Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 76

Chapter 76

“Meixiang, I told you last time, my mother’s nephew is good. He’s from the public security patrol. He’s very talented and has a good personality. Shall I arrange for you to meet him? “

Meixiang reported to the No. 1 middle school. She began her summer vacation in July after studying with a teacher who was pregnant and about to give birth. She also stayed at school for a month or so.

Several middle-aged female teachers were particularly keen on introducing Meixiang to someone, especially Teacher Ji. And just after class, they pulled Meixiang aside to talk about the object.

The patrol team is the administrative functional department of the Public Security Bureau and the business organ of the patrol police in the whole region. Under the direct leadership of the Party committee of the branch, the main functions of the patrol team are to guide the patrol work in the whole region, maintain the dynamic public security order, formulate the patrol management system, guide and directly participate in the security of large-scale mass activities and the disposal of major social events such as large-scale mass disputes and armed fights, It can be said that the work is very important and complex. It is the first line of defense for local security.

Meixiang hid several times, so she didn’t hide now, with an embarrassing smile on her face.

“Miss Ji, I just graduated…”

Teacher Ji warmly held Meixiang’s hand and liked the young girl more and more.

“When you graduate, you’ll be twenty-two this year. It’s time to talk to someone. You’re not in a hurry, but your family will be anxious. “

At this time, Cui Zongyi entered the office with his lesson plan. He smiled at the conversation between Miss Ji and Meixiang.

“Teacher Cui, you should also help me persuade her that female comrade and male comrades are not the same. You can’t afford to waste time. The good years will pass if you don’t seize the moment. “

Meixiang looked to Cui Zongyi, expecting him to help her out.

“Yes, what Mr. Ji introduced must be good.”

Meixiang sipped her mouth and was very disappointed.

When teacher Ji mentioned it again, Meixiang promised to meet her nephew.

Afterward, Cui Zongyi came over and explained, “Meixiang, don’t think too much about it. I’m just afraid of Miss Cui’s misunderstanding. “

Meixiang would like to ask him, what exactly is this “misunderstanding” he was afraid of? What can be misunderstood between them? They are just colleagues, but they have been classmates, and it was just a matter of saying a few words. It’s just that she has always liked him in silence, and all of this, was it even important to Cui Zongyi?

“Well, I know, I didn’t think much about it.

After saying that, Meixiang smiled and hugged the lesson plan, and left. From then on, she would never think more.

Cui Zongyi looked at Meixiang’s back, wanting to shout at her to say a few words and explain a few more, but did not know what he should say, and could only “watch” her leave.

The first time Meixiang agreed, Miss Ji took advantage of the situation and quickly arranged a time for the two to meet.

Saturday afternoon at 3:00 in the park near the county government was the meeting place. The decision to choose this time was made after careful consideration.

It’s just that they don’t see the right time. When they see it at the right time, they can have a meal and watch a movie together. The time is just right. It can only be said that Teacher Ji has an outstanding talent for matchmaking.

“That girl is a new teacher in our school. She has just graduated from the provincial normal teaching school. She is quiet and looks good. Although she is from the Shengli commune and not from the city, her brother and sister-in-law were college students. For you, I talked to her for several days before she agreed to see you. So, you must perform well, do not scare the little girl. “

Her nephew is 25 years old. He doesn’t care about finding someone. She has introduced several people to her nephew. He either disappeared or didn’t follow up. The elderly at home are worried about him. They want to tie his head and let him have a wedding and enter the bridal chamber.

Obviously, he is a handsome young man. He is tall and strong. His eyes are double-eyelids and his nose is high. The girl wants to see his eyes after looking at them. How can this character and appearance be single at the age of 25? No one believes it. There should be no shady diseases.

Ji Zhenfeng had long been immune to these words. He slapped his plank and went along with Teacher Ji. “Got it, Auntie. Don’t worry. When have I ever failed your kindness?”

Teacher Ji shook her head helplessly and said, “Which time you did not fail it? If not, your brat should have gotten married long ago.

The aunt and nephew waited in advance at the appointed place. At 2:55, Meixiang hadn’t arrived yet. Ji Zhenfeng frowned and looked at the time on his watch.

