Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 74

Chapter 74

Meixiang picked up a package from the post office; it was delicacies sent to her by her sister-in-law. It arrived with a letter, in which she specifically asked her to take it to school and share it.

“You have to learn to overcome your inner barriers, not to be obsequious, to keep your character, but also to learn to get along with people. Sharing food is one of the best ways to quickly bring people closer together. “

‘Sister-in-law’s words always make so much sense.’ After reading the letter, Meixiang immediately replied back, saying that she knew, and she also told her a lot of interesting stories about the internship.

“Sister-in-law, do you remember that male classmate I told you about before? He turned out to be a physics teacher in the No. 1 middle school, and we were in the same office. “

The corners of Meixiang’s mouth unconsciously rose and bit her lip as she wrote those words.

“He hasn’t changed much. He’s as enthusiastic as ever, and he patiently explained to me what I didn’t understand. “

She had a lot to say in her heart, such as that Cui Zongyi was unmarried, many teachers wanted to introduce him to someone, and there were people who put them together, but she was too shy to write this in her mind.

The next day, Meixiang brought the delicacies to school and was warmly welcomed by the teachers.

“Meixiang, where did all this food come from?”

It’s all good stuff; it can be used as a supplement and is not easy to buy.

Meixiang gave them to everyone one by one. Everyone was asking where they could buy them, and Meixiang replied, “These are the specialties that my brother bought in other places.” He came back with a sack. My sister-in-law said that doing an internship was hard and that’s why she sent them to me. “

“No wonder, it turned out to be brought from different places.” By the way, your brother is a transporter. If he still goes out to run in the future, can you ask him to bring some for us? My child is in high school, so he eats more walnuts. They can nourish the brain.

These days, being a transporter is a very popular job. Not only do they have high wages and good treatment, but they can also drive, which was considered cool. Many girls dreamt of marrying a truck driver.

Meixiang had just come and gone, and other teachers did not have the heart to inquire too much about her family. They only know that Meixiang was from the Shengli commune. She was at a junior college in the provincial capital. There were two brothers at home. From her dressing, the conditions at home should not be bad. She had a Dacron coat, a Shanghai brand watch on her wrist, small leather shoes on her feet, and a pink scarf. Meixiang is much more fashionable than those little girls in the country.

In fact, these dresses were all made for her by Jiahui, in addition to the watch and the internship gift given to her by Jiahui.

As Meixiang listened to everyone’s guess that her brother’s job was a transporter, she smiled and shook her head to explain. My brother was not a transporter. He went to college in the city. It was their professor who took his students to study in other provinces. When he saw those delicacies, he brought some back. “

“Oh? Your brother is a college student? “

“How old is your brother? Did he take part in the resumption of the college entrance examination? “

“Which schools can a professor take the students on study tours?

Everyone was astonished as they listened. Suddenly, you say something, and I say something. Cui Zongyi sat on his seat, peeling walnuts and looking at Meixiang. Obviously, he was also curious.

“My elder brother, sister-in-law and I took the college entrance examination in the same year. They both got into Wudong University. My sister-in-law was the county’s top student that year, and she took second place in the province. “

“Oh! Now that you mentioned it, I remember! Thanks! It was also written in the newspaper that there were three college students in a family. It turned out to be your family! “

That incident was quite a sensation at the time. Now, everyone looked at Meixiang completely with different eyes. She is not an ordinary college student. There were real college students standing behind her. These days, college students are more expensive, not to mention going to a good university like Wudong University. When Meixiang’s brother and sister-in-law graduate, their work is definitely not bad.

In this way, people no longer look at Meixiang as an ordinary rural girl.

“In fact, last year my second brother also went to college. She went to a mining university. So now, in my family, the one who has the lowest education is me.

“Meixiang, don’t say that again. It’s stabbing our hearts. “

“Yes, I graduated from high school. I haven’t even touched the door of the university. “

“In fact, it was my sister-in-law who encouraged me. She said, “We only have a good way out if we take the college entrance examination, so we must take the college entrance exam.”

“Then your sister-in-law is quite insightful.”

