Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 77

Chapter 77

After the first meeting, Ji Zhenfeng launched a passionate pursuit of Meixiang. As long as there was nothing to do in the team, he would go to the school gate to wait for Meixiang after work. Within two days, all of the teachers and students at the school were aware that the new teacher, Zhao, was conversing with her object.

This day was Friday. Ji Zhenfeng again came to Meixiang to ask her to watch a movie for dinner.

“Comrade Ji, you don’t have to. You always come to me, and if people see this, it will leave a bad impression, so you don’t have to always invite me to a meal and a movie. This is way too much of a waste of money. How much do you even earn in a month? “

A movie ticket in the county was 6 yuan, two tickets were 12 yuan, plus meals and sodas, so it costs 20 yuan to eat and drink soda at a time. He still won’t let Meixiang pay. He says that there is no reason to let a woman pay. Meixiang was very embarrassed.

Ji Zhenfeng heard another meaning from Meixiang’s words. Meixiang mentioned that it was not good to be seen and about wasting money, but she did not ask him to not come, nor did she say she did not like him.

So, thinking about it, Ji Zhenfeng felt he had a better chance.

“Then, that means I can’t pursue you. When you pursue a girl, you have to be thick-skinned, but you also have to show your sincerity. “

He deliberately said this just to see Meixiang’s reaction. And as expected, when Meixiang heard his words, she quickly blushed.

“I didn’t promise to have a relationship with you. You are doing this with coercion.” If you do this again, I will not go out with you. You can just wait here alone, see if there is someone that would take care of you. “

Ji Zhenfeng held back a smile and nodded, “Yes, what you said makes sense. I reviewed my mistakes. Please forgive me, Comrade Meixiang.”

While the two were talking at the school entrance, Cui Zongyi pushed his bike out of the school. When Meixiang saw him, she had some mixed feelings, but she still smiled and greeted him.

Cui Zongyi looked at Meixiang and then at Ji Zhenfeng. He nodded to the two and then stepped onto his bike and left.

These days, Meixiang and Cui Zongyi have stopped talking. Obviously, before, their relationship was still good, but now it is becoming colder and colder.

It’s false to say that she’s not sad. Meixiang also thought about why, but she really couldn’t guess what Cui Zongyi was thinking. Why was he so nice to her but unwilling to take a step forward at the same time? Did he just regard her as a friend from the beginning? Did she misunderstand it?

After a blind date with Ji Zhenfeng, Meixiang wrote to tell her sister-in-law about it. She just wanted to hear her sister-in-law’s opinion.

In terms of character, Meixiang is not a person who knows how to refuse. The strong appearance of Ji Zhenfeng is a spiritual shock to Meixiang. On the other hand, she has had no bad feelings towards Ji Zhenfeng from the beginning; in fact, she even has some good feelings towards him.

Ji Zhenfeng’s views and concepts on many things were very similar to those of her own sister-in-law. His occupation was as a policeman. In this environment, “Call the police if you are in trouble” has been talked about since childhood. The police can easily impress people as a symbol of integrity and selflessness.

When Meixiang mentioned his eldest brother, Zhao Donglin, Ji Zhenfeng expressed his admiration for Zhao Donglin. He said that Zhao Donglin was an unsung hero and his own example. The country is becoming stronger and stronger because of the silent and selfless dedication of countless soldiers. He also said that the fact that he could decisively give up his government position to take the college entrance examination after leaving the army company proves that he is a person with ideals and ambitions.

All these words are very useful to Meixiang because she is a person who cares about her family. Being good to her family is sometimes more effective than being good to her.

As soon as Jiahui received a letter from Meixiang, she thought it was an ordinary letter reporting about her life, but she never thought there would be a big surprise in the letter. Someone introduced Meixiang to a man, and she also met him.

From Meixiang’s countenance, Jiahui felt that this police comrade was very active. He had both intellectual and emotional intelligence. The most important thing was that in the letter, Meixiang only asked for her opinion and did not directly or indirectly express dissatisfaction towards the male comrade. It was enough to prove that this comrade has merit.

Zhao Donglin came in from outside and saw Jiahui smiling as she looked at the letter. He knew that his sister had written today, so he curiously asked Jiahui what she was smiling about.

“Meixiang was matched to someone. A teacher from the same school introduced her to the object. He is a police officer. These days, he has actively pursued Meixiang. I think this comrade has hope. Maybe he will be our brother-in-law in the future.

As for the classmate Cui mentioned by Meixiang, if he liked Meixiang, he should have moved. With Meixiang’s character, even if she liked another person, she couldn’t take the initiative to show her affection. The man must be more active. The performance of this police officer, Ji, is very good.

Jiahui was full of joy, but Zhao Donglin, on the other hand, was not so good. As Meixiang’s brother, he has a natural hostility to men who pursue his sister. However, the career of a police officer has more or less made Zhao Donglin feel good. Of course, it’s just a little. He is more worried.

In his opinion, his sister is a very simple little girl who always treats others with kindness. What if she is duped by these honeyed swords and sweet talks?

If it were not for their final exams, Zhao Donglin really wanted to immediately set off for a trip to Yun County. He wanted to personally meet the kid.

A few dozen kilometers away, Ji Zhenfeng inexplicably sneezed.

Jiahui saw her husband’s worry and comforted him. Don’t worry. I’ll write back to Meixiang, ask about the police comrade, and then explore Meixiang’s tone. Anyway, I can receive the letter in three or four days. “

The standpoint of the family was to still focus on Meixiang’s opinions. No matter who Meixiang looks at, Meixiang must like and like Meixiang enough. Otherwise, a college student who becomes a teacher after graduation, not to mention young and beautiful, Can she casually marry someone she doesn’t like?