He is a person with a sense of time. Punctuality is one of his special concerns. If the other party is late, his first impression of the other party will be greatly reduced.

Before the blind date, there was a blind date who was late. No matter who it is, as long as the time came and the person didn’t come, I’m sorry. He can’t continue to wait and he will absolutely turn around and leave.

There is no reason to be late. It’s really helping others or encountering an accident. It’s understandable. Any other reason was just an excuse. If a person can’t even do the basic punctuality, it’s absolutely impossible to get along with him, continuing to date is also a waste of each other’s time.

“The little girl just came here and didn’t have a bike. Even if she was a little late, she was justifiable. “

Mr. Ji knows his nephew’s temperament and cares about the little things that others don’t. He has told his family many times to let him not be so serious with the girl’s family. He is a man and should know how to be patient.

“Why do I have to put up with it? I am not their parents. There is no need to be so spoiled. Why do you have to force me to marry someone with different ideas than mine? “

There were too many similar responses, so many that the elderly members of the family were so angry that they almost had a stroke, but Ji Zhenfeng continued to do as he pleased.

The teacher is afraid that her nephew will have a bad impression of Meixiang, so she also helped Meixiang find an excuse. She really quite liked Meixiang, and she could bear the two missing out for nothing.

After about two minutes, Ji Zhenfeng thought that the blind date must be late. Not far away, a girl wearing a yellow braji and running with a bag appeared in front of them.

Two braids jump in the air with the action of running, with red cheeks. Ji Zhenfeng has good eyes and can even see the sweat on her nose.

In fact, Meixiang didn’t want to come before going out today, but she was a trustworthy person. Although she didn’t mean to promise Teacher Ji at that time, since she had promised, she didn’t want to break her promise and go back on her words.

“Teacher Ji, I’m sorry. Am I late?”

Meixiang’s eyes are bright. There is water mist on her nose and forehead because of sweating. She can’t catch up with elegance and ladies in this way, but somehow, Ji Zhenfeng, who has been indifferent to girls for more than 20 years, is moved by her.

He gazed at Meixiang, and when Meixiang turned around, their eyes met. He smiled at Meixiang, but Meixiang was stunned with wide-eyed wonder.

“Meixiang, this is my nephew Zhenfeng. He is a policeman in the patrol brigade. He is three years older than you. He is very decent and has a sense of responsibility. “

Meixiang smiled and nodded.

“Then ……”

Teacher Ji turned her head to look at her nephew, hoping to see what he meant so she could make arrangements.

Only to see the nephew smile and turn to look at her and say, “Auntie, didn’t you say that there are things you still have to take care of at home?”

“Oh, yes, I almost forgot, the children at home are waiting for me to go back. Meixiang, you and Zhenfeng can chat for a while. You can be rest assured that he is a police officer and will be responsible for your safety. “

Ji Zhenfeng nodded at the side, “Yes, I am responsible for sending Miss Zhao back safely.”

Meixiang stopped talking and blushed. She’s not really stupid. How can she not understand Teacher Ji’s intention? That is, to create a chance for them to be alone.

“I heard that your brothers and sisters have been admitted to college.”

Ji Zhenfeng started the topic with the most comforting topic for Meixiang.

My two brothers and sister-in-law got in. My elder sister didn’t take the college entrance exam.”

“It’s not easy for a family to have several college students. Your parents must be very pleased.”

Meixiang’s mood is no longer apprehensive. Following Ji Zhenfeng’s topic, she responded, “Yes, they are indeed quite happy. Even if they close their eyes, they feel like they don’t have to worry about the lives of their brothers and sisters. “

After graduating from university, the state arranges work. When you have a job, you don’t have to worry about having any food, which is much better than being a farmer.

Ji Zhenfeng smiled and nodded, “Yes, parents are like this.” Just like I became a policeman, my parents also think this is an iron rice bowl. They were very relieved for my life. “

“Have your parents ever pushed you through your life events?”