Meixiang nodded. She always felt that her sister-in-law was very insightful, and she was willing to follow her to learn.

When she applied to a normal school, her sister-in-law also said that her character was very suitable for being a teacher. It was simple, pure, and meaningful.

“Knowledge is too important. I also wanted to take the college entrance examination the year before the resume of the college entrance examination. But my family disagreed, saying that we are poor and that I’m squandering money. I didn’t take the college entrance examination in order to work. I already had a job and didn’t have to bother to take the college entrance examination. “

“Hey, to be honest, not having gone to college has always been my regret, but I’m not going to be able to do that in this life. I can only put my hope in my children.”

“It’s similar to mine, I keep an eye on the children every day to study and must train them to take the college examination. I told them, I will not recognize them if they cannot go to a university. I do not have such useless children. “

“You’re a little cruel. Whether the test results are good or not, they are our children. We can only say that we should guide and educate as much as possible. Finally, in the end, it depends on what the individual child’s natural position is.

“Teacher Tian: “Diligence can make up for one’s weaknesses. Do not forget this saying. “

“Confucius also said to “teach according to ability”…

Most of the teachers in the office are already established families, arguing around the issue of education. Their gazes met across the desk, and Cui Zongyi smiled at Meixiang, who returned a shy smile.

The last time she bought cloth from the mall, it took Jiahui nearly a month to get the clothes done.

The first thing she made was for several children, especially Heidan, who has grown taller this year. His pants are already too short for him, and he is the one who needs new clothes most urgently. Shitou, as his younger brother, can wear Heidan’s old clothes, but children love to wear new clothes, so she should have one made for him.

It does not take much time to make a set of children’s clothes, Shitou does not have a mother, so, Jiahui as an aunt would not mention how big or small the matter is, she would be considerate to him. At the very least, she would not excessively favor one and discriminate against the other.

As Shitou grew up, Zhang Qiaoer and Donghe would take care of his daily life, and Jiahui was also in charge of his studies. She takes a share of what she buys for her three children. As a family, there is no need to worry about what she has done for him.

Yingbao is the only little girl in the family. Naturally, she should dress up well to meet Jiahui’s careful thought of dressing up her doll. Finally, she should put aside her brother’s and sister’s old clothes for her and prepare new ones for her if there is a shortage.

In the era of material scarcity, in the children of ordinary families, after the eldest brother’s clothes became small, they would pass them down to the second child. The so-called “three years in the new year, three years in the old, and three years of sewing and mending.” ((New clothes were worn for three years. When they became old, they were worn for another three years, and they could be worn for another three years with patches.

After the children’s clothes are made, the elders’ clothes are made. She made them for her mother-in-law Zhang Qiaoer, godmother Shen Nianru, and her mother Chen Guixiang.

When Jiahui took out the clothes she made for Shen Nianru, Shen Nianru was very happy, and with her glasses on, she looked at the patterns on the clothes carefully, and she smiled and said, “It’s so good that I can finally wear the new clothes my daughter made for me.”

She took Jiahui’s hand; her eyelids were a little red, and her heart was sour and relieved.

Life had given her trials and tribulations. She had suffered and grieved, and finally, in the midst of this desolation, a flower had finally blossomed that made her happy.

Jiahui held her godmother’s hand and smiled comfortingly, “It’s not easy for you to wear it? I will make new clothes for you every year from now on.

Shen Nianru quickly shook her head, “No, just make this one. You are usually so busy. You have to attend classes, and you are also busy with taking care of the children, and this family, may it be small or large things, it has not been easy for you.”

Shen Nianru also sees Jiahui’s hard work. Jiahui had no leisure time from morning to night, but she had a good attitude. She never complains , laughs every day, and would always smile at everyone.

Jiahui is not without clothes, but lives a frugal life. She can wear clothes on repeat as long as they are not broken and awful. Shen Nianru doesn’t want Jiahui to make new clothes for herself, and she doesn’t want Jiahui to suffer.