Anyway, when Meixiang graduated, Zhang Qiaoer already made a speech and said that she would find Meixiang an object when they went back on vacation. So it is urgent for Meixiang to find an object.

This day after school, Ji Zhenfeng, as usual, was outside the school gate waiting for Meixiang. When Meixiang arrived, Ji Zhenfeng was chatting with the gatekeeper.

“Yo, Miss Zhao is off work. Your partner has been waiting for you for a while. “

Meixiang smiled at the gatekeeper and then glared at Ji Zhenfeng.

“Didn’t I tell you not to wait outside the door? Do you still tell people that you are my object? “

“I didn’t say that.” Ji Zhenfeng just denied it. Seeing Meixiang’s eyes, he changed his mouth, “I didn’t say anything, but I didn’t deny it when others asked me.”

There is no denying or admitting. Meixiang simply doesn’t know what to do with him. She hasn’t seen such a cheeky and tough person in her life.

“Don’t be angry; I’ll buy you dinner to make amends.”

“Don’t you policemen have anything to do every day? Why do you always come to me? “

Ji Zhenfeng inserted his hands into his pockets and whistled, “I thank the motherland and the party.” Our county has good public security. We don’t close our doors at night and don’t find anything left on the road. Only now can I have time to chase my girlfriend.

This is half true and half false. There are few major cases in Yun County, but there are many trivial things. However, recently, in order to pursue Meixiang, the team has covered him up and down. He doesn’t have to deal with unimportant things. After that, he would just invite the people in the team to a meal, but he wouldn’t tell Meixiang about such things.

As the team’s older unmarried youth, his brothers have wished him an early solution to personal problems.

“If Brother Ji doesn’t find anyone, we’ll all be affected.”

“Yes, those little girls only have Brother Ji in their eyes.” How can they see us? “

“So, this time Brother Ji’s heart was finally moved. We have to help him.

This is the cause and effect of the whole thing.

“My sister-in-law sent a letter to me today. Last time, I wrote to her about my blind date, she was very worried about me.”

Ji Zhenfeng turned his head to look at Meixiang. His expression was both happy and worried.

“Is that so? What did you tell your family about me? “

Meixiang mentioned the matchmaking matter with her family. Does it mean that this matter was also important to her? Does it mean that she has seriously thought about herself in her heart?

“I told her the truth.”

“So, what did your sister-in-law write back?

Meixiang recalled the contents of the letter and found a few harmless words to say to Ji Zhenfeng.

“She said that the family respects my choice, so I must pick someone I like, but I also cannot just look at their appearance. I have to observe the person’s character, workability, interpersonal relationships, the family situation, and whether the other person’s ideas were right or not, and there were a lot more, so I won’t say it. “

Ji Zhenfeng can only say “wow” at the end to express his inner feelings. Sure enough, college students are different and can speak more than ordinary people.

“What your sister-in-law said makes sense. You really should get to know me seriously.”

With that, he turned to Meixiang and began to introduce himself with a serious face.

“My name is Ji Zhenfeng. I am 25 years old and I am employed in the Yun County Police Patrol Brigade as a deputy captain. My father is a doctor, my mother is a retired teacher, I have a brother and a sister, no younger siblings, so I am the youngest in the family. My brother and sister are already married and have a family, so I’m under less pressure to get married.”

“Of course, I went to the industrial, agricultural, and military universities at the age of 18, which is different from those who are serious about college entrance examinations, but it’s not ugly to have a degree. I’ve worked for four years. When I first worked, I got paid 28 yuan a month. Now my salary is only 75 yuan a month. I don’t smoke, drink, or have bad hobbies. I just have a lot of friends. Sometimes it’s a good idea for everyone to have dinner together. Just normal interpersonal communication. “

“Our family is quite good to get along with, and they respect the wishes of their children. The one who introduced us together is my own aunt, so don’t worry. I definitely pursued you on the premise of marriage. You are already well known to my parents. My aunt has told my parents about you. They ask me about you whenever I go home every day.”

Meixiang just stared at him dumbfounded for seven or eight minutes, and finally, when he said that his parents already knew her, Meixiang’s face turned redder and redder, and finally, even her heart began to thump faster.

After saying that, Ji Zhenfeng looked at Meixiang quietly, with a shallow arc at the corners of his mouth.

“I’m serious. From the first time I saw you that day, I felt that I really fell. My original feeling is that kind of feeling. It’s like the whole world suddenly lights up. I can’t see anything. I only see you running towards me and smiling at me. Your eyes are bright and your smile is particularly good-looking. “

His voice was very soft. As he spoke, he recalled the day when they first met. Meixiang bowed her head to avoid her eyes. She was shy and had a touch of joy at the same time.

A young man expressed deep affection for a young girl. Meixiang doesn’t hate him, and she even appreciates him a little. Even if she has a heart of stone, she can’t be indifferent.

On this day, Meixiang finally watched a movie and had dinner with him. They maintained the frequency of meeting once a day or two. A month passed quickly.

At the end of June and beginning of July, all schools successively entered the holiday stage. The Zhao family’s summer vacation began after Heidan and Shitou returned to school to get their report cards. The family was going to go back to living in Shanghe village.

“I asked Meixiang to wait for us in the county and go back together.”

They mainly want to see Comrade Ji. Whether he’s appropriate or not, this can only be said after meeting him.


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