Meixiang shook her head, “Well, my mother used to be quite anxious, but then my sister-in-law persuaded her.” She said to not rush me to find someone. When I am excellent, naturally, there are people more suitable for me. I shouldn’t get married just because I have to get married. “

At that time, my sister-in-law said that literature and art had culture, saying “if you are in full bloom, butterflies come from you”. Meixiang was moved by this sentence when she listened to it for the first time.

Ji Zhenfeng was a little surprised by Meixiang’s answer because this concept coincided with his thoughts. The reason why he was already 25 but still had no girlfriend is that he believes it’s “better to have nothing than substandard choice.” He also believes in finding his “soulmate” rather than meeting his parents’ expectations and just having a casual marriage.

“Your sister-in-law has a very good point. I’m not going to lie, I think so too. Unexpectedly, your sister-in-law can speak so well. My family has never quite understood me, thinking that I refuse to settle down because I’m unruly and untamed. “

Meixiang also did not expect Ji Zhenfeng to agree so much with her sister-in-law’s words. As for Jiahui’s fangirl, anyone who agrees with her sister-in-law is someone who has an eye and is worth dating.

“Well, my sister-in-law can be great. She knows everything and sees things very thoroughly. I’m particularly willing to listen to all kinds of reasons that my sister-in-law tells me. “

The two unknowingly strolled around the park. Ji Zhenfeng looked at the time. Forty minutes had passed. It was hard to imagine that he would one day talk to a girl so well as if there was no end to the topics they could talk about.

“Meixiang, if you don’t mind, I’ll invite you to watch a movie. I heard that the movie theater has released a new movie, “Nezha Conquers the Dragon King.”

This is a domestic animation movie released in May. When Meixiang was in the provincial capital, she also took her nieces and nephews to the cinema to watch it. The movie was released at a later date. Meixiang wanted to say that she had seen it, but on Ji Zhenfeng’s expectant gaze, she swallowed the words again, nodded, and agreed.

“Meixiang, I am a straightforward person and do not want to beat around the bush. I will be straightforward.”

After watching the movie, Ji Zhenfeng invited Meixiang to have a meal again, and after eating, he sent Meixiang to the dormitory.

In front of the dormitory door, Ji Zhenfeng did not rush to say goodbye but made his heart clear.

“Meixiang, to be honest, I admire and like you very much. I don’t know how you feel about me, but I ask you to give me a chance to seriously pursue you.”

Meixiang’s heart beat faster and her face burned red. This was the first time that a male comrade expressed his affection for her in front of her. There were male comrades who had a crush on her in the past, but they all expressed it euphemistically, not directly like this.

Ji Zhenfeng’s gaze was exceptionally bright in the moonlight, and Meixiang bowed her head in such a hot gaze.

She inevitably thought of Cui Zongyi, a male classmate she had liked since her student days. She was originally filled with delight because she was teaching in a school with him and also felt that Cui Zongyi was kind to her, but since he did not help herself last time and did not give a reasonable explanation afterward, Meixiang no longer had expectations of him.

In her opinion, if Cui Zongyi had a good feeling for her when teacher Ji came to the office to talk to her about matching her to her nephew several times, he should not be indifferent and show nothing.

“I …… I didn’t think that much ……”

She spent several hours with Ji Zhenfeng today. She appreciated his talk and manners very much. From Ji Zhenfeng, she saw wisdom similar to her sister-in-law.

“Okay, I understand. It’s getting dark. You should go back to rest early. “

Ji Zhenfeng is a smart man, a smart man will be considerate of the girl he likes. As long as the other party gives a little response, he understands what he should do.

Meixiang hummed and looked at Ji Zhenfeng, then walked to the yard. On the way, she heard Ji Zhenfeng shout at her.


Meixiang turned back with a questioning expression. Ji Zhenfeng put his hands in his pants pockets and smiled brightly at Meixiang.

“It’s good to meet you today. I wish you a dream. “

Meixiang was stunned at first, then smiled at him. She turned and went back to her single dormitory.

Ji Zhenfeng stood at a distance until the lights came on and Meixiang’s figure was projected on the window, then he whistled and turned away in a rather good mood.

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