and smiled to signal him to speak.

“Today after school, there was a woman who went to see my brother Zhao. She said, “She is his mother, but my brother ignored her.”

Before listening, Jiahui thought it was an insignificant thing among children. After listening, she frowned.

“Well, well, you did the right thing. Remember to tell Auntie if something like that happens next time. “

Jiahui patted Shitou’s big head and pulled out a gentle smile.

“Auntie remembered that I promised you a chicken leg. I’ll make it for you tomorrow at noon. “

Shitou nodded his head like garlic. He smiled and said, “Auntie, I want the biggest chicken leg.”

“Okay, I’ll give you the biggest one.

Shitou went back to the house with a cheer, and Yingbao looked sideways at Jiahui and asked in confusion, “Mom, what did Brother Shitou say?”

She was still young and did not understand some things, and no one had ever told her about Wang Mei. In her mind, she was her mother’s daughter (Jiahui’s).

Before the meal, Zhao Donglin came back. Jiahui wasn’t in a hurry to mention it. She paid attention to Heidan. There was no special emotion. He was mostly silent, as usual.

The meal was finished quietly. When Zhang Qiaoer washed Shitou, Shitou didn’t pay attention to the topic, and Zhang Qiaoer knew it.

“What? That woman came to our family? “

Zhang Qiaoer’s voice was directly eight degrees higher. Then she came out of the house, called Zhao Donglin, and went to Heidan’s room with her.

“Mom, what’s wrong? Why are you so furious? Who made you angry? “

Zhang Qiaoer stretched out her index finger and pointed at her son, Zhao Donglin, and said sharply and angrily, “Are you asking me why I’m angry?” Ask Heidan who approached him today and what she said to him! That shameless Wang Mei is here. “

Zhao Donglin was stunned.

Zhao Donglin looked at Wang Mei in front of him, his heart calm and without fluctuation.

“You shouldn’t have appeared and didn’t dare say those words to the child.”

Wang Mei’s head was sideways, her eyes were red, her lips were tightly closed, and there was a sense of arrogance.

“They are living a good life now, knowing that there is a mother who gives up on her children and doesn’t care about them because of her own prospects, which will not be good for them.”

“But I am their mother. After all, I gave birth to them.”

Zhao Donglin looked at Wang Mei with indescribable emotions in his eyes, as if he was disappointed and relieved.

“The greatest kindness of parents to their children is not to give birth to them but to accompany and nurture them. Raising but not teaching—the fault lies with the parents. You left when they needed you the most. Did you consider how much harm it caused them? You have not considered all of these, because, in your heart, there is only you. “

When he said these words, Zhao Donglin’s heart carried tenderness because he thought of Jiahui.

Jiahui said that parents can only walk with their children for a short period of time. When they are small, parents should spend a lot of time and energy with their children, teaching them about the world and teaching them to behave, so that when they grow up and face the world on their own, they will not be afraid and will not go astray.

They will know that their parents are always behind them, watching over them and supporting them. Their hearts were full of love. They would not be afraid and they would not wander.

Wang Mei’s tears finally fell, she frowned in pain, and shouted in a questioning tone, “Is all this what I want? I don’t want this either. Is this world fair to me? “

Zhao Donglin sighed. This issue is no longer necessary to explore. The times have created a lot of defects. Wang Mei said she was innocent. How innocent is Zhao Donglin, and how innocent are Heidan and Yingbao?

If Wang Mei was not insistent on divorce, he was willing to work with her for the sake of the family’s children. If she wanted to return to the city, she could also realize her ideal through the college entrance examination, but she didn’t wait for a change, so she gave up first.

“I know that when you get married, you only see the new people laughing and don’t hear the old people crying. You can’t listen to what I say. Only your new wife… “

“Wang Mei, be a person of conscience. If you again say such nonsense, then don’t blame me for not thinking of the old.”

For whatever Wang Mei said to Zhao Donglin, he can tolerate it, but if she said something to Jiahui, he can’t tolerate it.

Over the years, no one understands more clearly than him how much Jiahui has sacrificed and worked hard for this family, and for Heidan and Yingbao!

“No one is sorry for you, and not everyone has to turn around for you. I am willing to come over to you today just to say that I want you to stay away from the children. If I know you’re close to the children next time, I’ll let you know what my regret is. “

Zhao Donglin got up and prepared to leave. Before leaving, he gave Wang Mei a look.

“Live your own life. I heard that you don’t have a good relationship with your husband. Women should be gentle. Don’t be so extreme. You’re not young. You should think about it for yourself in the future.”

“I went to see Wang Mei today.”

At night, after their busy work, the couple finally lay in bed. Zhao Donglin took the initiative to mention Wang Mei’s topic. Jiahui nodded as if she knew in advance or had no idea about it.

“You didn’t ask what I said to her?”

His wife just hummed. Well, she didn’t even ask. Zhao Donglin was obviously not satisfied.

Jiahui leaned against Zhao Donglin’s arms, not even bothering to open her eyes.

“Ask what? Can you two still talk to each other and rekindle the old love? I’m not worried.

The divorce was so ugly that it was impossible to get back together, no matter what.

“Are you so reassured about me?”

He didn’t know whether he should be happy or sad.

He sometimes wants to see his wife worry or be jealous of something. She was too relaxed, and he always felt it kind of lacked flavour.

Jiahuai finally gave up and opened her eyes. She turned her head to look at Zhao Donglin.

“Of course, I can rest assured of you. Why not? If you really dare to do something sorry for me, I’ll let you know what that regret is. “

Her face was smiling and her voice was charming and naive, but somehow, as Zhao Donglin listened to it, his heart inexplicably pounded.

He unconsciously increased the force of his hand holding Jiahui, knowing that Jiahui was telling the truth, and if he really did something wrong to her, she would really make him regret it.

This woman, lying in her arms, sleeps with him every day, but he always has a feeling that he can’t hold it tightly, as if she could get away at any time.

“How will you make me regret it? Give up on me? Leave me? Kick me away? “

Jiahui snorted arrogantly, “That depends on your performance. If you treat me well and stay faithful to our marriage, I will naturally stay with you forever. If you treat me badly and do something wrong to me, then what am I keeping you for?”

How beautiful life is. There is no need to bother with a man who has changed his heart.

Zhao Donglin was really angry at Jiahui’s words. He was not for others, but for Jiahui’s easy words to leave himself.

He rolled over and pinned Jiahui down, staring at her face in the darkness.

“Let’s say this once and for all: I will never do anything wrong to you in this life, so give up. We must entangle ourselves to death. “

His casual words made him excited. Jiahui was amused and a little touched. She just wanted to say that she was talking for fun, but Zhao Donglin had bowed his head and blocked her mouth. After that, she couldn’t care less to speak anymore.

Wang Mei’s appearance has some influence on Heidan. He doesn’t like to talk these days.

In the past, he forgot this person and her appearance. Now this person appears in front of him. In addition, Heidan also feels a sense of guilt for Jiahui, although he himself could not say what he felt guilty about.

When Jiahui saw Heidan’s abnormality, she went to talk to Heidan on this day on purpose.

“Zhuo Jun, I know you may not be in a good mood recently. In fact, there is no need for you to take this matter to heart; you are just a child. A victim of the situation What you can do now is to study hard, learn more, become a useful person, and when you grow up and have your own judgment and the ability to decide your own life, you will be able to handle things as you see fit.”

Heidan bowed his head and gave a good grace. He actually wanted to say that he didn’t have a problem with the appearance of that woman, nor did he want to know her. He wanted to open his mouth to call Jiahui “Mother,” but he couldn’t open his mouth until the end.

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