Shen Nianru recognized Jiahui as her goddaughter, but was unable to help her much. Jiahui, from time to time, brought her food, and Donglin would give her manual work, carrying gas and briquettes. Now, she also made her clothes.

Last year they bought a new yard in order to match themselves with their partners. The family continues to stay at Shen Nianru’s and has not moved away. Their daughter was really thoughtful.

Jiahui knew that her godmother was concerned about herself, but she really didn’t feel that she was having a hard time.

In this strange era, she doesn’t lack food or clothing, and she doesn’t have to work hard for life. She just does housework and takes care of her children.

Who in this world will not experience suffering? She studied in college for a better life. Taking care of the children is in the spirit of their own responsibility. As for the big and small things at home, she was just worried. She always wanted the whole family to work together to live a better life.

Just before crossing, she helped her mentor with research projects while studying as a graduate student. She also found a part-time job at the weekend.

The reason she did a part-time job was not that she was short of money; she just felt she should work hard.

The clothes Jiahui gave Chen Guixiang were mailed to them since she went to school in the city, and the time it took to return to her mother’s home was shorter. Only when it’s summer and winter would she be able to go back home to her mother’s home and see her parents, see her brothers, sisters-in-law, and children.

She told her family that she wanted to invite them to the provincial capital for a few days. Everyone was very excited and wanted to see the world in the provincial capital, but it was not so easy to leave things at home. They were afraid to come and make trouble for Jiahui, and besides, she always said she would come back later when she had a chance.

Two months later, after Meixiang’s internship, she returned to school to prepare her graduation thesis. The comments from No. 1 middle school on her internship also arrived at the school. All the scores are excellent. If there is no accident, Meixiang will teach at the No. 1 middle school after graduation.

Meixiang is very satisfied with the result. From her letter, Jiahui already knew about Cui Zongyi. When Meixiang comes back, Jiahui can’t wait to start gossiping.

“Is that Cui good for you? Do you have the possibility of development? “

Meixiang is 22 years old. She is still a little girl in the 21st century, but that was not considered young in the 1970s.

“Sister-in-law, why don’t you ask me if he is married?”

Jiahui looked at Meixiang with the kind of “are you stupid or am I stupid” look.

Would you still mention him if he was married? You must have distanced yourself from him. “

Meixiang suddenly realized that it was true. If Cui Zongyi is married, even if she once liked him, she will not have any feelings for him. For herself, Cui Zongyi will only be a teacher who teaches in the same school as her former classmates. Nothing else.

“Well …… he took care of me quite well during the internship, but I don’t know how he feels about me.

What if he only took care of her on the grounds that she was his classmate? So Meixiang doesn’t dare think about it. She’s afraid that she was just showering affection on an uninterested party.

“Then tell us how he takes care of you.

Meixiang then began to talk about the various good things that Cui Zongyi did for her, such as introducing her to the teachers at the school, teaching her how to make lesson plans, what kinds of teachers students are most afraid of, how to treat naughty students, and so on.

As soon as Jiahui heard this, she was immediately sure that Cui Zongyi must have had a good feeling about Meixiang.

“So it seems that our Meixiang should be able to marry soon.

Meixiang’s face turned red as she listened and looked around, but luckily no one heard her.

“Sister-in-law, what are you talking about? The eight characters haven’t been written yet. That person was not interested in me.

“Then let’s bet. If he is interested in you and confesses to you, you will help me knit a sweater. If I lose, I will buy you a Bragi.

The Bragi is a short-sleeved dress, the same as the Lenin suit. It is a Russian-style women’s clothing item. This dress was most favored by young girls in summer. It has bright colors and breathable and comfortable fabrics. Wearing braji on the street is definitely the most beautiful sight on the street.

Meixiang had some hesitation and did not know whether to bet with her sister-in-law.

“Love can’t afford to hesitate, Meixiang, you have to show courage.”

The encouragement from Jiahui made Meixiang’s heart surge with unprecedented courage. She clenched her fist and nodded her head vigorously, exactly like the proletarian vanguard on the propaganda posters, which should look even more like the green army uniform.

Notlucia: Guess who will win the bet? 


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